Monday, 31 August 2015

Fang wants to make you happy!

AsianDate Lady Fang


20-year old Fang from China is a kind of lady who likes to make everyone happy. She believes that there isn’t a more beautiful song than human laughter. Do you agree with her?

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Anjie is a model!

AsianDate Lady Anjie


Anjie is everything a man could wanted. She is smart, owns a degree and she works as a model! She’s dreaming of finding a reliable and honest man. If you would like to find out more about her, you can get in touch with her here:

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Jing is a football fan!

AsianDate Lady Jing


Gorgeous Jing is a confident 21-year old lady from China who enjoys watching a good football match. When it comes to her taste in men, she’s hoping to meet someone romantic, gentle and warm. Sounds like you? Get in touch with her here:

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Sunday, 30 August 2015

Yanyun is looking for her dream partner

AsianDate LAdy Yanyun


24-year old Yanyun from China has always been dreaming of finding her dream partner with whom she would like to start a family. She would like to find someone with a positive personality. Could that be you?

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Wednesday, 26 August 2015

3 Ways to Impress a Chinese Lady Online

chinese lady onlineWe understand that you’ve met the most gorgeous Chinese lady online and you’d like to know how to impress her even if you’re miles away. Don’t rock your brains out in thinking of ways for you to do this because we’ve done the thinking for you and it’s as clear as the light of day.

Before we go into it, there’s one very important concept that you need to understand and we’ve already mentioned this in one of our posts: actions speak louder than words in the Chinese dating and relationship culture. Of course, this is not to say that emotional projection is no longer required. It definitely is but the action part should acted upon a little more than the sweet talking part. Having said that, we will base the following ways to impress a Chinese lady online on that concept:

1. Send over flowers/presents

Because you met your Chinese lady online, you can’t really do much on the action department apart from showing her that you’re really making an effort. If you do all of the arrangements for the dating agency (if you are signed up to one) to bring flowers to her home or to her workplace (don’t worry, it’s common), she’ll appreciate it. All the more, actually, when you don’t have an agency to ask help from. If you do it on your own – contact their local flower shop and make all the necessary arrangements in her mother tongue (ok so maybe you’ll need a little help as it is less likely that the local florist will speak your language fluently) – the impression will be deeper.


2. Initiate contact

There are probably three ways that you communicate: Email, Chat, and Video Conference. Initially, you may be communicating at random times like when both of you see that you’re both online at the same time. As time passes, when you’ve already developed that understanding, you’re probably going to have a set schedule of when you actually go online to chat or video chat. When this happens, make sure that you take the lead – it’s important that you do. You don’t have to be forceful in implementing the schedule but what we mean is you have to initiate – send messages first, suggest a schedule first, email her first and so on.


3. Visit her

Travelling to another country for a Chinese lady online is a big deal and you have to know that it also has a big meaning. To a Chinese lady, you visiting her shows that you’re really serious so you have to put much thought into doing so. Once there, of course she will greatly appreciate the fact that you’ve traveled a thousand miles just to see her and spend time with her. Just make sure that you do this under the right circumstances.


Just remember the concept that we told you about earlier: more action, less words. If you base all your actions on this, you’ll actually do more than just impress that lovely Chinese lady online. Do you agree? We’re sure that you do. What other things have you done that prove this concept to be true? Care to share it with us?

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Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Zixuan wants you to cheer her up!

AsianDate Lady Zixuan


Zixuan is a 24-year old lady from China who is dreaming of finding a nice man for herself. Since she feels lonely sometimes, maybe you could cheer her up?

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Monday, 24 August 2015

6 Adjectives for Chinese Girls’ Specific Age Groups: 18-22 Y.O

Chinese girls this age (18-22 years old) have certain characteristics that you need to know of. You may think this chinese girlsunnecessary but it’s important, trust us, because if you’re into dating Chinese women online or offline, you need to know the kind of woman you’re looking for. Knowing your preferences as well as knowing specific age group characteristics will get you to your goal quicker and will save you time, effort and resources.

