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5 Things to Expect When on a First Date with a Thai Girl

Going on first dates will never be the same again once you’ve gone on one with a Thai girl. Forget what you know about what to do on first dates and, most certainly, forget the first date moves that you’ve already mastered because going on a first date with a Thai girl is very different. How different is it? You have no idea.

To clue you in on what it’s really like, here are 5 things that you can expect when going on a first date with a Thai girl.

1. No eye contact.

And, most of the time, it’s not just Thai girls too. Most Asian women will be hesitant to lock eyes with you on the first date because they’re not used to it. In Asian countries like Japan and South Korea, direct eye contact is a form of disrespect (believe it or not).

So, when this happens, and you feel uncomfortable with her not being able to look you straight in the eye, just let it go. It’s not you.

2. Minimal conversation.

Don’t take this the wrong way but most Thai girls aren’t really conversational on the first date. Even if you ask all of the questions, most of the time, you’ll be faced with either a yes or a no answer. It’s also highly likely that she won’t be asking any questions about you.

When this happens, just keep the questions coming and try your best to encourage your Thai girl to talk some more; put in the effort. Who knows, you could get her to talk more on the second date (that is, if she says yes).

3. May take a few friends with her.

We’ve put this in the list because it happens more often than people think. During first dates, a Thai girl may bring some of her girlfriends along. Don’t be surprised, she might just feel uncomfortable being alone with you. Don’t take it personally because a stranger asking another stranger out on a date is uncommon in Thailand.

As with most of the Asian dating cultures, a couple meets through mutual friends or acquaintances and very seldom through chance encounters.

4. You are expected to pay.

Don’t be stingy! Be a gentleman and pay for everything. It is customary and considered gentleman-like to pay on the first date.

In the case of her stringing her girlfriends along, you still have to pay if you want to come off as someone who has sincere intentions.

5. She will have the tendency to order something expensive on the menu.

This could easily be misinterpreted but stop right there. She’s not trying to do anything scam-ish. You Thai girl might just be trying to put on a front or maybe trying to come off as sophisticated in front of you. Give her a break because she’s probably as nervous as you, having been asked out on a first date.

When this happens, just go with it. What else can you do but enjoy the food she orders, right?

The Thai Dating Culture

By now, it may be quite obvious why we emphasized that taking a Thai girl out on a first date is different. There’s more to this that just 5 so our recommendation (our usual recommendation), make sure that you impress her by

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Wednesday, 20 May 2015

6 Things to Consider Before Marrying an Asian Woman

Marrying an Asian womanJust because you’ve chatted and Skyped with a beautiful Asian woman on an online dating site doesn’t mean that you have a true insight on your bond with each other. Yes, you’re attracted to the woman you’re talking to and you’re having the time of your life just spending time with her online. You may have even visited her in her country a couple of times. This doesn’t mean, however, that you should be quick to think about the next stage in your relationship – marriage.

Marriage is not a bad thing at all . Just don’t be hasty about. Well, not until you consider these 6 things before marrying an Asian woman:

1. Location Arrangements

This is the first thing to consider. How will this play out? Will you live in her country? Will she move to your country? Keep in mind that there are several documents involved in these kinds of processes and the range of time to finish all of these could take a year depending on what the steps are.

2. Family Matters

Family is very big for an Asian woman. Marrying an Asian woman also means marrying her family. They are going to be in her life (or maybe we can say, in both of your lives) for as long as it takes. This is definitely a fact and you can bet on so you need to think if you can handle her family being around all the time (or at the very least, be involved in your lives somehow).

3. Financial Stability

Since you are planning to take a wife, you need to see if your income can support the both of you. You’ll need a decent amount of money for the wedding and you sure will need some more for when you’re living together. This also poses the question of where you’re going to work. Will you work in her country? If so, will your wage support your life together. This one definitely needs serious consideration.

4. Cultural Adjustments

Cultural adjustments will have to be made especially when you’re living together. You have to ask yourself how flexible each of you is, how well you can cope with how the other does things on a daily basis, how well you can lengthen your patience to a concept that you may not grasp 100%. Now it’s getting serious, isn’t it.

5. Maturity Level

This is needed in any relationship.

This is especially needed when a couple is married. There will be a lot of “surprises” to uncover (a couple usually uncovers a lot of things as soon as they get married) so the level of your maturity needs to be high. It’s true what they say about thinking that you know a person until you marry him or her.

