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Wenling from AsianDate Wants to Brighten up Your Days!

AsianDate lady Wenling always finds the strength to look at the bright sight of life. Her positive attitude certainly shows in her beautiful smile. Say hi here and let her brighten up your days!

Find Out How Hong Likes to Spend Her Free Time!

Hong likes fishing because she believes it's the best way to learn being patient. She also loves that fishing gives her the chance to take time off and enjoy some peace and quiet. Do you share this passion with her?

How to Act Around a Traditional Asian Family

AsianDate Traditional Asian Family
When you have found yourself travelling to Asia to meet your girlfriend’s traditional Asian family, you have to act a certain way to make a good impression. Most cultures in Asia are very rooted to tradition so you have to watch or at least be aware of every action that you’re doing. You may think that you have it all in the bag, but think again because some of the strictest parents in the world come from Asia. Now do you feel the pressure? No worries! Here’s what you need to do:

1. Dress presentably.

It’s always a plus to look good, but in the eyes of an Asian family “looking good” may be differently defined. Choose a clean, ironed shirt with a collar. You can either go for jeans or for trousers depending on the level of formality of an occasion. If you’re going to a picnic, for example, jeans are more appropriate. Your aim is to look distinguished and respectful.

2. Bring a small gift for the mother and the father.

It’s usually not required to bring a gift during social gatherings in Asia but it’s always a nice and much appreciated gesture. You don’t have to bring each family member a gift. Just focus on the mother and the father or you could bring something that the entire family can share like cake, wine or pizza if the occasion is less formal.

3. The handshake or the bow.

A good firm handshake or a solid bow might be considered irrelevant in other countries but in Asia, it’s something that can possibly represent the way you were brought up by your parents. You have to do research or ask your Asian girlfriend for tips on how to shake hands or bow properly.

4. Manners.

Manners are very important to Asian families. The usual polite conduct is in order – saying good morning, opening doors, helping out with whatever is needed, don’t talk while your mouth is full, try not to express your negative opinions about matters, etc. 

There are a few norms that you need to watch out for especially when visiting an oriental country like Japan or Korea. One example: handing something to an older person requires both hands. Research is in order!

5. Punctuality is a must.

Never ever be late. If you are, it’s going to reflect poorly on you, your manners and the way you were brought up. It is that serious! Be on time, but not too early either.

Now you’re ready! Well almost…

Aside from the five tips mentioned above, there are other things that you need to look out for. For example, appropriate topics for discussion will be the theme of our future posts. For now, just concentrate on these five and you will be alright.

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10 Types of Asian Women and their Personalities

Asian Date - Types of Asian Women
Asia is home to many countries with the largest populations in the world. Despite being part of a huge crowd, Asian girls stand out because they are empowered, influential, and they have unique characteristics other than just being beautiful. Asia is vast but we’ve compiled a list of 10 types of Asian women and their personality to let you see how women in Asia are: 


Have you heard of the term Brunei beauty? It has been known that many of the ancient royal families in Brunei have a beauty in their bloodline. Even commoners have been known to have this specific trait. The country is within Islamic society, so most women are conservative. What’s interesting is that they all belong to the Royal Brunei Armed Forces (just so you know). They’re pretty but maybe deadly so do not mess with them.


Chinese women are well known for being alluring. But, their personalities are greatly influenced by their culture. They may be demure but narcissistic at most times – they know that they’re beautiful. It’s suggested that when you want to get to know a Chinese girl, you must first know her family background and culture.


Indian women tend to be dominant and strong. They are given equal rights as to the men in their community. They are also particular with money matters because they do all the budgeting in daily expenses when married. 


Indonesian girls are simple and sweet but they are clingy. These types of women depend on their men personally and professionally. Though times are getting more modern, most of them still dream to become a housewife.


In Japan, women are highly respected and career-oriented. They are raised to become responsible and independent. They think highly of themselves and so they want to be pleased and courted most of the time.


