Monday, 30 May 2016

Why Korean Girls, date Korean Guys

Korean Girls Like Korean Guys Because of These ReasonsWith the Korean invasion going on almost everywhere in the world, especially in mostly English speaking countries, it is hard not to notice how amazingly pretty and goddess-like these girls are. From their flawless skin, to their unique (sometimes bordering on the extreme) fashion sense and their ultra-feminine demeanors, one could simply and easily fall for these amazing Asian lovelies. But for some reason, no matter what you do, they still seem to prefer Korean guys over you. Here is an insight into why that is, and doubling as a cheat sheet to ease your way into a Korean girl’s heart.

Korean guys rarely go dutch.

In the western world, men often shell it out for the first two or three dates and go dutch moving forward. This isn’t exactly the fault of men or for lack of trying. It is simply because women in the west tend to want to be more independent and one way of showing independence is being able to pay for her own meal. In the Korean dating culture, on the other hand, men still pick up the tab, 80-90% of the time, regardless of it being the 2nd or the 22nd date. When things are a bit more serious and stable, a Korean guy might let the lady pay, but it never is 50-50, he will always pay more than she is. So if you want to land yourself a Korean date, you better be prepared to pay for meals.

Korean guys are all in with the couple stuff.

Okay, it may sound kind of cheesy that you and your Korean girlfriend are always twinning in public. Your outfits are always coordinated, if not matching with each other. You have matching phones, with complementing keychains and basically you look like fraternal twins going out for a Sunday service. Yes, Korean girls LOVE the couple stuff. Couple rings, couple shirts, couple mugs, and basically anything and everything you guys can have matching. So take a page out of a Korean boyfriend’s book and start loving the couple stuff. If you truly want to be with a Korean girl.


Korean guys act like the cool senior looking out for his junior.

Korean girls like being baby-fied. They like being treated like your junior where in you are concerned wholeheartedly with their wellbeing as well as if they have eaten lunch on time. Korean girls love this and Korean guys have this down to an art. They act more mature than their girlfriends despite them being of the same age. They offer their own coats if she feels cold, he opens doors for her, and he rarely lets her carry anything remotely heavy. Korean girls are used to this kind of treatment so you better step up your game to get her to notice you.


Korean guys know the couple calendar.

The what? Okay, in Korea, couples live in a semi exclusive world where they have their own holidays and celebrations. They even have special places in restaurants and entertainment hubs exclusively. So since these couples have their own special class, they have their own calendar of special days. And Korean guys are well versed on this calendar. Try to do a little research on what couples celebrate in the Korean culture so that your Korean girlfriend will not resent the fact that she is missing out by being with a western guy. Take note, couples have a special ce

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Saturday, 28 May 2016

Dangers of Online Dating Using Newer Apps

These days, newer dating apps like Tinder make online dating more fun and exciting. These new apps make it possible for two people who are in the same state or in the same area to meet and have an instant date! While things may be easier and more exciting (since everyone is using these apps), it doesn’t mean that it’s any safer than traditional online dating sites. This post specifically serves as a reminder for those who would like to or are trying out online dating with newer apps: your safety should be your top priority.

Danger #1: Faking it

A person faking his or her profile has been an online dating danger ever since the onset of the popularity of online dating. The danger to this is if you find out that the person you’ve been talking to is fake, your efforts would have gone to waste. There are also cases of fake online dating profiles that lure online daters to fall for them and then they ask for financial assistance. Naturally, the one who’s “fallen in love” would oblige. This is a great reminder for online daters out there to really get to know the person first, check out their social media accounts or ask for specific pictures of them doing an activity for you to further verify their identity.

Danger #2: Let’s meet somewhere private

Since the goal for these dating apps these days is to “hook up”, online daters who use these new apps have been known to meet in places where it is more private. This is a no-no because if the other person has ill intentions (like intentions to hurt you), you wouldn’t be able to ask for help if the place is secluded.

Danger #3: I know where you live

Never give out your home address! There have been cases where online daters who use newer dating apps give up their home address after a few days of sweet talk from someone they’ve met online. If the person you’re in contact with turns out to be a stalker, you as well as the rest of the people that live in your house, will have heaps of trouble following you.

Danger #4: Information overload

What if you’re too open to the person you’re talking to online? Let’s say this person has gotten you to trust them and you tell your life like it’s an open book? There seems to be no harm in that, right? WRONG. You have to be selective in the kind of information you give out in order to protect yourself, protect your information and protect your identity.

Always Think About Your Safety

If you think that a lot of adult have solid common sense to keep themselves safe, think again. To trust easily is a good trait to have, but not with online dating or dating apps that allow you to meet people that are near you. Always prioritize your safety, never give out specific information about yourself, never give your home address and always meet in a public place if you have to.

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Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Lilibeth wants to fall asleep next to you

AsianDate Lilibeth

Lilibeth dreams of a good man who will always be there for her, no matter what. She dreams she will fall asleep and wake up next to a man of her dreams. Could you make her dreams come true?

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Xiaoman hopes her smile will bring you happiness

AsianDate Xiaoman

Xiaoman is always wearing a smile on her face and she loves spreading good energy and vibes. She also loves children very much and hopes to have some of her own soon. Will you be her family man?

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Haixia is very tender and passionate

AsianDate Haixia

Haixia is very petite lady and she is exactly what she looks like: sweet, tender and looking for protection. She is looking for a man who will wrap his arms around her and never let he go. Are you that man?

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Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Major Reasons Why You Need to Try Online Dating

How long has it been since you had a real date? Has it been a few weeks, a few months or a few years? If you’re answer is the last one (a few years), it’s time to get back up on the horse again and maybe try a different approach to dating. It’s like what Einstein said: “We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.” So if it is finding a date that’s your problem, you cannot solve that by hanging out at bars or pubs anymore. Why not try online dating?

It’s come a long way since the early 2000s and it has become widely acceptable. Still skeptical? Don’t worry because here are major reasons why you need to start online dating now:

1. You do not have the time!

Whether you’re a young professional or a mature business person, you have to admit that online dating is a time saver. For you to meet matches (although not personally), all you have to do is type in some keywords on the search bar of an online dating site. It’s also likely that the site will send some matched profiles for you to check out. Finding a good match might take a while, especially if you’re picky, but searching online is better than going out and meeting random people spontaneously which, most of the time, results in misses rather than hits.

2. Intentions are Clear

This is all thanks to online profile. everything is basically there and, for sure, it’ll say whether a person is looking for just companionship, a serious relationship or is just looking to have a good time. When you meet people in bars or pubs, or even if your friends fix you up on a blind date, you won’t really be sure what the person is looking for unless you ask. Commonly, asking the question of the type of commitment (or lack thereof) the person wants is a big turn off so nobody really asks. You do not have this kind of problem with online dating. You just have to review the person’s profile.

3. Potentials are Sifted

So we’ve already established that the basic things you need to know will most likely be on the profile. You know what else is on the profile? Pictures – profile pictures. This makes it easier for you to pan through your potential dates. We all have preferences: blonde, black hair, brown or green eyes, olive skin and so on. We find these beautiful and there’s nothing wrong with these kinds of preferences. With offline dating, you cannot afford to be very picky, but with online dating, you can be. It also applies to preferences you have other than physical ones – he/she must be a lover of art, pets and long walks on the beach.

4. Meet When the Time is Right

The beauty of online dating is that you don’t have to meet if you don’t want to. If you don’t feel ready, you can just keep the “meetings” virtual. You can then decide to meet if you feel like you have a real connection.

5. Versatility

There are plenty of different ways to online date as well as different platforms for it. For example, we now have Tinder which is more for having short-term companionship. There’s also European dating sites as well as ones that cater to foreign men seeking Asian women. The versatility is there and that makes it easier for you.

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Sunday, 22 May 2016

The Different Looks of Filipinas

Have you ever noticed that Filipinas don’t have similar characteristics? It’s like this. Many would tell you that Filipinas mostly have a wider face and nose, lower nose bridge, wavy or curly hair, short stature, dark brown eyes and jetblack hair. This is actually what pure blooded Filipinas would look like but with centuries of interracial marriages, you’ll less likely to find one that looks exactly like how Filipinos did way before. Let’s take a look at the different physical and facial characteristics the Filipinas of today have:

Lighter Skin Tone

Old Filipinos had brown skin which is called “balat kayumanggi”(kayumanggi – brown; balat – skin). These days, you’ll find a lot of Filipinos with lighter skin complexions. Most Pinoys have gotten this physical attribute from their parents or grandparents who have a bit of Chinese, American or Spanish in their blood. There are those, however, who acquire lighter skin using artificial methods. You see, in the Philippines, having lighter skin is a form of beauty status: the whiter your skin is, the more beautiful you are. You will still see some who have the “balat kayumanggi” but the majority of the population, as you may have noticed, have, not porcelain white but, lighter skin tones.

