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Asian Date lady Peipei is looking for love online!

Peipei from Asian Date says that she's waiting for a man who won't hesitate to show his feelings. Find out if you can win the race to her #heart here:

Learn billiard tips from lady Zhihua lady Zhihua likes playing billiard despite it being men's sport. Do you want her to teach you some tricks?

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Asian Date Ladies - Yang Yang from China

Asian Date's Yang Yang is a social butterfly who likes having friends over and taking care of those closest to her. Ask about her ideas of #fun here:

Chaoxia from Loves Good Food and Travelling lady Chaoxia likes to #travel and cook delicious food. Ask her where she's been to here:

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Xingtong is looking for a man to take care of!

Xintong from China has a nice and warm heart. When she falls in love, she promises to take care of her man. Is she the one for you?

Online Dating Advice from - What a Vietnamese Woman Dislikes in a Man

Biggest Turn-Offs for Vietnamese Ladies on AsianDate

Just like any woman, all of us have our own preferences when it comes to finding the person that we'd like to meet and date. Some people may be comfortable with using online dating sites to find their perfect match while others aren't. Others may like assertiveness in a man but some may think it is a big turn-off. There are a few similarities between different nations, but these preferences will definitely vary depending on a person's culture.

That's why when you're set on dating Vietnamese ladies on AsianDate, you have to learn what they like and what they dislike. Don't assume that your potential date has the same kind of preferences as the girls in your own country because believe us, they are very different.

Today, we're going to focus on what most women from Vietnam dislike in a man:

They don't like younger men

Take note that not all women from Vietnam dislike much younger men, but research has shown that around 85% of Vietnamese singles want someone who's older than they are. This is probably (and this is non-conclusive) because it is known to be a sign of maturity.

They don't like men who are out of shape

This applies to most girls in general as not many women would date a guy who's seemingly out of shape and unhealthy. This just goes to show that you really have to take care of yourself if you want to get into international dating.

They don't like men who have no taste

Of course, your beautiful Vietnamese lady wants to be with someone who can present himself well, someone who's fashionable, sharply dressed, confident, etc. Not to fret because even if you don't have the entire Ralph Lauren collection in your wardrobe, you can still pull it off when you're confident about yourself.

They don't like irresponsible men

Irresponsibleness is definitely not a trait that most women on are interested in. They are not attracted to men who have no job, no plans for the future, zero ambition, etc. Even if you're currently unemployed, there's still things you could do to show your date what kind of a man you are.

Do You Have What it Takes to Impress Mengyao?

The pretty Mengyao prefers to be independent but she does want a future partner who has the same attributes as her - intelligent, responsible and knows how to play chess. Show off your chess skills to her here:

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Gorgeous Asian Women on #AsianDate - Tian from Shijiazhuang, China

#Chinese beauty Tian is determined to brighten her partner's days with love, passion and devotion. Interested? Find out more here: (ID:1242541)

Charming Asian Women - Linna from Changsha, China

#Chinese lady Linna is as sweet and lovely as the flowers she enjoys planting. How can anyone resist her smile? (ID:1242524)

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Meet Jiayi - A Charming Lady from Shenzhen, #China

Jiayi from #China is a sociable person who loves spending her free time playing guitar. Would you like to hear her sing too? (ID:1241850)

#Asian Date Beauties - Thi Quynh Mai from Vietnam

Thi Quynh Mai dreams of #travelling the world one day. What countries would YOU like to visit? Let Thi Quynh Mai know on #Asian Date: (ID:1242535)

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#Asian Date Ladies - Thi Kim Ngan from Vietnem

#Asian Date lady Thi Kim Ngan from Vietnam knows the true meaning of life. Curious? Ask her here: (ID:1242376)

Traditional Chinese Women on - Juan from Virginia, USA lady Juan is a traditional Chinese woman: faithful, quiet, honest and sincere. If you are a kind man with a sunny personality, chat with Juan today: (ID:1227682)

