Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Is there anything cuter than Xia’s smile?

AsianDate Lady Xia

22-year old Xia is a romantic soul in a search of true love and happiness. She would like to meet a loving man who is ready to start a family. Could you be The One?

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Monday, 27 July 2015

Dandan wants to enjoy life

AsianDate Lady DanDan

Dandan is a 24-year old woman from China who described herself as a faithful girl. She is hoping to find a mature man with a good sense of humor. Is she thinking of you?

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Sunday, 26 July 2015

4 Asian Male Qualities You Should Have

asian male qualitiesLet’s cut to the chase. There are different ways to capture an Asian woman’s heart but one of the top ways has to be ideal male qualities – you should posses certain qualities for you to be irresistible. An Asian woman wants someone who is passionate, a bit emotional, affectionate and, at the same time, hard working and career-oriented. What we’re basically saying is that you need to have all the unique qualities that you have now plus these 4 Asian male qualities that Asian beauties find valuable:

1. Career driven.

Asian males are very career driven. You could say that most of them are workaholics – they spend more time at work and if their boss asks them to do overtime, they oblige even if they don’t want to. Their standing in their workplace is important because the ultimate goal is to get promoted to earn more and provide more for their family. The social status that comes with being promoted is not such a bad bonus as well.

2. Family-oriented.

On top of being career driven, you also must be family-oriented. This quality is top priority in all Asian countries – family comes first. This may sound like a contradiction to the 1st thing on this list but you have to find a good balance with this and number 1. You have to be both; you have to compromise from time to time but you also have to understand that your family will be (and has to be) your driving force to succeed in any area of your life.

3. The provider.

The whole reason why you’re working your butt off at work is because you want to provide for your family. This is a good Asian male quality to have – you should be the main provider. Times are changing and there are a lot of women, especially in Asia, who choose to pursue their careers but despite that they still look at the male as the provider of the family or the person who wears the pants, so to speak.

4. The super dad.

Remember when we said that family comes first? Well, we’re going to say it again because you have to pay attention to your family – meaning that on top of all the work you’re doing, you still shouldn’t forget to spend time with your kids (or future kids, in this case), your wife and her Asian family. In short, you have to be super dad.

Are you a superhero?

You kind of are or you kind of have to if you want to attract an Asian female. Of course, it’s OK to make mistakes and you don’t have to be Mr. Perfect all of the time but if you do not possess any of these qualities (yet), you should start working on it if you want to be found irresistible to all Asian beauties.

In fact, these are qualities that most women want in a man so won’t be impressing just Asian women. Think of it this way, consider this as a list for bettering yourself as well and who wouldn’t want that?



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Saturday, 25 July 2015

7 Tips for Surviving an Asian Family Dinner

asian familyDid your beautiful Asian girlfriend just invite you over to have dinner with her family? Wow, things are getting serious between you two.

If you’re wondering what it’s like to have dinner with an Asian family, we’re here to say that most of what you’ve experienced having dinner with your own family is going to happen. It’ll just be translated differently: embarrassing stories, kids running around, maybe a little bit of drinking, family members debating about something, a little bit of gossip, mother or grandmother driving everyone crazy and so on – sounds like your typical family dinner. Well, you may know how to survive your own family dinner but here are some tips that you can follow when having dinner with your girl’s Asian family (and you can make a good impression at the same time):

1. Play with kids.

Your girl’s Asian family will appreciate the fact that you love kids. Play with the kids present during the dinner to show off your fun-loving side. This gives them lots of great impressions about you: fun, patient, spontaneous and so on. The kids will love you in the process too!

2. Help the elderly.

Asian families value and respect their elders. With this in mind, you have to show the same towards the elderly present during the dinner: help them walk, assist them to do something, greet them appropriately and so on.

3. Eat a lot.

Do you appreciate Asian food? You should show it during this dinner. Asians believe that the more you eat, the more delicious their cooking is. Don’t forget to compliment the cook for doing a great job! If you don’t really acre for Asian food that much, too bad. Just try to eat as much of what you like as you can.

4. Mind your manners.

Manners are mandatory. If you don’t know the proper table manners in your Asian girlfriend‘s culture then do your homework, search for them and practice them before the dinner.

5. Go with the flow.

There’s a slight chance that things will go wrong – maybe a lot of things will go wrong like you forgetting your table manners, you spilling a drink, you thinking that the food is too spicy, too sweet or too salty. We’re kidding, we’re not trying to jinx the dinner but you have to admit that these might happen. If they do, just go with the flow and maintain your composure. Don’t stress over the mistake too much.

