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Do You Share Common Interests with Huihong?

Huihong is hoping to meet someone who has a lot of common interests with her. Find out what she likes on

Ge is Longing for True Love and You!

The only thing that could stay the same in Ge's life is her longing for true love. If you have that longing in your heart, contact Ge today:

Are Asian Women Into Divorced Singles?

Asian Date - Asian Women and Divorce
First of all, you need to know that divorce in Asia is not very common. In whatever country you visit in Asia, divorce is somewhat considered a taboo. It may be because of religion or it may be because of a country’s culture that divorce is not accepted in their specific societies. Now, this presents the question: If I’m divorced, will an Asian woman be attracted to me?

Here are a few possible answers because it really depends on the kind of upbringing and thinking that the Asian woman has:

No could be a possible answer because the Asian woman that you are talking with could be very traditional in her thinking. It’s not often that you would meet an Asian woman with a very traditional mindset but they still do exist, especially in areas of countries where the development isn’t that progressive. When you do happen to run into one, just respect her opinion and be on your way. There’s no point to changing her mind, right?

This kind of answer you would expect from an Asian woman who has mixed thoughts about the idea. What’s so great about this? Well, you can change her mind with your dazzling personality. The most important part of this is she’s open to the idea of being in a relationship with a divorced person and that may very well be a yes depending on how you treat her and depending on the type of attitude that you’re showing her.

This is one-open minded Asian woman. She may have spent some time in the US or she may have just grown up in a modern type of family. She’s comfortable with the idea and, for her; your past status doesn’t really matter to her because what you have is each other. Pursue her and make sure that you are clear and honest about your divorce. If you feel like you’re comfortable enough to share this part of your past with her then do so.

There you have it!

Three possible answers and three possible situations – there you have it. The question now is whether you’re ready to online date or not. 

On your part, you have to remember that if your divorce was ugly (or you’re still going through the process of it) it is best to settle things down before actually starting dating. If you’re still experiencing conflict with your former wife over whatever issue you still need to address – finances, properties, children, etc. – it’s best to allow things to run their course.

When you’re conflict free and when your life is back on track, that’s the best time to start dating again.

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Mengying Has Been Looking for a Man Like You!

Mengying's dream man is someone whose inner world is rich, who is simple, honest and who loves life. Does that sound like you?

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Wendy from Loves Singing. Can Her Voice Charm You? lady Wendy loves singing so much that even though her voice is not the best, she can't wait to sign for the one she loves. Find out what her voice sounds like here:

QiongYing is Curious about Life and You!

QiongYing is curious when it comes to discovering new things. Are there things she could discover about you every day?

Will Lulu's Charm Work on You? Find out on!

Lulu from is a kindergarten teacher who considers her work to be holy and pure as working with children fills her with love. Wouldn't she make the perfect wife?

Relationships with Filipinas – What to expect Filipinas
There are a lot of things that can attract you to Filipinas. Their beauty is unique – very exotic so to speak – and they bring a different kind of sexiness and charm to the table. If you feel the same way, chances are you’d like to have a woman from the Philippines as your girlfriend or possibly even marry one, right? Now, before doing that, here’s how it is to be in a relationship with a Filipina. We’ve compiled a few things for you to check out so you can look ahead into the future:

1. Filipinas are caring.

When it comes to marrying foreigners, Filipinas have been said to be extra caring: cooking for her husband, cleaning, even giving massages, etc. It’s probably because of the Filipino hospitality in their blood. She’ll make sure that you’re well taken care of, relaxed and satisfied with her cooking. Small glimpses of this can be observed during the boyfriend-girlfriend relationship but you’ll get the entirety of this when you get married.

2. Filipinas are less likely to cheat.

This statement may be general but a statistical study has shown that Filipinas are less likely to cheat on their foreign partners. It could be the upbringing and/or it could be the religious influence that they’ve had while growing up. The reason isn’t really specific but who cares as long as she’s faithful.

3. Filipinas desire to have a family of their own.

You won’t have to worry about a Filipina not wanting to have children in the future because most of them want to have their own family to take care of. She’ll gladly push her career to the side and become a plain housewife just so she can take care of their children. She’s willing to do whatever she can to give her family the best. Sounds like wife-material? Yes, we think so.

4. Filipinas have their own opinion.

If you’re planning to date a Filipina woman, you’ll soon find out that she has her own opinion and personality. She may seem submissive at times but she will definitely challenge the person that she is with. Is this a bad thing? Of course not, because it keeps the relationship interesting. She’s not as plain and bland as you thought she would be.

5. Filipinas love to sing.

When you do get together with your Filipina lady friend, don’t be surprised if she asks you if you’d like to rent out a karaoke room, go to karaoke bar, or go to a place that welcomes singers from the audience. Singing is an activity that Filipinos like to do but don’t worry if you cannot carry a tune, because she’ll be more than happy to sing every song for you.

That’s a Filipina!

Those are just a few of the wonderful traits that a woman from the Philippines has. You’d be a lucky man if you find yourself a Filipina girlfriend because there are tons more interesting and positive traits to discover. 

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Filipino Women on AsianDate - Mylah Dell Gaviola from Maasin

Mylah Dell Gaviola says she's a one-man woman who is afraid to get hurt. How could you NOT want to protect this Filipino beauty!?

Making Your Dating Site Profile More Attractive to Asian Women Marry Asian Women
It’s not easy to build an online dating site profile; yes we recognize that fact. And, you’re probably going to be the first to say: “tell me about it!” as you read the first few sentences of this post. That’s why it’s about time for someone to give it to you straight up. 

There are dozens of men out there, just like you, who are desperate to know what they did wrong with their online profiles. Why aren’t their profiles getting a lot of hits from beautiful Asian ladies? We’ll answer that as well as give you a few tips on how you can improve your online dating profile and, at the same time, attract the kind of women that you want.

“I’m not looking for a long-term relationship.”

Most Asian women go on online dating websites for two things: 1. Marriage, 2. Long-term relationships. You have to understand that many women from Asia are still very conservative, so only a handful of them have the kind of liberated mind-set that most Western Women have. In other words, Asian women do not want to mess around or have short-term relationships. They just don’t see the point in that.

“I’m currently unemployed.”

These aren’t words that you’d want for women to see on your profile. Please, for the love of all things good, take it down if you have it on there. Asian women want their men to be stable and capable of taking care of them and their future family. It’s not to say that Asian women are materialistic. The fact is, because of the gender roles that they observed as they were growing up, they view men as the providers, leaders, and decision-makers and not someone who’s in “between jobs” and doesn’t have any sort of goal in his life.

“I’m very successful. I drive a luxury car. I own my own business. I sound like I’m loaded.”

Now, here are a few familiar lines. They would be wonderful if they were true but if they were not, you’re out of the game if your Asian lady friend finds out (and she eventually will). Never ever lie on your online dating profile because trust is a very important thing in long distance relationships. Once you break the trust of your online partner with small, little, white lies, you’ll have to climb a mountain to gain her trust back again.

“I have children.”

Let’s clear the air a little bit. Having children is a blessing but, like we said earlier, Asian women (especially those who have been in their country all their life) are very conservative and the thought of having a blended family (father, stepmom, and children) may be something that’s new to them. There’s a high chance that you could get rejected but in other cases, there are Asian women, who do not have a problem with this.

Need More Tips?

These are only a few examples of what could be turn offs for the Asian beauty of your dreams. If you need more tips on how to improve your online dating experience, check back every once in a while for most helpful posts on Asian dating, Asian women and their culture.

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Could you be the one to sweep Yingchun off her feet?

Beautiful Yingchun hasn't met the man of her dreams yet. She's not asking for much, all she wants is someone who is open-minded and intelligent, has a good heart and is willing to be brave when necessary. Could you be that someone?

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Japanese Women Wanting to Date Foreign Men

The rate of Japanese women wanting to date foreign men is growing nowadays, may it be in an offline or online platform. It seems that most Japanese women’s preferences are geared towards dating someone who is from a totally different race and a totally different culture. There may be a few obvious reasons behind this, but in today’s post we’re going to reveal the top reasons as to why most Japanese women are more attracted to foreign men compared to their male counterparts.

Reason #1: Foreign men are more affectionate.

Asian Date Japanese WomenThere’s no hiding the fact that Japanese men can appear to be cold and distant. The usual scenes in a romantic comedy are less likely to happen in your relationship with a Japanese fellow. It’s not that these men are emotionless, but it has something more to do with the Japanese culture and probably their work ethics too. On the other hand, foreign men are more romantic. They wear their heart on their sleeve and they show it with gestures of affection, flowers, early morning text messages, etc.

Reason #2: Foreign men are more liberated in thinking.

