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6 Reasons Why Asian Women Prefer Asian Men

why asian womenDon’t have a lot of luck with Asian women? Well maybe it’s because your competition, the Asian man, has the upper hand. If you really want to success in the Asian dating frontier, you need to know what or who you’re up against so you know what your next move is. With that said, we thought that you might find the following information very useful:

Why Asian Women Prefer Asian Men Reason #1

They know that Asian dating rules are the opposite of foreign dating rules. For example, when dating in the West, a 3-day wait needs to happen before a call or a text can be sent. This concept is very strange to an Asian woman. What the Asian man does is the opposite. If he likes someone, he calls and texts right away – sometimes, even everyday. Asian men don’t wait and count the days like foreign men do because they know that one way of showing interest is to blow her phone up with calls and messages.

Why Asian Women Prefer Asian Men Reason #2

Asian men also value family. When an Asian woman says that she is busy with family stuff, the Asian man doesn’t think anything of it because he knows that family comes first. He also knows how to conduct himself when he is invited to family gatherings.

Why Asian Women Prefer Asian Men Reason #3

Asian men fight for the bill. In the Asian dating culture, it’s a must for you to pay for all things when on dates. This is essential because a man has to show that he is a gentleman in this way. It’s like an unwritten rule in the Asian dating culture.

Why Asian Women Prefer Asian Men Reason #4

Asian women sometimes prefer Asian men because they are career driven. We don’t know if you’ve noticed but Asians really take their work seriously. Climbing up the career ladder is a priority to most so they can provide a better future for their family. Asian men do it for the perks and the power. Asian women dig successful corporate guys who are also not intimidated by a successful corporate woman.

Why Asian Women Prefer Asian Men Reason #5

Don’t buy into the notion that Asian men are not romantic. Truth is, there are some that seem emotionless but one thing is for sure: they know what to do during special days like anniversaries and valentines days. You should also know these things because Asian girls go crazy over special days (especially anniversaries). Asian men also know exactly what their dates want as presents.

Why Asian Women Prefer Asian Men Reason #6

Last but not the least, Asian men speak the language. Yes, it’s very obvious but there are Asian women who don’t speak English fluently. Because of this, some are reluctant to meet men outside of their culture. If you know how to speak the language (at least the basics), you’ll have better chances of talking to an Asian woman and snagging one as a date.

There you have it! A list of 6 things Asian men do to get the attention of Asian women. Now what should you do about it? It’s up to you actually but we highly recommend studying the Asian dating culture to get the upper hand.

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5 Ways to Meet Asian Ladies Offline

asian ladies offlineThere are a million and one ways to meet Asian ladies offline and that’s not an exaggeration because Asia is a pretty big place. We cannot list 1 million ways here, however, because it’s going to take us forever to list all of the ways down, but we do have 5 for you. It’s not even close to a million but you’ll find that it’ll come in handy when you apply it to your dating life.

When in Asia:

Work events and conferences

When you’re working in Asia, work events as well as conferences are going to come in abundance. Attend as many of them as possible to meet professional Asian ladies offline. Even if the event is just a small get together with people at work, go ahead and attend it. You never know who you’re going to meet because, remember, one effective way of meeting women in Asia is through their friendship circles and relations.

Go out when friends invite you to do so


Assuming that you’re new in the neighborhood, a great idea would be to come through whenever your friends invite you to go out with them. Asians usually eat and drink and have a great time at karaoke places. Your friends might just bump into a few of their other friends and you can all join together in one group or this could be a way for you to ask your friend about his or her other friend that you’d like to meet.

Cultural events should be your thing

There are going to be a lot of cultural festivals that will take place when you’re living in Asia so take advantage of it. Chances are, you’ll meet someone you like and you can say “hi” while at the festival because, most of the time, the atmosphere is fun and festive, very conducive for meeting randomly meeting Asian ladies offline.

When NOT in Asia:

Be friend Asian co-workers

Asians stick together, trust us. Most Asians have a warm personality so it’s natural for them to seek out people who also come from a similar place. It’s also highly likely that they will have a lot of Asian friends so it’ll be your path to meeting Asian ladies offline. Have your new Asian friend set up a blind date with you and one of his or her Asian friends. When the date is on, the rest will be up to you.

Move to Asia

This is dramatic but it’s a good way to meet Asian ladies offline. We’ve done our research and Asian women in different countries don’t seem very approachable so you might have a hard time meeting a few. If you’re not willing to make the move, a good alternative would be to visit a specific Asian country for vacation. You can then meet women randomly there or you can, first, contact Asian women over the internet and then plan an offline meeting when things go well.

So what do you think of our list? We think the main thing to think about is meeting Asian women offline through their circle of friends. That’s the most common way of doing it and it’s highly successful when the both of you are compatible.

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6 Reasons Why Google is Your Bestfriend When Screening Scammers

When online dating, you should always be aware of red flags and scams. This may sound complicated because you’d have to keep track of every move you make and keep your eyes open at the same time. However, there’s one tool that can help you out and it was sitting right under your nose the whole time. The tool is Google and we’ve got 6 reasons why it’s your best friend when it comes to screening scammers:

Reason #1: You can Google a certain email address.

No matter what email address your contact may have, you can still Google it to get a whole lot of information. These days scam victims don’t hold back when sharing their experiences in forums or blogs. They divulge email addresses and the like to protect other people from getting scammed. All you have to do is ask for the email address of the lady you’re corresponding with and then key it in on Google search. If she doesn’t want to give you her email address, consider it a red flag.

Reason #2: Google picks up phrases and sentences.

Why is this helpful? Well, scammers are likely to send out generic letters they’ve made themselves or letters they’ve gotten off of the internet. What you can do to see if you’ve been sent a generic letter is to Google a couple of words or phrases into Google with open and close quotation marks. Here’s an example: “My fondness of you grows each day.” The quotation marks are important because they let Google know that your looking for a phrase or a sentence that’s exact. If you were to forget the quotation marks for the phrase or sentence, Google could end up giving your results for only one or two words instead of the exact entire sentence or phrase.

Reason #3: Using Google images.

Have you ever used this feature of Google before? If you haven’t, it’s time for you to learn because this will play a paramount role in identifying the woman you’re corresponding with through images. In the process of screening scammers, you also have to check whether they are who they say they are and you can do that using Google images. Head over to: image.google.com. If you have a picture of your girl, drag it on the page of Google image and watch it do its magic. If the picture result showed another person, you better head for the hills, my friend.

Reason #4: Names are important.

Did you know that Google also displays social media accounts? You probably knew that already but anyway, yes it does and it’s great that it does because you can do a little bit of snooping just by keying in the name of the lady your chatting with.

Reason #5: User names are more important.

We have the internet to thank for this: did you know that there are actually websites dedicated to foil the plans of online scammers? These data bases include usernames which contain certain user names scammers use. We don’t know why but, more often than not, scammers use the same user name over and over again. It’s a great way of screening scammers and it’s as easy as inputting the user name on Google search.

Reason #6: Use Google whenever you’re skeptical.

If you feel like you’re being deceived in any way, Google is always available for you to do a bit of detective work on your own. Just don’t forget (“”) the quotation marks when you want to search for something specific. This can also be applied to user names as well as proper names.

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Cao is looking for a humorous man!

Asian Date Cao

It’s not just Cao’s happiness and optimism that makes her very attractive but her personality too! Would you like to find out more about this Asian beauty? Click here and start a chat: http://bit.ly/1Q3jhc7.

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Hu has a really cute smile

AsianDate Hu

Just one look at Hu’s smile will be enough for you to fall in love. If that’s not the case, we assure you you’ll change your mind when you read more about this lovely lady here: http://bit.ly/1EQ1RiR

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Hong says that she’s a 4s woman

AsianDate Hong

Hong says that she’s a 4s woman: smart, sweet, strong and sexy. She joined AsianDate in a hope she’ll find a loyal gentleman with a loving heart. Sounds like you? Let her know here: http://bit.ly/1gbA7ZX.

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Chat with Liu Today!

AsianDate Liu

19-year old Liu described herself as a creative and dedicated woman. Are you wondering to what she is dedicated to? Feel free to ask her yourself here: http://bit.ly/1LlZRvq.

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Guess What Jing’s Nickname Is

AsianDate Jing

Jing is a 23-year old girl from China who has a very interesting nickname. If you have said her name twice in a row (JingJing) you guessed it! Ask her why she joined AsianDate and start chatting with her today!

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7 Questions About Dating Answered by a Filipina

about datingFilipinas have a notorious reputation in the online dating world. They’re viewed as scammers or as gold-diggers but the truth couldn’t be farther. Because of this, we’ve decided to ask a regular Filipina woman to answer 7 questions related to online dating so readers of this blog can distinguish what’s true and what’s false:

Question 1: About dating, is there such a practice in the Philippine culture?

Answer: Yes and no. You see, just like other Asian countries, we view “dating” in a different way. If a guy asks me out on a date, that means he already likes me and by asking me out on a date, he’s already showing his interest to court me. That’s the first step, I guess – courting which means that the guy is doing everything he can to get the girl’s yes. Yes in what? Yes in being in a relationship with him.

Question 2: Is it the same with online dating? Is courting involved?

Answer: Yes, of course. You’d have to court a Filipina. However, major exceptions take place because most Filipinas who are online dating are more open to the liberalness of foreigners.

Question 3: What do Filipinas think about foreigners who date online?

Answer: It depends. If they see the guy on Facebook then they feel more comfortable. Generally, most Filipinas don’t really sign up to online dating sites because they find it new. If you go through Facebook, however, it’ll give the impression that you’re a real person. It’s not that you’re not real but Facebook is what’s familiar to most people from the country.

Question 4: Do Filipinas care about age gaps?

Answer: Yes and no. There are Filipina women who don;t and there are who do. You may think that it’s about dating or relationships but here’s a good tip that you need to remember: Filipinas have a different way of viewing things. They take into account their societies view as well as their family’s view so you can’t really blame them if they don’t want an older man.

Question 5: Is divorce an issue in a relationship?

Answer: No with conditions. Divorce is something that’s new to Filipinos. There’s no divorce in the Philippines but rather only separation. Most Filipinos figure that it’s not an issue, same with being separated, as long as the other party does not cause drama. That’s the most important thing. If you still haven’t ironed out the ends of your relationship, it would be better to fix things before getting into a relationship with a Filipina.

Question 6: What do other Filipinos think about dating foreigners?

Answer: You may think that this is unfair but here’s the truth. Men who date foreign women are considered to have “good game. Filipinas, on the other hand, are generally viewed as someone who needs money badly so they have to marry or date a foreigner just to get by or to escape the situation she and her family is in.

Question 7: Is it really true?

Answer: BIG NO. It’s just like other women in other countries, they have good ones and bad ones. Same with the Philippines. The good ones don;t need foreign men for success. They’re busy doing that on their own, actually. The bad ones, well, they don’t have any other life other than staying online waiting for their next victim. This is why foreign men wanting to date Filipinas online need to be careful.

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5 Reasons Why Taiwanese Ladies are Easy to Meet

Have you ever been to Taiwan before? If you have, then you’ll know that Taiwanese girls are different compared to most of girls in other Asian countries. They’re different for several reasons (we’re going to talk about 5 in this post) but the main thing to remember is that their differences make them easy to meet.

Taiwanese Ladies are Easy to Talk to

What makes Taiwanese girls easy to talk to? It’s partially the language. Most know how to express themselves in English. Although not many are fluent, they can speak English at a level that can be understood. This makes communication a little easier. It could possibly be challenging at times but ultimately you will understand each other enough to have a conversation.

Taiwanese Ladies Have Been Exposed to Western Culture

Taiwan is a melting pot of expats from around the world. Because of this, many ladies have been exposed to different cultures. More so of the Western culture, we think. The result is this: they do not feel unconformable or uneasy when interacting with foreigners in general because they know how to conduct themselves because of the familiarity in culture. Some of them may even know a few pop references.

Visiting Taiwan Makes a Great Vacation

Almost everyone knows that you don’t have to spend a lot when you go to Taiwan. The cost of living is pretty low and you get an almost unlimited number of interesting things to do which is an up sell. This means that if you want to meet girls in Taiwan, it won’t take much for you to take her out on a fancy date. You can even do it everyday if you really wanted to because almost everything is affordable. Even living in Taiwan for a period of time won’t break your bank account.

Taiwanese Ladies are Chill

You’ll really know this once you meet one personally. There are Asian women who appear to be stiff and uneasy when you meet them for the first time. They eventually warm up but Taiwanese girls are different in the sense that they’re really chill and relaxed no matter how many times you’ve met them already. This is another factor as to why we say that Taiwanese ladies are easy to meet. This could be because they’re so used to foreigners already.

Traditional in Dating

We said that Taiwanese girls were easy to meet but you’d have to have real game and sincerity to date one. We though we’d add this in so everyone sees the picture as a whole. Not fret, however, because there’s a majority who steer away from the traditional and this majority is considered a sub-culture of Taiwanese women who exclusively date foreign men.

Try Dating in Taiwan

It’s no secret that many find it easier to meet Taiwanese girls because of these 5 reasons. Try it yourself. Maybe you can meet a nice Taiwanese girl online, correspond with her for a few months and then visit her. Or you can also do the direct visit approach and just visit Taiwan to meet Taiwanese ladies. The choice is up to you. Just remember these 5.

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4 Types of Women You Can Meet in Hong Kong

meet in hong kongAre you travelling to Hong Kong for a vacation or are you travelling there for migration? Or maybe for business? Whatever the case, you’ll be glad to know that dating there will be significantly easier (depending on the type of girl you encounter) compared with other Asian countries because most, but not all, people that live in Hong Kong are more open-minded to foreigners. With that said, you can look forward to meeting 4 types of beautiful women in Hong Kong:

Type #1: The Cantonese Woman

Most of the women you’ll meet in Hong Kong will be local Cantonese. You can spot one by their body-build and platform shoes. These women are generally petite, with rounder eyes, naturally curved eyebrows and other facial features that make men go: “she’s both brains and beauty”. Most of them, however, don’t speak English well and they might be hard to approach because they don’t really think of foreigners as tickets out of the country. They can be a challenge but they can also be loyal and sincere in the relationship.

Type #2: The Mainland Woman

There are a lot of women who have moved to Hong Kong from the Mainland to live a better life. Their aim was to move to a bigger city where they have opportunities. You’ll see a lot of them walking the streets of Hong Kong. These mainland girls are often looked down upon by local girls from Hong Kong so meeting foreigners is their way of mingling and socializing. It’s not their only way of meeting people but, in short, they are more open to it.

Type #3: The Chinese Expat

The Chinese Expats are women who have gone to other countries like Canada, stayed there for a long time and then went to Hong Kong to live their either permanently or temporarily. Even though you are meeting in Hong Kong, you will still feel like your meeting someone from the West. Most know how to speak English (speak English well, in fact). But, they don’t like to be mistaken as local girls so you have to be careful when approaching one, speaking in Cantonese.

Type #4: The Expats

It’s no surprise that many expat women can be spotted in Hong Kong. This is because a lot of foreign companies are also located there. These women are a mix of nationalities. They’re typically business-minded women who find foreign men to be more attractive. Take note that most of these women have a hard time dating. For you, this means that they will be more open, more approachable and more knowledgeable about the cultures on both sides – Asian and Western.

So who would you like to meet?

So, as a foreign man who knows he has a lot of chances in Hong Kong, who would you like to meet? Whatever type of girl it is, remember that you can always meet more. Don’t limit yourself to just these 4 types because there’s a whole slew of different women with different personalities and characteristics in the city of Hong Kong.

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