6. Extend your help.

Don’t forget to offer help whenever needed. Most Asian men don’t really help out during dinner so when you feel this kind of vibe, skip the offer or offer discreetly. Offering to help is just polite! If you’re not sure about this bit, ask your girlfriend to shed some light on the deal.

7. Compliment the cook.

Aside from eating a lot, compliment the cook for doing a fine job at cooking. An Asian woman would rather be complimented on how she cooks than how she looks. Saying something about her look is flattery but saying something about her cooking, if you truly loved it, will come off as sincere.

Doing all these 7 tips will ensure your survival! What other things do you think you can do to make an even better impression? Comment below and let us know!

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6 Dos and Donts When Complimenting Chinese Women

There’s the right way and the wrong way to compliment Chinese beauties. Here’s a good example of doing it the wrong way: complimenting Chinese women with the same old line over and over again. It gets old and there’s a dozen other ways that you can do to make your compliment more effective. Start with these 6 to get the ball rolling:

DO: Compliment her on her action or personality.

Complimenting Chinese women on their character trait, personality or their action can be more significant than complimenting her on her looks. It’ll be much easier for you too because it is a direct and more meaningful observation. If she makes a joke, tell her that she’s witty and funny. If she knows a lot of facts, compliment her on being smart and so on.

DO: Learn compliments in Chinese.

Asians are always impressed once foreigners exhibit a specific skill they are good at. If you’re good at linguistics, it’ll be a good advantage for you to learn a few compliments in Chinese. She’ll be impressed and it’ll communicate your sense of connection to her language and culture.

DO: Research and understand the Chinese standard of beauty.

Beauty standards are different across the world. What you may find beautiful may not be beautiful at all to others. Let’s say you think that having a darker more tan complexion is sexy and beautiful (which is the case with most foreigners). It’s different in China because they find the opposite to be more attractive – whiter, paler skin.

DON’T: Ever use jokes or sarcasm in complimenting Chinese women.

There are a lot of Chinese women who have been influenced with culture from other countries in the US or in Europe. However, this influence is just superficial so if you do use jokes or sarcasm in complimenting Chinese women, they may not fully understand the gist or the intention behind what you said.

DON’T: Use cheesy pick-up lines.

Here’s another don’t that you should avoid 100% of the time – pick-up lines. You may find them funny and cute but traditional Chinese women may not understand the line fully. You’ll just end up flat on your face, smack dab in the middle of an awkward moment. No pic-up lines please.

DON’T: Use negativity.

Usually, pick up experts say that negging works with women. Negging as in the idea of undermining a woman’s confidence to earn her approval.

It may work with some women but it doesn’t when it comes to complimenting Chinese women. Negative remarks don’t really affect them the same way because what you view as negative is not negative to them at all. Their weight for instance. Most Chinese women don’t mind people mentioning their weight because it’s a common thing, especially in their family so, she’ll just think nothing of it when you tell her that she’s gained a few pounds.

Follow the DOs and DON’Ts and Make up Your Own

Based on these 6, you’ll be able to make one, two or even three compliments of your own. Think of these as principles that you can stick to. Try it yourself and see Chinese beauties light up every time you pass them a compliment.

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3 Negative Ideas Filipinos Have About Filipinas Dating Foreigners

filipinas dating foriegnersHere’s the thing: if you’re wondering why your Filipina girlfriend is sending you signals that she’s not ready to go public about online dating you, the foreigner, there’s something you should know:

With interracial relationships, there will always be people who will doubt the sincerity and validity of both parties’ motives – you’re not the only one who’s getting the negative looks or the raised eyebrows whenever you tell people that you’re in a relationship with an Asian woman you met on the internet. Let’s go back to your Filipina girlfriend because she’s getting the same, or even more, amount of negativism than you and you need to see things from her stand point.

The following are observations most Filipinos have about Filipinas dating foreigners:

1. Filipinas dating foreigners are financially needy.

The Philippines still has a bit of traditionalism left and even if dating and marrying foreigners are pretty common in the country, most people still have common negative assumptions about Filipina-foreigner relationships. This is one of them that, basically, says that the only reason Filipinas date foreigners is because of the money.

Is it true? NO, it’s just a misconception. There are scammers out there but not all Filipinas are after money. In fact, when their foreigner boyfriends come to visit, there will be occasions where the Filipina spends (and she’s happy to do it).