Let’s talk about the first age group. Do you need to stay away from these age group based on your relationship priorities? Let’s see:

Adjective #1: Indecisive

You remember how you were at this age, right? You’re still unclear about what you’re direction in life is and it’s the same with Chinese girls at this age. They are indecisive about everything – future plans, career, what to eat for lunch and so on. Since they’re indecisive, they also have the tendency to be flaky. An example scenario is this: you ask a young Chinese lady out on a date and then she suddenly backs out at the last minute. This is pretty common than you think so think twice before with girls in this specific age group.

Adjective #2: Playful

Other words come to mind: immature, not serious, go-with-the-flow. All of these describe this age group perfectly. They don’t take most things seriously. It’s also likely that they may not take relationships or potential ones seriously either. Chinese girls in this age group could just be playing coy, leading you on, toying with your emotions and so on. They aren’t ready for a serious relationship.

Adjective #3: Studious

So we already said that Chinese girls in this age group are indecisive and playful but there’s one area where they can’t afford to be both in: academics / school. They can be decisive when it comes to school or grades – they want to excel in school – and they can be serious when it comes to studying – school comes first before boys.

Adjective #4: Duck-faced

This is a little bit silly but if you’re the type of person who’s really annoyed by people taking selfies, well…you need to stay away from this age group because girls in this group often post selfies and other pictures doing the duck-face. You know what the duck-face is, right? Purse your lips and try to look cute on camera – yeah, that’s the one.

Adjective #5: Specific

We say specific because these girls are really specific when you allow them to describe the man they want to meet. It’s not all who say this but most Chinese girls in this age bracket say that they want to meet a foreign guy, who’s rich, who drives a luxury car, who always dresses stylishly, who will treat her like a princess. Again, there are exceptions but the majority of girls this age think this way. Be very careful, unless, of course, your David Beckham.

Adjective #6: Attractive

Forget about the 6s, 7s! Girl in this age group are definite 8s, 9s and even 10s. They’re attractive with a great body and they know it. They know how to put on make up to enhance their facial features and they may wear a lot of it and dress in a hipster way. If this sounds like your daughter, you, sir, have to consider moving along to the next age group.

Eye Opening?


We hope this helped open up your eyes so you can see what this age group is like specifically. Don’t get us wrong because, like what we’ve been saying earlier, there are exceptions. You just have to find a needle in a haystack, in our opinion.

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5 Proofs Saying that Chinese Ladies are Not Complicated

Men who have seriously dated Chinese ladies before will tell you that this statement is true: Chinese women are not complicated. This does not mean that they’re simple-minded. It just means that they really aren’t hard to figure out. Believe us or not, we’re here to convince you with these 5 proofs that we’ve observed:

chinese ladies

#1 Proof: Bluntly putting it

Chinese ladies say it without sugar coating. If you’re going to ask your Chinese girlfriend her opinion on a specific matter, she will say it to you straight which can, sometimes, come off as rude. These ladies don’t mean to be, for you information. This is just how it is to them because they want you to do better without you having to figure our what they mean. The good news about this is, you don’t need to be a mind reader to know what she’s thinking. Be careful with your questions though, you may not be able to handle the truth (like if you ask her if you look fat in your new pants or not).

#2 Proof: General view of men

Chinese ladies view men generally. If a Chinese girl says to herself, “I’m not attracted to short men”, then any tall guy (caucasian, black, latino) will do. Looks don’t matter much too. As long as, for example, you’re tall then you’re attractive to her. It’s more complicated than just being tall, of course, but you get the drift. Most commonly, Chinese women look for:

  • Financial stability
  • Emotional maturity
  • Responsibility
  • Kindness
  • (Insert particular desire like height here)

That’s it!

#3 Proof: Easily Trusting

This is the Chinese ladies’ merit and downfall – they are easily trusting. Men who’ve had several Chinese girlfriends in the past can tell you that. We say merit because to give someone your full trust is, somewhat, of an admirable quality but, on the other hand, we say downfall because many might take advantage of it. Scratch might. Some are taking advantage of it which is not good.

#4 Proof: Pop culture influences

Here’s another proof that tells you Chinese women are not complicated. Western pop culture, although very widespread and prominent in other Asian countries, only have a minimal influence on Chinese women. This means that she might not know or understand what you’re talking about half the time if you’re the type who makes a lot of pop culture references. This is great for you if you’re more traditional yourself.