6. Red Flags

Last but not the least…you’ve heard all of the horror stories out there of girls merely using foreigners as a means of getting out of the country. Don’t disregard the horror stories – that’s our best advice. Aside from considering the above 5, you also need to consider if she, indeed, is true to her intentions for you.

In order for you to know this, you can seek the help of fellow foreigners who have gone through the online dating route and went ahead an married a nice Thai girl. You’ll find them in several online dating forums.

Don’t Rush into it

Like what we said earlier, don’t make any hasty decisions. Consider these 6 things first before going through with marrying an Asian woman. She might also be considering the same things about you so doing so will give you oeace of mind.

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4 Real Advice about Seriously Dating Thai Girls

When you think about Thai girls, what comes to your mind first?

You may be thinking that they’re beautiful, that they’re fun to be with and that they could be a little “spicy”. This is all true. Most Thai girls that you will meet have these qualities but this is not reason to celebrate because, most of the time, these girls aren’t really down to have serious relationships (emphasis on most of the time, not all the time).

If you really want to seriously date a Thai girl long term, as in being in it for the long haul, you need to know the following:

1. Do not go to Thailand to find the girl of your dreams.Thai Girls

If you’re sole purpose is to go to Thailand to find a girl then you’d have better chances signing up to an online dating website. Thailand is much too big just to find one girl for a serious relationship. And, since you’re a foreigner in the country, chances are, you’ll come across dozens of girls that just want to have fun. That’s kind of counterproductive.

2. Forget What you Know about Dating

Since you’re used to your style of dating, no matter what it is, you have to flush it all down the drain because the dating practices in Thailand are very different. Think middle school, puppy love type of dating – a lot of hand holding (if she agrees). Just be patient about intimacy. Remember that it’s not about being intimate, its about being in a serious relationship.

3. Seek Advice from Thai Friends

Now, this is really important if you haven’t been immersed and are not very familiar with Thai culture.

If you do find a girl, ask what other Thai people think of her. You might consider her as a nice girl but if she acts in an undesirable manner (based on Thai culture and conduct), Thai people will tell you otherwise. If you decide to be in a relationship with her even though your Thai sources tell you the opposite, her attitude will, eventually, catch up and that could spell trouble or you and your fragile heart.

Don’t worry if you don’t have Thai friends. All you have to do is find a Thai dating forum. There are loads online. Google some and see for yourself.

4. Good Girl Thai Style

This is very similar to #3. What you consider as good qualities in a girl may not be good qualities at all by Thai standards. You need to look at a girl through the eyes of Thai culture because bad habits and bad attitudes will eventually emerge later on. Here are some of qualities of a Thai girl that are considered as RED FLAGS:

  • A Thai girl goes out alone.
  • She dates strangers.
  • Not having a lot of friends.

Again, you can always go to online forums for more red flags. Make use of your resources online and do your homework (that’s what we always suggest).

 As for Finding a Good Thai Girl

You’ll find her eventually as long as you keep looking. Might we suggest online dating sites to get you started? And, don’t forget to read up on Thai culture and Thai dating practices, it’ll greatly help you evaluate every Thai girl you come across.

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Will You Love HuanHuan?

AsianDate Lady Huanhuan from China

20-year-old Huanhuan from Zhengzhou, China is a gentle and generous woman who believes that love is what makes a house a home. Do you agree with her? Let her know here:

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Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Ruonan is Ready for a Family

AsianDate Lady Ruonan from China

Chinese beauty Ruonan is a calm and mature lady who is looking forward to having a family one day. It’s very important to her that her future partner respects Chinese traditions and customs. Are you willing to do that?

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Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Thi Diem Trinh is a persistent woman

AsianDate Lady Thi Diem TrinhSensible, caring, flexible, honest, outgoing and persistent – that is how beautiful Thi Diem Trinh described herself. She also mentioned she would like to meet a simple and responsible man. Could that be you?

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Visit Tkhi Fiong Loan in Odessa

AsianDate Lady Tkhi FiongThis Asian beauty likes to communicate with people and listen to their stories. She currently lives in Odessa and she described it as a warm and beautiful city. Would you like to visit her?