Different Eye Shapes (and Colors)

Have you ever noticed a Filipina’s eyes?Some are round, some are narrower, some are small and some are big. Again, this is all because of interracial marrying. Some Filipinas have mono lids just like Koreans, Japanes and Chinese, but there are some have very rounded eye shapes just like Caucasians. It’s similar with eye color. Although the majority of the population have dark brown eye colors, there are some who have hazel or lighter brown eye colors and they are called “metizo” for men and “mestiza” for women. They’re believed to have predominantly Spanish blood.


Jose Rizal, one of the Philippines National Heroes, was very short, standing at only 4 feet 11 inches. This physical trait is very Filipino. You’ll see that a majority of the Filipino population still have a short stature. Most won’t be as short as Jose Rizal, of course, but only about a handful can reach 6 feet in height. Filipinas are generally within the range of 5 feet to 5 feet 5 inches on average.

A Higher Nose Bridge

This is another physical trait that’s considered beautiful in the Philippines. If your nose is more triangular and lifted, you’re also considered “mestizo” or “mestiza”. Some of the population have gotten their higher nose bridges from their American and Spanish heritage.

These are just some of the physical traits most Filipinas have. From hair color to body types, Filipinas come in all shapes and sizes to say the least so don’t be surprised if your chatting with a Filipina who looks more Chinese or Spanish or Japanese. It’s years of interracial marriages from her forefathers! You have to understand, however, the Filipinos do not use physical traits to determine if one is Filipino or not. It’s more by blood than by anything. Even if a person is quarter Filipino, he or she is still considered and treated is one of full-blood.

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The Ideal Man of a Filipina Lady

To be successful at dating a Filipina lady, you have to know what her ideal man is. The great news is that most Filipinas aren’t really picky when it comes to potential partners. Filipinas have very specific characteristics they’d want in a man, just like every other woman, but there are traits that are “negotiable” and there are ones that are “non-negotiable”.  Negotiable ones can include looks, age, nationality, manner of dressing or speaking, and post-relationship status (like widower or divorcee). A Filipina lady cares less about these things.

Dating a Filipina Lady

The “non-negotiable” ones, however, these are the preferences or traits that you need to take note of if you want to date women from the Philippines:

Being Family-oriented

A Filipina lady will find a man very attractive if he is family-oriented. To Filipinos, in general, having a partner with this kind of trait ensures that their future family will be intact, strong and close. This is non-negotiable because, as with most Asians, it’s a natural characteristic for Filipinos to identify with family. Why do you think a lot of Asians have very intricate genealogy records and consistent family reunions? It’s because family is very important to them. If you’re already family-oriented, love to spend time with your parents, love to barbecue with your family on the weekends and love playing with kids, you already have a point!

Financially Stable


Did your eyebrows just raise? It’s not what you’re thinking. A Filipina lady will be more likely attracted to someone who is financially stable because of the sense of security. It’s less about having material things or money to burn, but it’s more about a person being financially responsible to ensure that the future will be better. Everybody wants for their children’s future and future lives to be better. So, it’s not so much about being rich, but being financially responsible.

The Good Stuff

Now let’s talk about this: the good stuff. Every woman wants a man who treats her right. A Filipina lady is no different. The good stuff here would mean that her ideal man needs to be caring, loving, gentle and so on. This is very important to a Filipina lady because she always wants to feel that she is loved and important. Being romantic is not always needed but it would be nice from time to time. What’s essential though is that a Filipina lady feels like she’s secure in your relationship.

Respect for Elders

This is another Asian trait that’s absolutely non-negotiable for future partners to have. Aside from being family-oriented, a Filipina lady finds it very attractive for a man to have the utmost respect to the elderly. Kind words, putting the needs of elders first, giving up a seat for the elderly and so on – these can earn you major points with a Filipina lady. This will make her think that you are polite and well-mannered.

Of course, all of these traits cannot be faked. You can do so for a period of time, but eventually, your true colors will emerge that can’t be good to the relationship if your true colors are actually the opposite of the traits listed here. Sincerity, honesty and truthfulness are big things in any relationship so if you don’t have these yet, try to develop these traits if you want to successfully date Filipina women.

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Friday, 20 May 2016

Xiaomin will make you her priority

AsianDate Xiaomin

Xiaomin has many interests in life, she likes cooking, traveling, listening to music, swimming, running. But still, she makes finding the man of her life her priority. Get in touch and find out if that could be you.

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Caroline wants someone who will take care of her

AsianDate Caroline

Caroline is ready to settle down even though she is only 23 years old. She says she is cute and sweet but can take her stand if necessary. Could she be the one for you?

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Xue doesn’t want to be alone anymore

AsianDate Xue

Xue, who looks just like Snow White, sometimes feels alone even when she is in company. So she searches for someone who can make her feel like she is finally not alone in this world. Could you do that for her?

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Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Why Men Choose Vietnamese Women

Long, jet black hair on that gorgeously tanned skin. Asian women are quite the sight and Vietnamese women are no exception. Though, going beyond the physical attributes that these ladies naturally have, what exactly is it with these Vietnamese women that make men go loco over them? Here are a few insights on why men choose to be with Vietnamese women.



One striking quality Vietnamese women have that men tend to really like is the loyalty they give to their partners. It’s no joke that divorce rates are at an all-time high all over the world and this is because most marriages will lack loyalty from either partner. Especially for those men who are away for work most of the time, loyalty is a gem that is so hard to come by. So if you’re in it for the long run and would like a partner for keeps, a Vietnamese lady will definitely have the loyalty to stick with you through anything.



Like most of the Asian cultures, family is very important to a Vietnamese woman. She values her family and will make sure all members are taken care of. She will be a good wife and mother as this is the culture she has been raised with and in turn, if you have children, these values will be passed on to them. Not only this, she also will be willing to take care of your parents if they are old and they live with you.



Vietnam is not a rich country. Most of the people there need to work at an early age in order to support their family. In this way, Vietnamese women are very independent. Chances are, even before meeting you, she has been singlehandedly supporting her parents and siblings. This would also make her a great wife because she will be able to manage finances properly to make sure all the bills are paid and you are not in debt.


Housekeeping Prowess

Vietnamese women are naturally homemakers. It is simply because they grew up watching their mother take care of them personally as compared to some countries where both parents work and the children are left to care takers and the house is left in the care of housekeepers or maids. In Vietnam, it is important that women learn how to cook and clean, not because they are women, but because it is a value taught by their parents to them. They are not spoiled brats waiting for their housekeepers to do the work for them. Here it is admirable for a woman to be clean and neat inside the house.


They come from a Rich Culture

The west is indeed more advanced as a society and is a giant melting pot of different races and different cultures. Most of the time, traditional values are lost in favor of practicality and equality. Just because Vietnam is a bit less developed than most countries in the west, does not mean they have no culture. Actually, it’s the complete opposite. Since this country is a bit laid back, the people have successfully integrated their current culture with the culture that they always had. This makes Vietnamese ladies women of culture and will surely make life more colorful.

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Monday, 16 May 2016

Edlyn is a born romantic, looking for her soulmate

Asiandate Edlyn

Edlyn is a woman who’s always friendly, who makes her own decisions and has a great sense of humor. But she is also very romantic and looking for the love of her life. Could that be you?

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Sahara Grace Believes in unexpected love

Asiandate SaharaGrace

Sahara is spontaneous girl who believes in finding love in the most unexpected places. She is open to new experiences and is ready to explore what life has to offer. Are you ready to explore with her?

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Feliceta would love to make you smile

AnastasiaDate Feliceta

Feliceta is from Philippines and it’s in her nature to want to make people smile. She is outgoing, frank and open-minded and wants to find a man who will treat her well. Could that be you?

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Culture Crash Course before Dating Korean Girls

Korean girls are by far, one of the most sought after amongst Asian women. They are ultra-feminine, rocking jaw-dropping bodies and the smoothest skin around. They take excessively good care of their bodies and make sure that they’re complexion is ivory fair. And, as an added bonus, these girls know how to have fun and will definitely give you a grand time. So if you’re considering dating Korean girls, here is a quick crash course on things to know and consider.

dating korean girls

Alcohol. Lots and lots of it.

Koreans are quite heavy drinkers. They drink a lot and even in the professional community, as an unspoken “official” extension of your office work is to go out drinking with your boss and colleagues. These people like binge drinking a lot to a point that projectile vomiting in the street, with your boss present (just make sure you don’t hit him) is considerably, quite normal. Your little party girl might really hit the booze quite a bit so just be prepared.


Your Phone is an Extension of your Body.

