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5 Filipino Characteristics You Must Have to Date a Filipina

date a filipinaCompatibility is a must in every relationship. Often times, compatibility is a key factor in making a relationship work. This, however, may pose as an obstacle a couple needs to overcome when talking about interracial relationships.

Let’s talk about this in the context of how to date a Filipina.

Filipinos have specific characteristics that you need to learn and understand in order to justify specific actions they do like sending dozens of boxes filled with all sorts of goodies back to their home country. If you don’t understand the reasons to this, then it might be a cause of unnecessary conflict. Learning about these specific characteristics can be skipped, though, if you already have these 5 Filipino characteristics needed to date a Filipina successfully:

Closeness to the Family

Most Filipino families are extended. No matter what the reason is for multiple families living under the same roof, it goes to show how close Filipino families are. You also need to have a characteristics of placing family first. It’s a characteristic that Filipinas value highly in men. They associate many things with this characteristic such as responsibilty as well as the ability to provide and care for other people.

Food Lover

Filipinas love to eat. Mother’s or grandma’s cooking ranks number one, but they’re not afraid to try other things like American food, Mexican food, Japanese, Korean and so much more. When you’re with a Filipina, you’d have to be willing to eat what she wants to eat and you’d have to love food as much as she does.

Knack for Singing

Calm down. It’s not like we’re saying that you need to sound like Josh Groban to date a Filipina successfully. You just need to “like” to sing and to like doing it when in karaoke joints and family gatherings. Don’t worry, most Filipinos can’t carry a tune too but they still try their best to sing the heck out of the song just for the heck of it.

Passion for Saving Old Things

Here’s one Filipino characteristic that you probably never heard of. Filipinos actually like saving things that are of the past. For example, old shoes, old photo albums, old clothes, old toys and so on. They collect these things with the thinking that they can be of use later on. Most of these old things are kept for many years. If you have this charcteristic as well, then you’ll have no problems deciding on whether to keep old stuff or not. The problem will later on come in the form of thinking where to put everything.

Cool with Gender Roles but with Exceptions

Filipinas know their role in the household. They know how to cook, clean and do the laundry. They will gladly do it while your feet is up but don’t take it too far. Help out every once in a while because a Filipina has her limits. You also need to remember to do nice things for her sometimes to show that you appreciate the work that she’s doing.

How many do you have?

Now that you know what’s on the list, how many of your own characteristics do you spot? If you spotted all five then great. If you lacked one or two then that’s ok but if you didn’t have any then it’s time to think of another approach.

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4 Reasons Why Multi-Dating Online is a Good Idea

Multi-dating online – this is when you date 2 to 3 people at the same time online. It’s simple enough to understand, but most people tend to look at multi-dating online as a no-no. There are tricks to doing it but, essentially, it’s actually a good tactic or approach to online dating and here’s why:

Reason #1: Lets you meet other people faster.

The sad thing with online dating is this: you make a connection with a person online and then that person just disappears out of the blue. This case is very common. If you’re multi-dating online, you’ll be able to avoid any serious heartache when one of your connections goes awol. It also saves you time because you don’t have to invest more of it to meet another person.

Reason #2: Helps you avoid premature assumptions.

When you’re dating one person, it’s easy to get caught up in the idea that this person might be “the one”. Women are commonly guilty of this. Dating two or three people online, however, lets you avoid this feeling because you have two others who can balance out your perspective on other possibilities. Because you are not focused on just one person, your mind is open to options.

Reason #3: Lessens anxiety when dating.

You can’t help but feel anxiety when you’re dating one person online. If you feel like you have a good thing going with someone, you try your best to make everything work instead of just letting everything fall into place naturally. The anxiety most likely comes from making the right move, sticking to a strict schedule for chatting online, and probably, contemplating on when the right time to meet is. Multi-dating online, however, has the opposite effect. You don’t sweat the small stuff so much because you have two or three people to keep you busy.

Reason #4: Your standards are maintained.

How does multi-dating online help maintain your standards? It has something to do with tolerance. When you’re so focused on a person you like online, the tendency is to tolerate what he or she is doing wrong. If that person goes beyond the boundary of what you consider to be acceptable behavior, you turn a blind eye for the fear of losing this person. However, with multi-dating, you know that you can just walk away from something unhealthy because you have other options who are so much better at treating you.

But isn’t it cheating?

