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Explore the Nature with Beauty MeiLi

The singing and dancing MeiLi likes the outdoors and nature. Maybe she would like to go on a hike with you? Find out on

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Chinese Beauties on AsianDate - Tianxin from Changsha,

Caring, honest and reliable - that's what AsianDate lady Tianxin is looking for in a man. If you're all three, let her know today!

Discover the sunny side of AsianDate's PanPan today!

PanPan from AsianDate is like sunshine. Would you like her to put some light into your life?

Asian Women and Their Popularity on Dating Sites

To say that Asian women are popular on dating sites is an understatement. There was a recent study involving an app called AYI (Are you interested) that showed that most men (except Asian men) prefer an Asian woman over other races. Why is this happening? Why is Asian dating becoming more popular? And, what secret do Asian women keep for them to be considered “most desired”? Let us shed a bit of light on this situation!

A lot of women from different races, from different parts of the world have their own distinct characteristics. It so happens that Asian women also have their own distinct characteristics that stand out from the rest of the crowd. We have listed a few to give you a better insight:

1. Asian women are generally submissive.

It is a known fact that women in Asia have grown up seeing their father as the head of the family. It’s very true with the other men in their lives. They’ve seen these men as leaders, providers and, in general, authority figures. This is not to say that Asian women are treated poorly in their countries. On the contrary, women from Asia are very independent but they know how to respect the authority of a man.

2. Asian women know how to take care of the house.

Because of gender roles that still exist to this day, most Asian women have been trained by their mothers (and/or other women in their lives) to do chores, cook, clean, take care of their husband, take care of their family, etc. It is because of this gender role that allows Asian women to be good keepers of a home when they get married.

3. Asian women have a different kind of beauty.

This may be a matter of preference but in most cases, the complexion, the eye shape, the slender body, and the long black hair of Asian women are found to be very attractive. An Asian woman’s beauty is very different from the rest of the world as they are just naturally beautiful.

4. Asian women are family oriented.

Family is important – Asian women learn this at an early age and they have seen this growing up. They have experienced the kind of love and attention that a mother should give to their family. Because family is such an important thing in Asia, the Asian woman has unconsciously taken in this tradition and passing it on to the next generation, and to the next and to the next.

5. Asian women are good with money.

This statement is pretty general but we do admit that not all Asian women know how to handle money properly. Most of them, however, are very good when it comes to budgeting, shopping, and spending in general.

Now do you understand?

The Asian beauty and the distinct Asian characteristics are definitely a unique thing. It’s no wonder that a lot of men have taken notice because, in most cases, Asian women make great wives. Their characteristics allow them to manage an entire household, serve their husband and still maintain their independence. Who wouldn’t want that in a life partner?

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Fenglin from China is looking for a reliable partner on AsianDate

23-year old Fenglin from Changde, China is looking for someone reliable. Let her know you can always be there for her here:

10 Tips for Maintaining a Long Distance Relationship

Keeping a long distance marriage or relationship alive is definitely not easy. Regardless of whether you've been together for a long time and new circumstances force you into a long distance relationship or your relationship started online, long distance is never easy. It's important to remember to take it one day at a time and confront the first signs that you are drifting apart emotionally, take the time to address these issues and fix them until you are together again. 

We've put together a little list of things to help you maintain that long distance relationship with your beautiful Asian lady.

Tip 1: Before you go

You should try to spend as much time together as you can before it's time for one of you to leave. If you are the one going, try to refrain from worrying about your trip and try to be as present as possible. Save the worries about where you're going and issues there for the plane ride. 

Tip 2: Use all communication ways possible

These days, unless you live in the wild and have no access to a computer or internet, everyone can take advantage of the technology and use the many different ways of communication: phone calls, emails, instant messaging, video chats, etc. In this day and age, you can call or text your partner whenever you want or upload pictures to Facebook and Instagram for your partner to look at. Still, let's not forget letters and care packages. These are even more important nowadays as they show you made an extra effort to please your partner. 

Tip 3: Schedule longer calls

Besides spontaneous phone calls and texts, you should set aside extra time for a longer call each week. Set a schedule and stick to it! This is a great way to show your partner you are dedicated to them and make them feel like you are interested in including them in your life. 

Tip 4: Don't forget the romance

Sex and romance often get overlooked when the couple is busy with their daily lives. This issue can be overcome if you are prepared to make an effort and, just like you would do at home, "go on dates". You can hold virtual dates through Skype of even phone calls if nothing else is possible. Be sure to give your partner a special memento to remind her of you while you're apart. Spontaneous love letters, pictures and small gifts also go a long way in keeping the long distance relationship alive. 

Tip 5: Organise trips to see each other

If the distance between you is not too long, try to plan visits every now and then. If you are free for a weekend, a night or even a couple of hours, get together and reconnect.