Koreans are ambitious, trendy, and flawless. They have a higher standard of beauty, they are ambitious except when faced with the decision of having a family and they always want to have the latest releases in the world of fashion.


Filipinas are family oriented. They are molded with good values and, most of the time, a strong religious background – dominantly Catholic. They are soft spoken and traditional but they are also hip and fun to be around with.


Saudi Arabia is very strict and protective when it comes to women so the women end up being very reserved, shy and dependent of the men because of the policies that have been implemented to them. Times are changing, however, and most women gear towards having their own career.


Thai women are considered as aggressive. They are adventurous and strong willed to the extent that they always get what they want. You may have a princess on your hands if you’re dating a Thai woman


Versatile and caring, that’s what most Vietnamese are known of. They can both become the head of the family or a simple housewife. But they are firm in making decisions in life.

Which woman caught your attention? 

Wherever country your beloved came from, it will always be best to get to know the person’s background on culture, family and personality. In this case, knowing these different personalities is the first step in knowing who she really is.

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QianQian Wants to Spoil You with Good Food

Qianqian enjoys good food; she loves preparing her favourites as well as dishes from foreign cultures. If you're an explorer when it comes to pampering your taste buds, see if Qianqian has something to offer you:

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Would You Prefer to see Mengting's Wild or Quiet Side?

Mengting looks shy at first, but you'll soon discover she has a wild side to her. Would you prefer her quiet or crazy side?

Qiong Wants to Show You Her Mild Personality. Look Her up on

Qiong rarely has conflicts with people since she has a very open and relaxed personality. See if you can find things in common here:

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Greet the Day with Bich Trang from AsianDate!

Bich Trang's favourite sport is running and she really enjoys jogging in the early hours of the day to see the first rays of sunshine. If you'd like to join her sometime, contact her today:

Huizi Wants to Tell You the Secrets to Her Confident Smile

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Guanxia Wants to Take Care of Her Special Someone. Do You Want to Be the One for Her?

Guangxia is certain she can make her husband very happy as she aims to take care of him at all times of the day. If this sounds like a dream to you, contact Guanxia here:

Yuanyang from AsianDate Wants to Know All About Your Culture

Yuanyang loves travelling and getting to know foreign cultures. Share stories of your customs and traditions on AsianDate:

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Knowing all the famous jazz musicians might be just the way to Meixia's heart! Describe your favourite pieces through Live Chat today:

What Are Asian Women Looking for? (Part 1: Relationship) - What Asian Women Want
We’ve gone through several dating profiles of Asian women and, to tell you honestly, they all have a common pattern in terms of describing the type of relationship that they want in their lives. Some details may be surprising but some aren’t. They are patterned mostly to what every girl wants – a fairy tale love story. Here are a few of what Asian women are really looking for:

Trust in a relationship.

This is the number one “want” of an Asian woman in a man – trust. We mostly give in to stereotypes and for the most part, Asian women are aware of what the stigma of online dating is, especially if your online date comes from a country that is considered less fortunate. A good base for any type of relationship is trust and most, if not all, Asian women are aware of that. You have to go beyond what other people say and go with your gut feeling – go for the feeling you felt when you were talking to her, when you first visited her, when you first heard her voice.

Stability in a relationship.

Asian women are aware of so called “cheaters”. They might have run into some in their own country. It may be idealistic but most Asian women want to meet their Mr. Right – the one who she will marry and spend the rest of her life with – on any type of dating website. It’s very rare to find an Asian woman who’s just looking for Mr. Right Now – the one who will have a short-term relationship with her.

Adventure in a relationship.

Of course, just like any girl, Asian women want to feel the excitement of adventures in a relationship. One example would be travelling to different places, gaining new experiences, learning something new, etc., all done with the one she loves. In short, women from Asian countries do not want a boring relationship where the man only wants to do the same thing over and over again.

Passion in a relationship.