#5 Proof: Kitchen-time

Do you know a simple thing that can make your Chinese girlfriend happy? If you enjoy eating her authentic delicious home-cooked Chinese meals, she will be very happy. Food is extremely important in the Chinese culture. As the a woman in their family, her mother might have passed a few secret recipes on to her as an heirloom. If you eat the dishes she prepared with delight and gusto, she will feel fulfilled.

Are we right or are we right?


So you see, Chinese ladies are not as complicated as you think so dating one should also be uncomplicated. Check back again for more posts that tell you all about the Chinese dating culture.

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Sunday, 23 August 2015

5 Questions and Answers about a Filipino Dating a Foreigner Online (Pt 1)

Philippine Dating CultureWe’re sure that you’ve also been wondering what everybody else is wondering about the Philippine dating culture, specifically on how Filipinos view one of their own dating a foreigner online. If you don’t have Filipino friends or if you haven’t had a relationship with a Filipino before but you’d like to, chances are you’re probably asking the top 5 common questions about the subject. Today we’re providing answers:

Question 1: Are Filipinos traditional when it comes to courtship practices?

Answer: YES and NO. The answer is both a  yes and a no because it’s a mix of both. Non-traditional practices have been adapted like online dating, text dating, chat dating, Facebook dating and so on. This is clearly observed with the younger, tech-savvy generation. On the other hand, with later generations (let’s say ages 24 and above), still go with more traditional practices like boy meets girl, boy courts girl for months, girl says yes to relationship and they go steady. There are also cases where it’s a mix of both. Two people could meet over the internet and just date traditionally.

Question 2: How open are Filipino parents to foreigners?

Answer: Open but still cautious. If you have negative stories about Filipinos, don’t think for a sec that Filipinos don’t have negative stories about you. These “stories” of course are what we call stereotypes or rumors – they could be true and they could also be false. Though Filipinos love entertaining guests and they love it when foreigners come over for a visit, they still stay cautious because of these rumors (especially when their son or daughter is involved).

Question 3: How do people view a Filipina/Filipina dating a foreigner online?

Answer: Let’s break it down. Filipino (not attractive) + foreign woman = impressive; Filipino (attractive) + foreign woman = not a big deal/ normal; Filipina (not attractive) + foreign man = gold digger; Filipina (attractive) + foreign man = no big deal/ normal. Remember this, most Filipinos will not admit to this because speaking your mind or being too critical about something is not considered to be a Filipino value but, nonetheless, it’s the truth.

Question 4: Are Filipinas/Filipinos gold diggers?

Answer: Of course not. Well most aren’t. It’s just like in your country. How many gold digging women do you have in your population? It’s hard to figure out, right? So it’s the same thing. What we’re saying is that there are gold diggers in every country and it’s unfair to generalize a particular population to be such when there’s only a really small percentage that are.

Question 5: How about intimacy (for the females)?

Answer: Could go either way. There are Filipinas that will sleep with you after a couple of dates and there are those that will wait until the right time. But, it’s not about her giving it up because she’s easy. If a Filipina feels a real connection with you, she will “give it up” sooner than you think but it doesn’t come without expectations. Her sleeping with you tells you that she’s invested in the relationship and she wants to get serious.

Too Soon to end the list?

We figured you’ll say that. We’re already working on Part 2 so hold your horses. For now, if you have more questions feel free to comment them below and we might just include them in part 2.

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4 Disadvantages and Advantages of Having a Pinay Girlfriend

PINAYpinay girlfriend

Definition: A shortened Filipino expression for Filipina. Pinay is basically any woman who was born and raised in the Philippines.

Interested in getting yourself a Pinay girlfriend? Well, we’re here to say that it can be both bitter and sweet. You may be thinking that every relationship is bitter-sweet but it’s slightly different when you’re with a Filipina. The bitter becomes more bitter and the sweet part becomes sweeter. It’s hard to imagine but to give you a clue on what this is like, we bring you advantages and disadvantages of having a Pinay girlfriend:

#1 Disadvantage: The decision making will be 75-25

Forget about your Alpha-male-ness because the decision making in the relationship will be 75-25. 75% hers, the rest of the 25% is yours. This is because Pinays have a more dominant personality. This doesn’t mean of course that you don’t have a say in the relationship. What she allows you to decide – what movie to watch, what restaurant to go to and so on – will be solely yours.

#2 Advantage: Rewards, rewards

The 75-25 doesn’t apply to all decision making situations. Here’s the thing, the more you let you Pinay girlfriend decide on whatever she wants for the relationship, the more she will reward you for doing so. A pinay’s rewards can come in different forms: delicious, home-cooked meals, more fun in the bedroom, more affection, surprise gifts and more of you just being the man in the relationship (meaning that you get to decide on most things like watching the game instead of watching a Filipino talk show on TV). Ever heard of the expression: “happy wife, happy life”? In this case, it’s “happy Pinay girlfriend, happiness with no end” or something like that.

#3 Disadvantage: The family

You’re not the first to comment on a Pinay’s family, you know, so chill out. Her family will be extra accommodating to you because: 1. you’re the guest, 2. you’re the foreigner guest. Filipino families love entertaining guests, all the more so when the guest is a foreigner. All the attention will be on you which can get a little annoying. A Filipino family is pretty big too so you might find it hard to remember everyone’s names which, again, could be irritating. You’ll also be put on the spot often, asked questions often and stared at often by the rest of the family members, just so you know.

When this happens, although the feeling of annoyance and irritation are creeping up, all you can really do is go with the flow.

#4 Advantage: The family

Here’s the upside to your Pinay girlfriend’s family. They may be around often and that may be annoying but a Filipino family sticks together. Once you’ve been identified to be “one of the family” you’re in, you’ll always have people who will support you and your Pinay girlfriend. Her family has her best interest at heart and if her best interest involves being with you, then they’ll be sure to support your relationship until you’re married (that is is if they conclude that your intentions are sincere).

A Bitter-Sweet Concoction of Goodness

This is just part 1 and we’re going to do a part 2 real soon because there’s more to this bitter-sweet concoction. But, anyway, now you probably know when when we say that the bitter becomes more bitter but, more importantly, the sweet also becomes sweeter.


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XiaoYu loves life!

AsianDate Lady XiaoYu


XiaoYu believes in two things: helping others and enjoying life to the fullest. Do you share her opinion? You can discuss the topic with her:

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Thursday, 20 August 2015

Jiajia is an honest lady

AsianDate Lady Jiajia


Jiajia is a 21-year old lady from China who described herself as an honest, open and faithful person. She is looking for someone who has a kind heart. If you’re the one who has it, let her know here:

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Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Tingting wants to spoil you!

AsianDate Ladt Tingting


Tingting is a playful and honest 18-year old lady from China. She is looking for a man who she will spoil. Will you let her?

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Saturday, 15 August 2015

Siyu is passionate about dancing

AsianDate Lady Siyu


Siyu is a sweet, passionate and mysterious lady. She prefers if you ask her questions directly:

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Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Are you awestruck with Limin?

AsianDate Lady Limin

19-year old Limin from China is all about colors and red is her favorite one. She thinks it suits her great! You can browse through her profile and see if you agree:

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6 Japanese Etiquette You Should Never Forget

Don’t be nervous when going to Japan for the first time with your Japanese girlfriend to meet her family. All you really have to do is list down the things you should need to prepare for but where do you start, right? We’ll get to that in a minute but, in a nutshell, at the top of that list should be researching common Japanese etiquette.

The Japanese people are really polite. It’s because they still give importance to honorific language (like there’s a specific term to call someone older than you) and tradition. Here are a few basic ones to get you started:

Japanese Etiquette #1: Bowing

This is the first thing because you’ll likely bow a lot of times while in Japan. You should do it right too when you finally meet your Japanese girlfriend’s parents. Maybe the question really is, as a foreigner, should you even bow in the first place? The answer: yes but it’s the Japanese won’t be as strict with you. Bow your head slightly while bending your waist a little bit.

Japanese Etiquette #2: Gift giving

You should definitely bring something when going to your Japanese girlfriend’s house. It’s customary in Japan and an integral part of the Japanese social life. It doesn’t have to be anything expensive or big. Simple gifts like cake or wine will do.

Japanese Etiquette #3: Receiving praise

Usually Japanese people are impressed when foreigners know how to use a chopstick, know a few things about Japanese culture or if a foreigner knows how to speak a few Japanese phrases. Doing any one of these will definitely make you the receiver of a lot of praises. Here’s  the thing, though, instead of saying the usual, “Why, thank you for noticing” you have to respond something that’s similar in meaning with: “Not at all”.

Japanese Etiquette #4: Leave your shoes

You’ve seen the movies right? Well, you have to do it when you’re in Japan – remember to leave your shoes before entering the door. You might have to put on slippers that are specifically for inside the house. If unsure or if you feel like you’re going to forget, make sure that you tell your Japanese girlfriend to remind you about it.

Japanese Etiquette #5: Sitting

Yes, you guessed it. You also need to watch the way you sit. In formal settings, you should tuck your bent legs underneath your buttocks but in usual settings, you can sit however you want. It just has to be on the floor. So that’s it for sitting – just remember when to sit formally and when to sit casually.

Japanese Etiquette #6: Two hands

So you already know the concept of “honoring” someone who’s older than you by using specific words to address them, right? Now this: with the same concept in mind, you also have to do a certain action when handing something to someone who’s older. This is what you do: use both your hands to hand an object to someone older than you. It’s the polite thing to do.


You know that you won’t be able to remember all 6 without practicing, right? You may also want to ask your Japanese girlfriend a couple more tips if you’re not satisfied with just 6. Don’t worry about it because you’ll do great!

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5 Destinations Adventurous Chinese Women Want to Go to

adventurous chinese womenHere’s a clue for you foreign boys out there who want to meet adventurous Chinese women: they LOVE to travel. Now, there are 2 things that you can do with this information: 1. You can travel where these women travel so you can meet them, 2. Meet these adventurous Chinese women online, build a relationship with one and then travel together. It’s your call but enough about that. Let’s talk more about the different destinations that you can visit to meet such women.

In recent years, there have been more Chinese women travelling all over the world. And thanks to the different resources available, Asiandate found out the top 5 destinations they travel to frequently:

1. New York

This is a no-brainer. Everyone wants to visit New York at least once in their life. Adventurous Chinese women also have the same desire and for good reason. New York is the city that everything seems to happen in – you can fall in love, you have access to great opportunities, you can shop, you can check out the local scene, you can eat interesting foods and so on. There’s so much to do and so much to see in the city! It also doesn’t hurt that New York has been made popular in movies and series’ that have reached a lot of Asian countries.

2. Las Vegas


We came across a YouTube video about Asians a couple of months ago. In that video, it stated that almost all Asians want to go to Las Vegas. You’d have to admit though that it’s an exciting place to visit – there are a lot of parties, shows, bars, clubs, gambling and so on. It’s like a Disneyland for adults which makes adventurous Chinese women think that a lot can happen in a day when spent in Vegas.

3. San Francisco

Why do adventurous Chinese women want to visit San Francisco? A LOT! First off, it’s really beautiful, like postcard-perfect kind of beautiful! There’s also, of course, the Goldgate Bridge, the cable cars, Alacatraz, a very popular and interesting tourist site, the beaches, the restaurants and the nightlife – and that’s just a few of the things you can do over at SF.

4. Los Angeles

You cannot go to the United States and NOT visit L.A. Aside from the possibility of doing a million things, you get to learn and experience the L.A. lifestyle which is more laid back. It could get hot (talking about the weather and the nightlife) which is why the city of angels is so irresistible! Hollywood is here to so your adventurous Chinese woman might be on a celebrity-sighting hunt.

5. Paris

We cannot cross Paris off of this list. It’s the most romantic city in the world! Aside from that, one can also get a lot of cultural experiences from Paris – museums, libraries, old buildings, history and so on. It’s a basic tourist destination but, in the greater scheme of things, one always feels magical when visiting the city of love. It’s also possible that a Chinese woman might want to immerse herself in the culture so she can learn the French language easier.

Choose One!

So now you know where adventurous Chinese women frequently fly to. Are you going to plan a trip to any of these cities soon? We’d love to hear about it and don’t forget, if you have a city to suggest comment it below so we can add it to the list!

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5 Funny Complaints Your Chinese Girlfriend Always Says

chinese girlfriendLet’s keep things light this time! Before you read on, know that this is not a 100% serious post. This post is meant to be funny and entertaining so you may want to take note of this as you’re reading.

Do you have a Chinese girlfriend? Have you been together for a while? If yes, you’ve probably heard one, two, three, four or even all of these complaints from her:

Chinese girlfriend complaint #1: You don’t call or text me often.

How many times have you heard this before? It’s not that Chinese girlfriends want to be bombarded with meaningless texts and calls but it’s just that they like to be remembered and they like to know that they are, indeed, being remembered or thought of by the person they love. That isn’t such a bad thing, right? It’s kind of sweet, actually.

Chinese girlfriend complaint #2: You should dress better.

Going out with jeans and a t-shirt on is the norm for most of us who are used to it but it’s quite different for most Chinese people. Going out means that you need to look your best or at least you need to look like you take pride in yourself. The next time you go out, maybe you can wear something nicer – no sweats, no jeans-t-shirt combo, no rubber shoes of some sort. She just wants you to look extra handsome!

Chinese girlfriend complaint #3: What don’t you ever carry my bag?

Now, on to the topic of carrying her bag. We know that it doesn’t sound very manly but Chinese women are used to it. Their past boyfriends have probably carried their bag while walking on the street a couple of times. In fact, this is common with most Asian couples, especially the ones in the younger generation: the man carries whatever the female is carrying to relieve her of the weight. It could be her bag, books, grocery and etc. What you do, however, is up to you. You can either start forming a bag-carrying habit or you don’t.

Chinese girlfriend complaint #4: Why don’t you like spending time with my family?

Ok so this might not be a boyfriend-girlfriend thing but more of a married couple thing. Nonetheless, it’s pretty common in foreign man-Chinese woman relationships. It’s also true that Chinese families could be a little taxing on the patience since they don’t really give you that much privacy and the expression “personal space” is almost nonexistent to them. But, what can you do? You married or are going to marry into the family so there’s really nothing you can do but extend your patience.

Chinese girlfriend complaint #5: You don’t eat a lot. Eat more!

This is very common in almost all Asian countries. One way to know that a guest really means what he/she says about the prepared food being delicious is this: if he/she eats a lot. If you’re girlfriend cooks for you all the time, she’s expecting you to appreciate her effort by eating as much of her cooking as you can. It may not make sense to you but, hey, it’s an Asian thing!

Love Despite the Complaints

Despite the complaints, please know that your Chinese  girlfriend loves you very much. Most of her complaints are for your own good so just think nothing about it. It’s not necessarily nagging but it’s just her way of showing you that she cares.

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Tuesday, 11 August 2015

5 Characteristics all Traditional Chinese Women Have

All traditional Chinese women have similarities in personality, character and attitude. These women’s beings may have been influenced by a variety of external factors, like socioeconomic status, upbringing, educational opportunities and so on, but, ultimately, you’ll still be able to spot 5 most common characteristics in all of the traditional Chinese women. What are they? Take a look for yourself and see if your Chinese girlfriend shows any:

1. Chinese women are practical.

It’s rare to find traditional Chinese women who regularly splurge on clothes, cosmetics and shoes. In fact, it’s rare to find a traditional Chinese woman who splurges at all. The Chinese, in general, are known for being practical and frugal. When you’re in a relationship with one, man or woman, he/she might even tell you that you shouldn’t be spending a lot of money on this and that.

2. Chinese women age well.


It could be the Asian blood because most Asians age pretty well. It could also be that most Asian women – especially Chinese, Korean and Japanese – take good care of their health and their skin. These women eat healthy (less junk food, more greens) and they sure have really good skincare products in their country. It also doesn’t hurt that they exercise every now and then by hiking, going to the gym, running, doing yoga/ tai-chi and so on.

3. Chinese women are traditional.

Just to be clear, we’re not talking about Chinese women who grew up in other countries. We’re talking about Chinese women who grew up in China. Because of the strong cultural influence, a lot of the women grow up with a traditional mindset. There’s, of course, some influences from other cultures but this influence, definitely, is not strong enough to change their entire way of thinking.

4. Chinese women are loyal.

You probably already know this if you’re in a relationship with a traditional Chinese woman. Because their mindset is, mostly, traditional, having relationships while in a relationship is unthinkable. It’s also known that your Chinese woman will defend you, and your future family, in whatever situation – even if you’re the one that’s doing things wrong to other people. Seriously! You really just have to experience this yourself.

5. Chinese women are not very verbal.

Let us ask you this, which is better: all talk and no walk or all walk and no talk? Think about it. Whichever you chose, you have to know that traditional Chinese women are the latter – all walk and, mostly, no talk. That’s the sad part if you always want verbal affirmation from your Chinese girl. You can get used to it, still, and think of it from a more positive view because, ultimately, what’s more important is the things she does compared with the things she says she’ll do but doesn’t really do them at all.

Which do you see in your sweetheart?

If you have a traditional Chinese girl, we’d love to hear your thoughts on this. Which characteristic does your Chinese girl have? Does she exhibit all of them, two of them, or three of them?

If you don’t have a Chinese girl yet, don’t worry, you’ll get there. These 5 characteristics may just make you want to date one even more so why not get to it?

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Monday, 10 August 2015

Haihui is a lady with a sweet temper

AsianDate Lady Haihui

Haihui is an interesting 22-year old lady from China who enjoys a lot of activities. She’s hoping she’ll meet a gentleman who is caring and humorous. Do you want to know more about her? You can ask her here:

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Friday, 7 August 2015

Can you guess ShuQin’s profession?

AsianDate Lady Shuqin

Going to the doctor’s office doesn’t seem so miserable thing to do after you know that ShuQin will be there waiting for you. She’s working as a nurse! If you want to know more about her, you can do it here:

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Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Dan is simply gorgeous!

AsianDate Lady Dan

24-year old Dan from China is a gorgeous woman and also very lovable person. She is a frequent world traveler. Would you like her to take you on a trip?

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5 Positive Traits Foreigners Say About Women from Thailand

women from thailandWomen from Thailand have a notorious reputation to most foreigners. It’s uncertain how this came to be but to every story there is always two sides just like a coin.

Most men may only know the bad side of Thai women but we’re going to turn things around today. This article is all about the opposite. We’ve done our research and we’ve compiled 6 common things that foreigners say about women from Thailand. You may need to pay attention if you want to date Thai ladies in the near future:

1. Good grasp of English.

This may be a generalization but this is especially true in major places of business in Thailand. There are a lot of foreigners who go in and out of the country for both business and pleasure so it’s a must for people to speak English well. It’s not true for all, obviously, but expect that Thai women who came from major business parts of the country will be able to communicate with you freely.

2. Open-minded families.

This has a direct connection with number 1. Since Thais are usually used to foreigners, they have a more open-minded perspective on the matter. Compared with other ethnic groups from other countries in Asia, Thai families are more open to the idea of their daughter marrying someone from another race or another country.

 3. Good level of education.

This, again, is a general statement but we can’t really say that it’s true for all women from Thailand. It’s mostly true since the majority of women from the country were able to graduate from a University. Needless to say, you’ll be able to have meaningful conversations about different topics with most Thai ladies and this is why.

4. Friendly with foreigners.

Again, this has a connection with number 1. We already mentioned that a lot of foreigners go in and out of the country so it’s not unusual for a Thai girl to, sooner or later, have a conversation with one. In other words, because it’s something common for them, women from Thailand are more comfortable when it comes to interacting. They won’t find it weird if you suddenly came up and asked for directions or even asked if they would enjoy a cup of coffee some time.

5. Determined and driven.

This is one thing that most foreigners don’t know. A good quality that many Thai women have is determination. Because of this, most of them become successful in their careers or they become successful in running their own business.

In Love Yet?

Women from Thailand are great, aren’t they? If you look passed what others say and really focus on the good rather than the bad, you’ll find yourself a good Thai woman sooner than you think. And, it doesn’t stop here because there are a lot more good qualities to discover with Thai women. Dating one will surely clue you in to some of those qualities.

If you are dating a gorgeous woman from Thailand, we’d like to know. What other positive traits should we add to our list? Don’t be shy to leave your comments below.

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Monday, 3 August 2015

5 Questions You Should Never Ask Interracial Couples

interracial couplesDating is already hard enough. All the harder for interracial couples! But, most people don’t really realize the ordeal that these couples go through. Are you surprised? Interracial couples have as much, or even more, trouble compared to other couples because, despite the seemingly open-mindedness people have during this era, the couple still has to deal with families, friends and people that view things in a traditional manner – yes, there are still ones who view things in an old-fashioned way.

