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Say hi to beautiful HuiJuan from AsianDate!

HuiJuan from Zhengzhou, China values her independence very much. She enjoys her job as a model and loves being able to provide for herself. If a strong and independent woman is who you've been looking for, you need to meet her today! http://bit.ly/1BrGDS7.

Is beautiful Angeline who you've been looking for?

Though young, Angeline already knows a thing or two about responsibilities - she has been taking care of her two younger siblings for some time now. Interested in meeting someone loving and mature? Chat with Angeline here: http://bit.ly/1qh83aR.

Jie from AsianDate wants to enjoy life with you!

Jie from AsianDate has a very adventurous personality: she enjoys trying new things, tasting foreign dishes, travelling to exotic countries. Start your own adventure with her here: http://bit.ly/1nKVMWF?

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Sirinapa wants to share her dreams with you!

Sirinapa from AsianDate is an interior designer who hopes to have her own studio one day. Talk more about her dreams here: http://bit.ly/1lSTp8A

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Zhazira is a woman of many talents!

Zhazira from Almaty, Kazakhstan is a creative person interested in art, painting, music, karaoke, and more. Say hi and talk more of her hobbies here: here http://bit.ly/WSsHBo.

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Chucui from AsianDate wants a happy family with you!

Chucui from AsianDate wants to find a man who will love her unconditionally and give her a happy family. Find out if you two click here: http://bit.ly/1qh5VA0.

You'll never be bored with Cuie!

Cuie is a fun and lively woman who is interested in anything new and exciting. She promises to make her man happy any way she can. Say hi here to see just how lovely she is: http://bit.ly/1ukOu1y.

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Plan a date night with Wan Yu!

Wan Yu loves watching action movies and romantic comedies. Plan a date night with this charming beauty here: http://bit.ly/WHXtwu.

The First Date with an Asian Woman

AsianDate.com - First Date with an Asian Woman
The first date can be complicated. Luckily, if you’re having a first date with an Asian woman you can relax a little bit because Asian women are very forgiving when it comes to slight mistakes made because you’re nervous while on a date. 

For Asian women, saying yes to a date means that she’s already interested – very different from when you ask a European woman out. Once you’ve captured an Asian woman’s interest, you can be sure that she’s going to like you no matter how goofy or silly you act. Well this unless you act in a way that’s very displeasing to her.

Nonetheless, during a first date, you’d always want to make everything perfect so we have a few suggestions for you to consider:

Gentleman in Everyway

Asian women like to be treated as princesses but not too much, so the usual prince charming gestures are appropriate – open doors for her, help her to her seat, sprinkle a little bit of compliments here and there. Despite this, you have to keep things in balance because you do not want her to feel like you’re over-pampering her. This may sound tricky but the main thing is to act like a gentleman around her.

A Small Gift is a Nice Gesture

The key word is small. Most Asian women are not accustomed to receiving large or expensive gifts so giving your date one might throw her off a little bit. A small token of your affection like flowers will do the trick. It’s actually the best first date gift to bring no matter what culture you were born into.

Ask Her to Pick the Place

The perfect choice of restaurant will depend on your Asian girl’s specific cultural background so it would be a nice idea to ask her where she would want to eat. If she tells you flat out then great but usually, Asian girls are pretty shy especially on first dates so if she leaves the choice to you, choose an average restaurant – not that fancy, with a comfortable atmosphere.

It’s not really advisable to take her to picnics, to the movies or to a cafĂ© at least on the first date because customarily, Asians almost always have first dates in restaurants – even if it’s fancy or not.

Reserve Your Moves for the Next Few Dates

Most Asian women are very conservative so you need to take things slow. With European women, a kiss would be harmless on the first date but it’s totally different with an Asian woman. Holding hands is the farthest you can get, maybe you can put your arm around her but for the rest, like kisses and hugs, reserve it for the next few dates.

Find out if you're what Thi Hong's been looking for!

Thi Hong Hanh from Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam is on AsianDate to find a companion with similar interests and hobbies. Find out what she likes here: http://bit.ly/WSkBcb.