Aside from doing the adventurous activities, an Asian woman would like to be in a relationship that’s passionate. The first few months into a relationship, the Asian woman will have the time of her life experiencing love all over again or for the first time. It’s normal to have this kind of spark at the beginning but an Asian woman would want the spark to keep going. It’s up to you to fan it up as the man in the relationship.

There’s more

There’s actually more to what Asian women want so we’re planning on making a part 2 of this series by the next few weeks. Watch out for our posts to know more about what Asian women really want in a relationship.

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Thi Hne from AsianDate is looking for an honest man. Does it sound like you?

Vietnamese beauty Thi Hne hopes to meet an honest and positive man on AsianDate. Could you be the one for her? Don't hesitate to find out!

Ask Yun to Send a Beautiful Smile Your Way!

We bet you've never seen a smile as beautiful as Yun's before! This Chinese beauty enjoys meeting new people and her job as a yoga teacher. Interested in relaxing your body and mind? Chat with Yun today!

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Xinyuan from AsianDate Can't Wait to Have a First Date with YOU!

AsianDate lady Xinyuan is looking for someone to share her life with. If your idea of a perfect first date is watching a comedy on a rainy night, chat with her today!

Dating Japanese Women - Meeting the Parents

AsianDate - Dating Japanese Women
Japanese women are strong and independent. They are given equal rights as to the men in Japan. They have the capacity to rule over the city, own a property, manage a business and stand out among the others. That is why the Japanese treat their mothers, aunts, wives, daughters and sisters with such respect. You will be considered lucky if you have a Japanese girlfriend or fiancĂ© but, on the other hand, meeting the family, especially the parents could be a little challenging. Don’t worry though because we have a few advices to get you ready to meet the parents.

A little something

Planning a house visit to meet the parents of your beloved must be assessed carefully. Don’t be late.

You have to consider the Family’s status and you may ask your Asian girlfriend a little bit of background about her parents and siblings. In Japan it is valued as courteous and thoughtful whenever a suitor or a boyfriend brings something for the parents. It may be a fortune plant, a nice ceramic ornament, passion fruit or any kind of gift that’s appropriate. And, it’s also a plus if you give them something they really like.

At the door step

Arriving in their home, regardless if it is a mansion or a small house, etiquettes must be observed.

Japanese walk barefooted in their houses, so remember to leave your slippers at the door step, and wear a nice pair of socks. Be casual, smile and don’t forget to bow down your head when you are being introduced. Bowing to elders is a way of showing that you respect them. Don’t forget that you must have lesser eye contact, none if possible. After that, you may hand in your present and say that you are very glad to meet them.

Question and Answer portion

A tea party, lunch or dinner may follow after the introduction. And this time, ready yourself for a bit of question and answer. Your girlfriend or fiancĂ© may keep silent most of the time since today the spotlight is on you. Be yourself, but try to give them a good impression – you are a well-mannered individual. Avoid talking too loud, laughing boisterously or eating too much. Your actions reflect who you are so be at your best. You’re going to be asked basic questions about your job, educational background, about your family and about your future plans.

For foreign men, the parents may be a little tough in criticizing you but don’t worry, you are just being tested on how serious you are about their daughter.

Words to Remember

Be polite as always. Whenever you are being passed food or a condiment, always say thank you!
You are a guest or they usually call it “gaijin” or a foreigner.

They will expect a warm and polite gaijin. In case you may not like the food, try to be civil and keep in mind to never use the word “NO” or say “I don’t like the taste”. This may alert the family that you don’t like their culture and way of life. You may excuse yourself by saying that you are full or you had enough to eat.


Nihongo is the national language of Japan. It’s a plus if you know some basic words or phrases from the language.

During your entire “meet the parents” experience, they may speak in dialect in front of you but don’t get paranoid or offended. Just stay relaxed and be friendly. After a while you may ask your girlfriend about the feedback of her family.

Is it time to leave?

Make sure that you’re aware of the time. The Japanese host will not be the one to say “OK the meeting is over, its time to leave” but rather keep watch of the time and don’t stay too long. Simply say that you were very glad to have the privilege of meeting them and don’t forget to say thank you or “Gochisosama” for the hearty meal they prepared for you. Wait for the father to stand up. Someone from the family will then escort you to the door and this time say thank you once again and bow before leaving.

Asian Models on AsianDate - Fang from Zhuzhou, China

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Beautiful Yanfang is ready to settle down with the man of her dreams. Are YOU the one?

Yanfang is dreaming of having a family to take care of. Have you been thinking about settling down and having kids? Yanfang could be just right for you!

When you Marry a Chinese Woman

AsianDate - Marry a Chinese Woman
A Chinese woman will make a great wife because she will not hesitate to concentrate all her efforts into taking care of the house and taking care of the family – you could say they are the perfect house wife! When marrying an Asian woman, it’s probably going to be everything you’ve always imagined it to be, but with a slight difference. There are a lot of things that can stay the same, but be sure that you’re ready for the following changes that will happen:

Be ready to remove your shoes every time you go inside the house.

It’s one Asian tradition that is very popular. When you do get to marry a woman from China or any other Asian country, she’s going to make sure that her house stays clean and for her, in order to maintain the cleanliness of the house, you need to take off your shoes every time you go inside. You’d have to have a designated area for your shoes and slippers right after entering your front door.

Be ready to taste some Asian cooking.

In Asian cultures, it is believed that in order for a woman to be a good wife, she should know how to cook a nice meal for her family. You can bet on it that your wife-to-be knows a few secret recipes that she is definitely going to dish up for when you have breakfast, lunch and dinner. Depending on your future wife’s character, you probably won’t have to eat Chinese food all the time, but it’s still a possibility.

Be ready to have your money budgeted.

Are you a saver? Lucky for you, because an Asian woman is very good when it comes to budgeting money. She can stretch out the household budget if needed and she knows how to buy just the necessities. She could even be more of a saver than you. This, of course, is a case to case basis but what we’re saying is that most Asian women know how to handle money in a way that is beneficial for their families.

Be ready to celebrate strange holidays.

Most Asian people are very traditional so you have to expect that they are going to carry their traditions over to the next generation – their children. If you marry a woman from any Asian country, you will have to celebrate the holidays that you normally didn’t have to. It could definitely be fun and you can bet on having a lot of food to enjoy when the event happens.

What do you think?

Interracial marriages are always a little bit tough at the beginning, because you do need to get used to each other’s culture. But, as time passes by and if you really love each other, no culture or tradition can hold you back from being together.

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Dan from Wants to Hear Your Idea of a Perfect Beach Date! lady Dan enjoys spending time in the nature and going to the beach. Heading to China? Plan a beach date with her here:

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Hoai Tram Doesn't Want to Live Another Minute without YOU!

Hoai Tram senses that life is too short to let it go by without someone by her side. Don't miss the opportunity to have her in your life, contact her on AsianDate today!

The Difference between Dating Asian and Asian-American Woman Asian and Asian-American Women
If you think that there is only one type of Asian woman, think again. Asia is a multi-racial continent and its people even go further into other parts of the world. So with that said, we are going to explore the differences or similarities of dating an Asian woman compared to dating an Asian-American woman.

Let’s Define Both

To get a clearer picture of the types of women we’re going to talk about in our post today, let’s define who they are personality-wise and culture-wise:

The Asian woman – She was born and raised in any of the Asian countries. She’s reserved in public but she can get a little silly when with very close girlfriends. She places a high importance on family, just like her mother and her mother’s mother (very traditional). She does rather well in school and she always (or maybe most of the time) does what her parents tell her to do.  She has her own opinion about things but sometimes prefers to not say it out loud.

The Asian-American woman – She either moved to the United States a few years back or she moved when she was very young. She’s adapted to the American culture very well but she and her family still practice a bit of Asian tradition at home like taking off the shoes before entering the house. She’s a good student but she doesn’t always follow (or listen to) her parents. When she has an opinion about something she can say it out right but sometimes chooses not to.

Those were just brief descriptions of each one but let’s just stick to those so you can have an idea of whom exactly where talking about. Now, let’s go to the differences:

Differences When Dating One or the Other

So you already know that the Asian woman is more traditional and reserved. Because of the traditions and beliefs that her family practices, she has a very clear idea of what a relationship (by her and her family’s standards) should be. This could mean that she wants the male to take over in the decision making while she concentrates more on taking care of the family.

This may pose as a difficulty if you’re dating the Asian woman because you would also have to “date” their family, their culture (though not all of it) and their traditions. And, you are expected to do certain things. During a date, the Asian woman may be very quiet and so that means that you would have to initiate the conversation. You’re also expected to be a gentleman and pay the bill.

The Asian-American woman on the other hand, is more outspoken. She may practice a little bit of the traditions and cultures that her family has but not all of it. When dating one, you also have to follow these customs and traditions but not strictly. Her family is important to her too so you’d have to make a really good impression when meeting them for the first time. 

During a date, you’ll get more interaction with the Asian-American woman and you’ll be able to tell that she expresses her own opinions about certain things. You’re still expected to pay the bill because that is what a gentleman is supposed to do.

Which one do you fancy?

Are you more into the reserved, quiet types? If so, you definitely have to consider dating an Asian woman. They make pretty good wives. If you’re more into adapting a little piece of the Asian culture while still maintaining the culture that you grew up with, you need to consider dating the Asian-American woman. Either way, you will find a lot of these kinds of Asian women in popular online dating sites. It’s just a matter of differentiating one over the other.

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Share Your Story with Zexi from Hengyang, China!

Zexi is an open-minded woman who enjoys helping people by being a good listener. Chat with her today if you are a big talker too!

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Make Lan Fall in Love with You Today!

Lan enjoys the idea of laying under the warm sun with the one she loves. Do you want to make her fall in love with you?

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What Will You Surprise Xin with?

Xin from confesses that she has a sweet tooth. What sweet surprise will you give her as a present? Tell her here

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Thi Thu Huong Has Been Looking for a Man Like YOU!

Thi Thu Huong is tired of living a life without direction and wants to meet someone who could bring her back to the ground. Are you the one for her?

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AsianDate Lady Thi Cuc is Ready for a Married Life. Are You?

AsianDate lady Thi Cuc is ready to settle down and start a family. Do you want the same thing? Chat with her today to find out if your ideals match!

5 Secrets Asian Women will not Tell You Outright

Asian Woman - Asian Date
Curious about Asian women? If you do meet one online, there are a few things that she can be embarrassed or shy to tell you about. These secrets could come out later in your relationship when the timing is right but one thing’s for sure, an Asian woman will not tell you any of these 5 things on the get-go:

Secret #1: She’s not going to tell you that she likes anime.

This may only apply to the younger generation. If you’re a foreigner, an Asian woman might have gotten it into her head that talking about anime is “geeky or nerdy” in America and thus, she doesn’t want to be labeled as such. She wants to be pretty, demure, stylish, etc. but not geeky.

Secret #2: She’s not going to tell you that her LV bag might be fake.

Yes, this is definitely a possibility. Asia, specifically China, is the number one producer of counterfeit items like bags, shoes, clothes, and more.  The rest of Asia has easy access to it so the #2 secret is highly likely. This may not matter but if you won’t ask, the Asian woman will never tell.

Secret #3: She goes GAGA for K-pop.

K-pop is not something to be embarrassed about because girls and women from all over the world feel the same way. The thing is, it’s very similar to #1. In the Asian woman’s mind, it might not be an attractive image to portray if she confesses of screaming at BigBang’s newest music video on YouTube.

Secret #4: She might have had plastic surgery.

Not all Asian countries practice going down the knife but it’s very popular in places like China, Korea, Thailand and other places. Some Asian women from these countries are comfortable letting people know what they had done, but most of the time it’s a subject that’s best brought up later in the relationship.