2. Filipinas dating foreigners want to go to other countries.

Aside from money, Filipinos think that Filipinas dating foreigners want to escape the Philippines and migrate to another country. Is this true? ABSOLUTELY NOT. If you’ve ever been to the country? The Philippines is a great place to live in – tropical beaches, lots of natural resources, cheaper cost of living compared to other countries.

3. Filipinas dating foreigners are from the lower class of society.

You may feel that this list is getting meaner and meaner by the number but it’s true that there are Filipinos who think negatively of their own because of interracial relationships. It’s also true that most Pinoys think that women who date foreigners are from the lower class of society. Is this true? No. If there’s one thing to remember about the Philippines it is this: books shouldn’t be judged according to their covers. Most Filipinos are very critical of appearance so as soon as they see simple looking women with foreigners, they assume lots of things.

The Point and The Truth

Know that these ideas were taken from a Filipina so all are Pinoy-approved. The point is, negative misconceptions will always be there even if they’re really far from the truth. What you can do, as an interracial couple, is to take your time, take it slow and extend your patience whenever needed, work on your relationship and see beyond what other people think of what you and your Filipina girlfriend have.

Don’t forget to talk things out and express difficulties that you face on your side of the world and of the relationship. Honesty, effort and perseverance – these will get you through obstacles of this nature so make sure that there are plenty of these in your relationship.


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Monday, 20 July 2015

Li wants to find love in you

AsianDate Lady LiLi is a beautiful lady from China who is outgoing and honest. She would love to find a love in someone special. Could that be you?

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Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Yu is a Simple Woman

AsianDate Lady Yu

32-year-old Yu has had a few disappointments in life but she says it hasn’t stopped her from believing in true love. In fact, she is confident that there is someone out there who is just perfect for her. Could it be you? Find out here:

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Jessy is Looking for a Man with Family Values

AsianDate Lady Jessy

21-year-old Jessy is eager to meet a faithful man who respects traditions and family values. She is willing to accept her partner with all his flaws and promises to be a supportive and loving wife. Meet her here:

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6 Things Bound to Happen When you Marry a Chinese Woman

marry a chineseHave you popped the question to your Chinese sweetheart yet? Congratulations if you have! You can now look forward to spending the rest of your life with the love of your life. Make no mistake though because you have to work on your relationship for your marriage to work. Both of you have to adjust to new things.

On your part, aside from building your new life together you can look forward to these 6 changes that will definitely happen sooner or later in your marriage life:

1. Family will be a priority.

To marry a Chinese woman is to marry her family – this is a known fact. If you live close to her family, expect that they’re going to be around quite often and we’re not just talking about once a month. It could be once every week if they wanted to come for a visit.

As for your own family, your future Chinese wife will have everything under control – clean house, nice meals, family time during weekends, family vacations and etc. She will have everything down because family is the most important thing to her.

2. There will be privacy changes.

You’re just going to have to expect that there will be cultural differences. One of these differences is the acknowledgement of a person’s privacy. Don’t be weird-ed out but you will encounter situations where your need for personal privacy will not be recognized by your new wife and/or her family. These situations include: bathroom usage, room privacy and personal space boundaries. There’s more…

3. Some furniture will be wrapped with plastic.

This is actually pretty common in most Asian countries. Have you ever gone into a Chinese house with a couch still covered in plastic? This can also be observed in other countries like the Philippines. The main reason is to keep the couch looking neat and brand new. Basically, this is to let the couch last a lifetime – well almost.

4. You will be introduced to different kinds of meat.

Once you marry a Chinese woman, you will be introduced, not only to her traditions but also, to her cuisine. Most Chinese woman are wonderful cooks but you have to remember that, in China as well as other Asian countries, they use all kinds of meat. Maybe you just don’t find out what the main meat ingredient of your future dinners is, ok?

5. She’ll turn into a lawyer.

Ah, the age old topic of arguing with women. You, sir, cannot win if you’re doing the arguing with your Chinese wife. It’ll be as if you decided to marry a Chinese lawyer! She’ll have exhibit A, B, C, D, E and so on. She’lll prove that she has a point and you’ll end up giving up (if you are indeed at fault). It will be intense, but of course, you’ll eventually get through it as a couple and your relationship will become stronger.