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Find out if beautiful Khwanchira wants children one day!

Khwanchira from AsianDate teaches gymnastics to children. She loves working with kids because she knows she can be a role model for them. Ask her if she wants children of her own one day here: http://bit.ly/WI0SLT.

Yanxia is Looking for a Kind and Gentle Man

Yanxia says her worst characteristic is that she can be kinder to others than she is to herself. Find out all about her gentle and compassionate heart here: http://bit.ly/1lVlYm1.

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Safety Tips when Travelling to Asia

Safety Tips when Travelling to Asia
There are thousands of different places that you can visit in Asia and all of them are beautiful. Be careful though that you do not get caught up in the beauty so much that you become unaware of your surroundings. Possible danger could be right around the corner and you won’t even know about it until it’s actually happening. To prevent a situation like this, we’ve compiled a few tips that you can take note of when you are planning to travel to Asia:

1. A Different Kind of Food

Typically, almost all Asian foods are considered “acceptable” to the stomach. There are, however, other places in Asia that have foods that are considered an exception. India, for example, is a notorious place for having food that can cause you a few visits to the bathroom. So we recommend avoiding street food all together. Stick to restaurant prepared food as much as possible and if that still doesn’t work, have the hotel recommend a good doctor beforehand so they can contact this person in emergency cases. 

2. Scams and Rip-offs

It’s no secret that some places in Asia are considered third world. These places are beautiful and touristy but they’re also home to people who will take advantage of tourists such as yourself. Examples of these would be expensive taxi rides, rip-off tours and the like. To remedy this, we suggest talking to the local employees in your hotel and asking for suggestions. Don’t be shy to ask about the taxi fare from A to B. It would also be better if your hotel has their own tour desk.

3. Trekking, Hiking, Diving

It’s unavoidable for you or for your beloved Asian girlfriend to experience the beauties in nature when visiting Asia. If you do decide to trek, hike or dive, make sure that you always go in a group (never alone) and make sure that the one guiding you is a trained professional who has everything covered from the first aid kit to the means of communication in case an emergency happens.

4. Bug Bites

Bug bites are inevitable, especially when visiting Asia so we recommend that you bring some form of bug repellant with you. You could say that you’re staying in a 5-star hotel or a world class resort so there couldn’t possibly be any bugs there. It could be true but having bug repellant in your bag is always handy when in Asia so take it with you nonetheless.

5. Skin Protection

Not all countries in Asia have tropical weather but if it is your first time, the heat and humidity is very different from, let’s say, the United States so another good item that you can have with you is sunscreen.
We do admit that these tips aren’t really what you would call heavy-duty safety measures, but they help nonetheless. Asia is a very beautiful continent to visit and it’s important for you to stay safe and healthy so you can get the most out of your experience.

Thi Yen Thinks You're Perfect for Her!

Thi Yen from Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam is looking for a man both romantic and serious. Do you meet her requirements for a perfect partner? http://bit.ly/1p6tyoR

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Are you the one for Thi My Duyen?

Thi My Duyen says she'll know you're the man for her as soon as she hears your voice. Do you want to find out if she's the one for you too? http://bit.ly/1wfPzXU.

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Make Yangs Dreams Come True by Contacting her Today

Yang is a romantic woman who dreams of having her own fairytale love story. Do you want to make Yang's dreams come true? http://bit.ly/1nKXJCB.

Auchana from AsianDate is looking for a real man!

Aunchana from AsianDate.com is a journalist who wants to have her own magazine one day. Ask her about why she chose this profession here: http://bit.ly/1AxVDf9.

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How to Handle a Language Barrier with an Asian Woman

Language Barrier with an Asian Woman
Language barriers are one of the most difficult things to overcome when you want or have a relationship with an individual from another country and from another culture. Asian women, for example, are very popular in the online dating world but for the most parts, these women don’t have enough chances to practice their English to make them fluent speakers. This is why most Asian dating websites have a translating service that you can take advantage of when doing a voice call or a video conference with the love of your life living in Asia.