Secret #5: She might have strict parents.

Most of the time this is true because Asian parents are very different from American or European parents. Asian parents value education, morality, politeness and all that good and respectful stuff so you better watch yourself. Not all parents are this way but there’s surely going to be “testing by fire” when you don’t make a good first impression when the time comes.

Surprised to know an Asian woman’s secrets?

The truth is, they’re not really big secrets to keep except for #4, but now that you know them, you can use them to tell if the Asian woman you’re talking to really likes you or not. If any of these 5 things emerge in your conversation, it’s a sign that she trusts you enough to let her guard down.

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Let XiaoJuan Dance her Way into Your Heart!

XiaoJuan shouldn't have any problems dancing her way to you heart as she has enjoyed this activity all her life. Let her try to do that today!

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Can You be Honest About Your Feelings for Wenting?

Honesty is the most important thing for this Asian beauty. Do you find Wenting attractive? Let her know here:!

Impress this AsianDate Beauty with your knowledge of Art and Poetry!

Yanli enjoys good literature and poetry. Do you know any romantic lines that could impress her? Try your luck here and see what happens.

Here’s How to Tell if the Chinese Woman is Falling for You

Chinese Woman - AsianDate

You were looking for a Chinese woman to be your girlfriend (or maybe wife in the future) and so you searched online because you’re in a totally different part of the world. You met a couple of nice ladies from China, chatted with them but they weren’t what you were looking for. You met one more Asian lady who was breathtakingly beautiful and you felt a connection with her. You’ve been corresponding ever since and you feel like it’s getting pretty deep.

Now, the question is: How exactly do you know if this gorgeous Asian princess is ALSO falling head over heels over you? Most people would say that you won’t be able to tell unless you met with her face to face but don’t listen to them because we’ve compiled a short list of signs that tell you exactly how she is feeling about you.

Sign #1: She tells you that she wants to chat with you again.

Most of the time, you’ll hear her say that she wants to talk with you again. A Chinese woman will let you know if she wants to spend more time with you. She’ll either tell you or she’ll hint something of the same idea through her words. If your Asian lady is saying this or hinting this all the time then you can be sure that she likes you back.

Sign #2: She wants you to meet her family.

Commonly when an Asian woman says, “I’d like to meet your family” or “I’d like you to meet my family one day”, it’s a sure fire way to tell that she wants a serious relationship. As you may know, Asians are very family oriented. So if she wants to invite you into that circle, what do you think does that say?

Sign #3: She’s comfortable sharing details of her life with you.

If a woman from China comfortably shares details of her life with you after a few months of corresponding with her, it’s highly likely that she’s also feeling the same way you do. She might share past heartaches, her daily life in her country, what makes her sad, what makes her laugh and so on. This means that she’s comfortable enough to share these kinds of details because she feels like she can trust you (and her heart might be falling as hard as yours is).

Is she in love with you?

If you’ve experienced all 3 of these signs then congratulations! If you play it right, you’re probably going to fly over to her country, meet her family and make wedding arrangements. OR, you could take it slow and just savor the feeling of knowing that she’s also into you.

Monday, 4 August 2014 Lady Thuy Van Wants You to Say Hello to Her!

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Could Yen Phuong be Your Dream Girl?

Are you still looking for your dream girl? You've found her! Yen Phuong from Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam is ready to settle down and start a family. If this is what you want too, let her know by writing a letter to her today:

Yuexiang Still Believes in Love..

Yuexiang believes in love at first sight. See if you can make sparks fly by contacting her today:

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Juan is Waiting for You in Shenzhen, China

Juan from AsianDate stays fit by playing tennis and leading an active lifestyle. See if you could plan a round of tennis with her next time you're in China:

Shasha Wants to Share Her Thoughts with You!

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Love Makes Thuy Nhien's Heart Sing. Will She Sing for You?

When Thuy Nhien from Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam falls in love with you, you'll know because she begins to sing. Chat with her today to see if you can make it happen: