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Liu likes to be wild and naughty

Liu AsianDate

Liu described herself as a wild and naughty woman who likes to party all the time. Her ideal man would be ambitious woman who’s not afraid to risk. Ask Liu how wild exactly is she:

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Qiuju wants to lead a simple life

AsianDate Qiuju

Qiuju from China is a gentle, loving and caring woman who’s life goal is to lead a simple and healthy life. She is interested in nutrition and she also exercises regulary – that’s why she always look spotless. Care to know more about her? Send her a message here:

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Wednesday, 23 March 2016

4 Family Values to Remember When Dating Asian Women

In the world of dating, may it be from the west or from the east, it is always important to get to know the person you will be dating. It helps big time when you know what the person likes or does not like, or what type of movies and food she prefers. This makes planning for dates so much easier, plus, you can get points for knowing a little bit of trivia about the stuff she likes. This is all the more important if the woman you are planning to date is someone from a totally different culture than your own. In the west, although family is important, it will not be as important as how Asian women view their family.


As a culture, people from Asia tend to be more family-centred than people originating from Western cultures. They tend to seek approval and will often times be motivated to do some things out of bringing honour to the family. If you have seen certain films of Asian origin, there will always be a family theme. That’s how important family values are.

The Family’s Approval

In dating, Asian women, in most cases, will always go for someone her family would approve of. Although there are cases of star-crossed lovers here and there, these women would prefer to have her family with her rather than against her. This is one key point to remember. So, if you are trying to impress Asian women, you will also need to impress her family. This might present a challenge, especially if you are someone of a different culture.

The Next Stage

But don’t worry, you won’t be introduced to the family right away. Most of the time, a man is introduced to the family once the relationship has entered the serious stage where both of you are contemplating an eventual marriage. Once a girl decides to introduce you to her parents, then the relationship has progressed to the next stage.

When meeting her family for the first time, it is necessary to research more about your Asian girlfriend’s cultural background. Despite the similarities of Asian cultures, it will be best to be aware of culture specific values and etiquette. Make sure you know what is considered polite and rude when in someone’s home. See if brining of gifts is acceptable and what types of gifts are considered suitable. This should help you put your best foot forward into impressing an Asian family.

The Interrogation

Asian women tend to be valued by their families and would like to have them eventually marry someone who would be able to take care of her and will love her unconditionally. The only way they can make sure of this is by “interrogating” their daughter’s boyfriend. It will somehow feel like an all important job interview and should be treated with importance as this will be their gauge if you truly are a fit for their daughter. This will be another golden opportunity to showcase what a catch you are and that their daughter will be in good hands if you two do end up together.

In summary, family will always be a big factor in Asian women’s lives. Their family should always be treated with respect and value. In this way, not only do you secure your place in your Asian girlfriend’s heart, but also your place as a member of her fam

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5 Insights into Dating an Asian Girl

So there’s this certain Asian girl you have your sights on. You’ve probably spoken to her several times or even taken an asian girl in love with youher to a simple date or two. But how do you know if she’s into you or she’s just really nice and friendly? Here’s a bit of insight to how an Asian girl’s feelings grow and how she would usually makes it known.

Asian Dating Vs Western Dating

Asian culture and Western culture are as different as can be. Of course there will always be similarities, hey, we live in one planet. But the differences are stark. In western dating, dating is pretty straight forward. I like you, you like me, let’s go on a date, see if it works out. The signs of a woman being into you in a romantic way are pretty clear. Also, if she only likes you as a friend, chances are, you two will remain friends rather than become lovers eventually.

Friends First

Now, in the Asian dating culture, things are a bit different. See, Asian girls tend to be more conservative and a little more demure. Well, mostly. So they are not really comfortable with going from acquaintances to dating status. Here, they actually like being friends first, then growing and nurturing romantic feelings along the way. They prefer being friends first, this way they get to be close to you without putting too much on the line and see if you are the type of guy she’d like to be with.

Opening Up

Let’s say you’ve gotten to the point where you are dating. How do you know if she’s in it for the long haul? She will actually open up and come clean with how she feels. This differs a bit from specific Asian culture to culture, but the main idea is, if she tells you she likes you, then it means that she is ready to make your relationship official. It’s pretty straight forward once you get to this point. She won’t keep you guessing, but probably you will have to wait a while.

Observation Needed

But, then again, there will always be exceptions to the rule. There are Asian girls that might not say anything about her feelings for you. What then? If you happen to be with this kind of Asian girl, then you better sharpen your observation skills. Because this type of girl, will typically wait to be asked if she would like to be officially girlfriend-boyfriend. Though she may not say it, you will feel that she is actually acting like a super sweet girlfriend to you. She is concerned regarding your health, would typically ask if you’ve eaten, and would probably greet you good morning and goodnight every day. If she starts acting this way, try surprising her with a nice dinner and “confess” your feelings for her. And she’d probably say she feels the same way.

Meet the Family

Now that you have progressed to the next level, the ultimate clue if this Asian girl is in love with you would be: to ask you to meet her family. Asians are big on family and the approval of her parents to you will be one giant step for your relationship. This means she is now taking a leap that this might be the relationship where she says “I do” at the end of the altar.

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12 Days of 14ths in Korean Dating

Anywhere in the world, couples have their own little celebrations to commemorate moments in their relationship. In the Philippines, they have what is called a monthsary or a monthly celebration of the date they officially became a couple. In Korea, they have what is called the 14th holiday. This is where every 14th day of the month, they have a couple holiday (basically an unofficial holiday celebrated only by those in relationships). Without further ado, here we have the 12 days of 14ths in Korean Dating:

January 14: Diary Day

On the first 14th day of the year, the diary day is celebrated. This is where couples give each other blank journals as gifts to record important moments in life. If you are not Korean, fret not, there are a lot of stationery shops all over Seoul.

February 14: Valentine’s Day

This is a no brainer. This isn’t exclusive to Korean dating although, there is a catch. In Korean custom, it is the women who give gifts on Valentine’s day. They give the men they like, or their boyfriends, chocolates as a token of their affection. They may also give close guy friends and the men of the family gifts.

March 14: White Day

White day is basically Valentine’s day for women. This is where men who received Valentine chocolates are “required” to reciprocate/repay the gifts given by the women last Valentine’s day. There is a custom that the gift to be given ought to be 3 times the worth of the gift received.

April 14: Black Day

After two consecutive months of lovey-dovey holidays, this 14th day is dedicated to the singles. This is the day the singles go out and eat black bean noodles. They say it’s because this noodles are a bit bitter in taste and basically correlates to the bitterness of being single.

May 14: Rose Day

On this day, couples exchange roses as a sign of their love for each other and they wear yellow to commemorate the day.

June 14: Kiss Day

Self-explanatory. On this day, kisses rain upon lovers.

July 14: Silver Day

Couple rings or promise rings are very popular in Korea. It is on this day that most couples decide to exchange silver rings as a promise to marry each other. This is also the day that most couples decide to introduce their boyfriends/girlfriends to their parents.

August 14: Green Day

No, this isn’t a day for the band. On this day couples drink soju and take a green walk or a walk through a park of forest. The soju also doubles for the green since they usually come in green bottles.

September 14: Photo and Music Day

In Korean dating, photo ops are a usual thing. For a culture obsessed with cuteness, pictures are definitely going to take a center stage in relationships. And since this is also music day, try to score a reservation for a Karaoke booth in advance.

October 14: Wine Day

Ahh, a day to indulge in a good bottle of wine to share with your Korean girlfriend.

November 14: Movie Day

This day is all about movies. Whether it be going to the theater, or just doing a DVD marathon at home is enough to make this day all the more special.

December 14: Hug Day

And what better way to end the 14ths of the year than with a hug. This is officially the “Cuddle day” of Korean dating and couples spend the day warming each other up with hugs.

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Monday, 21 March 2016

Jinghua prefers kindness and affection

AsianDate Jinghua

20-year old Jinghua from China is a romantic soul that is seeking for kindness and affection. She’s also a car lover and can advise you when you’re going to buy one. Ask her what her favorite car company is:

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Xuejing is waiting for someone special

AsianDate Xuejing


Xuejing is a simple, open-minded and easygoing woman from China who loves reading, cooking and exploring new things. She’s still waiting for her special man who will win her heart. Chat with her and find out if that could be you:

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There are 3 simple things that make Bingxin happy

AsianDate BingXin

31-year old BingXin from China is an independent and strong woman but she still wants to feel the protection of the man she loves. She enjoys traveling, tennis and hiking with friends. If you would like to know more about her, ask her yourself here:

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Wednesday, 16 March 2016

3 Attributes that Make Asian Ladies Attractive

attractive attributes of asian ladiesAsian ladies have long been considered exotic and attractive by the western man and are slowly becoming a norm the world over. More and more, we see men of the west settling down with a lady from parts of Asia may she be Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Thai or Filipina. Now these ladies come from different cultures and customs but what are the common factors that make them somehow irresistibly attractive to the western eye?


Physical Attributes

Something about the way these Asian ladies carry themselves makes them quite standout. Racially, they tend to have that golden skin tone that men find quite appealing. This is very much true especially for Asian ladies from the southeast like Thailand, Philippines, Indonesia, and Malaysia, to cite a few. As for those who are located a bit up north, like the Chinese, Koreans and Japanese, though they have fairer skin tones, the golden sheen is still there but just a bit more muted and makes them look like goddesses from an eastern fairy tale. Another skin attribute these ladies have is for their skin to remain youthful despite age. This is the main reason why these ladies often are mistaken to be 5 to 10 years younger than their actual age. Lastly, these Asian ladies have are their tendency to remain slim and slender through the years even as they age. There must be something in the water in Asia that these women can eat as much as they want and would not gain as much as their western sisters.



Asian ladies are said to be very submissive and family oriented. To certain extents, this is true. This is because these ladies, wherever from Asia they may be, have been brought up in households with spiritual and religious roots. Asian nations have several religions readily available to everyone and every family has a root in one of them one way or the other. This is an appealing attribute to western men due to the fact that spirituality serves as an anchor to which these women hold on to in times of troubles. Also, Asian ladies are very loving and caring. They are submissive to their partners as mentioned earlier but not because they are not treated equally as girls growing up, it is more because of their love for their spouses that they are able to take the higher ground and give way to the men. And most importantly, these Asian ladies are great at adapting to situations. It will not be hard for her to settle in a new land with her foreign husband. This can be a big deal as moving to a new world can be quite difficult to anybody.


Financial Views

Some Asian nations are still developing till now. This makes these ladies more practical and economical when it comes to dealing with household budgets and other financial matters. They are the types of women who will always go for the value of their money. They can be thrifty and are generally very good with making ends meet. They will willingly give up some luxuries to make sure your ship keeps afloat. Asian ladies are also quite good at haggling. Back home, haggling in the market as they shop for their goods is an everyday thing. In a nutshell, when it comes to financial management, these ladies may not be pro, but they are definitely quite adept in making sure your household stays out of debt with a little extra for vacations and date nights.

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5 Observations on Chinese Courtship

Courtship is traditionally defined as the period where a couple develops a romantic relationship with intent of eventually marrying. In contemporary context, courtship, or, the more commonly used term, courting, is serious dating with marriage in mind which, may or may not include intimacy. Each country has its own unique customs when it comes to dating and Chinese courtship is no different.chinese courtship rituals for beautiful chinese women

Defining Courtship

Chinese courtship, like much of its other cultural aspects, differs greatly from the Western customs most of us are more acquainted with. Chinese courtship differs from dating in a sense that in most western cultures, dating itself is the avenue for couples to move into a mutually exclusive commitment or the “in a relationship” status. Courtship in the Chinese culture, on the other hand, can mean that a couple is already going “steady” (by Western standards) as soon as courtship takes place.

Courtship for Marriage

Chinese courtship revolves largely around the context of finding a suitable candidate for marriage. Also, despite being very traditional, dating and courtship in China tends to move rather rapidly going from acquaintances to engagement in a span of a few dates; Whereas in western cultures, we are more accustomed to an extended period of relationship before considering going into marriage.

Here is an overview of how courtship usually proceeds in the Chinese culture today:

The Arrangement

First, when a man or a woman is interested in someone, they ask a mutual friend or acquaintance to set up a gathering or a “group date” with a fairly large group. This can mean any activity from a lunch, dinner, or a simple get together. In parallel with the Asian concept of saving face, the two prospective parties will not be seated together but rather about two or three seats apart, in case one or the other is not interested. This way, they can interact freely, getting to know the other to see if one is fit for the other’s criteria of a suitable spouse without being subjected to humiliation of a right out turn down.

The Formal Date

From the group date, the woman then will consent to a formal first date. Now in Chinese courtship customs, this actually means more than just a simple consensus to a date. If a woman allows you to go on a first date, it means that you have successfully passed the first screening. You are a viable candidate to be her future husband. Then it will escalate rather quickly. On the second date she grants you, she is already open to the very strong possibility of an actual wedding. And on the third date, in the west, this usually means the end dates with you sleeping together, but in China, this is and indicator that both parties are seriously considering a wedding in the near future.

Special Notes on Chinese Courtship

Special notes regarding intimacy and courtship in the Chinese culture: If the girl you are dating has consented to sleeping with you, be wary and be very clear with your intentions.

In the customs of Chinese courtship, virginity is still valued very highly. In fact, it will be hard for a Chinese girl to find an eligible husband when she has lost her virginity. Intimacy can be compared to earnest money, or down payment for your dream house in a sense that when a traditional Chinese girl consents to it, she is actually proving her seriousness in marrying you. It is supposed to seal the deal to your upcoming nuptials. Intimacy is never taken lightly in Chinese courtship. It is only given to someone you are intended to marry.

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Thursday, 3 March 2016

Canxia is a proactive lady

AsianDate Canxia

Canxia is a proactive lady who’s thinking about writing a book about her life. She said she has been through a lot and she would like to share her story. If that sounds interesting to you, find out more about this beautiful lady here:


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Danni is an attractive lady

AsianDate Danni

Danni, a 22 year old woman from China, is amicable, aspring and attractive young lady. She is looking for a confident, careful and gentle man. Do you think you fit the description? If so, let her know here:


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JingJing wants to meet a serious man

AsianDate JingJing

JingJing is a 19 year old girl from China who joined AsianDate in a hope of finding her perfect match. Her type of man is a serious one and the one who won’t take her for granted. If you would like to know more about her you can contact her here:

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Tuesday, 1 March 2016

5 Practical Ways You Can Make Asian Women Trust You Online

make asian women trust you onlineThere has been recent news about online dating in various parts of Asia, especially in China, stating that there’s an increase in cases of scam and fraud in the online dating world. As you can imagine, some Asian women have given up on online dating all together and the rest who are still into it have developed a certain degree of distrust with foreign men they meet. This isn’t good for honest men, such as yourself, who want to find a decent Asian woman who you can be in a serious relationship.

You can still, however, gain an Asian woman’s trust in the following 5 practical ways:

Upload a Current Picture of Yourself

By uploading a current photo of yourself, you can make Asian women trust you because then, they can see the real you. But, how do they even know that it is the real you? They’ll eventually confirm this through video chatting. Looks aren’t everything if that’s what you’re worried about. You’d be surprised at how non-relevant a pretty face is compared to a caring heart with Asian women.

Sincerity in Conversations

When chatting online, one way to make Asian women trust you is by having sincere conversations. You must know that a lot of Asian women are instinctive. They know when they’re being lied to, they know when you’re blowing things up or bragging and they definitely know when you’re not being sincere. Remember that being sincere is different from telling that truth. Being sincere means that you say what you genuinely feel.

Less White Lies

If fibbing has worked for you in the past and if you’ve felt that it didn’t do any harm, you should rethink your whole outlook on this when you want to make Asian women trust you online. Lately, Asian women are suspicious enough. You don’t want to add to their suspicion by telling one white lie after the other. The situation that you’re trying to avoid here is if these white lies pile up and blow up in your face. Please take note that pretending to know a lot about the Asian culture also counts as a white lie. You cannot impress Asian women in this way.

Keep it Real with your Profile

You can make Asian women trust you with your online dating profile. You basically just have to say the truth. You can make everything sound fantastic with word play but never attempt to embellish your online dating profile what something that you do not have or has not happened in your life. Doing this will lead to one lie after the other, so it’s best to just be honest. If you’ve been divorced before, make sure your profile says it. If you have kids, mention it. The right fit for you won’t mind one bit.

More Actions, Less Words

One sure fire way to make Asian women trust you online is doing what you said that you’re going to do. In Asia, words matter less. Actions are way more valuable. This is just how the Asian culture is. Keep your promises, mean what you say, do what you say and so on.

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