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Guess what makes Rumei feel better

AsianDate Rumei

Rumei is a generous sweetheart. Nothing can make her feel better than spoiling her partner and putting a smile on his face. What’s the catch? Rumei doesn’t have anyone to spoil! Introduce yourself to her today: http://bit.ly/1iyNnJN.

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Anny has a good heart

AsianDate Anny

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Xinyi has an interesting job

AsianDate Xinyi

Xiny might be young (22-years old) but she’s already an independent business woman. She is self-employed as she has her own design studio. Xiny also said she can be naught. Ask her what she meant by that: http://bit.ly/1MaL4tg.

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Guess where Qian is from

AsianDate Qian

Qian is a beautiful and passionate 22-year old girl from China who likes dancing and traveling. She hopes to find a mature and passionate man, just like she is. Send her a message today: http://bit.ly/1DIBMMu.

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Xianfeng wants to meet a passionate man

AsianDate Xiangfen

Xianfeng, a 22-year old woman from China, joined AsianDate to find her “sexy and passionate man”. What are her hobbies and what she does for a living you can check here: http://bit.ly/1DIBHbu.

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4 Interesting Trivia in Dating Thai Girls

dating thai girlsYou’ve heard of their beauty. The petite and slender statures, amazing silk-soft black hair, golden skins and almond eyes. These women, my dear friend, are the ladies of Thailand. Thai girls have long held titles of being amazingly alluring especially to western men. This might be due to their near opposite appearance and attitude to western gals. Though, the differences do not end there. Being on opposite sides of the globe also means a big difference in cultures and attitudes that one might need to consider prior to dating Thai girls. Here are a few interesting bits of trivia about Thai girls and what it would mean to date one.

Thai girls wanna have fun.

Thai girls indeed love to be out and about town. When dating Thai girls, one needs to consider having to go out a lot to take her out for dinner, drinks and dancing, quite a bit. She loves being seen around town, and she likes to be shown off like a trophy. Though you have to remember, this works both ways, she also wants to be seen with you in tow. She also loves going out for movies, karaoke, coffee, window shopping, actual shopping, and basically activities that involve you and her being around. To truly impress her, come up with some fun dates that are somewhat unusual, yet memorable.

Thai girls can be quite the jealous type.

One more thing to remember when dating a Thai lady, is they tend to be quite jealous to the point of being clingy. They don’t like the idea of you being out with another girl even if you guys are going as a group. She might also misinterpret you having a fun conversation with another girl to flirting and sometimes even cheating. She might also question your inability to answer the phone/text right away and automatically assumes you are with someone else. While this can be a bit overwhelming at first, once you get deeper into your relationship, she will tend to trust you more and hopefully taper off the clingy-ness.

Thai girls like dressing up and being pretty.

The world is their runway and each trip out the door is a fashion show. They pay special attention to how they dress and make sure every aspect of their outfit works. So, it would be quite one-sided if only she puts the man-hours for looking good. So if you are considering dating a Thai girl, you might expect to dress up quite a bit, well at least putting an effort to looking nice and clean.

Thai girls love the romance.

This, we can attribute to television shows about love and romance. These girls grew up to these shows where the guy makes this romantic gesture to get the girl, then they fall in love, you know, the works. But basically, all women love romance. With these gals, this might actually up your chances with getting a Thai girl in a serious relationship. A few romantic surprises here and there should do the trick. Oh, and yes, they also like having couple rings to show that you and her are a couple. They tend to find this really romantic. But don’t worry; this usually comes later when you guys have been dating for a while.

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4 Fine Dining Etiquette Tips for Japanese Dating (Part 1)

Table manners differ from country to country. There is also a big difference between what is considered rude in the East and the West. And in Japan, a nation with a rich history and culture all its own, have their own set of dining etiquette. And in Japanese dating, especially in fine dining establishments, these code of manners will be expected of you. Be ready by keeping in mind these few for Japanese fine dining.


Despite lacking the wide range of varying spoons and forks all arranged neatly on the table, there are quite a bit of rules regarding chopsticks use. Basically, a big chunk of Japanese dining etiquette revolves around chopstick use. To make things simple, the main rule is never to point chopsticks at anything, don’t stick or stab them in food and limit their use to picking food up and placing them in your mouth. Though, just for reference, here’s the specific list:

  • Never point chopsticks at anyone.
  • Do not use it to point to food either.
  • Do not wave them over food.
  • Do not rub them together, nor play with them.
  • Do not suck on them. Even if the sauce is so damn delicious.
  • Don’t use them like forks and stab your food with them.
  • Do not stick them up in rice like incense.
  • And if you wish to pass food, do so by placing the morsel on a plate and pass the plate. Never from chopstick to chopstick.

Wet towels

In most Japanese eating establishments, you will be provided with either a hot or cold wet towel upon being seated. These towels are used to “wash” your hands so limit their use to cleaning your hands. Do not use on your face, or neck, or wherever else. Just clean your hands, fold them neatly, then set aside. Your server will collect them prior to the first course being served.

Dipping sauces and condiments

When you engage in the Japanese dating scene, a bit of culture research is in order. This should teach you that the Japanese are people who frown upon excess and dislike wasting resources. The same can be applied when eating out. Soy sauce can be found in almost every dining table in Japan. But avoid the urge to slosh it directly on your plate or rice. Instead, place a small amount in a dipping bowl and dip your food, once (double dipping is a no-no). If you use it up, you can always refill.

With wasabi, this should be used in only small amounts. When eating sushi, the dish itself already has wasabi in it and putting lots of wasabi in your soy sauce might offend the chef. As for sashimi, use sparingly as it might overpower the flavors.

Itadakimasu and Gochisosama

Itadakimasu is the western counterpart of saying grace. It roughly translates to “I gratefully receive.” It is customary for you to say this phrase prior to eating. And once you are done with your meal, gochisosama is the phrase to say  translating to “thank you for the meal”.

In Japanese dating, despite the fact you are from the west and from an entirely different culture, this will show your respect for her culture and your willingness to learn and be part of it. To make sure you say it correctly, you can actually ask her politely to show you how it is said. This should score you good points and should give her a nice impression of you as a person.

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5 Things to Remember Before Dating a Korean Girl

So you have your eyes and heart set on a Korean girl. You’ve seen her around and you’ve probably spoken to her at one time or another. Though, before considering taking her on that first date, which, in all probability, might turn into more serious dating, here are a few things you might need to consider or know in dating a Korean girl.

You need to keep your feet fresh and might need to wear socks more often.

Several Asian nations have the custom of removing shoes before entering someone’s home. In Korea, this indeed is the case. Whether the lady you will be dating is a citizen of the US or back in her home country, you are expected to take off your shoes when you enter their abode. So whenever you anticipate visiting her place, try to make sure your socks are hole-free and your foot fresh smelling.

You ought to develop a love for Asian dishes, and most especially Korean dishes.

Contrary to popular belief, Korean cuisine is comprised of non-spicy dishes, in probably the same ratio, as spicy dishes. They have a lot of “normal” dishes that are really tasty and will not burn your tongue off. But still, if you are considering dating a Korean girl, you ought to develop a deep liking for their dishes. Why? Because it will be expected that you eat (or at the very least, try) all the dishes presented to you. It will be considered rude to do otherwise. So give yourself a head start and start learning to like the taste.

Get used to the fact of overbearing parents.

These days, parents pay way more attention to their kids’ development, starting from the womb down to each milestone making sure their kids get the best of everything. They basically plan everything now. But, Korean parents have been doing this forever. They basically plan everything and will be involved with almost all aspects of their child’s life. This would mean your Korean lady friend will be in constant review of her parents as to her physical appearance as well as her love and career lives. There is a big chance you will be rejected by the parent’s as a suitor, but do not lose faith, this is typical. You will just have to woo her parents as well. After all, if the prize is the Korean lady of your dreams, then all will be worth the effort.

You will be expected to learn the language, eventually.

That being said, it wouldn’t hurt to try and learn simple phrases of the Korean language even before you start dating. It does not need to be perfect for now, and she might even help you with the accent. Though it would be fine if you wait till you two are actually dating. But be mindful. Pay attention to certain words she likes to use as she will expect you to know the meaning after a few times she’s used it.

Try watching a little bit of Korean drama shows.

This may sound as enticing as going on a chick-flick marathon, but this might actually score you major points. It is way easier learning about the culture in these shows and this will actually help you relate to her from time to time as she grew up watching those. Thankfully enough, there are shows for every genre imaginable, so if you’re not the type for the heavy drama types, there are romantic comedies available that might even get you to laugh. There are a lot of these on youtube so, if you have spare time, might as well watch.

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5 Terrible Pick-up Lines Never to Use on Asian Women

Asian womenPick-up lines are basically ice breakers you use when approaching women to open up possibilities of dating and romance. Pick-up lines range from jokes to trivia to basically anything under the sun. aIt has always been tricky trying to convince a girl to start a conversation, and Asian women are no exception. While there are good and witty pick-up lines, there are, of course, bad pick-up lines that turn women off. Here are some examples of these lines to avoid, most specifically when you’re trying to chat up an Asian woman.

You look exactly like (insert Asian actress/personality here).

Okay, you may just be being very honest, but, let’s face it, for an Asian girl in a foreign land, this is as musical as nails on a chalkboard. To you, you may be paying her a compliment, but to her, she might take it as an insult resulting in her walking away instead.

For an Asian girl, you sure are cool.

This, again, may be meant as a compliment, but will, most of the time, be taken as an insult. This sounds very racial to Asian women. It’s the same as saying that most Asians are weird or geeky or whatever. If you really want her to know how cool she is, try a simple line like: “That thing you did, that was cool.” Or, why not tell her up front, “You’re cool.”

I’ve always wanted to date an Asian girl.

As an opener, this will probably land you a raised eyebrow, followed by her walking away. Yes, you are just being honest, but this is a bit of a turn off. There will be times that this “might” work, but in most cases, it just doesn’t. If you really are excited to be dating an Asian girl, try to tell her this in retrospect, like when you two have been dating for a while and are moving towards a more serious relationship. This is a compliment girls appreciate, but try not to use this as your opening line.

I bet you’re really good in math.

Asians may be a bit conscious with their academics, but only because most Asian cultures place a high value for education. That is probably why they perform better in school but not necessarily because they’re Asian. This is another example of an Asian stereotype based pick up line that will surely end in failure.

I know (insert Asian martial art here).

You may just want her to know that you are interested in her culture and would like to get to know more about her, but then again, what if that martial art you mention is actually not from her country of origin. Japan, Korea, China, Thailand and other Asian nations have their own unique martial arts and there is a big chance you might get it wrong. If you get it right, there is the slim chance that she will be impressed that you did your research, but as mentioned, the chance is pretty slim. And again, this falls under the Asian stereotyping classification which Asian women hate.

The list goes on. But the key points to remember are: Asian women, are sensitive to stereotyping and racism. Yes, they can be nationalistic, but they also want to be treated as a person. Second, try to show that you are interested on her as a person, and not because of her race of origin. And third, when trying to start a conversation, it is safer to start with neutral subjects. If you really want to compliment her on her being Asian, do so once you two are at a more serious point in your relationship.

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5 Funny Conversations Starters for Asian Girls

asian girlsYou finally landed a date with the pretty Asian girl you met online. Or maybe just the cute Asian girl you met in the gym. From a little bit of research you did online, you know that one sure-fire hit for Asian girls, as well as Asian women the world over, would be a man with a good sense of humor.

While being funny is definitely a huge plus point but, for someone who is not innately funny, this can be risky business. You risk making a fool of yourself thus ruining first impressions, or you can come off as someone who could not be taken seriously. So how do you start off the night on a light note?

Here are a few conversation starters that are both fun without crossing the racial lines.

So, what do you wanna be when you grow up?

This is a fun one. Asking an adult this question is sure to, at the very least, bring a smile up to your date’s lips. This also doubles as a compliment as you are insinuating she is “young”. Although, if your date is a little bit on the short side, try to use this with consideration as she might have been made fun of for looking like a child. This is best delivered in a matter-of-fact manner with a smile.

What do you think of raising dodo birds?

Okay, dodo birds are extinct. But surely, this should illicit a small laugh from your date. This should also give you a chance to segue to asking her if she likes animals and possibly find common ground. Who knows, she might love Labradors as much as you.

What do you usually do when the power goes out and your home alone?

This usually gets a “huh?” response, but is often followed by you and her looking at each other for a split second before you both start laughing. Although, sometimes, you get actual answers that would let you peek into whom she is as a person and is an interesting piece of conversation that is sure to launch the date into a fun night that you both will surely remember.

If you could have one superpower, what would it be?

This is more on the geeky side without going through the Asian stereotype of “Asians are geeks/nerds” category. This is safely on a neutral ground and is actually fun because after the laugh she might tell you what it is and give you an insight on what she likes. In case you’re a comic book buff, you get to let her know that you like these stuff without coming across as a geek thus retaining your “cool” status.

How’d you find out Santa was made up?

Here’s another fun starter, especially around the holiday season. Though this works all year round. It’s going to be fun because she’d probably tell you a short anecdote on how she saw daddy sneaking downstairs to put gifts under the tree dressed in a red suit with a pillow in his tummy. Also, this keeps the atmosphere fun and will give her an idea that you are one fun guy and the rest of the date should be off to a good start.

Asian girls, like most women, appreciate a man who makes her laugh. And, to make sure your first date leaves a great impression, just veer away from Asian stereotypes and keep the conversation clean. Try not to veer the conversation towards her being Asian and make sure that you show your interest in her as a woman and not on her nationality.

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5 Tips on Age Gaps Between a Chinese Woman and a Foreigner

An older foreign man in a relationship with a younger Chinese woman – so what’s new? The subject of age gaps never grows old (no pun intended). We still see it today: a Chinese woman and a foreigner with almost 10 or so years apart in age. Is it common to see these kinds of relationships nowadays? Yes, very common but if you have your own worries about this, you need to read these tips:


Age Gap Tip #1: Don’t Sweat It

Like what was said earlier, it’s something that’s very common in China, especially when a Chinese woman is with a foreign man. There are even instances where the age gap is greater than 15 years. You’re not the only foreigner whose heart has been captivated by a younger Chinese woman. What can you say, they are attractive, right?

Age Gap Tip #2: There Will Be Differences

If you want to enter into this kind of relationship, please remember that you need to accept the fact that there will be differences in your outlook, in your maturity level, in the way you act, in your interests, and, not to mention, in energy level. The list goes on. Your ideas of fun may be different as well as your spending habits. It’s endless, but the differences are expected because you’re at different stages in life. Is this a problem? No IF the both of you work your way through it. Not just one, the both of you.

Age Gap Tip #3: Think Things Through

Young love is very passionate and explosive. It’s true in the departments of love-making and fighting. No worries if you get carried away spending time with each other, but you have to take it easy with the second one. When you’re with someone who’s impulsive and immature, you also have the tendency to be similar – adopting the attitude, in a way. As the mature one in the relationship, you have to know how to handle things and always have one goal in mind when you’re fighting: think things through before doing anything rash. Here’s a good tip: ask yourself this question, “How can I handle this in a way that both of us can learn from our mistakes and improve our relationship?”. This is especially true when you’re with 20-year old Chinese ladies.

Age Gap Tip #4: You’re Not Supposed to Mold Her

Usually, foreign men who date younger Chinese women feel obligated to mold her into someone ideal. Don’t deny it because it’s true. This, however, is an idea that you should forget because life happens. You can only control who you become, but you can’t really do that for others. Let your Chinese girlfriend have her own life and let her be her own woman.

Age Gap Tip #5: Know When it’s Not for You

There are only a few men who really think things through when it comes to relationships. Of course, it’s a wonderful feeling to just let things happen. It’s more romantic that way but in relationships like this where a Chinese woman and a foreigner have a huge gap in age, you have to think if you’re willing to stretch out your patience, your finances and, basically, your limits. What we want to avoid here is building a relationship that will only end up with something disastrous.

Clarity in Wants

“Who do I want to be with?”, this is the question that you should be asking yourself. You have to know what you want like if you want someone who is intellectually equal to you or emotionally equal to you. Consider these and don’t go by how you feel.

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5 Questions and Answers about a Filipino Dating a Foreigner Online (Pt 2)

As promised, we bring you part 2 of the questions and the answers. If you missed part 1, you can always check it out here or you can continue reading for more information about a Filipino dating a foreigner online.

Question 6: Are there a lot of Filipino scammers online?

Answer: No. Well, as many as the average number of scammers in other countries. The issue, however, is not the number of scammers. The issue is spotting one so you can protect yourself and have the ultimate online dating experience. There are a lot of things you can do to protect yourself and one is to go with your gut feeling.

Question 7: Is it a good idea to go to the Philippines to meet a Filipina?

Answer: Yes if… There are a couple of conditions to this. The first, you have to have a real connection with the Filipina you’re chatting with online. This means that you need to have a mutual understanding on where your relationship stands. Two, you have to be financially ready for the travel because it’s common sense. If your budget doesn’t allow it, don’t go through with your plans on visiting the Philippines. Remember, you’ll be expected to pay for most things like dinner, drinks and so on. There are a lot more to consider but what we’re basically saying is that you need to plan and consider every detail. Don’t jump into the decision.

Question 8: How do I know if my online relationship is getting serious?

Good question. Most Filipinos are very predictable. It’s almost always certain that the person you’re corresponding with online will wear his/her heart on his/her sleeve. This means that the person you’re talking with will want to connect with you more often. You’ll also know by how their messages are composed.   If the messages sound sweeter and more loving, it’s most likely that it’s getting serious. Another sure sign is a mention of this: “I wish you could meet my family” or “I wish I could meet your family”. Remember that family is very important to every Filipino so meeting the most important people in their lives is a good sign that it’s getting serious between you two.

Question 9: Should I send money to my Filipina girlfriend I met online?

Answer: Yes if… Here’s another one that requires a few conditions to be met. The first condition: you to be certain that the other person is sincere about the relationship. This requires a lot of communication, a few times of actually meeting the person in real life (and their family), and proofs of the other person making a genuine effort of maintaining or advancing the relationship (you shouldn’t do all of the work). In addition, you should also be watching out for red flags like if the relationship is advancing too fast or if the other person always says that there’s an emergency in their family so financial aid is needed. These should help you decide.

Question 10: Will the family approve of a Filipino dating a foreigner online?

Answer: Yes if… There are a lot of conditions to our questions today. Anyway, let’s talk about realistic expectations. Imagine if you have a son or a daughter dating someone they’ve only met online. Would you approve? Probably yes if you met the person and have spent time with the person, right? It’s the same with a Filipino family.



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5 Things a Chinese Lady Does During Zou Yue Zi

Today, let’s talk about Chinese culture and traditions, in particular, Zou Yue Zi. If it’s your first time hearing this term, you are not alone as we only heard of this term just last week. We thought that it was too interesting not to share so here we go.

Zou Yue Zi (坐月子) which means ” sitting the month” is an established ancient Chinese custom where the new mother is expected to stay indoors for 30 days to rest.

The culture and traditions of the Chinese are deeply ingrained in their being – it is who they are. This means that if you’re a foreigner wanting to marry a Chinese lady, you’d have to adjust yourself with how their way of life is influenced by beliefs and traditions that have been practiced since ancient times. You can get away with it, figuratively speaking, when you’re living in another country, but it’s a different story when you’re living in China.

One such tradition that, most likely, foreigners will find hard to understand is the Zou Yue Zi which means “sitting month”.

What is it?

Zou Tue Zi is a 30-day custom practiced in China, Taiwan, and Hong Kong. What it is is basically a set of rules for what a new mother should do right after giving birth. The main goal is for the mother to rest and regain the nutrients that she ahs lost during childbirth. It is also said that it will re-balance her physiology and it will help her avoid health problems in the future.

Examples of the Rules

The new mother should:

  • Stay indoors the entire time. She can have visitors but only a few with the exception of her mother-in-law and mother who will be very involved in the process.
  • She needs to spend most of her time lying in bed. She may only leave the bed when she feels like using the toilet.
  • By extension, no cooking, no working, no cleaning (the house and herself), no lifting and no to other activities that require her to exert effort.
  • Not cleaning herself was already mentioned but, in particular, no washing of her body and her hair is allowed. Serious practitioners don’t even brush their teeth.
  • The new mother should keep warm at all times. This means that she needs to wear warm clothes like pajamas, long-sleeved shirts, long trousers, thick socks, a hat, and gloves. This also means no air-conditioning and no fan even if it’s summer.
  • Though these may not seem to require a lot of effort, they are still not permitted: read, watch TV, send or receive text, play with her phone or tablet, and take phone calls. However, listening to the radio or to music is ok.

Why does a Chinese lady want to do Zou Yue Zi?

There are several reasons, but we thought of 3 main ones:

  1. Pressure from the mother or the mother-in-law.
  2. The new mother is a believer of Traditional Chinese Medicine.
  3. She’s scared into the practice with people constantly telling her that she’s going to suffer future health problems if she doesn’t do the custom.

If your Chinese lady really wants to do this practice, even if you’re not living in China, you just let her do so because it is part of her culture. Now that you’ve read this, you can formulate the things that you can do to support her. Try to understand it from her standpoint. Though strange, you’d have to admit if there’s any truth to the effects of the ancient practice.



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3 Reasons Why Marriage to a Chinese Woman is Important

Marriage to a Chinese WomanMarriage, to a Chinese woman, is important because…

We are going to finish this sentence in today’s post. Marriage is something that most women aspire to but, in some cultures, there’s a deeper reason as to why a significant amount of importance, and by extension, pressure, is placed on women to be married. The Chinese, in particular, have this belief and we’ve come across 3 reasons why marriage is that important to a Chinese woman:

Reason #1: It Begins with History

Back in pre-modern China, there was a saying. Three of the most wonderful moments you’ll have in your life are: the imperial examination success, marriage, and having a son. With a son, the continuity of the family name is secured and so couples kept on trying until they had a boy. As a result, the family had to marry off the girl as quickly as possible for them to keep trying to have a son.

Reason #2: Wedding Gifts

This reason is still that of pre-modern China. During this time, a match-maker was involved in deciding who is fit to marry who. The whole match-making process involves proposing, birthday matching, presenting betrothal gifts, presenting wedding gifts, setting a wedding date and, last is, the wedding ceremony.

Now before we go any further, we have to understand that the population in pre-modern China was very much what it’s like now – mostly poor, some middle class, a few rich. Let’s go back to the whole match-making process and let’s focus our attention on the presenting of the wedding gifts phase. This is the greatest etiquette in the process because the gifts symbolize the respect and kindness towards the girl’s family as well as the male’s capability of providing a life for the female. Usually, prolific gifts were given during this phase.

Reason #3: Decision of the Parents

Here’s the last reason we found. It basically boils down to the parents’ decision. In the olden days, decision to be married did not rely on the young couple but of their families. Love did not play a part in anything. The family of the male had to ensure that their future daughter-in-law was fit to continue the family line and to help with household chores. With the female’s side, it meant not seeing their daughter for a long time so choosing a husband who will ensure her future is vital.

Although times have changed and not a lot of couples are being “matched” by their families, a parent’s consent or approval of the marriage is still a vital part in a couple’s decision to be together for life.

History and Mindset Combined

Let’s fast forward to now.

This is why marriage to a Chinese woman is important. The traditions and beliefs of the past have somehow embedded themselves in the minds of the Chinese people. As a result, the pressure for a Chinese woman to be married becomes heavy especially when she is of age. Chinese women who have gone over the age of 30 without a husband were considered “left over women”.

If we apply this thinking to the online dating world, this is probably the reason why there are a lot of young Chinese women looking for serious relationships online. There’s also an abundance of Chinese women over 30 years old looking for the same.

Now we know.

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Changhui wants to be happy

AsianDate Lady Changhui


“For me, there is no reason to be unhappy, though life is short, it is beautiful and great enough”, said this beautiful lady from China. She also thinks life would be better if there was a man who could enjoy all those wonderful things with her. Do you agree? http://bit.ly/1GTGIhw.

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Xintong would like to travel with you

AsianDate Lady XinTong

18-year old Xintong from China is a truly adventurous soul. She likes to travel, explore new things and meet new people. But, she doesn’t have a partner to be her travel buddy. Would you like to see the world with this Asian beauty? http://bit.ly/1MsheyS.

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Meet the cool Yun Fang!

AsianDate Lady Yun Fang


“Funny, sexy, cool” – those were the words 21-year old Yun Fang used to describe herself. Feel free to contact her and let her show you what she meant: http://bit.ly/1HUkrUB.

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JingPing wants to talk with you

AsianDate Lady Jing Ping


JingPing is a 21-year old woman coming from China who is looking for someone to chat with. She’s hoping to meet someone sincere and passionate just like she is. Ask her to tell you more about herself: http://bit.ly/1IppVIE.

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Monday, 14 September 2015

Fengying would like to relax with you

AsianDate Lady Fengying


21-year old Fengying from China is studying hard every day to get her degree. Sometimes, all she wants is a little bit of relaxing. Can you help her with that? http://bit.ly/1OvR2C4.

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Miaohua enjoys being herself

AsianDate Lady Miaohua


Miaohua is a confident young lady from China who enjoys being herself. She doesn’t like people who wear masks just to impress other. She believes inner happiness is the most important thing in life. Do you agree with her? http://bit.ly/1JpcrNP.

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Di would like to meet you!

AsianDate Lady Di


24-year old Di from China loves to spend her spare time outdoors. If you’re looking for the ways to win her heart, ask her for a long walk along the mountain side: http://bit.ly/1D5aQvg.

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Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Xiaona is beautiful inside and out!

AsianDate Lady Xiaona


Just one look at Xiaona and it will be enough for you to notice her extraordinary beauty. But she’s also beautiful on the inside and her personality is her biggest asset. Want to find out more about her? Send her a message here: http://bit.ly/1MRnPkm.

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Meet the passionate XiaHong!

AsianDate Lady XiaoHong


If you were looking for an easy going and lovely yet passionate lady, you have found her! XiaoHong is all of that and more, but she would like to reveal it to you herself. Chat with her here: http://bit.ly/1U1P2Fi.

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Qiong would like to chat with you!

AsianDate Lady Quing


Qiong is a 19-year old lady from China who described herself as a feminine, tender and honest girl. She joined AsianDate.com hoping to find the love of her life with whom she’ll start a family. Care to find a little bit more about her? Contact her here: http://bit.ly/1gfxzeb

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