We have recognized this difficulty and we have come up with a few suggestions on how to handle the language barrier you may have with your Asian girlfriend:

Learn her language and her culture.

This first step might take you a bit of time and a whole lot of effort, but it’ll be worth it once both of you can understand each other completely without any misunderstandings and miscommunication.

Tutor her with English.

This may sound a little silly to you, but believe us when we say that it’s going to bring both of you closer together. A word of caution though, it takes patience and experience to teach someone English so only do this suggestion if you feel comfortable doing so.

Read her body language.

Research has shown that only a small percentage of communication happens verbally. A lot of it happens non-verbally or through our body language. You have to learn how to read your partner’s body language so you can really understand what she means and how she feels.

Spend more time to get to know her.

There isn’t enough time in one day to fully understand the behavior of one individual person so spend as much time as possible with your Asian girlfriend. That way, you can tell how she is or how she’ll react to something easily. A couple can usually tell what the other is thinking of when they’ve been together for a specific period of time.

Extend your patience.

When all of these suggestions fail, it is best to just extend your patience and make an effort into doing everything you can to understand your partner. Despite this, you have to remember that this is a two-way street meaning that she also has to feel and do the same thing for you. Support each other and make an effort into extending your patience and understanding to overcome the language barrier.

Love Overcomes Everything

How ever you might want to approach this situation, you will most certainly overcome it when you and your partner truly love each other. Remember that love overcomes any type of barrier so keep on with your relationship until you pass this hurdle.

Dusita is interested in everything educational

Dusita wants to be an engineer in the future and believes that a successful person will know foreign languages and all about classical literature and art. Do you value the same traits as her? Say hi today! http://bit.ly/1wevUub

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Thai models on AsianDate - Wachiraporn from Chiang Mai

Though Wachiraporn has tried modelling herself, she actually prefers to be behind the camera and dreams of having a successful career as a stage-director. She would like to tell you more about her future plans here: http://bit.ly/1AxVVCK.

Zamira is ready for a serious relationship. Are you?

Zamira from Almaty, Kazakhstan is dreaming of finding a man who would love her forever. She wants to share every happy moment with him and can't wait to start a family together. If marriage has been on your mind for some time now, contact Zamira today and see where it takes you! http://bit.ly/1wfPSSC.

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Charisma's name is as charismatic as herself!

Charisma can certainly wear her name with great pride as she is very charismatic indeed. See for yourself:

FaHong from AsianDate wouldn't mind travelling to you!

FaHong from AsianDate is a very active woman who enjoys singing, dancing and travelling. Ask her about what her goals in life are here: http://bit.ly/1BrLO4J.

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What are Asian Women Looking for in a Man

AsianDate.com - What Asian Women Want in a Man
We posted an article some time ago about what Asian women want in a relationship, now let’s focus on what Asian women are looking for in their men. Like we said in our former post (click here if you haven’t read it yet), we’ve gone through several dating profiles of Asian women and we found out that most women have a similarity in the ideal man that they want to be with.

1. Asian women want to meet someone understanding.

We noticed that all women want to meet someone who is patient and understanding. Asian women most probably understand that there are going to be language as well as cultural differences when in a relationship with a foreign man. That’s why it’s important for them to date someone who can stretch his patience and broaden his understanding in order to get over the difficulties.

2. Asian women want to meet someone mature.

The word mature that we mentioned could either be in age or in mentality. Most Asian women don’t mind someone who is advanced in years as long as his way of thinking is not one-sided. Women from Asia are sincere when it comes to settling down so someone who is younger in age and mentality might not make “making a family or a life together” a priority.

3. Asian women want to meet a traveler.

This is something very common in Asian women’s “who do you want to meet” section. Most women in Asia have not had the chance to travel and they dream about travelling to different places while spending time with the love of their life. Who wouldn’t want to do that, right? So if you’ve travelled all over the world, this is definitely an advantage.

4. Asian women want to meet someone romantic.

Probably all women want someone who is romantic. For Asian women, there has to be that spark in the relationship that they want to keep going as the relationship progresses. Asian women feel like this can only be done when they are in a relationship with a romantic person.

5. Asian women want to meet someone honest.

This is probably a given when it comes to online dating. Asian women are aware that there are also people online who will try to take advantage of them, maybe play with their emotions or something similar. This is why they really want to meet someone who is genuine or someone who is real – a real person who has a genuine emotion towards them.

That’s a Wrap for Part 2

These characteristics are actually similar to what most women want. This just goes to show that Asian women aren’t really any different than other women. What they want is basically centered on having a family and a stable relationship. 

Qian is Looking for an Honest and Loving Man. Is that You?

Qian is a sweet and sexy girl who is also very honest and loyal. Her dream partner is someone who is hard-working, sincere, responsible and faithful. Chat with Qian today if you feel like she was describing you: http://bit.ly/1tKCvcn.

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Shuhang Wants to Travel the World with YOU!

Shuhang dreams of trips to exotic countries and exciting adventures with the man she loves. Wish to find an adventurous partner? Chat with Shuhang today! http://bit.ly/VQNrJ5.

Mi Dreams of Finding True Love

Beautiful Mi from Nanyang, China has dreamt of finding her one and only ever since she was a little girl. Say hi today and make her dreams come true here: http://bit.ly/1opxiS1.

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Sam Hue Wants to Sing a Song for You!

Sam Hue likes the performing arts; above all, she loves singing and dancing. Would you like her to put on a show for you? http://bit.ly/1qhrNZx.

Supunnee dreams of having a family and her own business!

Beautiful Supunnee is a fashion designer who dreams of having her own studio one day. Until then, she will just continue creating beautiful things for fun. Ask her more about her hobby here: http://bit.ly/VQMekT.

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Jumei Believes in True Love. Do you?

Jumei is a romantic woman who believes everyone has their soul mate, she just hasn't found hers yet. Contact her today to find out if you're the one for her: http://bit.ly/1rAt1D6.

Xiaoli Wants to be Cherished Forever

Xiaoli has a very gentle personality. She is active, but quiet at the same time and dreams of meeting a man who will cherish her forever. Say hi if you want to know more about her: http://bit.ly/1lwi7Mb.

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Jing is a Traditional Chinese Girl

Jing has a character of a traditional Chinese woman yet she's open to new experiences and adventures. Say hi if you'd like to know more about her: http://bit.ly/1qhrZb6.

Wenyan is looking for her Mr. Right. Are you the one?

Though still young, Wenyan knows what kind of man she wants to marry. Her Mr. Right has to have a good heart and treat her like a princess she is. Are you up for the task? http://bit.ly/1mSMMOT.

Asian Dating: Dealing with a Family’s Disapproval

Asian Dating - Dealing with Parents
If you've been in the Asian dating world for some time now and have found an Asian girlfriend, it is most likely that her family will disapprove of your relationship. Don’t worry because it happens to everyone with an Asian partner. In fact, it also happens to almost all interracial couples in every corner of the globe. It’s an issue that has long been experienced and it may very well be something that society cannot outgrow. It’s merely another aspect of the differences in each of your cultures. The good news is you can do something to cope with or deal with your Asian girlfriend’s family’s disapproval:

Hold your criticism.

You already know that her family is criticizing you, so we suggest that you hold your personal criticisms of them. You can sometimes fight fire with fire but not in this case. You have to fight fire with water and be the neutraliser. This doesn’t mean that you have to be silent all the time, this just means that you do not acknowledge what they’re saying or what they’re feeling because it is not right. Just remember, hold your tongue, hold your criticism, but still be polite and respectful about it.

Try not to spark any arguments.

It’s very difficult to just keep your mouth shut during the time when a family member of your girlfriend is talking about your culture in a rude way. We agree, it can be very difficult BUT, as much as possible, give an answer that’s reserved and still polite. Don’t give out your personal opinions that much, so you won’t spark any type of argument. Stating your reserved opinions in a polite manner is always (always!) better then arguing over a seemingly irresolvable cultural difference.

Be open. Don’t hide.

For most couples, the easiest way to avoid a family’s disapproval is by not interacting with them. BUT, that’s just it. You are not facing the problem head on, you’re simply avoiding it which, in no way, gets you a step closer to her family accepting your relationship with their beloved daughter. Do not hide! Give the parents a chance to change their mind about your relationship. Do not exclude them from what you have now, because this will just make them think that they were right to think this way all along.

Be patient.

The glares, the side comments and all the other forms of negativity will be, sad to say, present for some time depending on how open minded your girlfriend’s family is. Our advice to you is: BE PATIENT and keep putting your best foot forward. In time, you will earn their approval.

Bottom Line

Asian families will see through you and they’ll know if you are sincere or not. For all you know, their negativism might just be a test to really see if you’re truthful in your intentions. If you are, they will also see through that and accept you inside their family circle.

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Mengling dreams of a fairytale love story. Can you give it to her?

Mengling from Zhengzhou, China is hoping to have a true fairytale life with the man of her dreams. Find out if you're the one she's been looking for: http://bit.ly/1AUGFld.

Surangkana from Thailand wants to play a tune for you

Surangkana from Chiang Mai, Thailand always dreamt of becoming a famous musician. While her dreams didn't exactly come true, she still enjoys performing for her friends and family. Ask her to play a tune for you here: http://bit.ly/1qxw4cr.

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JingYuan wants to meet a sporty man!

JingYuan enjoys different kinds of sports. She'll definitely enjoy watching a game of football with you next time your favourite team plays. Schedule a date with her here: http://bit.ly/1pi4lxl.

Dating – The Filipino Way

AsianDate - Dating - the Filipino Way
The Philippines has been colonized by several countries way back in year 1565. The Spaniards, Japanese and the Americans have greatly influenced the Filipino families in their way of living that somehow reflects the modern Filipina ladies of today’s generation. The uniqueness of a Filipina beauty has conquered the world. And, they are not just known for being stunning and attractive but as well for their eccentric characteristics that capture a man’s heart all over the world. Ever dream of a Filipina to be your girlfriend or fiancĂ©?  Here are some basic rules on Filipino dating customs:


One must have respect at all times. In asking her for a date, the old tradition is you have to ask her parents or her older brother if she has one before she is allowed to go out with you. This is the ideal way of showing respect to the girl’s family, showing them that you acknowledge that they have a beautiful daughter or sister that you want to be with. You should pick her up on their doorstep and take her home the exact time you said you will. 


Biologically men are naturally raged with hormones. Their testosterone levels increase at any given time especially when they are really attracted to someone. On a first date, remember that you need to be respectful always, even if you feel like giving her a kiss or putting your hand over her shoulder. 

A Filipina woman is conservative and has good moral values so aggressiveness and being touchy is a big no-no! It may be exciting to hold her hand in assisting her inside the car but be a gentleman and take one step at a time.


Filipino’s are food lovers. Whenever you want to take out a Filipina, you may want to ask her preference for lunch or dinner since they have a variety of Filipino cuisines to choose from.

Usually they have rice with any viand of vegetables, pork, beef or chicken, and bread with soup during meals. But you may want to make sure whether she is a vegetarian or not so it’s always polite to ask. You may order a bottle of red or white wine to set the mood, but most Filipina’s don’t tend to drink alcoholic beverages before a meal. And oh! Check out time. To seal the moment, it’s always considered that when you ask someone out, especially for the first time, you would be the one paying the bill.


Having a nice full course meal may have already set you up for a nice get-to-know conversation and well, you don’t want to go home right away. So it would be best and utterly romantic to spend a little time together and ask nicely if she wants to have a stroll in the park, or you can offer to walk her home to delay the moment of you parting ways. This time, pay attention to her interests, hobbies and life perspective. Be friendly and casual; use the time wisely to get to know the person until you call it a night.


If you really like her, then constant follow ups, hi’s and hello’s will be appreciated, but this doesn’t mean texting her every five minutes. Don’t call her every hour if you miss her. Give it time to settle down and ask her out again when the time is right. Remember, Filipina women are brought up with morals and should be respected the way every other woman should be treated.

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Cancan loves flowers. Send her some today!

Send Cancan flowers if you want to instantly win over her heart. Ask her what kind of flowers she prefers through her AsianDate profile: http://bit.ly/1mSPsvY.

Do you like romance as much as Feifei does?

Feifei from Shenzhen, China is all about romance: she likes cuddling and holding hands with her loved one, stargazing and candlelight dinners. What is your idea of a romantic date? http://bit.ly/1vSf7dB.

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Tianyi can make you happy!

Tianyi from Beijing, China is certain she can make her partner a very happy man. Give her a chance on AsianDate.com: http://bit.ly/1mSOW0S.

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Do you want to see Hongna's wild side?

Beautiful Hongna has two sides: wild and gentle. She says it depends on you which side she'll show. Which would you prefer? http://bit.ly/1AUIuP5.

Thi Bich Hau wants to be happy with YOU!

Thi Bich Hau from Vietnam is looking for happiness in this life. Think you've got what she's looking for? Only one way to find out! http://bit.ly/1tKwb4B?

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Yanping wants to meet YOU!

Yanping loves meeting new people and charming them with her positive personality. Become friends by contacting her through AsianDate: here http://bit.ly/1sCJX7J.

Open your heart to beautiful Xiang Jun!

Xiang Jun is looking forward to making you fall in love with her. Give her the chance here: http://bit.ly/1vSbiF2.

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Enjoy life with Guanglin from AsianDate!

Guanglin from AsianDate is looking for someone to share life's beautiful moments with. If a soul mate is what you've been looking for, contact her today! http://bit.ly/1pi2yZ8.

Characteristics You Want in an Asian Woman

Characteristics of an Asian Woman
We all have our preferences when it comes to the kind of people we want to meet. When you want to date Asian women, you’d want someone who’s kind, caring, affectionate, loving, understanding, patient, and romantic. The list goes on and on and to be really honest, it might never end. You want this one woman to be everything that you’ve dreamed of but this is just not possible. Of course, the characteristics mentioned are important, but all you really have to pay attention to are major key characteristics in the Asian women that you meet:

1. Open-mindedness

Most Asian women are very traditional in their way of life and in their thinking. Although, her way of life can be changed or influenced over time, her way of thinking may stay the same. You don’t really want someone who is very traditional in their thinking because it’ll be cause for future conflict.

2. Basic English Skills

Now this characteristic may be trivial and correctable in the course of time, but you’d really want someone who can speak your language, even if it’s just basic. If you meet someone who does not know any word of English, communication will be very difficult and, as you may well know, communication is a vital aspect of a successful relationship.

3. Family Oriented

This may depend on your preferences and priorities, but in the long run, you’d want someone who wants to start a future with you. Aren’t you online dating for that very reason? Meeting someone who just wants Mr. Right Now just doesn’t cut it, right?

4. Extroverted

Let us explain this a little further. When we say extroverts, we mean people who are out-going with a bright personality. Extroverts are also great with people and they like outdoor activities like running, camping, fishing, hiking, etc. This will keep your relationship on point and not boring. An extroverted Asian woman will also be delighted to meet your family members.

5. Great Cleaning and Cooking Skills

Great cleaning and cooking skills are a must if you’re looking for a potential wife. Of course, you’d want someone who knows how to cook and clean, especially if you don’t know how to do it yourself.

6. Interest to Build a Life with You

It’s important for the Asian woman you want to date to have all 5 characteristics plus this one: interest to build a life with you. It’s important that she not only wants to focus on you, but on both of your lives. Remember that you’re looking for a partner and not a maid or a robot. She also has to focus on what’s important for her and take care of you (and your future family) at the same time.