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Get to Know Aygerim Better

AsianDate Lady AygerimThis Asian beauty tries to smile even when she’s going through some difficult times. You’ll rarely see her in a bad mood because she’s trying to have a positive attitude towards life. She would like to meet an educated man to love and marry.

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Watch the seasons change with Linna

AsianDate Lady LinaLinna is a affectionate and caring woman from China who is hoping to find her soulmate. She dreams of peaceful life full of love. Can you provide that for her?

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Monday, 11 May 2015

3 Myths About Filipino Women Dating Online

No matter what the website you sign up to, the reality is, there will always be a chance for you to get scammed Filipino women dating onlinebecause scammers are getting smarter and smarter these days. The sad truth is that this barrier is keeping you from really opening yourself up to seemingly special Filipino women dating online. You might be missing the real thing all because you were too suspicious and you followed the stereotypes you have in your head.

How do you tell the difference between a scam and the real thing when talking to Filipina women online? We have 3 myths that commonly surround Filipinas:

1. Foreigner = Better Life.

Myth: Filipino women dating online are only after foreigners for their money.

Truth: There are some but not all Filipino women have this motive.

Not all Filipinas have this motive. There are dozens of accomplished Filipina women, who can carry their own, that sign up for online dating. They might just be tired of the dating scene offline from where she’s from so she’s opting to try something new.

How can you tell?

Because your setting is online, all you have to go on is how she presents herself and how she reacts to things. Size her up and see how she responds to it. Usually, a Filipina scammer will just drop you like a hot potato because you’re not easy to fool. She’ll likely move on to her next would be victim.

2. The older the better.

Myth: Filipino women dating online are into old foreign men because they can easily be swayed.

Truth: There are Filipinas who love dating older men but there are some who prefer younger or of same age.

To most Filipino women, age isn’t really a big deal. There are also a lot of women who end up marrying a man older than them in the Philippines. The thing is, Filipinos age gracefully so men don’t really appear older than they really are.

How can you tell?

There’s one sure fire way. Do you have a lot in common? Does she exhibit knowledge in all the things you like? If so, then your age isn’t really a factor in the relationship. You click because you like all the same things.

3. Marrying the Family.

Myth: Filipino women will send money and other items to the Philippines despite living abroad.

Truth: Filipino women will send money and other items to the Philippines despite living abroad.

This one is true all the way. If there’s one thing that you should remember before marrying a Filipina, it’s this: you will also be marrying her entire family. Even if you’ve moved to your country already, she will still be sending money or other small gift items to the Philippines.

Filipinos value family the most and you can’t really take that away. All you can do is go with the flow. If you love your Filipino wife or wife-to-be, you’ll accept her, her family and her culture and this is part of it. You absolutely cannot separate your wife (or girlfriend) from her family lest you want the relationship to fail.

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5 Truths About Dating Armenian Girls

Did you know that Kim Kardashian is Armenian? A lot of us don’t know a lot about Armenian girls but if we make Armenian girlKim Kardashian as a marker for majority of the Armenian girls out there, they may very well be the hottest creatures alive.


If you are, indeed, planning to date one, you’ve already been hinted that she’s highly likely breath taking when talking about her physical attributes but in order to be objective, you might as well know an Armenian girl’s inner traits.

1. She gets easily attached.

If you find a common ground between yourself and the Armenian girl you’re planning to date, you need not worry about impressing her. Once you show that your intentions are sincere and that you can be a blast to be with, she’ll get attached to you quickly.

This doesn’t mean, however, that you do not need to step up your game. If you’re the gentleman that you’re claiming to be, you still have to treat her right – with respect and admiration.

2. Family wishes.

This rings true to majority of the Armenian girls out there. They respect their family’s decisions especially when it comes to their dating life. Even if they say that they are a modern woman, they still feel the need to give importance to their family’s opinion because this is how they were brought up, this is how the Armenian culture is.

What you need to do is put your best foot forward when meeting the entire family – it will come shortly once your relationship is going well.

3. Protected.

Here’s another fact that proves useful when dating an Armenian girl: her family will be overprotective of her. You’ll be examined under a microscope just so you know.

The family of your Armenian girl want the very best for their daughter, sister, niece or cousin so you have to be prepared when coming over for dinner. They will throw questions at you and size you up. If all goes well, you’re in the clear for future dates and future family dinner but if it didn’t, you can kiss your Armenian princess goodbye.