With that said, if you do have an interracial couple within your family or circle of friends, try to support them as much as you can if you really see that they were meant for each other. You can start here. We’re sure that they’re probably tired of people asking them these 5 questions so try to avoid them as best you can:

1. Aren’t you worried about the [insert ethnic group here] being [insert stereotype here]?

This one is probably the most common one on the list. It’s understandable that people have misconceptions about things they don’t really know much of hence this question and the belief that stereotypes they know of are true arise. When you really think of it, there are stereotypes that are true but you won’t really find out unless you get to know the person or the couple.

2. What will your children’s environment be like?

This is an ignorant question to say the least. To assume that the couple’s children will have it hard is somewhat racist and prejudice. Like what we said earlier, we are in an era where people have a degree of open-mindedness so it’s misinformed to say that the children will grow up receiving strange looks from people and so on. Get the times, please!

3. I wonder how yours and his/her family is taking it? How bad is it?

Why would you assume that his/her family doesn’t approve of the relationship in the first place? Well, you can if you’re really close with the person so this question has a condition: you can ask if you’re really close with the person and if you’re sure that the person doesn’t and won’t mind you asking.

4. Why did you settle for [insert ethnic group here]? Have you always dated [insert ethnic group here]?

Why does it matter? A person is a person no matter what the color, the size, the height and so on, right? No matter what a person’s preference is, it is none of your business. You may find it interesting to know but, hey dude, it’s offensive and you’ll just end up sounding ignorant.

5. Why not date someone from your own race?

This is another question you have no business asking. Again, the preference of another person is none of your business. What’s it you anyways, right? What if we reverse the tables and someone called you out on your dating preferences? That would be downright rude.

Keep the Questions to Yourself

It’s sometimes very tempting to ask a question like this or two because it’s interesting to know but if it offends the couple, it’s not really worth it. To keep the good vibes going, just keep an open mind and drop the misconceptions that you have at the back of your head.


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10 First Date Questions for Asian Women (Plus Tips)

asian womenThe first date with an Asian woman can be tricky and awkward – maybe more of awkward, if you asked. It seems that the more you plan for things the more things go wrong. This is ultimately because you’re over thinking things. The best thing to do is NOT to plan for most things at all: how to act, how to dress, what to order and etc. But, there’s one exception if there was ever an area that you needed to plan for: it’s asking the right questions.

The deal is, during your first date with an Asian woman, you have to make a good impression or, at the very least, you have to show your date your personality. You should also be thinking about questions that might trigger an offense so best be careful.

To guide you to the right direction, here are a couple of questions that won’t lead you to dead ends and dead air with Asian women:

1. Tell me about your best friend. What do you like most about him/her?

2. What were you like as a kid?

3. Do you have a nickname? What’s the story behind that?

4. What type of things really make you laugh?

5. What’s biggest life goal as of the moment?

6. Who’s your life’s biggest influence?

7. What’s your most favorite song in the world? How come?

8. What’s your most favorite movie? Why so?

9. What do you hate most about this generations dating process?

10. What pet peeves do you have?

Why do these questions work?

It’s simple why these questions work: 1. Because they are open-ended which means that you get more than just Yes and No answers. 2. You get to know the person more and you have a chance to ask follow up questions to get keep the conversation going. This basically tells you that these types of questions won’t make your first date boring and awkward, fulfilling your goal of really testing out if you’re a match for each other or not.

Final Tips

There might be a chance of you not remembering the specific questions that we just shared so instead of memorizing one question after the other, you can just think of your own with the use of these guidelines or tips:

  • Stick to open-ended questions or questions that are NOT answerable with just yes and no.
  • Don’t pour out your negative feelings during the date. This means that if you’re going through something, don’t pour out your emotions during your first date conversation.
  • You must have genuine interest about the topics you’re talking about.
  • Don’t expect to know everything in one date. Take it slow and don’t ask too many questions for the time being. You can reserve that on your next date.
  • Listen more instead of talking more. You’ll be getting your conversation clues this way.

So that’s all we have for now for your first date with an Asian woman. The rest is not up to you! Just remember to stick to our tips and, most important of all, ask open-ended questions to avoid being awkward and being boring.


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Saturday, 1 August 2015

Rui wants to start a family

AsianDate Lady Rui

Rui is a sweet and gentle woman from China who would like to start a family with a man she adores. Are you ready for that kind of a relationship?

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