No. If you’re emotionally involved with someone and you deliberately find another person to be involved with online, that’s cheating. In multi-dating’s case, you nly choose to be emotionally involved with the right one out of the two or three.  Once you’ve made your choice, you stop multi-dating and go steady.


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7 Mistakes You Can Make in the Dating Scene

The dating scene has changed quite a bit over the years. The playing field is more leveled since we’ve observed that women can make the first move if they choose to, men don’t have to pay for everything and both sexes can choose to multi-date (mostly observed with online dating). There are, however, a few constants that remain no matter how dynamic the dating scene has become and these constants are common mistakes that people make when dating either online or offline. You might even be guilty of a few of them yourself:

Pushing dating to the side while you focus on your career.

Focusing on your career is not a bad thing at all. You are allowed to focus on your career but if you focus on it mainly and push dating aside (for the meantime), you might just find yourself a little bit left behind. It would be better to focus on your career and not close your doors on dating. You’re not getting any younger, honestly speaking. As time passes you’re going to want to settle down and you can’t do that without finding a special person to share everything with.

Tweaking your online profile.


By tweaking, we mean misrepresenting yourself on your online dating profile. You know you’ve done this one before. Tweaking doesn’t just include pictures. It also includes your height, your age, and your interests. A white lie may not seem so bad, but it won’t help you find the right person.

Closing your doors to people who are not in your age range.

We all have our little preferences and, again, it’s something that’s negative, but it does become an obstacle once you close your doors to other possibilities. Age is one example of this. There’s much to debate on when talking age gaps, but it all boils down to really getting to know a person. Don’t judge someone based on their age.

Generic openers.

Most of us are probably guilty of generic openers – messages meant to spark a conversation or connection with another person online. Does the phrase copy-paste mean anything here? This probably happens because we are at a loss at what to say. The solution is simple: be creative and personalize that opener. Put a little bit of you in there.

The outside matters.

If you’re too caught up on finding the right person with the right vital statistics and facial features then your approach to dating is all wrong. Physical beauty will eventually just fade. It’s a person’s character you need to examine. It doesn’t hurt, of course, to date a 10 with an amazing personality and a sound character, but the key here is to place more importance on what you can discover on the inside.

Texting and emailing over talking.

It’s the digital age, we know, but talking is still better at bridging genuine connections between two people, even if it’s just done over the phone. Emailing and texting for weeks is alright but it would be much better to just pick that phone up and ask that person out for coffee or dinner.

Continuing to date someone who’s always negative.

Negativity depletes your energy. Negativity is also contagious. Don’t let someone dull out your shine and your passion because they push your buttons. End connections with someone who’s always depleting your energy.

What’s your score?

Now that you know these 7, how many dating mistakes have you made that are on this list? Try not to make them again to improve your dating life and to better your chances of finding the right one.

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Monday, 16 November 2015

Xiaoxia is a mysterious woman

AsianDate Xiaoxia

Xiaoxia is a mysterious 19-year old woman from China who didn’t reveal too much about herself. She did say she would love to meet a sincere and responsible man. Ask her to tell you a little bit more about yourself:

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Jun is looking for you!

AsianDate Jun

Jun is very outgoing and lovely girl from China who likes singing, climbing and driving fast cars. She would love to meet an adventurous man with whom she’ll share many exciting moments:

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Meet Lovely Lena!

AsianDate Lena

Lena is tender and honest 22-year old woman from China who have dreamt becoming a dancer but instead she became a teacher that really loves her job. She’s looking for reliable man with a good sense of humor. Chat with her today:

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XiaoQin is an active woman

AsianDate Xiaoqin

Xiaqin is an active woman who likes swimming the most. Especially during the summer months when she goes for a swim every day. Would you like to keep her company?

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Qingcheng Is A Modern Chinese Girl

AsianDate Qincheng

Qingcheng is a moder Chinese girl who can easily balance family life and her job. She’s also good at pleasing people and spreading positive energy around her. Would you like to know more about this beautiful lady? Chat with her today:

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5 Questions You Should Ask Yourself Before Dating Asian Girls

Have you made up your mind about dating Asian girls? Well, don’t make any decisions yet because we will help you do that. Across the vastness of the internet kingdom, we’ve searched for stories of foreign men and Asian women, their difficulties during the relationship and what they did to overcome it. They were all such great stories, but it wasn’t the stories that we were after. We wanted to find out what things foreign men should consider before dating Asian women. We found out a lot and, to make things easier for you, we’ve compiled all the information we gathered and turned them into 5 questions you should ask before dating Asian girls:

dating asian girls

Why do I want to date Asian girls?

Knowing the reason to this question will put things in perspective. Why have you decided to date Asian women? What is it about them that makes them so attractive to you? Is it because their culture is fascinating? Is it because these women make great mothers in the future? Figure this out yourself so you be aligned with the right mindset.


Am I looking for something serious or something temporary?

The next thing you should ask is this. Will you be willing to spend the rest of your life with an Asian woman? Although the success of relationships can never be predicted, you have to at least ask yourself the level of commitment you have and if you’re ready for a long-term serious relationship. Asking this question will make you examine your status in life as well as your goals.


Am I ready for the challenges brought about by cultural differences?

Having a girlfriend who’s from another culture won’t be a walk in the park. You’d have to consider difficulties like distance, language barriers, customs and traditions, familial values and so forth. There’s a lot to think about when discussions about cultural differences arise. Know that this is not for discouragement but for encouragement for you to see the truth which is: all relationships will have their troubles.


Do I have enough patience to deal with everything?

The next best question to ask yourself is if you have enough patience. This deals more with your emotional maturity. Are you mature enough to handle difficult situations during the relationship? As the man, will you be driven enough to make an effort when things go sour? It is these questions that will save you a whole bunch of heartache. As mentioned earlier, every relationship will have its bad moments. You would need to know how capable you are of fixing these bad moments and turning them into good ones – not an easy feat.


How far am I willing to go?

The most likely scenario of your relationship will be one where you’re in your own country and she’s in hers. If this is indeed the case, how far will, mostly, you go to keep the relatioonship going? Are you going visit her? How often? Are you going to apply for a visa for her? It is these questions that will help open your eyes to the truth and sincerity of the relationship.

Ask Yourself These Because…

It’s, of course, alright if you don’t go through this stage of asking yourself questions to see if you’re ready or if you aren’t.These questions, however, will save you from wasting your time and wasting someone elses. Even if you aren’t looking for anything serious, it’s ideal that you still ask yourself these to know which direction you’re headed in the area of love.

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6 Dos and Don’ts When Approaching Chinese Girls Online

Let’s admit to the fact that most foreign men don’t really know how to approach Chinese girls online. How do we
Chinese girls onine

know this? Well, there are a lot of rants online from Chinese girls saying that the foreign men who have approached them are either racist, have said inappropriate things, are rude and are just creepy, overall. You don’t want this to happen to you and neither do we. That’s why we have your basic Dos and Dont’s when interacting with Chinese girls online:

DONT #1: Assume Their Ethnicity

Just because a lady looks Southeast Asian doesn’t mean that they’re automatically Chinese. Never assume this because it’s simply racist. We’ve come across comments of Chinese girls saying that the first line a foreign guy sent them was: “Ni hao!” No. Stop. That’s inappropriate.

DO #1: Just Say Hi

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with just saying hi and introducing yourself. You should be doing this to all the ladies who catch your attention online. A simple “Hello, my name is ____ and I found your profile interesting (you have to read their profile).” will do.

DONT #2: Talk About Your Chinese Experiences

It’s very tempting to just blurt out: “This Chinese restaurant over at _[insert location]_ was the bomb.” No. Chinese girls online don’t appreciate that. The reason is because it’s almost as if her, being Chinese, is a big deal to you. It’s the same thing when you bring up your Asian friends, Asian food and the like.

DO #2: Talk About Things on Her Profile

Her profile is what made you interested in her in the first place, right? So, instead of just randomly mentioning whatever Chinese thing you can think of, mention whatever it was that’s on her profile that made you say she’s interesting, It could be a hobby, a song she listens to, her point of view on a certain topic or even her love for animals.

DONT #3: Bring Up Stereotypes

There are plenty of stereotypes attributed to Chinese girls online. For your sake, don’t bring up any one of them. They’re stereoptypes that may or may not be true. Whatever the case, it’s rather offensive to an Asian woman when all you really want to know is if she fits into a certain category.

DO #3: Get to Know Her

Instead of buying into the stereotypes, why not get to know the real person behind the stereotypes?It’s more genuine and it shows that you are interested in the person and not in the fantasy of how a Chinese woman is.

Chinese Women are Women too

What’s interesting is that Chinese women are different in many ways. It’s both a privilege and a challenge to get to know one indepthly. The point is, we are all human beings with unique characteristics. It would be better to be yourself rather than show the Chinese women you’re interested in that you have some sort of creepy Asian fetish. At the same time, you have to look beyond the fact that a woman is Chinese in order to get to know the real her.

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5 Physical Traits that Make Chinese Girls Attractive

Why are Chinese girls so attractive to a lot of foreign? What is is about them that makes them so alluring?

It’s not all about the physical features, of course, but it’s hard NOT to admit that it’s difficult to take one’s eyes off a lot of Chinese women because they look so damn good. Let’s talk about that. We’ve searched the internet for foreign men’s views on what physical features make Chinese girls attractive:

Attractive Chinese Girls

Opinion #1: Slender Bodies

Some men like their women curvy and some like their women slender. For most foreign men, a Chinese woman’s slender body is almost always at the top of the list of things they notice first. Because of their diet, culture and heritage and concern for health, Chinese women don’t find it hard to maintain their body shape.

Opinion #2: Facial Structure

Another thing that makes Chinese girls attractive to foreign men is their facial structure. Most Chinese women have high cheekbones and a prominent jawline. These features combined with smaller eyes, a less prominent, button nose and shapely thin lips makes a Chinese woman beautiful in the eyes of foreign men.

Opinion #3: The Eyes

A Chinese woman’s eyes should be mentioned on their own. Chinese women from the North tend to have smaller eyes while Chinese women from the south tend to have rounder eyes. Whatever the eye shape, most foreign men say that the allure of a Chinese woman comes from the way she looks at a man with her tantalizing eyes. Do you agree?

Opinion #4: Naturally Straight Hair

Although there are a lot of Chinese women who dye their hair and style it in a certain way, most foreign men say that they still prefer naturally straight hair that’s jet black and shiny. Men, of course, don’t notice the hair alone, but it is in contrast with the entire package. Natural is always prettier, coming from opinions of foreign men wanting to have serious relationships with Chinese women.

Opinion #5: Smooth Skin

Because Chinese women like to take care of themselves, they almost always have very smooth, fair skin. Genetics plays a major role in this, but most of these women find that it a must to have a strict skincare regimen. The flawlessness of a Chinese woman’s skin can also be a head turner to a lot of foreign men.

Beautiful Inside and Out

We’re sure that you’ll agree with most of the things we have on this list, but you need to remember, of course, that it is not just the outer features that make a Chinese woman beautiful. It is also her virtue and her character. Even though a Chinese woman looks good on the outside, it would still be beneficial if you get to know her and see her true colors because, again, as we mentioned earlier, it’s not always about the physical person’s characteristics because they are temporary.

Thanks for reading and don’t forget to share this post, as well as other ones you may like, to your friends or your family. Check back again for more fun reads about the Chinese culture and dating Chinese women!


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7 Insights Into the Korean Dating Culture

Korean Dating CultureIn the Korean dating culture, the term “dating” doesn’t mean what you think it means. Essentially, casual dating isn’t really present in the Korean culture because the dynamics of how two people get together are totally different. This is why, if you’re planning to date Korean girls, you have to understand the basics of these dynamics. And, this is exactly what the post is about – the basics. To clue you in on what the Korean dating culture is like, here’s a short list of insights into it:

Dates are Mostly Set Up by Friends

It’s very rare that you see a Korean guy approach a random Korean girl in order to say hi or ask her out. The way two people go on dates is through their friends or colleagues. This is the Korean dating culture – it operates in circles and networks of people. A friend of a friend, a friend of a colleague or even a mother’s friend’s son can be a bridge to asking someone out on a date. Blind dates set up by friends and family are also common.

You’re IT Most of the Time

It’s a kind of unspoken rule. During, the first few months or, perhaps, the first year of the relationship, it is mandatory for the male to show his gentlemanliness and capacity to provide by paying for most things. This is on the exception of special dates and anniversaries where the female might buy gifts for the male to commemorate a special day.

Parents Have the Last Say

Korean parents always have their children’s interest in mind. This is why they feel obligated to choose what is best for their child. Let’s include choosing a spouse in the picture. If a Korean parent doesn’t approve of you, your Korean partner will take it into serious consideration.

The Tug of War Concept

In the Korean dating culture, there is what’s called “mildang”. It literally translates to push and pull and usually occurs in Korean relationships. You don’t necessarily have to do it, but it’s a great piece of information so you know what your next step is. Here’s an example: a guy likes a girl, he gets her number and texts her non-stop after a date, after days or weeks, silence from the guy. That’s”mildang”. It’s like push and pull of a girl and a guy’s interest in the relationship.

Rank in Society

Again, rank doesn’t mean what you think it means in Korean society. It’s not about wealth, but it’s more on age. A younger person has to always show respect to an older one (even if the difference is only a few years). This is shown through honorific addresses and specific actions when with an older person. For example, a younger lady would call an older lad “oppa”; a younger lady would call an older lady, “unni”. It goes on. Because of this, an older person might find it hard to “date” a younger one.

Tradition is Major

Koreans are big on tradition. This means that you would have to take note of certain special days in the Korean calendar. Not only that, but, you would have to take note of certain marks in the relationship. For example, the first 100 days of a couple is an important day. Consider it an anniversary.

Open to Intimacy

When it comes to intimacy, you can expect that not everyone is talking about it. This doesn’t mean, however, that everybody is NOT doing it. It’s just kept on the down low. You have to be careful, though, because being intimate with someone is a sign that you’re serious about the person. In other words, intimacy is not taken lightly.


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Fang finds it easy to make friends

AsianDate Fang

Fang, a 20-year old lady from China, described herself as an ordinary girl who loves to smile a lot and help other people who are in need. She’s dreaming of finding a mature and wise man who will know how to take care of her. Find out more about her:

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Tuesday, 3 November 2015

5 Things a Woman from the Philippines Likes to Do

Planning to take a woman from the Philippines out on a date? Then this list is for you. We’re revealing 5 things that Filipinas like to do when they are out to help all of you gents out there who’s got a Filipina girlfriend. Also, you can refer to this list if you have absolutely no clue about how you’re going to spend your first date with a woman from the Philippines:


Ok so you usually do this on dates but here’s the thing that you need to remember. Filipinos, in general, love to eat. This means you can take your date to somewhere good. It doesn’t have to be a fancy restaurant as long as the food is good. Remember the saying: “A way to a man’s heart is through his stomach”? Well, the same thing can also be said about a Filipina.



Filipinos were probably born with microphones in their hands. Even if their singing voice is not that good, put a karaoke machine in front of a Filipino and he or she can sing the night away. Take your date to a karaoke bar. Most of these bars in the Philippines have private rooms where you can sing as loud and as often as you want and you can order food to boot.

Travelling to Nearby Resorts

Ok so this may not be a first date, exactly, but it’s a good way to spend some time with each other. That is if your Filipina date agrees to go with you. If it’s a day trip and you’re with other people as a group, she’s most likely to say yes. Look for nearby resorts to spend the entire day in. She’ll love it!

Tea or Coffee + Dessert

There are a lot of Fili[inos who love hanging out at cafes. They spend hours and hours there just sitting around, hanging out, sipping on a cup of good coffee or tea. Usually, a small plate with a dessert on it can be found next to the cup of tea or coffee. This is a great way to spend your date if you want to have more of a conversation with your date. Get her some dessert and coffee and then ask her questions about herself.

Spending Time with the Family

Aside from all of these interesting activities, a Filipina also likes to spend time with her family. This may not sound like a date to you but it will earn you a lot of plus points with your Filipina lady. Ask her if you can spend the day with her and her family. She’ll be surprised about your request but if she agrees, you are a shoe-in. You’re also going to earn plus points with her family. What you can do is up to her family. You can hang out at their house, eat there, go to the mall (most common), or attend a party with her family.

Try These Tips Yourself

These are helpful, aren’t they?Your future Filipina girlfriend will be impressed that you know these things. Your dates will definitely go better and, for certain, you’ll definitely get a “yes” with the second, third, and fourth one.

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6 Steps of How to Meet a Filipina

The way we figured it, there are only 6 steps on how you can meet a Filipina (a woman from the Philippines). If you’ve already met one online, go through the steps so you can plan how to meet in person. Take notes gents because this may come in handy:

Step 1: Meet a Filipina Online

The reason why you need to do this is because a Filipina must have a connection with you before your meeting. Meeting a stranger she knows almost nothing about is unlikely to happen. This means that you’re going to have to correspond with her frequently. Go to popular Asian dating websites (the secure ones) or even on Facebook. There are plenty of websites online, full of open-minded Filipinas who are waiting to meet new foreign friends.

Step 2: Do Video Conferences (and lots of them)

After you’ve corresponded via chat or email for a period of time, take the next step which is video conferencing. This is not just for the both of you to have a better way of communicating, but it’s also to establish trust. Once you see her and she sees you via webcam, it’ll confirm that both of your identities are genuine.

Step 3: Visit Or Plan to Visit

You should only proceed to Step 3 if you’re serious about your Filipina lady. After communicating for months, you can now plan to visit her in her own city. Get yourself a checklist of the things that you need to do. This should include your budget, where you’re going to stay, what you’re going to do (activities) and so on. You should plan everything yourself so you know, first hand, what your arrangements are going to be when you arrive. This is possible through researching the city that your Filipina girl is in.

Step 4: Meeting

Filipinos, in general, are big on texting. Calls…not so much so as soon as you arrive, purchase a sim card that you can use to communicate with her. Let her know that you’re here and ask her of her plans for the day or for the rest of the week. Decide on where to meet. You should also do this yourself. It’s best that you choose a place that’s outside of the hotel but near it. Lunch is too casual so a dinner date is more appropriate.

Step 5: The Date(s)

Remember that the Filipina you visited may also have her own daily responsibilities to do so don’t force her to be with you 24-7, unless she expresses her desire to do so. Ask her our on dates at specific days of the week but as much as possible don’t make it into an everyday thing. This is just to show that you ‘re also considerate of her time. When on dates, you have to be the gentleman and pay for the bill. She may choose to ride a taxi after your date or she may accompany you to your hotel. A good sign that things are going well is this: she will introduce you to her family. This is a sure sign that things are getting a bit serious.

Step 6: Leaving and Communicating

The day you leave will be heart-breaking for your Filipina lady so make sure that you communicate frequently via text, chat or video conference to alleviate her longing to be with you. Once you’re done with step 6, you can repeat the process and maybe skip a few steps.

Remember that doing this process means that you’re ready to be in a serious relationship. To a Filipina, the moment you decide to visit her in her city is a big deal so make sure that your intentions are clearly defined.

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Monday, 2 November 2015

5 Pros and Cons of Having a Chinese Wife or Girlfriend

Having a Chinese wife or a girlfriend has it’s good side and its bad side. If you’re serious about marrying someone from another culture, in this case, the Chinese culture, you need to know both sides of the coin so you know what you’re getting yourself into. Before you read on, do us a favor. Assess your character as well – know your good side and your bad side – because it will take a lot to be with someone who’s from a different culture as you are. You can change your attitude but never your character so you have to know that you’re ready to take on both the good and the bad:

Pro #1: The Majority Chinese Women Want Simple Things in Life

Hard as it may seem to believe, almost all women want the simple things in life – a family, financial stability and a loving husband. Chinese women are just the same. This pro won’t be noticeable during the couple stage of the relationship but eventually, when the Chinese woman and the foreign man become married, the mindset ultimately changes and focuses more on the things that really matter.

Con #1: You Will Be Viewed as Financially Successful

No matter what financial status you have, in China, you will be viewed as someone successful. This is especially true if you come from the United States or from Europe. It’s a misconception, but the Chinese society is all about securing one’s future.

Pro #2: Honesty is Valued

Although there are certain misconceptions the Chinese society have about foreigners, you shouldn’t act like someone you’re not. Honesty is very much valued in the Chinese culture. If you’re honest about your financial status, your future Chinese wife and in-laws won’t mind a bit as long as you show them that you’re going to work hard so you can secure your future family’s future.

Con #2: Women Who are After Something Different

Be on your toes when meeting Chinese women. Because the Chinese society has this misconception of foreigners, there are Chinese women who would want to meet a few for the purpose of having financial stability. Love may not be involved in the process. The more financially stable you are, the more attractive you will be to these women. This is not the relationship that you want. There are exceptions, of course, so the key is to have an open mind.

Pro #3: You and Your Future Children Will be Well Taken Care Of

Chinese women learned their nurturing skills from  the best, their own mother. Once they become a wife and a mother themselves, their natural instinct for taking care of the entire family kicks in. This is not to say that you’re going to be pampered from head to foot but, more specifically, you’ll go home to a clean house with delicious food on the table with the kids already doing their homework.



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