4. Spoiled.

Spoiled may be a very negative sounding word but this is the consequence to #3. Because she is overprotected, she tends to act like a princess. Now, there could be 2 scenarios to this:

1. She acts like a princess but within reason. This means that you just need to treat her well – buy her gifts, pick up the tab, open the car door for her and so on.

2. She acts like a princess and she goes overboard with it. This means that she expects you to kiss her hand and foot.

The second one is not the kind of Armenian girl that you should be with but the first one, you just have to know how to handle the relationship.

5. Can cook her way to your heart.

Trust that you’re in for the eating of your life when she starts to cook you things. There are Armenian girls that don’t know how to cook but the ones that do are keepers because they can cook their way to your heart in no time. It’s likely that you’ll be gaining some weight as well.




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5 Tips when Dating a Kazakh Woman

Kazakh womanLove is a universal language but it is sometimes misinterpreted or misunderstood due to cultural differences. The intentions are there but it is translated in a different way because of some cultural barrier. This is, basically, why it’s important to understand your partner’s or future partner’s culture – so you can avoid misunderstanding.

So if you’re a foreign man trying to woo a Kazakh woman, you can evade a whole lot of misinterpretation and falling out of like – trust us – if you remember the following tips:

1. Skip the Borat jokes.

We’re sure that you’ve seen the movie and we’re sure that you remember that Borat came from Kazakhstan. No matter how strong the urge, fight it – fight it with all of your might. Skip the Borat jokes and don’t even think about asking her about a particular thing that Borat did in the movie that was so “Kazakh”.

She’ll view you as someone who is misinformed and stereotypical – a foreigner who learns what he can about a country just from a comedy movie. You don’t want her to think this way, right? So avoid anything that has something to do with Borat all together.

2. Take time.

When we say take time, it means that you should take time to get to know her. And, at the same time, you should allow a significant amount of time for her, her friends and her family, to get to know you. She, along with her friends and family, will view you as someone who values, not just your Kazakh beauty’s opinion but, the opinion of those that surround her – a very big plus point this is.

3. Make the first move.

Do not expect a Kazakh woman to make the first move. Even if you wait 10 years, it’s still not going to happen and you’re just going to end up like how you started – waiting. A Kazakh woman has been brought up understanding the male role in the relationship. The more you wait the less manly you will seem to her. So, in every decision, even if it’s just choosing a restaurant, make sure you take the lead.

4. Pick up the tab.

In connection with #3, you also have to pick up the tab aside from taking the lead in most things. Call her old fashioned but a Kazakh woman can do all of the chores that you throw at her – ironing, cooking, washing dishes and clothes, cleaning and so on – but bills are not part of that. This is the man’s job so take note!

5. Intention of marriage.

“What?” Marriage already?”, yes! This is how Kazakhs view courtship, in general – you’re doing it with the intention of marriage. This is pretty serious but it’s true. If you’re after an easy and quick relationship then a Kazakh woman is not really the woman for you.

Another thing, courtship or dating, for Kazakh’s should also be short, so if you are going into a relationship with marriage in mind, be prepared in the near future because there is not such thing as a long engagement.


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Fang Hopes to Meet a Good Man

Asian Date Lady Fang

Beautiful Fang from China says she is a kind and open-minded woman who is dreaming of finding a good man to love and care for. There’s only one thing she needs from her ideal partner: he needs to have a kind heart. Could you be the man she’s been looking for? Find out here.

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Zhishuang Knows What She Wants

AsianDate Lady Zhishuang

21-year-old Zhishuang from Guangxi knows what she wants: a mature man who knows how to love and be loved. She hopes to meet a guy who will want to share everything with her, both his happiness as well as his sorrows. Doesn’t she sound like a perfect companion? Find Zhishuang’s profile here:


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Thursday, 7 May 2015

5 Things Never to do When Dating a Filipina

Filipinas (women who are of Filipino decent and/or women who were born and raised in the Philippines) have a very distinct nature to them which makes them ideal matches for foreign men. Filipinas are caring – they’ll take good care of you. Filipinas are hard working – you need not worry about the house being clean or the bills being paid. Filipinas have the Asian motherly instinct – she will take care and guard your children like a lioness. In short, Filipina’s are ideal life partners.

