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6 Answered Questions About Dating Asian Women

Questions about dating Asian womenUsually, when it comes to the dating frontier, we have a lot of questions that need definite answers. These answers should serve as our guide to how we need to approach dating. Unfortunately, not all questions have definite answers to them because the dynamics of falling in love is unpredictable. In dating Asian women, it is no different, but in today’s post, we’ve gathered 6 common questions most foreign men have about dating Asian women. And, they come with answers that you might be looking for:

Why are Asian women into foreign men?

The simplest answer to this is because Asian women like things that are new, exciting and different. Most Asian men are predictable and less affectionate. From what Asian women see in movies, foreign men are the total opposite and that’s why they’re interested. You’ll also be glad to know that Asian women love learning about cultures that are outside of Asia so this may be another reason for their interest.

Is it common for Asian women to be in long-term relationships?

Yes, actually. Of course, times are changing, but overall, majority of the female population in Asian still have conservative views on relationships. The “love” factor needs to be there as well as other factors like faithfulness and commitment. The truth is, many aspire to marriage especially when a certain age is reached.

Will an Asian woman’s family interfere with her relationships?

Yes to a certain degree. This is because Asians have very close family bonds. The parents, the uncles, the aunts, the siblings, the grandparents and the other relatives usually have an opinion when it comes to the relationship (or potential relationship) of their family member. This opinion will not dictate the Asian woman’s choice, but bare in mind that she will consider what her family says.

How will I know if the Asian woman I’m talking to is faithful?

This is a very common question and the answer is pretty simple. There’s no way of knowing exactly what her intentions are. You can only speculate. You can ask around for her “track record” or you can ask her directly about her past relationships, but you’ll seem snoopy, weird and nosy – a big turn off. The best way for you to know is to take time to get to know the Asian woman.

What are the red flags to watch out for in dating Asian women?

Good question! Here are some common red flags:

  • Asking for money.
  • Giving all kinds of excuses when asked to do a video conference.
  • Asking for money (was this mentioned already?)
  • Asking for personal details like account numbers.

Watch out for these to keep yourself safe!

Will Asian women be willing to leave their country to come live in mine?

Yes, but it will be difficult for them. Remember that they’re going to leave their family for you so they are expecting you to take care of them. It’s not going to be like you’re going to wait on her hand and foot, but it’s more of comforting her and letting her know that you’ve got her. Make her feel that you won’t leave her no matter what. This is the kind of support an Asian woman will need when living in a different country.


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Thursday, 28 April 2016

Victoria loves to travel and exudes confidence

AsianDate Victoria

Give Victoria a chance and she will win you over instantly. With her wide range of interests she is most certainly a girl anyone could only hope for. Think you would be her match?

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Jaden is an open minded and passionate girl

AsianDate Jaden Uytengsu

Although she seems like a born romantic, Jaden is also very passionate and open minded. She looks forward to meeting you and would really like to get to know you better. Are you interested?

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Amala is a lady with a smiling heart

AsianDate Amala


Amala is an active and hard-working girl from Philippines who joined AsianDate in a hope she’ll find the love of her life. She wishes to meet a romantic man. Do you fit the description?

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Tuesday, 26 April 2016

6 Basic Topics you Can Talk About with Asian Girls

Topics you can talk about with Asian GirlsFor most people, talking is not really something that’s difficult. You just think of a topic and then you say or ask whatever it is that’s about that topic – easy-peasy! There are those, however, who find it hard to strike a conversation because: 1. They may not be experienced with conversation enough, 2. They are not that confident with themselves.

If you’re the second type, you probably don’t have much luck in the Asian dating department because of your shyness. It’s common don’t worry, but Asian ladies have to be approached. These topics should help you practice. They’re pretty basic, but they’ll get you started when you’re talking to Asian girls:


Asia is a very beautiful place. As a conversation starter, why not ask the Asian girl you’re interested in local tourist spots or things that might be of interest to tourists or foreigners like yourself. She’ll be very knowledgeable not just about certain spots but about local flavors. So, your conversation can snow ball from here and you can even share spots and flavors from your own home town.


Asians are really big on family and so talking about them can spark her interest. First off, you have to remember to NOT ask questions that are too personal. Too personal would mean: no talking about family problems and other inside the family issues. Just talk about light stuff like where her mom works and what she likes about her dad, or her brother and sisters and so on. You can also have a go at it if you’re comfortable sharing about your family with her.


Majority of Asian girls have a consistent hobby even though they don’t know it. You can ask them what they like to do to pass the time on a daily basis. If they answer reading a book then you can follow up by asking what her favorite book is. Think of the hobbies-question, as well as the other questions in this list, as umbrella questions – questions designed to make the other person talk more. So going back, go ahead and expound of whatever hobby she tells you she does. Follow it up by sharing your own hobbies.

Local Chit Chat

Local chit-chat is a subject about her surroundings. For example, what does her neighborhood look like, what does she ride when going to work or school, do they have a backyard, is their neighbor very loud, does she have friends in her neighborhood and so on. These are just examples, but you can think of some questions on your own. Just remember that the subject has to be about all the things that surround her area or her life. You can do so too, if you have a store that you frequent, be sure to tell the Asian girls about it.

It gives both of you a chance to sort of picture out where the other lives and the other’s life is.


Education is mandatory small talk in most countries. You have the basic question of where did you graduate, what was your school like, how did you spend your school years and so on. There’s a whole slew of questions under this topic so make sure that you think of them ahead of time. Doing this makes for good practice.

Future Plans

Now, this one is a little serious, but it’s an essential question nonetheless. You might need to be careful though because not a lot of people are comfortable with this question being asked by a stranger. You might want to have small talk with the Asian girl first before you ask this heavy hitting question. It’s good for conversation and it’s a way for both of you to find out if you match.

So there you go! 6 topic to practice on. Good luck with your conversations with Asian girls and try as much as possible to get out of your shell.

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Monday, 25 April 2016

4 NO-NOs When Dating Asian Women

When dating Asian women, you have to know that majority of the women in Asia love meeting foreign men. It can probably be the allure of meeting someone from another country and another culture that’s so captivating.

The problem is, however, a lot of foreign men always seem to apply the stereotypes they’ve come to know of Asian women when approaching one. Dating Asian women can be simple and easy, but, because foreign men act on their limited knowledge of what an Asian woman is about, it turns out complicated and difficult.

If you’re a foreign man, and if you’re reading this now, here’s a list of what you must avoid if you want to make dating Asian women uncomplicated:

1. Skip those cheesy Chinese phrases when saying Hello.

Instead of saying “Ni Hao”, which is Chinese for Hello, why not just say Hello? Something as simple as Hi will do, please remember that next time you approach the next Asian woman who sparks your interest.

First off, she may not even be Chinese. By saying what you think may impress her, you’re showing her that you’re generalizing how Asian people look. Not all Asians look alike and, to most, it’s very insulting if they are mistaken for an Asian they are not. For example, it won’t be good for you if you mistake a Japanese from a Chinese by saying Ni Hao as a greeting.

2. She doesn’t know Kung Fu so don’t ask.

This question is probably an itch in every foreign man’s mind. If you haven’t thought of this, you’ve surely though about asking Asian women if all people from her country know kung fu. No – it’s so stereotypical. Kung Fu is being practiced by a lot of Asians, but it’s also pretty popular in the West as well as in other countries. Just skip this question all together.

3. She’s probably after a visa.

When dating Asian women, foreign men commonly worry about intentions. Stories of women in different parts of Asia considering relationships with foreign men as tickets out of the country are very prominent. This is mostly because some do get into relationships to get out of the country, but there are good ones that are actually looking for relationships and not tickets or visas.

You, of course, still have to protect yourself which is why you need to watch out for red flags. You’ll find a lot of articles in this blog about that.

4. Talk about any Asian religion under a bad light – avoid this.

Asia is a melting pot of cultures. This means that it’s also home to many religions. When dating Asian women, you have to remember that religion can be a touchy subject because some are very much into their respective religions they were born into. Talking about Buddhism, Christianity or Hinduism in a negative light is a big No-No.

Remember this too: it’s great to find out what beliefs specific Asian women have, but please know that it may not work between the both of you if you have extremely opposite beliefs.

When dating Asian women, you probably just have to remember to avoid acting on the stereotypes you’ve come to know to be on the safe zone. The best way is always to look at each Asian woman like they’re individuals whom you need to get to know first. To know more tips about dating Asian women, be sure to check out this blog.




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Friday, 22 April 2016

5 Ways to Show a Filipina Your Commitment

Usually, when a couple has just started to be “official”, it’s too early to tell whether both parties are going to be committed to the relationship for long-term. The couple, of course, has to go through the normal process of getting to know each other better, discovering both the good side and the bad side and so on. After which, they can either make the conscious or unconscious decision to stay together and, eventually, get married. Along the way, both the man and the woman is able pick up signs that tell them their partner will be in it for the long haul. These are signs that we all need to watch out for.

For Filipinas, these signs come in a variety of specific forms. Knowing what these specific signs could be your key to really showing your Filipina girlfriend that you’re serious and committed about the relationship you have with her. Here are a few ways to show your commitment to a Filipina:

Sign #1: Family’s Approval

Have you met the family yet? If you haven’t you’re eventually going to and the goal is for them to like you. It’s not just mom and dad too. You have to put your best foot forward for the whole family, even grandma and grandpa, auntie and uncle, sister in law and brother in law – basically everybody. Their approval is crucial because, to a Filipina, family is a major aspect in their life.

Sign #2: Serious Talk

Now with this sign, it can’t be just talk. It has to be genuine. If you’re planning to have 3 kids in your life, make sure to express it. Plans of a house, migration, starting a life together – all of these topics will hint your Filipina girlfriend about your seriousness. It can be slight mentions like, “We’re going to visit this place again with the kids when we’re married.” or it could be in depth conversations about future plans or long-term plans.

Sign #3: Chores

Chores? Really?…The answer is yes! A Filipina admires a man who knows how to do (and willingly does) household chores. Being neat and tidy and on top about it is a sure sign that you’re really for domestic life. Don’t worry though. Your Filipina future wife will take care of almost all of the chores when you get married. You just  have to show that you know how and are willing to do a couple of dishes now and then by showing it early on in the relationship.

Sign #4: Cooking

This pretty much applies to almost all of the female population. If you know  how to cook and if you show you cooking expertise early during the relationship (and maybe in between too), it will also hint your girl that you’re ready for domestic life. It’s also pretty romantic if you cook her dinner from time to time. Plus, cooking earns you a few plus points because Pinays love to eat good food.

Sign #5: Walk the Talk

Last, but not the least, on this list is to walk the talk. Walking the talk shows a Pinay that you’re responsible, trustworthy and reliable. These are traits that Filipinas find very attractive in men, because, essentially, this is what they think they will need to make a marriage work. So, for the last tip and sign, it’s not enough that you tell her things she wants to hear. She also has to see that you do what you say you’re going to do.


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Tuesday, 12 April 2016

Japanese Dating: 5 Amazing Tokyo Dating Spots

You are finally meeting your Japanese girlfriend and you’re flying off to Tokyo to be together. Or let us say you have this Japanese girl that you would like to date and have mutually agreed to meet in Tokyo for your first date. It is best to be informed where the hottest spots are in Tokyo to take your girl for an amazing date. Remember, in Japanese dating, having the date planned out will be best to impress your special lady. So let’s go around Tokyo and point out the best dating spots.

Japanese dating

Ebisu, Shibuya

Tokyo is known to be one of the more expensive cities in Japan. So if you are more for the chill environment of the local pubs and ramen houses without having to drain your bank account, Ebisu is the perfect place for you. This place is crawling with local pubs that serve beers and grilled meats galore. There are also ramen houses around and the locality itself is like a pleasant promenade where you and your date can stroll around and maybe shop a little. Visiting Ebisu is almost a staple in Japanese dating.


Japan, Tokyo in particular, has its own manmade island in Tokyo bay which originated as small manmade island forts designed to protect Tokyo from sea-attacks. With the end of the wars, this was then developed to be a residential, business and entertainment district which allows for a myriad of activities for a date. Japanese dating couples can usually be seen on its streets enjoying viewing decks, dining or doing a little bit of shopping. It even has a 115m Ferris wheel where you can take your date for a romantic view of the Tokyo skyline.

Ginza Shopping District

The Ginza Shopping District is known to be one of the world’s most luxurious shopping areas with numerous internationally known department stores. If money is not an issue with you, this, might be the best place to bring your lovely Japanese date. This is a very classy neighborhood where you can easily buy your date a gift of her choice from Dior, Louis Vuitton and Chanel just to name a few. But a word of caution, over spending is a big possibility when you take her for a stroll around here.

The Tokyo Tower

This second tallest structure in Japan was inspired by the Eiffel Tower lattice style. It was built in the 1950’s for tourism and antenna leasing and has been popular for lovers then and now. It offers a breathtaking view of the city in the daylight hours and an amazing night sky in the evening. It is best to visit this around a couple of hours before sunset for you and your date to enjoy the various attractions available and catch the romantic glow of the tower as the sun bids its adieu for the day. After all, what could be more romantic than an amazing sunset followed by a nice dinner.


This is a neighborhood surrounded by several universities and a park. It is a great place for a date with the shopping districts, places to grab a bite, entertainment areas and a park popular for its cherry blossom viewings in the spring. Restaurants and bars are not as expensive as those found in Ginza and this particular neighborhood has an exciting nightlife. If you peg your lady to be the party girl, this might be the place for your date.

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5 Date Ideas Japanese Girls Hate

Japanese Girls Like to do TheseJapanese girls are cute to boot and are a joy to be with. But in order to impress that Japanese cutie you are eyeing, a lot of stress is put on the dates you take her on. After the first few rounds, the bubble tea and cake just can’t cut it anymore. And, if you want to keep that girl, you had better come up with some amazing, interesting and fun dates. There are a lot of date ideas you can come up with, but we suggest, steer clear of these 5 date ideas to make sure that Japanese ladyfriend you have will stay right where she is.

