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4 Facts You Need to Know About Asian Women and Relationships

asian women and relationshipsDo you think you have Asian women figured out? Well, you might just change your mind when you read these 4 facts about Asian women and relationships. These may change the way you approach an Asian lady both online and offline so please take note and learn a little bit about the Asian dating and relationship culture:

Fact #1: Majority of Asian Women are Inexperienced

Let us elaborate on this one. There are two types of Asian women under this fact: 1. The Asian woman who exclusively dates foreigners and 2. The typical Asian woman. The Asian woman who only dates foreign men has more experience both intimately and in relationships. The typical Asian woman, on the other hand, hasn’t had a lot of boyfriends or serious relationships. Depending on who you’d like to meet, you could go for the Asian woman with experience but the upside to dating the other one is that she’s going to be more assertive in the relationship as well as intimately.

Fact #2: “Dating” has a Different Meaning

With Asian women and relationships, dating has a very different meaning. This is, of course, talking about the second type of Asian woman we talked about earlier. Dating is a foreign concept. There’s only boyfriend and girlfriend. When you “date”, it means that you’re going steady. In other words, dating means that both parties agree to be in a serious relationship with each other. The ending of which is marriage – not right away but eventually, in most cases.

Fact #3: Mind-Reading Skills

This is very typical with most Asian women. The men that they are with need to have good mind-reading skills. Ok, so that’s not possible so let’s change that into body language reading skills. An Asian woman, especially the second type, can be assertive in the relationship but often times she will expect you to know what she wants or what is wrong. That’s tough to hear, but there’s a good side. She won’t tell you right off the bat. She’s going to wait until you initiate which is less dramatic than a direct confrontation on a daily basis.

Fact #4: The Level of Maturity

This fact is in connection to the first fact we mentioned and yes, it’s also about the second type of Asian woman. Before you go leaping off to find a 22-year old Asian lady, remember that their level of maturity won’t be similar to the 22-year olds in your country. Since the second type doesn’t have much or any experience with relationships, she’ll likely to have the maturity of a 16-year old teen from your country. If you want a lady who has the same level of maturity as you, let’s say you’re 30 years old, go for a woman around the age of 32 or 33.

Did your thinking change?

Now, tell us, has your perception of how Asian relationships and Asian women work changed because of these 4 facts? If you already know these then fine but if you haven’t before, consider yourself informed. It’s going to change the way you approach Asian woman, in general, don’t you think? We hope that this has been helpful.

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Sunday, 25 October 2015

6 Things You Need to Know Before Getting Serious with Your Asian-American Date (Part 2)

Asian-american womanWe’ve already done Part 1 of this post which you can check out here. We’re compiling a few things for you to know so you don’t have to cross any kind of ocean to find the Asian love of your life. Part 2 is just as informative as part 1 so keep on reading:

7. Tea and everyone else.

Drinking tea will be inevitable especially if you’re dining with your Asian-American date’s family. You better learn to like drinking tea if you want to make a good impression. Here’s a great tip that you can write down: when drinking tea, refill everyone else’s cup before your own starting from the oldest to the youngest.

8. Your Asian-American date knows how to play an instrument.

Don’t be surprised if your Asian-American date knows how to play the flute or the violin. Most Asian parents really pay attention to their children’s activities when growing up. This includes learning how to play a musical instrument. It’s not really for show or it’s not for forming some kind of band in the future. Asian parents believe that a child will grow up well-rounded if they learn how to do so.

9. Asian superstition.

No matter how much Western culture your Asian-American date was exposed to, she will still be superstitious to some degree. Probably, the most common ones that she believes in will be superstition about bad luck like sweeping the floor at night, whistling at night, doing things during certain dates and so on. Better get used to it!

10. My critical family.

This is an early warning for you. Your Asian-American date’s family will be very critical of her so don’t be surprised if they pour down words of criticism on her while you’re around. It usually happens and she may not think much of it, but she will feel embarrassed when you’re around to hear everything. She’ll be criticised about her weight, probably about dating you, about school, about her activities and, generally, everything. They’re not really hard criticisms but the family will mention it one way or the other. Again, get used to it.

11. The Asian drama factor.

Don’t over react when you find your Asian-American date over dramatising things. All Asain girls love Asian dramas and your date is no exception. We mention this because they’re mostly the culprit to most Asain girl’s over-reaction to things. Have you ever seen one episode? Start with one and see how you feel after watching it. It may help you understand your date better.

12. The Asain-nerd stereotype is true.

This is arguable but most of our observations tell us that this one is true. Some Asian-Americans may not seem like it but, they actually have a nerdy side deep down. Your date’s the same thing. She definitely has something that she geeks out on (probably Anime) and you’ll know it when you’re close enough. In fact, this is one way of telling if she’s really into you or not. If she shows you her nerdy side then that means she likes you.

Part1 and Part 2

That’s a wrap for this two-part post. We hope that you’ve learned something. If you’re in doubt, feel free to ask your Asain-American friends about it. Just don’t forget to comment on or share this post!

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6 Things You Need to Know Before Dating an Asian-American Woman (Part 1)

If you are from the West, you might not need to cross several miles of water just to meet the Asian love of your life. It’s definitely possible that you just have to check your backyard (not literally, of course). We’re talking about dating an Asian-American woman.

You’ve probably read several How-Tos on dating Asian women from Asia, but it’s a whole other story when talking Asian-American women because they have the best of both cultures. Here’s a list of 10 things you need to know before dating an Asian-American woman:

1. To be Asian

This may come off as offensive, but it’s actually very true. There are several countries in Asia and not just the ones in the orient, but the majority of Westerners always seem to think about countries like China, Japan, Korea and the like when the term “Asian woman” is mentioned. If this is the same case with you then go ahead and proceed to the next few tips.

2. The shoes still need to come off.

When dating an Asian-American woman, you are not exempted from taking your shoes off before entering the house. You’ll know that it’s mandatory if she brought you home to meet the folks and you see a rack or a slew of shoes right after you enter the door.

3. Get used to chopsticks.

Your Asian-American date will show you how to use chopsticks in creative ways. She might use it to pick up Cheetos or she might use when eating french fries. Nevertheless, chopsticks are her weapon of choice when eating is involved (not all the time, of course).

4. She may not be fluent.

You shouldn’t worry about learning her language to impress her. Dating an Asian-American woman means that she probably isn’t as fluent. She may know phrases or sentences or she may just understand the language without having to speak it fluently.

5. You’ll probably get rejected.

You’ll probably get rejected, not by her but, by her parents. The thing that you need to understand is that Asian parents are very strict. The usual scenario is that when their daughter brings someone home for them to meet, they will see you with an evaluating eye. It’s nothing personal and it will get better in time when they see that you are “worthy”.

6. Eat what mom cooks.

There’s no greater joy to an Asian mother than seeing a guest indulge himself in the food she prepared. This is a major tip that you need to remember when you go to your Asian-American date’s house. To the mother, her dishes are made with a lot of love and a lot of effort so eating a lot means that you appreciate everything she did to make the dish perfect. Aside from eating a lot, don’t forget to pay your compliments to the chef.

To Date an Asian-American Woman (Part 1)

This is what we have for you so far but come back soon for Part 2 of our What to Know Before Dating an Asian-American woman article. It’s a fun read if I do say so myself. Don’t forget to share this with a buddy who needs a little advice in the area.

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Monday, 19 October 2015

Becky loves nature

AsianDate Becky

27-year old Becky from China enjoys being in nature. She loves everything about it! If you’re friendly and passionate might – you might be the perfect match for her!

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Meet the beautiful Angel!

AsianDate Angel

Angel’s name fits her perfectly! Not only she looks like one but she’s acting like one. P.S. She’s only been angry a few times in her entire lifetime. Contact her here and find out more about this gorgeous girl:

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Supino is a modern mermaid

AsianDate Supino

Supino is a passionate and imaginative woman who loves everything that is connected with water – swimming, diving, surfing… You name it! She’s wondering if you could catch her up?

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Ask Lijie what her favorite music band is

AsianDate Lijie

21-year old Lijie from China is a big music fan. She’s enjoying listening to her favorite bands in her spare time. Ask her which one is her favorite:

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Saturday, 17 October 2015

Are you the one for Xiaoli?

AsianDate Xiaoli

Xiaoli is gorgeous inside and out. She cares about homeless animals and doesn’t hesitate to help when she sees one. She’s also a great cook. Ask her what her favorite dish is:

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Zhaoting would like to spend her time with you

AsianDate Zhaoting


Zhaoting, an 18-year old woman from China, is quiet and shy. Maybe that’s the reason why she’s still looking for someone special to be by her side. Could that be you?

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Thursday, 15 October 2015

Guess what Sara is looking for in a partner

AsianDate Sara

Sara is a kind-hearted and optimistic lady from China who is looking for her special someone. She’s hoping to meet a gentleman who is brave, romantic and kind. Did she describe you? If so, let her know here:

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Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Renee is looking for a man with a golden heart

AsianDate Lady Renee

This is Renee, a modern Chinese girl who loves smiling, who loves all the beautiful things in life. Who is quite open-minded but holds traditional concepts towards marriage. Who has so much love to give and so many ideas, thoughts and experiences to share. Contact her today:

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5 Ideas for your First Date with a Filipina Woman

filipina womanFirst dates tend to be nerve-wracking and stressful. They tend to be your first peek into who your date is as a person and everything, basically, has to be played by ear. Of course you want to make a good impression on the Filipina woman you are trying to date and this first date is crucial to whether you get a second date and so on. Most of the time, first dates happen in restaurants and coffee places. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, but you would like to create a lasting impression on your Filipina lady that would entice her to go out with you again. Here are a few first date ideas you can try to make your first date truly memorable.

Take her to a nature themed park like aquariums, ecoparks or zoos.

There is nothing like a relaxing stroll through a park while enjoying Mother Nature’s beauty. Imagine going through an oceanarium observing assorted marine life while you try to get to know each other. Or maybe walking through a lush garden in an ecopark. This will help ease the stress of the date since you two can talk about the things you see around you and lulls in the conversation don’t really need to be awkward.

Watch a musical, a play, or theatrical shows

The movies tend to be a go-to when it comes to dates. But why not level up the experience and bring your Filipina date to a musical or theatrical presentation. You could follow it up with a nice dinner or coffee where you can discuss the play you just saw giving you common ground to get the conversation flowing.

Visit an art museum

Or, any type of museum. There are interactive museums that allow you to participate like science themed museums. There are also visual illusion museums you where you and your date can take lots of pictures. Filipina women are commonly snap happy and love documenting everything in pictures.


Enjoy a day at a theme park

Theme parks are not only for kids, but for kids at heart as well. There is just something exciting about enjoying a day at a theme park with a date. You can go on rides, eat fun food like corndogs and popcorn. You two can actually keep the date fun and light since you get to walk around the park and if you want to have a romantic moment together, there’s always the Ferris wheel for that. There is just something nostalgic about being in a small enclosed coach where you two can talk a little more about yourselves.

Go wall climbing

For the fit and sporty types, this is a fun idea for a date. You can go wall climbing and as you two start scaling the wall, you can have a few laughs while you talk. If you two have any experience with competing in sports, at least the mood is set for a little getting to know talk. This makes sharing your stories a little easier since you are, in fact, enjoying a friendly activity together. Plus, after climbing, you two can grab a bite to eat and continue your conversations.

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5 Ways to Make a Good Impression in dating Filipina women

First impressions last. This is a popular tagline used by a men’s hygiene product and rings very true to the day. dating filipina womenMaking a good impression is important if you want to get to a good start in dating Filipina women. Remember, as a culture, Filipinos tend to be more conservative and laid back. So, what would make a good impression to a western lady, might not necessarily work as well with Filipina ladies. To help you along, here are a few tips on making a good impression to your Filipina date to ensure that things get off to a good start and should up your chances in developing a more serious relationship.

Dress nicely and pay attention to good grooming

Definitely, with first impressions, physical attributes will always play a part. It is usually the first things we notice when meeting someone for the first time. If you want to impress your Filipina date, it is best that you dress up for the occasion. Depending on where you plan to take her, dress accordingly. Also, pay attention to your grooming as unkempt and dirty can tend to turn Filipinas off. Make sure you are clean and fresh especially when you go meet her the first time.

Practice punctuality

A gentleman is never late. With a culture that is still relatively conservative, it is very important to treat your Filipina date as a lady. And a lady should not be kept waiting. As such, it is better to plan to arrive early giving allowances for traffic and other delays. Besides, it scores you good points when she arrives to you waiting for her with flowers on hand. It immediately gives off the vibe that you are sweet and thoughtful and that you look forward to seeing her.

Be comfortable in your own skin

Be yourself and don’t try too hard. Filipinas respond to sincerity and if you are trying to impress her, it is best that you work with what comes naturally to you. Though, also keep in mind to always be polite and treat her with respect. With this, you will exude an air of confidence making her feel at ease on your dates paving the way for a good solid foundation for your relationship.

Have a sense of good humor

If you are not a funny guy, that’s totally okay. What matters here is your ability to laugh at things and topics in general. This in turn makes talking during your first date light and fun. Also, Filipinos as a culture tend to be able to laugh at anything. They love laughing and so will your lady friend. Remember that in dating Filipina women laughter is a key ingredient to a happy relationship. Just keep the topics clean and light and this should get the ball rolling off to a good start.

Smile and be positive

The Filipino nation has always been viewed as a nation who bounces back from crippling tragedies and calamities. The secret behind this is, their ability to smile through the storm. Even when their houses are submerged in flood water and are waiting for rescue, you can still see smiles on their faces. They are a very positive vibe people and their women are no exception. These women respond to positivity. In order to ensure a good solid start to your relationship, match her smiles with smiles of your own. Remember, try to practice looking at the glass as half full instead of half empty.

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4 Bad Habits to Kick before Dating a Filipina Woman

Filipina women are known to be serious partners and are in it for the long run. They are generally loyal and make amazing wives and mothers. They are very serious when it comes to family and basically that is one ingredient to a long and happy life together. Knowing this, you might already be considering dating a Filipina woman or are on your way to meet one right now. In preparation for that much anticipated date, here are a few tips regarding some habits you need to kick before dating a Filipina woman.

dating a filipina womanGetting drunk

Okay, so in the western culture, alcohol tends to be a part of daily life. Not all the time, but westerners tend to like drinking and occasionally getting drunk. In the Filipino culture, drunkenness is generally frowned upon. It is an object of ridicule when a man passes out or making an ass of himself after imbibing substantial amounts of alcohol. If you are planning to seriously date a Filipina woman, it is better to tone down in alcohol intake. It is not necessary to stop all together, but try to take into serious consideration the warning labels that say “drink moderately.

Talking too much about yourself

Modesty is a prized trait among Filipinos. So whenever you are praised for your skills or for a work well done, you are expected to be “shy” about it and will tend to put yourself down attributing your success to luck. Most westerners find this tedious. But when you are dating a Filipina woman, it is important not to gloat and talk about yourself and your achievement too much. Yes, she wants to know more about you, but try to keep the conversation balanced. Filipina women do not respond to men harping about their success and whatnot. They respond more to humility and modesty. And, as an added bonus, she will be pleasantly surprised when she finally finds out you singlehandedly saved your company from utter doom.

Being secretive

In the Filipino culture, in the dating culture specifically, communication is key. This can be very tedious sometimes as she might actually want to know every single little detail. But the thing is, lack of openness or leaving details out tend to be attributed to cheating and she might start doubting your seriousness in the relationship. Yes, Filipina women can be very jealous at times, but if she is secure with the relationship because you tell her everything, she will be very understanding and will be even supportive of the occasional night out with the boys. She might even offer to host it cooking you delectable adobo to brag about to your friends.

Complaining about everything

Westerners are used to a culture where complaints are a norm. This is valid, especially when you pay for services, goods or taxes. After all, it is your hard earned money. But in the Filipino culture, people tend to complain less and try to make things work and only complain when all options have been exhausted. Filipinos, especially the women, tend to be concerned about other people’s welfare and want to be considerate. So if you are the type who complains about every little thing, it is best you try to curb the habit or else it might be misconstrued with you being condescending towards her culture and her people.

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