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#AsianDate Ladies in the United States - Yan from #Brooklyn, New York

#AsianDate lady Yan from Brooklyn, NYC wants to experience the most extraordinary feeling of all - #LOVE! Contact her here if you think you know what she's talking about: (ID:1219634)

#AsianDate Ladies in the #USA - Luck from Dayton, Ohio

Luck (Chuhong), a nurse and part time model, is a patient, loving and caring woman who is looking for someone to share her life with. If you want to know more about her, contact her on #AsianDate: (ID:1223892)

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Chinese Women in the #USA - Qiao from Webster, #New York

#Asian Date Lady Qiao believes that it is better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all. Do you agree with her? (ID:1222805)

Chinese Women Looking for #Love Online - Mujun from Shenzhen

33-year-old Mujun from Shenzhen, #China is looking for a man who is not afraid of challenges that life throws his way. If you are looking for an independent and family-oriented woman, contact Mujun today: (ID:1216153)

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#AsianDate Ladies - Yao from Guangzhou, #China

#AsianDate lady Yao has no time to waste on worries and fears because she knows that life is short. If that sounds like your motto too, let Yao know here: (ID:1216275)

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Zhijuan from is Looking for Her Prince! lady Zhijuan dreams of a fairy tale #romance. Could you be the prince to wake her up with a gentle and sweet #kiss? Find out here: (ID:1216322)

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#Romantic Chinese Women on #AsianDate - Caiyu from Hengyang

#AsianDate lady Caiyu is a #traditional Chinese woman who is looking for a life partner/best friend. If you are a caring and #romantic man, send a message to Caiyu today:

Reasons Why Asian Women Prefer Marrying Westerners

Asian Women and Western Men

There are a number of Asian women from China, Vietnam and Thailand who look for love in places other than their beloved motherland. They resort to signing up with online dating websites, dating tours, etc. just so they could meet the love of their life elsewhere. Why have these Asian women diverted their attention? Is there something wrong with men in their own countries? Let us give you the reasons why these women often prefer Western men:

They Want to Escape Tradition

Most Chinese, Vietnamese or Thai couples are bound to live a life filled with tradition when they get married. It's what their parents did and it's what they're expected to do. Since gender roles in society are still prominent, a Chinese or Vietnamese woman may not want to live a life that's meant to fit a specific role.

She may want to be "free" when it comes to running her life and making important decisions - like in running a household, celebrating holidays, and probably deciding on who gets to do the grocery shopping.

They Want a Stable Future

Very much like other women, women from Asia want a man who can take care of them and their future family. This doesn't mean that local men cannot provide for their families. On the contrary, some men have good careers and stable jobs, but the thing is, not all Asian men are as successful as the women would like them to be.

They Want More Affection

Being indifferent (most of the time) is a natural Asian trait. Most people from Asian countries may be very emotional on the inside, but they don't really like to show it off. This is the case with almost all Asian men. Westerners, on the other hand, are more comfortable with showing their emotions and most women appreciate that.

They Want Love

When it comes to settling down, an Asian woman may have her preferences, but above all of those, the main reason why she wants to get married is because she loves the person and wants to share her life with him.

She may want all of the other things mentioned, but remember that these intentions or preferences are always secondary to love.

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#AsianDate Lady of the Day - Lu from Ganzhou, China

#AsianDate lady Lu is a traditional yet an open-minded Chinese woman who is looking for her special someone. If you are interested in a serious #relationship, contact her here: (ID:1228124)

Chinese #Beauties on #Asian Date - Xuhong from Zhengzhou, China

Xuhong believes that the most important thing that makes a house a #home is #love. If you agree with her, let Xuhong know on #Asian Date: (ID:1237840).

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Meet JunTong - A 21-year-old #Asian Date Lady from Beijing, China

JunTong from #China has an image of a bad girl, but you won't know for sure until you contact her on #Asian Date: (ID:1223223).