Tip 6: Share details about small events

You don't have to share just the big things that are happening. Talk about little things, everything you would normally share if your partner was with you every day. This will help keep you connected both emotionally as well as physically. 

Tip 7: Don't be afraid to ask about details

If your partner is not very chatty or forthcoming when it comes to sharing the little things, don't be afraid to ask them. Being interested in their life is a sign you truly care about them and may be just enough to keep the communication going. Remember, communication is the key to a successful long distance relationship!

Tip 8: Share activities

While you're forced to spend time apart you can still share activities: rent a movie and watch it at the same time, continue watching your favourite shows, play online games together, etc. It doesn't really matter what you do as long as you can share your feelings about the things you're doing. You can also make plans for the future. The idea is to share your experiences same way as you would if you were in the same house.

Tip 9: Involve your family

If you have kids or mutual friends, try to include them in your conversations. Share your pictures with everyone, stay in touch by calling and holding web cam sessions to stay connected outside of your relationship. 

Tip 10: Plan the big reunion

The best part of a long distance relationship is when the long distance part finally ends. Enjoy each other's company by fantasizing about your reunion while you're apart and make sure to make some of those dreams into reality when it finally happens. 

Monday, 23 June 2014 lady Xiamixinuer is looking for a sincere and caring partner. Is that you?

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Tinglu has a strong spirit and she never gives up on anything. That's why she hasn't given up on looking for the perfect man yet! Let her know that you're also determined to find her here:

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This sweet lady is just a girl next door. Her name is Chun'nve and she'd like to meet a man who's willing to know the real her. Would you like to give it a try?

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Jingting is Waiting to Chat with you..

If you're looking for a gentle, elegant woman with strong family values, then Jingting is just right for you! Say "Hi" to start Live Chat with her here:

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Yan from Changde, China is Looking for an Ambitious and Dynamic Partner

Yan from Asian Date is a sweet lady who wants a partner who's ambitious and dynamic. Sounds like you? Tell Yan more about yourself here:

Find out if you share Si's hobbies and interests on AsianDate

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How to Know if You Are Using Services of a Legitimate Online Dating Website

So you have your eye on a picture of this beautiful Asian woman. You saw her profile on an online dating site and you definitely want access to it but the website needs for you to sign up first. Would you do it? Would you sign up to an unfamiliar site just because you saw the picture of, possibly, the most beautiful woman you've ever seen? Your probable answer would be "YES". It's all done for love after all, right? We agree! However, for the sake of protecting yourself, you have to make sure that it is one of the best international dating sites around.

The ugly truth is that, whether you like it or not, there will always be online dating websites that you cannot trust. It's sad but a lot of people have already been misled in some way, breaking their heart in the process. This happens when you don't know the best dating website from the worst.

There are a lot of angry reviews, sad stories and heartbreaking comments of how these sites have misguided their subscribers so the first thing is to make sure that your chosen dating site has a clear anti-scam policy. Any reputable website will have a clear anti-scam policy which offers advice to stay safe and clearly states the signs of a scam.

To futher help you stay safe when online dating, we've short-listed some red flags that you need to watch out for:

Money, please

The number one red flag for you to know if you're a member of a not-so-good dating website is this: women asking you to wire them some cash. Restrain yourself no matter how plausible their story is. There will always be a sob story involved, so you better run if it sounds like only you can solve their life emergency.

Inconsistent and Inconsistent

If you've already engaged in a chat conversation and you feel like there have been a few changes with how your online date responds - difference in the language, sentence construction, etc. - chances are you're heading into a trap. Walking away would be the best thing to do.

Your Gut is Screaming NO

Usually, you'll be able to tell if you're a member of a legitimate dating site or not by trusting your gut. If you have a feeling that something is not right or it seems too good to be true, it probably is. Just think carefully about every action that you take and don't give out any information which could hurt you later.

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Jiaojiao Wants to Make Your World a Better Place..

The energetic Asian Date lady Jiaojiao hopes that she can make the world a better place by being herself. See if she can improve YOUR world here:

Thi Hai Tu from AsianDate is waiting for YOU to have a happy life!

AsianDate lady Thi Hai Tu works as a teacher. On her spare time, she likes to read stories with happy endings. See what kind of happy ending you can have with her here

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Share your story with Sufang from China!

Sufang from Wuhan, China loves spending time with her students and telling stories to children. Share your favourite stories with Sufang here:

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Love - Just One Click Away with Asian Date

Sign up to AsianDate to find Love

Admit it or not, in each of us, there is a relentless urge to find love. We have a special void in each of us that demands to be filled only by our better half, our soul mate, our one true love. There's no one who's exempt from this urge and that's why, for most of us, the most important thing in the world is to love and be loved in return.