Gender roles in Japan are changing but there’s still that expectation that once a woman has a family, she is expected to hold back from her career in order to take better care of her husband and children. It’s sad to say, but it is truly evident, especially in work environment, that women have and must fulfill a certain role in society. 

This doesn’t happen when you date or marry a foreign man. It could go either way but most of the time, because a foreign man’s thinking is very different, pursuing a career, putting having children on hold, being more successful in one’s job, etc. is not viewed as something that’s out of the norm.

Reason #3: Foreign men work less hours.

This is not to say that Japanese men work 24 hours a day plus overtime. It is a fact that the Japanese are noted workaholics – this means that they spend long hours in the office and they could be entertaining a client and drinking a few beers after work. This is Japan’s culture and some women do understand this sort of thing. The majority, however, wish that their husbands could spend more time with them.

With foreign men, the work culture is totally different (of course, this depends if that foreign man lives in Japan or not). It’s more common for a foreign man to find time to spend with his family or with the woman he is dating.

No Wonder

It’s no wonder that Japanese women prefer the company of foreign men. They’ve even taken the initiative to sign up to various dating websites just to try out their luck. If you like Japanese women, then you are in luck! Just make sure that you act like yourself and not like how she expects you to act.

Haoxin from AsianDate can teach you a thing or two about living life to the fullest..

Haoxin from AsianDate lives by the motto: ""Love or die." This applies to both her personal and professional life. If you've got a passion for all things that make life fun and exciting, contact Haoxin today:

AsianDate Lady Haoxin

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Could you be Yuxin's ideal partner?

Yuxin has been looking for a partner who is well-educated, kind and devoted to his family. We have a feeling it sounds like you!

AsianDate Lady Yuxin

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Shujing's perfect match is loving and down-to-earth. Is that you?

Shujing's ideal man is someone who is mature, loving, caring, responsible and down-to-earth. Let her know it's you she's been looking for today:

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Mengmeng from AsianDate wants you to experience traditional Chinese art with her

AsianDate lady Mengmeng grew up in an artistic family. She likes traditional Chinese art like old paintings and calligraphy. Find out who her favourite painter is here:

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Thai beauty Suwanna wants to share her romantic memories with you on AsianDate

Suwanna from Chonburi, Thailand has a romantic nature and her favourite thing in the world is walking in the forest after the rain. Find out why she finds it so special on AsianDate:

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Share a laugh with Giang Doan Trang today!

Giang Doan Trang enjoys watching funny movies with her friends and family. What is your all time favourite comedy? Share all the best jokes with her here:

LiJuan wants to relax with you

LiJuan knows that the best way to relax a tired soul is travelling. Do you want to share this experience with her? Chat with LiJuan today:

What Asian Women Think of Foreign Men

AsianDate - Asian Women and Foreign Men
One popular online study has shown that Asian women are more attracted to foreign men compared to another Asian male. Specifically, they are more attracted to Caucasian men. Why is this so? Do Asian women have a preconceived idea of what a foreign man is about? And if so, how do they view foreign men in general?
Asian women have become more and more popular in the online dating scene so understanding how they view foreign men may better your chances in meeting (via online) and possibly dating a gorgeous beauty from the exotic continent of Asia.

With that said, let us give you straightforward answers to the questions that were mentioned earlier.

Men from Asian Countries

Asian men have different characteristics depending on which country and culture they were born in. However, about 90% of the time Asian men tend to show similar characteristics that most Asian women do not like. For example, an Asian man will be very romantic during the courtship stage or even at the early stages of a relationship. That’s good to know, but an Asian woman will see lesser displays of affection as time goes by and as the relationship deepens.

Foreign Men

As Asian women grow up, they develop this notion of how foreign men act, how they live their life in their country and how they treat women in general. Most of these ideas come from either their environment or from the media (which is likely to be the case). Most Asian women do not have a lot of chances to debunk their notions of how a foreign man is so it ends up staying in their subconscious as they grow older.

How do Asian women view foreign men?

First off, foreign men are interesting to women from Asia because they come from a totally different cultural background. The most common conception would be that foreign men are more comfortable to be with, they’re free and liberated, they treat women with equality and they live a “good life”.
Comfortable to be with

Asian women think that when you are with a foreign man you’ll have the chance to laugh, be crazy and overall just be yourself. He’ll be easy to talk to, he’ll never give you the cold shoulder, and he’ll always be there to support and encourage you to pursue your dreams. Because of the still present gender roles in Asia, the women, most of the time, become plain housewives, having to give up their careers or having to give up who they are as a person.

Free and Liberated

This may be true because a lot of foreign men have very different ideals when it comes to life. They feel the need to express themselves through art, through music, through poetry and the like. Asian women also think that foreign men are not as reserved or uptight as Asian men.

Equality and the Good Life

Treating a woman as an equal is a very important to an Asian woman. Most of the time, they do not get that kind of treatment in their country so they seek it elsewhere. Most Asian women are positive that having a foreign man in their life will allow them to feel that equality.

When it comes to living a good life, they think that foreign men have more stable jobs that will allow them to support and raise their future family without any problems.

So now what?

Now that you’ve taken a peek into the mind of an Asian woman, which one do you think sounds better to them? If you answered: “dating a foreign man” then DING-DING-DING! You’re right! Even if these are only ideas or thoughts (meaning they haven’t been proven any of these), an Asian woman will always think this way and that may be made as an advantage for you.

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AsianDate lady Wei can conquer any difficulty in life with her sunny smile!

Wei enjoys helping people in need and never lets the difficulties of life dull her bright spirit. Learn more about this angelic beauty on AsianDate today:

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Do you want to join the mile high club with Jiaojiao?

Jiaojiao is a stewardess who enjoys her job very much, because she loves the feeling she gets when flying across the oceans. Ask her what else she likes about her job here:

Xiaole is looking for a man to share her passion of dancing with

Xiaole loves dancing very much as it makes her feel happy and free. Ask her where she learned to dance here:

Beauty in the Eyes of Asian People

What is the Ideal of Beauty for Men and Women from Asia Asian Beauty
Different people from different parts of the world view beauty differently. One could consider having long black hair beautiful, for others it could be the color of one’s skin or the color of one’s eyes. For certain, there is no worldwide standard to what is considered truly beautiful – it is true what they say, “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.”

In the case of Asia, specifically oriental Asia, youthfulness is directly attributed to one’s beauty. Let’s take a closer look at what Asians from that area consider as beautiful (for both men and women):

The Asian Woman

SKIN - In countries like Japan, Korea and China, it’s a must for you to have porcelain white and porcelain smooth skin (just like a baby’s). This is commonly why most of these kinds of Asian women always make sure that they take good care of their skin by applying creams, serums and the like.
BODY – When it comes to oriental Asia, they look for something specific when it comes to women’s body type. Women need to be thin – very thin. Now, there’s a difference between the standards of “thin” in the Western culture and in Asian culture. To give you an idea, you can search for the singer Kim Yoona.
FACE – The specific facial features that a woman should possess are big eyes (double eyelid), with tear bags (not dark circled eye bags), a nice smile, a pointy nose and a V-shaped jaw.

 The Asian Man

SKIN – Very similar to how a woman’s skin should be, the Asian man also has to have porcelain white skin free from blemishes and imperfections. This is why most men in oriental countries in Asia wear make-up and they also take care of their skin as much as a woman would.
BODY – The same applies to men. The skinnier looking with a little bit of muscle looks pretty nice. Asian women are not big fans of a bulky (very muscular) looking guy. They would more likely say that a man has a hot body if he looks lean and thin.
FACE – The V-shaped face and pointy nose is also considered to be handsome features for a man. It won’t matter if he has a double eyelid or not, as long as he has a defined jaw and a lifted nose, he’ll be popular with Asian women.

How will this info help you?

Now, we’re not saying that you would need to change your appearance so you can date someone from oriental Asia. The information presented here helps you know and understand Asian culture better. And, as well all know, you have to really study all the facets of a certain culture for you to understand it.

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Thi Hong is looking for her perfect partner

Thi Hong is a fashionable woman who loves shopping and picking out outfits for her beloved partner. See if you would like her sense of style here:

Yunling is a kind, considerate and strong woman looking for love on

Yunling from is a strong woman who believes that there is a solution to every problem no matter how big or small. If you've been looking for a kind and considerate partner, contact Yunling today:

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Feng enjoys marvelling at the beauty of nature. Why not enjoy it with her?

24-year-old AsianDate lady Feng is an active woman who enjoys spending time in the nature and long walks in her neighbourhood. If you are a kind and gentle man, Feng would like to hear from you:

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Anqi is waiting to chat with adventurous men on AsianDate!

Anqi likes taking on challenges and discovering new things. Do you want to explore the wonders of this world with her? She's waiting for on Live Chat:

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Thi Kieu Nga Knows the Secret of Love..

21-year-old Thi Kieu Nga knows that you have to love others before you can be loved yourself. Think you could love and treat her right? Let her know today:

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Chat with Jiao to know more about her

Jiao enjoys meeting new people and spending quality time with them. You'll certainly see her often if you become friends. Start your friendship with Jiao today:

3 Things You Could Do to Break the Language Barrier with your Asian Woman

Asian Date - Asian Dating
So you’ve just met the Asian woman of your dreams but the problem is her English is very limited. What do you do next? You should know that not all women in Asia have the chance to practice their English on a daily basis so you might need to improvise and really pay attention when you’re chatting with her. We have 3 suggestions for what you could do to break that language barrier:

Suggestion #1: Use an online translating tool

Thank you internet! Since its advent, finding information on the web has never been easier. You can go for any translation tool available to you, but the easiest one would have to be Google Translate.

While you’re chatting with your lovely Asian lady, go to Google translate and copy-paste your sentences in English in one box and then set the other box to your desired language. Once done, you can click “enter” or “translate” and the text in the other box will be translated into your lady friend’s mother tongue. It’s cool, but it does have a catch. It’s not always accurate, so you really have to understand the context of what you are talking about.

Suggestion #2: Use an interpreter/translator

Chances are, the online dating website that you’re registered with may already have a translator. You can get a hold of them through the website and use their services to translate whatever it is that you need your special friend to read. It could be an email, a letter, a card, etc.

Hiring a translator may be on the pricey side so you really have to weigh your other options. Ask yourself if there’s really a need for a translator. A cheaper alternative would be to get your Asian friend from your neighborhood to do some translating for you. Either way, the Asian beauty that you’re talking to will appreciate the effort that you underwent just for her to understand your email, letter, or card.

Suggestion #3: Learn the language

In normal, everyday situations, we can’t really see the need of learning an entirely different language, but when you’re online dating, it might be ideal to start even if it’s just through YouTube videos. Start with basic sentences and work your way up from there. You’ll be surprised at the benefits you’ll get when you’ve actually mastered a few basic sentences.

This is what we call “impress points”. You should know that Asian women are easily impressed when a foreigner speaks even just one or two sentences in their mother tongue.

Ready to Break that Barrier?

OK, so it might not be as easy as you think, but the good news is, even if you decide to not go with any of these options, you can still communicate with each other through gestures and body language which is the second most important type of language in the world!

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Chinese women on - Deju from Shenzhen

Deju owes her amazing figure to doing yoga and swimming. If you like active recreation too, contact Deju on to let her know what YOUR favourite pastime is!

Thi Kim Tuyen is looking for a man like you!

Thi Kim Tuyen doesn't like people who are late. Don't make her wait too long before you say "Hello" through Live Chat:!

Caiyun's smile could light up your world today!

Caiyun's smile is more than enough to make your day shine brighter. Chat with her today and let her light up your world!

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Thi Phuong Thao is waiting to chat with you..

Thi Phuong Thao from AsianDate is a fan of anything sweet, including words. Can you melt her heart by telling her sweet nothings? Find out here:

5 Questions You Shouldn’t Ask an Asian Woman - Asian Woman
Asian women are so attractive that they get approached all the time on online dating sites. You can talk about anything under the sun with them, but there are topics that you need to stay away from. If you’re familiar with Asian culture then good for you. You’ve probably been doing your homework before actually starting a chat with the Asian woman of your dreams, but if you’re not familiar with the culture, here are 5 questions that you absolutely cannot ask an Asian woman:

1. “Aren’t you too young/ too old to be on an online dating site?”

OK, an Asian woman would understand your curiosity, but talking about their age could be something of a touchy subject. Just remember that they are on the dating site for the same reason as you – to find the love of their life – and age shouldn’t be the first question that comes out of your mouth.

2. “You’re a waitress?”

Asking about someone’s job is a pretty basic question especially if you’re getting to know each other, but making it sound condescending is a big no-no. Some of the ladies in Asia have had good educations but some have not, so it’s important for you to have a neutral reaction when she tells you that she has a blue-collar job.

3. “How many boyfriends have you had?”

There is nothing wrong with this question if you’ve been chatting with each other for quite some time. If the Asian woman feels comfortable with you, then she will coyly give you the truthful answer. If it’s your first time to talk, however, restrain yourself from asking this question because it can be offensive – even if it’s a non-Asian woman you’re talking to.

4. “How much do you earn exactly?”

If you're familiar with Asian cultures at all, you'll know that asking this kind of question is downright impolite. In no type of circumstance can this question be an “interesting topic” to discuss, especially since you’re on a dating site to meet Asian women. You are there to get to know her as a person and not to categorize these Asian women by income.

5. “Do you really eat weird food?”

It’s very rare that you meet an Asian woman that likes to eat dog, insects or whatever as a pastime. Don’t be rude by asking if she enjoys eating dog or if it tastes like chicken. This is a topic that’s best discussed when you’ve actually become friends with an Asian woman.

Don’t be Offensive

As you’ve noticed, most of these questions are pretty self-explanatory. If you’re still unsure on whether one or another topic is acceptable for discussion, we recommend that you stick to getting to know her as a person – ask about what she likes to do for fun, ask her about her favorite movies and music, etc. That’ll keep the conversation going.

Once the Asian woman that you like trusts you fully, you can insert some (SOME, NOT ALL) of the questions we have here into your conversations!

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Can you impress Jiao with your dancing skills?

Jiao loves dancing because it makes her feel excited and happy. Do you have a special dance move that could impress her?

Show Your Romantic Side to Juan Today!

Chocolate is quite the romantic because the thought of holding her future husband's hand makes her happy. Now it's your turn to show off your romantic side:

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Rongqiong is Looking for True Love on

Rongqiong from Guangxi, China is hoping to find true love on Find out if you share her interests and hobbies here:

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Thi Kim Thoai Knows How to Find a Way to a Man's Heart..

They say a way to a man's heart is through his stomach. You won't believe it's true until you've tasted Thi Kim Thoai's cooking! Find out more about her and the foods she likes to cook here:

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Ling from AsianDate is Looking for Her Special Someone..

AsianDate lady Ling is a cheerful woman who wants to share her happiness with that special someone. If you are a kind and gentle man, Ling would like to hear from you:

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Has Ting Found the Love of Her Life in You?

The lovely Ting smiles a lot because she believes it brings her luck. Unfortunately, she hasn't been lucky when it comes to the matters of the heart. Let her know she's won the jackpot with you:

Why Asian Women Prefer Dating Foreign Men

“Why do Asian women prefer having a foreign man as their lover or husband?” This is a very common question and the answer lies in the old Asian culture and tradition. Despite the development and modernization, most Asian countries are still wrapped in a blanket of traditions and beliefs that their ancestors have had. This is particularly why gender roles, societal status and the like still exist to this day, even within the basic unit of society – the family. So what has this got to do with Asian women preferring foreign men? Well, let us break it down for you:

1. Appreciation

When married, it is absolutely fantastic for a man to go home to a clean house, with home cooked meals, and with behaved children. An Asian woman is happy to take care of her husband and do all of these but the problem lies with the appreciation or the lack thereof. Most Asian men aren’t really appreciative or they just don’t know how to show their appreciation.

2. Emotional Connection

Most Asian men aren’t really what we call “showy” when it comes to their emotions. This may be the effect of culture and tradition where a man has to be the strong silent type. They reserve their sensitivity for especially rare occasions.

3. Less romantic

This may not be the case in every man, but most of the time an Asian woman won’t get flowers after they are married to an Asian man. The box of chocolates, romantic dinners, and the grand gestures of love that we see in movies, they don’t really happen and they might never have been on the table in the first place.

4. Intimidated by Independence

Most Asian men prefer their wives to be at home, doing wifely duties instead of being the CEO of a major corporation. Not all Asian men prefer this but a huge majority want it this way. It’s a sad truth and as a result, most Asian women quit their jobs or give up on their careers as soon as they get married or have a family.

5. Children are a must

There is a bit of a pressure on an Asian woman to have children. She is expected to have kids soon after she gets married and “not having kids because you don’t want to” is not a topic that should even be considered.

Do you get the picture?

These may all sound very strange to an outsider, but this is the kind of culture that Asian men are born into. It just so happens that Asian women can and want to find fulfillment in dating or marrying foreign men. They can pursue their careers, they can feel more appreciated and loved, and they can have a more equal partnership with their boyfriend or husband without their relationship being tainted by traditions and beliefs that they have grown up with.