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5 Truths Around Love, Marriage and Family in China

The Chinese have been known as those who value culture and tradition the most. Although the younger generation has had influences from other cultures in the world, traditions of the old can still be seen influencing their daily lives, even if they are aware of it or not. As examples, the following 5 truths will help you understand the Chinese culture a little bit better and give you insight into love, marriage and family in the Chinese culture.

truths about relationships in china

Secret relationships at a young age.

At younger ages, the main focus, as believed by mostly Chinese parents, should be school. If you do good at school and get good grades, you will do great in life – this is basically the theory. As a result, “dating” is banned with all the young members of a family in China. This, however, is not stopping young teens or young adults to go into secret relationships with other young teens or young adults.

Of equal financial and societal status.

When the time comes for an individual to choose a spouse, there’s one specific criteria that most Chinese look for: of higher or equal financial or social status. Contrary to most parts of the world where the only major criteria is love, it is important to have stability and financial capability before marrying and having a family in China. For the man, this criteria means that he can take care of his family and provide for them. For the woman, it means that she can contribute to the marriage and the family’s lifestyle.

In-laws play major roles in choosing a spouse.

Aside from the criteria mentioned above, the parents’ decisions or preferences have to be considered by the children. There’s a significant number of couples who break up before even discussing the idea of marriage because of parental non-consent.

Gender specific roles are naturally played once married.

Now, let’s talk about marriage and the roles played by couples. Though times are changing and marriage roles are also changing with the time, it has still been observed that women are expected to take care of the house and, most of all, the children. The man, on the other hand, is expected to provide for the family. This basic truth can still be observed today. Some families may have a few alterations in the roles with the father helping out around the house and the mother going to work everyday.

The marriage is filled with tradition.

As mentioned earlier, the Chinese are very traditional. Holidays, daily living, superstition and other aspects that have to do with the Chinese lifestyle are influenced, in some way, by tradition. When marrying a Chinese lady, you have to expect that your marriage life will also be influenced by it.

Having a family in China means that you are prepared to accept the following truths in the culture. And, even if you fly your Chinese wife back to your country, she will still take most of these truths with her when time comes to start your own family.

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