Despite this, some do have their short comings; don’t get us wrong. For one, you shouldn’t even try to get on a Filipina’s bad side because..oh boy! You do not want to find out.

In order for you to avoid this, you should be very careful not to do these 5 things while you’re still on your dating phase:

1. Do Not Insult the Philippines

In general, Filipinos are proud people. They’re proud of anything that has the Filipino mark on it or anyone that has, even, half a Filipino’s blood running through their veins. It’s just the way it is!

Having known this fact, be very careful with what you say during conversations. You have to be aware of topics that might cause you to argue – sports, politics (although politics in the Philippines is not something that they can be proud of), religion and even food. The trick is not to say anything offensive about the Philippines – easy peasy!

2. Do Not Insult Her Family Values

Remember when we said that Filipinas will guard their children like a lioness guards her cubs? It’s the same thing with her family and her family values. For example, she appreciates time with her family and questioning her about why she spends too much time hanging out with her kin is not a good way to go.

3. Do Not Tease Her About Intimacy

Other countries may be very open when it comes to their physical relationships but, in the Philippines, it is different. Filipinas tend to be more conservative. Kissing and telling is not really their thing so teasing a Filipina or forcing her to divulge her seemingly adventurous physical exploits is a NO-NO – a  big NO-NO.

4. Do Not Undermine Her

Please take note, dear reader, that there are Filipinas who have not reached the college level in education but this does not mean that they are anything less of a person. If you do want to date a Filipina or continue dating a Filipina, do not patronize her when it comes to topics that she is not familiar with or even comment on how bad her accent is. You’re dealing with a very strong willed woman who’s probably more street smart than you, remember that.

5. Do Not Comment on Her Appetite

This might sound a little strange but it is true. Filipinas love to eat, they love food and so, by extension, they also love to eat. You may find yourself dating someone who eats tiny bites on a first date but give it time. As soon as a Filipina feels comfortable around you, the eating and the appetite will follow.


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Wednesday, 6 May 2015

6 Culture Need-to-knows when Marrying a Korean Lady

Marrying a KoreanYou finally popped the question on top of the N-Seoul Tower, and she said yes! Oh happy day! Before starting with the wedding planning and preparations, there are several things you need to know.

Parental consent is required, even if you’re both of age.

One stark difference between Korean and western culture is the need for parental consent. This is not a legal obligation per se, but more of a moral obligation. Family is highly valued in Korea and since you are marrying a Korean, it would be in the best interest of all involved that you secure the parental blessing. This not only gets you on the good side of your in-laws, this is also will ensure smooth sailing as you enter your married life.

You are marrying the whole family, not just her.

As mentioned above, family is very important in Korean culture. In the olden days, marriages are not just a union of love, most of the time, marriages are arranged to facilitate the merging of two families. In essence, despite the modernization of Korean culture, marriages are still a union of two families. This meaning, you are not only marrying a Korean lady, you are marrying a whole Korean family.

Who picks up the tab?

In western culture, it is customary for the bride’s family to pay for the wedding, whilst the groom’s family takes care of the engagement party. This not a strict rule, although it is the trend. In modern times though, the couple opts to pay for their own wedding. In Korea, it is customary for the parents to split the bill 50-50 although sometimes, the richer party offers to shoulder more.

She keeps her maiden name.

Unlike in western cultures where the bride takes on her husband’s name or family name, in Korea, the ladies keep the her original family name, or her maiden name. Despite marrying into the husband’s family, she keeps her daddy’s last name. This is one unique thing when marrying a Korean woman.

You will be expected to produce offspring. Soon.

Considering that family is very important, the propagation of the line should commence as soon as possible. You can expect your in-laws to start egging your new wife to produce kids as early as two weeks after the wedding. In the west, some couples want to wait for a couple of years before starting a family and there are even couples who opt not to have kids. In Korea, you will need to produce your in-laws grandkids pronto, so be prepared.

Consider the possibility of living with your in-laws.

Western culture widely accepts the idea of nursing homes and retirement villages where aging parents move to when they get old. Not so in Asia, and Korea is no exception. Asia in general believes in paying gratitude to your parents sacrifices and hardships for you by taking care of them in old age. Especially if you are marrying the eldest girl of the family, there is a big possibility that your aging in-laws will be living with you. Provided you decide to settle down in Korea.






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