Avoid date idea #1: Amusement Park

This may seem cute and fool proof, but believe me, these Japanese girls are kinda sick of it. Sure this can be cute, if you’re 12 and crushing on your date. Besides, they prefer going to these places with friends where they can goof off and be silly. Remember, Japanese girls put a lot of effort into dates and they want to be super feminine and girly when out on one. Queueing for rides and walking a lot may not be the best dating idea.

Avoid date idea #2: Karaoke

Wait…what? Yes, karaoke is one of the favorite things Japanese do. But for dates, better steer clear. Why? It’s because these Japanese girls are quite concerned about the embarrassment you will cause them when your singing voice is less than stellar. Though really, they are just worried that you will feel bad if they start laughing at your singing. And, what if your and her music tastes don’t jive? It’s just too much of a risk.

Avoid date idea #3: Swimming

Japan is a nation that weighs heavily on looks and appearances. Not that they are shallow, it’s just that they always make sure they look their best. Japanese girls worry about their figure and their skin. Okay, so you know she definitely would look great in a bikini, but she might not feel that way about herself. Besides, in a culture where fair skin is definitely favored, your date might not want to get bronzed up in the sun. So being a good date, try to plan dates where she need not shed her clothes for fear of her figure or her getting sunburnt.

Avoid date idea #4: Road trip

In the western world, road trips are a go-to for romantic dates. A long leisurely drive into the sunset will definitely score you points. But for Japan, this may seem a bit more awkward. Sitting in silence or maybe with the radio on is not something these ladies like. Besides, they are worried about motion sickness and are afraid of embarrassing themselves. This is usually the case with a nation whose public transportation system is so efficient.

Avoid date idea #5: Movie theaters

Oh the surprises you have Japan! In the dating world, movies are usually always the first thing you suggest. But then again, in a culture where politeness is almost to a fault, it is a must (nearly required unless you want to be labeled as a rude prick) to be silent throughout the film to the end of the credits. Yes, one must be polite enough to acknowledge the whole movie and respect it as it plays. Well, dating is about getting to know the person, and how do you do that if you have to watch silently the whole time? So, no. Better rent a DVD and watch it at home where you two can cuddle.

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4 Asian Dating Apps Popular in Asia

With the advent of smart phones, apps for almost everything started popping up. In fact, mobile apps have been available since 2008 either bundled with the smart phone or available for download through app stores. This was one amazing step in the world of dating as well since dating sites can now offer apps for their respective sites, sending updates directly to their subscribers’ smartphones. Now, we all know Asia is a majorly tech savvy world and Asian dating has never been easier with these apps. Now, here are a few apps that are popular, particularly in Asia that you might want to try. These apps are known to be legitimate, Asian-centered, free and best of all, popular amongst Asian ladies.


Hey is a popular Korean dating app that went intercontinental in 2013.  This app is particularly popular amongst women since the app picks three matches for you each day and sent to you every 10 am. You are then given 24 hours to act on the match by asking them out to coffee or dinner. Once both parties have OK’d the match, conversation can begin. It has no browsing, no searching and no unsolicited chats. This makes it so appealing to Asian women. The best part is, it is free to download on both iOS and Android.


Asian dating sites have long been available online. One of the first and still standing sites in Asian dating is and is now available in a mobile app downloadable directly from their site, for FREE. The best part of this app is that it allows you to connect with women from all over Southeast Asia like the Philippines, China, Thailand and Vietnam. This app makes it easier to get in touch even on the go. Also, AsianDate has put in place a strict anti-scam policy that does not tolerate scamming and makes it super easy for users to report abuse to give you peace of mind while you search for the perfect match.


This is another unique approach to dating apps that originated from the Philippines. It is a gamified and fun way to meet new people. The approach to this app is where interested parties are asked to answer a questionnaire or a mini quiz. They have to score a minimum of 3 out of 5 for you to be able to privately chat or to begin conversation. This is more lady-friendly as men will have to spend a little extra time to get to know them first, plus it reinforces the courting first culture of the Philippines. Peekawoo is available on both Android and iOS.


Heard of Tinder? Here is the Asian alternative originating from Singapore. It employs similar functionality and looks (somewhat) to the US app. This makes Asian dating a little more westernized but not too much. It still allows for women to have control on who gets to talk to them as she needs to like their profile back first. Much like tinder, you swipe left you don’t like the guy and swipe right if you do. It allows for more casual dating but it’s a great place to start meeting Asian women in a less constricted sense.

Whatever app you chose, just remember that it has to give you what you need, it has to be safe and it has to be reliable in terms of functionality for you to get the best experience out of online dating or, maybe in this case, mobile dating.

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