Now that times are becoming more modern, the entire "search" or the entire process of meeting someone has been moved to a more accessible and more universal platform - the internet. Thus, giving birth to what we know now as online dating agencies.

Before, you would need to go somewhere like a pub or a bar to meet someone or maybe your friends will set up a first-time friendly date for you. Now, it's as easy as one-two-three, all you have to do is sign up to Asian Date! The best news is that you can narrow down your search and apply specific preferences that you have in mind. You can't do that with the traditional way of meeting people, that's for sure.

Going through a database of an online dating agency works in so many ways for different types of people. If you're the type of person that always has a hectic schedule, you might want to consider online dating to meet a partner. For a person who's been let down by every single blind date, maybe this could be the answer for you. If you are divorced and are afraid of what people might think, you can find someone who's also had a similar experience through this online dating service.

Success stories are surfacing all over the internet because the process works, given of course that you sign up to an online dating agency that's safe, secure and reliable - an agency that won't trick you and take advantage of your situation. There are only a handful of online agencies out there that have these core features. AsianDate, to name one as an example, values the experience and safety of the people that sign up to their website.

It's these dating websites that make LOVE just a click or a sign up away. What have you got to lose except your time?

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Do you think you can impress Ying Ling with your jokes? Find out on

The pretty Ying Ling from is a funny lady. She likes telling jokes and making people laugh. Try your hand at making HER smile here:

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Tita Fe from Asian Date is hoping to meet a real companion. Is that you?

Tita Fe, a 20-year old call center agent from Asian Date is looking for a real companion who just wants to hang out and watch movies. Sounds like you? Let Tita Fe know here:

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Thai Beauties on - Atchara from Bangkok

Atchara from Bangkok, Thailand wants a man who values understanding and sympathy and who can be a wise adviser. Talk to her about life and matters of the heart here:

Ask Hui About Her Favourite Yoga Pose on Asian Date

AsianDate lady Hui thinks yoga is a great way to keep fit. Share your favourite yoga routine with Hui now:

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Find out just how cheerful Yile is on AsianDate!

Yile from AsianDate is always cheerful because she looks on the bright side of things. Her positivity is contagious! See for yourself here:

Share Your Passion for Good Literature with Yuling on

Are you a fan of literature? If yes, you have that in common with Yuling from China! Share your favorite literary pieces with Yuling here:

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Thai Women on AsianDate - Nuttanan from Bangkok

Nuttanan from Bangkok, Thailand  may look petite, but she enjoys engaging in different sports like tennis and basketball. Share your tips for better form here:

Meet Jittraphan from AsianDate

Jittraphan, an AsianDate lady, likes to spend time outdoors because she enjoys the fresh air.  What is YOUR favourite outdoor activity?

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Are You the Type of Man Suwaree is Looking for?

Suwaree from is the home-y type: she enjoys staying home, cooking and reading or watching TV. What's your favourite way to spend time at home?

Go Star-Gazing with the Gorgeous Sawitri!

Sawitri, the brown-eyed beauty from, loves star-gazing while thinking about love, life and miracles. Would you like to spot constellations together?

AsianDate Tips for Writing to Asian Pen Pals for the First Time

How to Impress Your AsianDate Pen Pals

Writing any type of letter is time consuming and requires a bit of an effort if you don't really know what to write. It will be all the more difficult when you're writing letters to gorgeous Asian pen pals for the first time. These people are halfway around the world and you don't even know much about them. The other dilemma is that you need to make a good first impression so your pen pal will enthusiastically write back.

To help you out in writing an introductory letter that will impress the ladies, has compiled a few simple guidelines that you can follow:

Stick with the Essentials

There are three essential bits of information that you need to include in your introductory letters and these are Gender, Age and Location. You can open your letter using these three, but don't forget to introduce yourself too.

Where you got the info

After your short introduction, let your pen friend know where you got her contact information from. Feel free to say you found her from the database and let her know why you're interested in her.

A Little Bit About You

This is a good chance for you to let your new pen friend know a little bit about yourself. Make it brief and mention your interests, hobbies, everyday life and so on. As much as possible, don't give out too much personal information as your hobbies and interests will do for now. Just remember to keep it short and sweet.

A Chance to Reply

Make sure that the letter is not one-sided. The content is mostly going to be about you so it would be great if you could ask questions about her before you end the letter. this will give your penpal a chance to reply to your letter.

Close it, Don't force it

When you close the letter, don't say that it's absolutely necessary for the lady to reply right away. It will sound like you're obligating the other person to write back and that's not good. Make them feel comfortable by simply saying that you're happy to write to someone from another country and close it with something casual like: "Sincerely", "Your friend", etc.

Writing to beautiful Asian women may be difficult, but finding one to write to is easy if you log on to

Active Women on AsianDate - Chen from Beijing, China

Chen likes to climb mountains during her spare time. See what other hobbies you have in common here: