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4 Traits an Asian Woman DOESN’T Want in a Man

an Asian WomanAn Asian woman has specific traits that she looks for in men. You’ll mostly find the basics like being responsible, a family-man, kind, caring, loving and generous. If we flip it around, an Asian woman also has specific negative traits that she’s also looking for when meeting foreign men. She looks for these traits so she knows who she’s going to reject and who she’s going to give her interest to.

The positive traits are easy to determine because these traits are also the same traits that other women want. The negative one, however, can be pretty specific. Here are 4 examples of this:


Before your mind tells you all sorts of negative things about Asian women, hold up. To an Asian woman, a man who is stingy during a date means that he either doesn’t have a stable financial standing or he is not interested in the woman at all.

This is not to say that Asian women cannot take care of themselves. No, they absolutely can and they will even if a man isn’t involved in the equation. It’s just that in the Asian culture, it is important for a man to be able to show that he has the capability to take care of his future family. An Asian woman also understands how the mind of a man works. If a man doesn’t “invest” in a woman (invest in time, effort, money), then she knows that he is not interested.

Cold and Unromantic

No woman wants a man who is a robot. If you’re the kind who doesn’t show his emotions, is not sweet or is uncaring, you need to work on that. Asian women want romance and they want a good amount of it (at least during the early part of the dating process).

You see, Asian women watch a lot of Asian dramas. The men in these dramas go to extreme lengths just to show their love for the heroine. You don’t have to do this necessarily, but if you can then why not? You can get away with doing small romantic gestures that can make your Asian woman smile. Though the gesture is not Asian drama-style, it works just as well.

Uninterested in Children

If a man loves to play with kids, is playful and goofy himself at times, and has a natural knack for dealing with children, he’s making it easy for an Asian woman to look his way. Because Asian women are so family oriented, men who know how to deal with children signals that to that he might have great dad skills.

Rude to Parents and Elders

If there’s one thing an Asian woman cannot stand, it is a man who doesn’t know how to respect his parents and his elders. In Asia, respecting parents and the elderly are major aspects of the culture. If you’re one who does not understand the dynamics of this practice, you have to start reading up on this. Usually, even if you don’t know the dynamics of the practice, all you have to remember is to be polite and well-mannered.


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Thursday, 18 February 2016

Rong is a simple traditional Chinese woman

AsianDate Rong

Rong is a simple and a traditional Chinese woman who wasn’t had much luck in life when it comes to love. She joined Asian Date in a hope her bad luck will turn into a story with a happy ending. Find out more about Rong here:

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Jiali is in a search for a true love

AsianDate Jiali

Beautiful Jiali joined AsianDate in a hope she’ll find a true love. In her spare time she likes to dance, travel and sing. If you would like to know more about her, invite her for a chat:

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Ting is a girl with a soft heart

AsianDate Ting

24-year old Ting from China has a warm and tender heart which makes her kind to everybody in her life. She believes beauty is skin-deep, so apart from outside beauty, Ting cares about her inner beauty as well. If you like what you’ve read so far, let her know here:

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Tuesday, 16 February 2016

Weijun would like to tell you a secret

AsianDate Weijun

Weijung is an honest, outgoing and positive young woman from China who has many secrets. But she would like to share them with you! Would you like to hear them? Let her know here:

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Xiao is a passionate type of girl

AsianDate Xiao

24 year old Xiao from China is a passionate kind of girl who joined Asian Date in a hope she’ll find the man of her dreams. Xiao described him as an honest and humorous. Could that be you?

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Monday, 15 February 2016

8 Truths to Remember When Your Girlfriend is Asian

When your girlfriend is Asian, there are a few inevitable truths you experience almost everyday. It’s important that you, the suitor or the boyfriend, need to be reminded of these truths because they’re going to stay in your life for as long as you are together:

1. The DISLIKE Factor with Her Father

When you met your Asian girlfriend’s fater, did you note a hint of dislike in his facial expression? If yes, then that’s normal. It’s also possible that he still may not like you to this day. Don’t worry. It will pass. This is just how Asian fathers are: they are over protective and they want the best for their princess. The mothers are easy to win over but you have to show that your intentions are good, that you can protect their daughter and you can provide for her in order for the dad to like you.

2. Family Ties


When your girlfriend is Asian, you cannot change the fact that she’s close with most of her family members. They have monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly or annual gatherings that you, as the suitor or boyfriend, need to be present in. Most Asian families have this set up and, so, it’s counter productive for you tell your Asian girlfriend that you don’t feel like coming to a family gathering. Those are minus points for you.

3. Black Hair Everywhere

Majority of Asians have long black hairs (unless they dye it a different color). What this means for you is, if you’re living together, you’re going to find a lot of black hair strands everywhere. In your bed, the shower, the couch, everywhere! Deal with it!

4. No Shoes Inside the House

You know that your girlfriend is definitely Asian when she makes you take off your shoes before you go inside the house. It’s something that she got from her culture so better get used to doing this. The upside is, your floor is going to be cleaner.

5. Get Her Last Name Right

Your Asian girlfriend will expect you to pronounce er last name correctly. People around you will most likely have a hard time pronouncing it so you better get it right or else.

6. Always EAT What She Cooks and What Her Parents Serve

This is, perhaps, one of the most important things that you need to be reminded with. For Asians, one sign of respect that you can do is by eating plenty of whatever it is that’s served to you. No matter whose cooking it is, the one who cooked it will feel joyful and accomplished when they see you enjoying what they cooked.

7. Drama-Rama

Asian girlfriends tend to be over dramatic, sometimes. When you get in a fight and she gets this way, don’t buy into it. Try your best t calm her down and then gently explain the situation in a very objective manner. The over-dramatizing could be because of all the Asian soap operas she’s watched.

8. Reaching for the check

In the early parts of your relationship with your Asian girlfriend, you’re going to have to reach for the check first because this is a gentleman’s way of showing their manners. Don’t worry though, because as the relationship progresses she’ll either reach for the check first or tell you to go dutch.

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6 Ways to Win the Heart of a Filipina

the heart of a filipina can be won in 6 waysIs dating a Filipina easy? Well, it could be challenging at times because most Filipinas are very strong-willed. But, despite that, women from the Philippines do have a certain charm to them that makes them intriguing and alluring. Besides, once you’ve won the heart of a Filipina, it won’t matter how strong-willed she is. She’ll be yours and you’ll be hers. There are different ways on how you win the heart of a Filipina over but here are the top 6:

Win the Heart of a Filipina and Her Family

There’s noting more important to a Filipina than seeing her family happy. When it comes to relationship or marriage decisions, a Filipina can decide on her own, but this decision will be significantly influenced by her family. This is why you, the suitor, needs to make a good first impression. It’s not just the Filipina’s heart you need to win but her family’s as well.

Small Romantic Gestures

What can exactly be classified as a small romantic gesture? It’s simple. Opening the door for her, sending her text messages throughout the day, leaving her small notes or emails and maybe sending her small inexpensive gifts. Do you get the point? Women from the Philippines really eat up romantic comedy movies and there’s plenty of small romantic gestures in them that they want to experience in their life.

More Actions, Less Words

Aside from doing the small gestures, you have to mean what you say and you have to do what you say. It’s not enough to tell a Filipina that you’re really interested in her. You have to show it through your actions. Here’s the thing about this, however. It’s ok to do this everyday but the big points come from showing effort for when it really counts – when she needs someone to talk to, when she’s sad about something or when she’s had a bad day.

Cook Dishes She’ll Love

Filipinas love to eat. Some women even have more adventurous palettes. To get on this side of her, why not cook dishes to win the heart of a Filipina. You can try cooking traditional Filipino foods (if you can) or you can simply cook what you’ve already cooked before. They have to be good, of course, but they don’t need to be great. Sufficient cooking skills will do. Aside from getting on her side that loves to eat, partly, you’re showing her that you’re making an effort to impress her.

Respect Her Beliefs

In the Philippine culture, there are plenty of beliefs that you need to accept. You don’t need to accept them for yourself but you just have to respect the fact that the woman you’re dating believes them by heart. To win the heart of a Filipina over means to accept her superstitions, religious traditions and the like.

Let Her Be Herself

If you really want to win the heart of a Filipina, you need to accept her for who she is. When she’s loud, let her be loud. When she’s enthusiastic about going to new places, let her be over zealous. The main point is to allow her to be herself as long as it doesn’t compromise on your future relationship. Who knows? When you’re married, maybe she’ll let you watch the game in peace and even hand you a few beers.

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Sunday, 14 February 2016

5 Things to NEVER Do When Meeting American-Asian Women

For most men, the main mistake they make when meeting American-Asian women is NOT about having to know a lot about the Asian culture. Asian women who have grown up or have lived in America for a while aren’t really focused that much on how accurate your interpretation of their culture is. What you do wrong has little to do with this, but a lot to do with how you act and what you say when meeting American-Asian women:

Guessing the Ethnicity

It’s only natural for you to have this kind of question in your head but playing this guessing game is not the way to get some answers. Imagine this scenario where you and the American-Asian woman sit in one table. You’re having a great conversation and then you all of a sudden blurt out: “I’m guessing that you’re Chinese.” (*cricket sounds*)

It is never a fun time for American-Asian women to sit there while you play this guessing game with them. It could be downright annoying!

Bowing Instead of Shaking Hands

Upon first meeting, it’s totally unnecessary for you to bow to her. It doesn’t matter what Asian decent she comes from. The mere fact that you’re bowing to her when you meet is very awkward. This, although done with good intentions, can backfire on so many levels and it will not show how much you know about the proper way to greet a person in the Asian culture.

“…for an Asian” Compliment

When you give a compliment, make sure that it’s heartfelt and non-offensive. When you say something and then attach “…for an Asian” at the end of it, you’re basically stereotyping. You’re saying that you typically believe that Asians can’t do this or do that or Asians can’t be this or be that because your definition of them is confined inside a little box. Avoid this one at all costs!

I Like “Asian Girls” Bit

When you’re meeting American-Asian women and you tell them that you’re really into Asian girls, how are they suppose to process that? Are you saying that you’re into their ethnicity and not their personality? Analyze this for a minute and apply it to yourself. If you come up to random women and they tell you that they don’t date white guys, you’d feel a little offended too, wouldn’t you?

Asking for “Real” Names

Asking for “real names” is also one way of stereotyping the American-Asian women you’re meeting. Just because they are Asian, doesn’t mean that they have traditional names. Maybe their parents named them with common Western names and there’s nothing wrong with that. Never ask American-Asian women if they have real names like Kim Young, Mei Ling, Juana or Parampreet.

It’s never a great feeling to be stereotyped. It’s annoying most of the time, it could sometimes be offensive and the person the stereotype is directed to might not have a very good impression of your character and of how your mind works. If you do any of these, you can say goodbye to that second date with the American-Asian woman you met.

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Thursday, 11 February 2016

6 Ways to Build Trust with Chinese Women Online

Trust has always been an important issue when it came to meeting Chinese women online. Come to think of it, it’s an important issue with online dating in general. For years, people have been known to tell a fib or two when meeting people online. Well, this doesn’t work when you want to meet Chinese women online because, to them, trust is the most important aspect in a relationship (or maybe in a potential relationship).

How to get a Chinese woman's trust.

Not being able to see each other face to face already adds to the doubt that most Chinese women have in the beginning. Telling a fib does not help. These 6, however, do:

Don’t lie about your age

Never ever lie about your age. If you’re worried that you’re too old for meeting Chinese women online, don’t be. You’d be surprised at how unimportant age is to Chinese women who want to date foreign men over the internet. Don’t get caught up in telling a little white lie with your age because it’ll be your downfall when the time comes. Just go with it and don’t focus on age too much. After all, it’s just a number, right?

Tell the truth about your intentions

First off, if you want to meet Chinese women online just for fun, you have to be very clear about that. There are women who also have the same intentions as you, but most are definitely looking for serious relationships that could potentially end up in marriage. Be honest if you do not want anything serious.

Don’t pretend to know her culture

It’s so easy to Google information that, sometimes, you can feel like you know almost everything. Google-ing also comes easy when you’re talking about impressing Chinese women online. STOP. Don’t pretend to know something about her culture just so you can show off.

Say what you mean

It’s always an advantage to say what mean what you say and say what you mean. Flattery is OK but don’t go telling Chinese women online that you’re going to do this while, in fact, you’re not feeling up to it. Do good with your promises and always be consistent in both your actions and words so you build trust.

Be honest when a miscommunication happens

If the Chinese women you’ve been chatting with aren’t very good at expressing themselves in English, miscommunication is bound to happen. When it does, acknowledge that something went wrong, apologize if you are at fault and then move on. To Chinese women online, there’s nothing worse than a man, whom they could potentially be with, playing games and not being honest.

Be truthful about your past

If a Chinese woman asks you about something your past, tell her the truth. This, however, has a condition. You can tell her the truth straight up if you’re comfortable doing so (or if you trust her enough). If not, you can simply tell the Chinese woman asking that the subject she’s asking about is sensitive and personal. She will get the point and appreciate you for your honesty.

Building trust is a must if you want to have a successful relationship with a Chinese lady. Don’t try to get away with a fib because, it’s inexplicable but, Asian women have this knack of knowing if you’re telling the truth or not.


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4 Ways to Date Virtually this Valentine’s Day

This year’s Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. Most couples (specifically the men) are already planning out what they are going to do on that day. They’re probably thinking of doing popular activities like going to a fancy restaurant, preparing gifts like flowers, or going on a weekend vacation to somewhere.

V-day is simply a great time for couples who are together but what about long-distance couples? They, who are miles away and are dating over the internet, can’t do these activities because they can only be together virtually. It’s not the end of the world, however, because virtual couples can still do a few things together during Valentine’s despite the distance. Here are 4 ways to date virtually this Valentine’s day (gentlemen, take note):

Video Conferencing and a Restaurant

Do you have Skype on your phone? Or, better yet, have you uploaded the video conferencing app your dating site has? If yes, then go ahead and call for a reservation in a nice restaurant. It doesn’t have to be fancy but it does have to be a bit quiet. Set a date with your overseas sweetheart on V-day. Agree to meet during a specific time. When V-day hits, go to the restaurant and simply video conference the love of your life while having dinner.

Video Conferencing and a DIY Dinner

If going to a restaurant and talking to your phone isn’t your thing, you can do something similar but this time. Instruct your partner to make his or her own dinner. Both of you should have dinner while video conferencing. It’s just like going on a date! You can even spruce your table setting up by lighting candles and pouring yourselves a glass of wine.

Audio Messages of Love

Most may not have the time to do a video conference, call for a reservation or even cook dinner. If this sounds like you, what you can do on V-day (even if you don’t have the time) is to leave a few messages of appreciation and love. Since you don’t have the time, you still have to make sure that your partner knows how much he or she means to you. You can do emails in this instance but it’s more personal when audio (and even video) is used. Your partner will feel like you’re in front of him or her while saying the sweet and kind words. That’s always better than reading a boring email.

Surprise Gifts

The great thing with long-distance relationships is the element of surprise. Before V-day (or a little after V-day if you’re busy), send a parcel for your loved one to receive. It’ll be a surprise for sure! Make sure that you check your dating website if they have a gifting service that you can avail. This way, you don’t have to search for a gift and then send it by yourself. It will also have lesser chances of getting lost. Through a dating company’s gifting service, you can also trust that your loved one will receive the gift in one piece.

You see, even if a couple is only seeing each other virtually, they can still do a whole bunch of things during Valentine’s day. All that’s needed is to think outside of the box.


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Tuesday, 9 February 2016

6 Ways Dating Sites Made Meeting Asian Women Easier

An easy way to meet Asian women online.Who would have ever thought that meeting Asian women online would be easier than tying your shoe laces? It wasn’t like this in the past, before there was online dating. But, now that the world recognizes that online dating can be a tool in meeting people from different parts of the world, many have jumped to the chance of signing up to Asian dating websites in order to meet several ladies from the continent. Let’s take a look at 6 ways these dating sites have made it easier for all of us who want to meet beautiful Asian ladies:

Distance is not an obstacle anymore.

Evidently, distance is no longer an issue. One doesn’t have to fly all the way to Asia from, let’s say, Europe to meet ladies. All one has to do these days is sign up to a reliable online dating website that has several profiles of Asian women, waiting to meet, be in a relationship with and marry foreign men. Of course, there will always be the problem of the lack of human contact but it’s not impossible to do for a couple who’s in love. The couple can still meet when the time is right.

Language is also not an obstacle with various translating services.

One obstacle in meeting Asian women would have to be the language. Although this problem still exists today, dating websites have made it easier for foreign men to communicate with Asian women because of translator services. There are some dating sites that do not have this service. Too bad.

Think about it though, sooner or later you’re going to want your true feelings to be heard and, when the time is crucial, you’re going to want to avoid miscommunication.

Face to face meet-ups are done with organization.

Meeting face to face for the first time has to be the most important part of your potential relationship. Instead of cramming on hotel bookings, flight bookings, translator bookings, and guide bookings, all you have to do is concentrate on yourself and on the moment when you are signed up to dating websites. This is because most dating sites have packages that cater to first time meetings.

Profile checks are conducted to reduce scams.

While meeting Asian women online, of course you would want to do it in a safe way. With dating sites, ladies’ profiles are checked for accuracy. Good dating sites even go through the trouble of doing a thorough background check. Please know that these measures won’t eliminate scams altogether but they do significantly reduce the risk of it happening.

Video and chat services are now in the picture.

Want to meet Asian women anytime, anywhere? It’s definitely possible with video and chat services that most dating websites have. Some dating sites even make it easier for you to do so by providing a smartphone app that you can open whenever you have internet. Now, isn’t that the easiest way when checking your messages or emails and when meeting Asian women online?

Sending gifts to Asia? Not a problem.

Sending gifts is a must when Asian dating. Now, with the services most dating sites provide, you don’t have to worry about sending a box of goodies to the Asian lady you’re corresponding with only to have that box not tracked and lost. With dating sites, they see to it that your lady receives that package in one piece.

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Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Yuejiao longs to be loved

AsianDate Yuejiao

Yuejiao from China is a gentle woman who just wants to be loved and taken care of from the Right Man. She is looking for someone who can face joys and challenges of life with a positive attitude. Are you the one she is looking for?

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Cheerful Sawithree enjoys life

AsianDate Sawithree


22-year old Sawithree enjoys her life tot he fullest. Maybe that’s because she’s a positive person with a nice character who likes to smile a lot. Ask her what her secret is:

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Sha loves playing cards in her free time

AsianDate Sha


Sha is a 23-year old woman from China who enjoys her free time spending in watching movies, playing cards and traveling. She is searching for a man with a kind heart who is ready to start a long term relationship. Could that be you?

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Tuesday, 2 February 2016

5 First Date Tips Applicable to All Women

Going on first dates is sometimes nerve wrecking so you need all the first date tips you can get to prepare you for, perhaps, the most important day in your year. If all goes well, you’ll be saying hello to more moments with the woman you’ve invited out, but, if not, you have to say goodbye to the possibility of you being together as a couple. The pressure is on not just for you but for her too!

first date tips for asian ladies and other women

First Date Tip #1: Planning ahead and planning for romance

Plan your first date – where you’re going to go, what you’re going to do and don’t forget to plan a little bit of romance as well. Planning just makes things easier and it makes your mind focus on what needs to be done. This way, you minimize mistakes and mishaps. Also, since you’ve planned for the romance part of your date – let’s say a romantic walk somewhere the moon and stars are visible – you don’t have to rack your brain thinking of a romantic gesture.

First Date Tip #2: Keep it fun but still romantic

First dates shouldn’t be all that serious. The main goal is to get to know each other and see if you have chemistry. Another one of your goals is that you and your date should be to have a good time together. Great experiences always leave you wanting more, don’t you agree? So, keep it fun, a little bit special yet still casual and romantic.

First Date Tip #3: Be on time

There’s nothing that says: “bad sign” or “bad date coming up” more than a date who’s late. Arriving on time or not is like your first impression. You’ll make a good one when you’re prompt but if you don’t, the rest of the date won’t go well for you. That’s why we mentioned first date tip #1 for you! It’s for you to be prepared and NOT be late.

First Date Tip #4: Approval and attention

Women always want approval and attention. To them, this proves that you are, indeed, interested. By sprinkling a little bit of this (example: “You look great tonight”, “I admire your independence”) during your date, you’re letting her know that you’re also into her. Too much of approval and attention, however, will put her off so make sure that you don’t overdo it. And, too little of it will make her think that you’re not interested at all.

First Date Tip #5: Pay the bill

Women are usually pretty good readers of how men behave. If your date sees that you’re not putting effort into impressing her (paying the bill and being a gentleman), she’ll be unimpressed. This is a very important first date tip: women understand that men invest into things they want may it be investing time, money or energy. If she’s not seeing that from you, then you can kiss that second date goodbye.

So again, plan ahead, don’t forget to plan for romance, keep it light and fun, pick her up on time or arrive on time, give her attention and then pay the bill. The planning part is usually where everything begins so make sure that you have a well thought out plan to impressing her during your first date.

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Monday, 1 February 2016

4 Top Reasons Why Chinese Women take to Online Dating

chinese women take to online datingThis year, it has been observed that the number of Chinese women looking to online date have increased compared to about 2 or 3 years ago. This is more so with women who are of the marrying age (around 25 years old and above).

Usually, a Chinese woman would opt to marry a man from her own country and culture but some preferences have changed. The following have been observed to be top reasons why this is happening:

Disinterested in Chinese men.

One of the top reasons why Chinese women prefer to date online is that they’ve begun to take interest in men of different cultures. It is possible that they’ve had too much pressure from the Chinese culture that they seek something new and different. Also, they consider foreign men to be more exciting than Chinese men because of the difference in culture. There’s also the factor of the lack of Chinese men in the dating pool.

Settling down quicker.

The term “whirlwind romance” is very rare in the Chinese culture. Rarely will you find a couple who met, fell in love instantly and then got married overnight. Maybe marriage can come quickly with arranged relationships (which still happen, although discreetly) but never with relationships that happen naturally. Chinese women have taken to online dating to find a foreign man who also have the same goal – to find a wife online. It is in this way that they can find someone who also has a strong desire to settle down.

Offline dating isn’t working.

Chinese women who have gone through numerous failed arranged blind dates have lost interest in the system of offline dating altogether. Usually, women who have experienced this failure take to online dating just to “give it a try”. When they see that they can meet more men this way, and it’s highly likely that they will, they stick to this process and push aside offline dating for the time being.

Age is an issue in society.

In the Chinese society, if a woman reaches a certain age and she’s still not married yet, the society views her as an “old maid”. Because of this, there is a lesser chance for her to attract a potential partner in life.

The fact is, Chinese women do tend to marry at a later age because they may be working on their careers and lifestyle first before settling down. But, the consequence, later on, is the difficulty to find a partner. It isn’t impossible, of course, but it is a challenging process for Chinese women of a certain age. The solution is for them to go online.

Foreign men who are online dating are not influenced by the Chinese society’s views and, therefor, don’t care if a woman is at a certain age or not.

Sign Up Today

This is advantageous for foreign men who would really like to meet Chinese women online. If this is you, this year might be the year for you to sign up to Asian Dating Websites and start building your online profile.

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5 Truths Around Love, Marriage and Family in China

The Chinese have been known as those who value culture and tradition the most. Although the younger generation has had influences from other cultures in the world, traditions of the old can still be seen influencing their daily lives, even if they are aware of it or not. As examples, the following 5 truths will help you understand the Chinese culture a little bit better and give you insight into love, marriage and family in the Chinese culture.

truths about relationships in china

Secret relationships at a young age.

At younger ages, the main focus, as believed by mostly Chinese parents, should be school. If you do good at school and get good grades, you will do great in life – this is basically the theory. As a result, “dating” is banned with all the young members of a family in China. This, however, is not stopping young teens or young adults to go into secret relationships with other young teens or young adults.

Of equal financial and societal status.

When the time comes for an individual to choose a spouse, there’s one specific criteria that most Chinese look for: of higher or equal financial or social status. Contrary to most parts of the world where the only major criteria is love, it is important to have stability and financial capability before marrying and having a family in China. For the man, this criteria means that he can take care of his family and provide for them. For the woman, it means that she can contribute to the marriage and the family’s lifestyle.

In-laws play major roles in choosing a spouse.

Aside from the criteria mentioned above, the parents’ decisions or preferences have to be considered by the children. There’s a significant number of couples who break up before even discussing the idea of marriage because of parental non-consent.

Gender specific roles are naturally played once married.

Now, let’s talk about marriage and the roles played by couples. Though times are changing and marriage roles are also changing with the time, it has still been observed that women are expected to take care of the house and, most of all, the children. The man, on the other hand, is expected to provide for the family. This basic truth can still be observed today. Some families may have a few alterations in the roles with the father helping out around the house and the mother going to work everyday.

The marriage is filled with tradition.

As mentioned earlier, the Chinese are very traditional. Holidays, daily living, superstition and other aspects that have to do with the Chinese lifestyle are influenced, in some way, by tradition. When marrying a Chinese lady, you have to expect that your marriage life will also be influenced by it.

Having a family in China means that you are prepared to accept the following truths in the culture. And, even if you fly your Chinese wife back to your country, she will still take most of these truths with her when time comes to start your own family.

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