6. You’ll raise super kids.

By super kids we mean, kids who know how to play the guitar, flute, piano or other musical instrument; kids who know how to ballet dance, do math very well, play baseball or taekwondo; or kids who know how to draw, design a smart phone app and so on. What we’re saying is that Chinese moms want their kids to be the best and so they encourage them into studying different arts, studies and activities.

Your Future as a Couple

Even though we’re saying that you need to adjust to all of these 6, the fact still remains: you have to work on your marriage together. Take note that she will also have some things to adjust to and right now, she might be reading an article about 6 things that will change when she marries you.



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Thursday, 9 July 2015

6 Things the Internet Says About Filipinas that are False

Unto the topic of stereotypes! Women who are interested in interracial dating over the internet have a few specific about filipinasstereotypes depending on the country they came from. For today’s post, we’re focusing on the women from the Philippines because, let’s face it, there are a lot of Filipinas who date foreign men online but, despite the increasing number of these ladies meeting the foreign man of their dreams through the internet, there are still a lot of misconceptions that surround their attitudes and their relationship – most misconceptions being stereotypes about Filipinas that totally do not have any real basis.

So we thought that we’d clear the air up a little bit, giving props to many beautiful Filipina women, by clarifying a few things for them. Here we go:

1. Filipinas are submissive.

The thing is, this observation may have been made because the Philippines still has specific gender roles. This, however, doesn’t mean that Filipinas are submissive. Most are very passionate and they will speak their mind when they are in the right. Just like any woman, a Filipina will out-debate you when she knows that she’s got a point.

2. Filipinas are good at house chores.

On the contrary, many Filipinas, especially ones that were born in recent generations, don’t know much about household chores. This is especially true before marriage but after marriage is a different story. Because the need arises, most Filipinas learn to do household chores by themselves. There are, however, a few exceptions in the form of Filipina women hiring household help (it’s cheap to do so in the Philippines).

3. Filipinas are great cooks.

Just like the stereotype about Filipinas being really good at doing household chores, cooking is a skill that many young Filipina women fail to develop. Not all, of course, as there are some who take up hobbies like baking and cooking. But, majority of the Filipinas in recent generations would rather just eat out. When the need arises, that’s when they’ll learn independently.

4. Filipinas fall in love with money.

Not at all. A foreign man being financially stable is a definite plus but most women from the Philippines would prefer if they have their own degree of financial freedom without the help of a man. This way, they can take care of themselves and their families with their back sass from an annoyed boyfriend or husband.

5. Filipinas are not educated.

On the contrary! It’s true that a lot of Filipinos do not have good privileges and opportunities in life but education is something that many consider vital to future success. To say that Filipinas are not educated is a bit of an extreme. There are many successful women who are in business, many successful women who are lawyers, teachers, trainers and even CEOs in the Philippines.

6. Filipinas don’t like dressing up.

Let’s talk about Filipinas being raised in a culture that values modesty. It’s still true but, slowly, Filipinas are adapting the Western style of dressing up. Most have already said their goodbyes to their ultra long skirts and modest tops and have replaced them with chic, fashionable pieces that reflect their personality. So, no, it’s not true that Filipinas do not like to dress up.

Don’t Believe in Stereotypes

Even if your Filipina girl exhibits one or two stereotypes that you’ve heard of, it’s no reason for you to jump to conclusions about who she is as a person. Get to know her and try your best to get over what you believe to be true about her.

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5 Things in Common Successful American-Asian Couples Have

asian couplesOnline relationships are complicated – physical presence is lacking, sometimes time constraints are an issue, technical boundaries are present and so on. There are a lot of obstacles present in this type of relationship but there are a handful of couples (mostly American-Asian couples) that have overcome anything and everything that has come their way and they all have a few things in common. 5 things to be exact:

1. They put in the effort.

Effort comes in different forms and online relationships need a lot of it. It could come in the form of waking up early just to talk to your significant other. It could come in the form of you leaving random messages throughout the day. However it’s shown, effort is still effort and it will bring you closer no matter the distance.

2. They kept their mind open.

Successful American-Asian couples have kept their minds open in different ways. Having an open mind is essential because interracial couples need to understand that their will always be differences in culture, beliefs, perspective, traditions and so on. An open mind is needed to accept the differences that are present.

3. They’ve extended their patience.

This is definitely essential in every relationship but it’s especially essential when you’re in an online relationship a.k.a long-distance relationship. The amount of time that you’re going to be apart is…who knows how long it will take for you to be together. This is where patience comes in. It could be months, which is not that bad, but, on the other hand, it could be years. No matter how long it takes, a couple has to be willing to be patient especially in trying situations when physical presence is most needed.

4. They communicated openly.

American-Asian couples in a long distance relationship only have very limited means of communication. There’s video conference, phone, chat, email and so on. With these options, a couple has to amp up the creativity so it won’t get boring and they constantly need to communicate to sort of make up for not being together constantly.

5. They exercised trust in their relationship.

Aside from communication, the most important thing in a relationship is trust. It especially plays a major role when the couple is miles apart, not having to see what the other is doing and how the other is acting on a daily basis. In online relationships, trust is established by following the first 4 items on this list – the effort should be there, an open mind should be kept, patience needs to be exercised and communication should be constant and open.

It’s a Lot of Hard Work but…

All successful American-Asian couples that are in an online relationship have all these 5 in common. They may sound like hard work but it doesn’t seem like it to them because it’s, plainly, an expression or manifestation of their intentions and their true feelings for each other.

This is for you if you are in an online relationship. Exam what you have right now and see if you and you’re partner are doing all 5. If not, not to worry because you can still work on it to ensure that your relationship lasts a lifetime.

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Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Wen Juan Can’t Wait to Meet You!

AsianDate Lady Wen Juan

Having a good sense of humor equals a pleasant character in Wen Juan’s opinion. Are you a responsible and respectful man? Contact this Chinese beauty here:

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Youxia likes men who can cook

AsianDate Lady Youxia from China

Having a partner who is kind, honest and reliable is what every woman wants, but Youxia would like to add qualities like being responsible, protective and a great cook to that list. Is she describing you? Meet her here:

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5 Differenes Between an American Asian Girl and an Asian Asian Girl

There are different types of Asian girls but, basically, these types can be categorized into two: an Asian Asian girl or an American Asian girl (replace America with another country if the case is different). As what the terms suggest, an Asian Asian girl is a girl who was born and raised in her country in Asia and has never left the country before to live some place else. An American Asian girl, however, is an Asian girl who has gone to America at a young age or was born in America (or another non-Asian country).

Easy enough to remember, right? If you’re someone who wants to date an Asian girl online or offline, then you need to know what the difference is between the two. Knowing the difference between the two can significantly improve the way you approach Asian girls you’ll meet both online and offline:

1. Traditional VS Liberated

The values and beliefs between the two kinds of Asian girls are vastly different. An Asian Asian girl, though influenced by Western culture, is still very traditional when it comes to the way she views things in life. The American Asian girl, on the other hand, is more liberated in her way of thinking so being touchy and flirty on the first date may be acceptable.

2. Open VS Closed

Contrary to what you might be thinking, Asian Asian girls are more approachable compared to American Asian girls. This is especially true if the one doing the approaching is a foreigner. You’ll get better responses when you approach an Asian Asian girl at a coffee shop cafe. An American Asian girl probably has her guard up since she knows that only her “Asian-ness” is attracting you to her – she might be wrong and she might be right. Point is, she has her guard up.

3. Clear Message VS Hazy Message

This is case to case but, most of the time, Asian Asian girls tend to understand what you’re telling them differently. They misinterpret your message or they absolutely miss the gist of it. In this case, you may not be able to crack the jokes that you’ve been practicing for a long time because there’s a chance that she might not get it. But, with an American Asian girl you can crack all the jokes you want. She may not find some of it funny but at least she understands them fully.

4. Game Plan A VS Game Plan B

The thing is you’d have t adjust your game plan depending on the kind of Asian girl you’re dealing with. Apart from the first three that we mentioned, you have to do the work to really understand other differences others have observed with the two kinds of Asian girls. It basically boils down to culture and influences – major factors that play their individual roles in the Asian dating scene.

Final Tip

The most important thing is to do is to take note of cultural differences, like what we said earlier. If you do the effort, it’s highly likely that you’re going to get the Asian girl of your dreams.



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Monday, 6 July 2015

Which Side of Huan Would You Prefer?

AsianDate Lady Huan from China

19-year-old Huan says she has two sides to her: a quiet side that likes to observe people and an active side that loves experiencing new things. Which would you prefer?

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Larisa is a Faithful Woman

AsianDate Lady Yuanxi

23-year-old Larisa from Zhanjiang, China has many hobbies: she likes travelling, spending time outdoors, camping and cooking delicious meals. Tell Larisa how you like to spend your free time here:

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