In Korean dating, communication is KEY. It is regarded with the utmost important that if, and when your little Korean lovey sends you a message, you reply promptly. Hence, the need to have your phone with your ALL. THE. TIME. What are the consequences if you slip up? One, your lady love might think you are not into her and move on to other suitors. Two, if you two are already officially a couple, she will raise all kinds of hell as to why you did not reply right away (ranging from cheating to whatever catches her fancy). Three, Korean girls are very sweet and caring ladies, she deserves to be replied to promptly to show that you care for her and that you would like to be sweet to her as well.


Coupledom is a Big Deal.

How big a deal you ask? Quite big. A Korean couple celebrates special “couple” holidays every 14th of every month. Each month has a special holiday attached to it and it would be in your best interest to look this up. Couples also love twinning, or dressing alike to let the whole world know that they are the halves of one being. And, most establishments, restaurants, movie houses and other entertainment locations, cater to these couples in ways of promotions, special accommodations and even separate menus especially for couples.


Hold the PDA

Surprisingly though, for a culture that is so accommodating to couples, PDA is quite frowned upon in this society. The extent of affection that is publicly appropriate is limited to hand holding and chaste pecks on the lips or cheeks. Anything beyond that and you would be stared at as though you and your Korean girlfriend were filming a porn movie in broad daylight. Don’t get the wrong idea though. Koreans are quite great when it comes to bedroom dynamics, but they prefer to have it behind closed doors and not in full view of the public. So again, limit to: holding hands, pecks on cheeks/lips, hugs.


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Friday, 13 May 2016

Points to Ponder when Dating a Japanese Girl

So you’ve been thinking of dating a Japanese girl and have read a lot of positive testimonials and reviews online on how an average looking western guy lands a very cute and sexy girl from Japan. Well and true, there are a lot of Japanese girls out there looking to settle down with foreign guys. But before you take that all too familiar jump, here are a few key points to think about, and basically prepare for, if you are to date these ladies.

Learn the word Gaijin

Japan, as a nation had a period in history where they isolated themselves from the world. This is key to understanding that this society is not as foreigner friendly as most Asian nations. Although in the recent years, Japan has started to open itself up more to the world and this is evident with the number of Japanese people learning to speak, read and write the English language. Now, the word “gaijin” is the Japanese word for foreigner and the reason why this should be a familiar term to you, is no matter how embedded you become in the society (i.e. you marry a Japanese girl), you will always be a gaijin. In a country with an ingrained culture such as this, you just have to be ready to be viewed as an outsider no matter how long you stay.

Physical Intimacy and Libido in Japan are Relatively Low

This is a loose generalization, but is mostly true, especially after marriage and kids. Sex is not an open topic in Japanese culture and is even sometimes taboo to talk about in public. Let’s face it, sex drive is not as high in Japan as it is in the west and this is just something that you should live with if you do end up marrying a Japanese girl. Again, this is a loose generalization and there will always be the 1% of the girls who are the exceptions to the rule. Either way, most of the women who will willingly go out on dates with foreign guys are usually aware of the difference between a Japanese man and a western man’s needs, so no need to fret.

Language can be quite a Barrier

This, is given. There is practically no resemblance between English and Japanese. And there will be a lot lost in translation somewhere along the way. With this, you will need to eventually learn the language (if you want a measure of independence from your future wife, but this matters are easily resolved if you intend to bring her back to your home country).

The Man takes home the Bacon, the Wife takes care of the Home

Japanese society and culture dictates that the man brings home the money, and the wife manages the money entrusted to her to ensure that all needs are taken care of. In Japan, once married, the wife stays home, especially when the kids come. You might need to earn a living by yourself.  Although in recent years, women in Japan have started becoming more independent and there is a big chance you will meet one who is more open to sharing the burden of earning. Just be ready for the possibility that you might need to earn for the whole family by yourself.

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Wednesday, 11 May 2016

Cultural Distinctions of Asian Dating

It’s no news that Asian and Western cultures are as similar as sesame oil and coffee. The cultural differences range from taste in food to family values. And this is even more evident in dating. While there will be similarities, here are some of the differences that you will encounter the moment you step into the orient.


In the west, women tend to like who they like. They decide what they want and they go for it. In Asian dating though, women tend to mirror men. In the Asian dating culture, perseverance and patience usually will gain you the girl, eventually. This is because Asian girls tend to gravitate towards men who show the most interest in them. This may stem from the cultural thinking where women are usually dependent on men, not that they still are, Asian ladies are not called dragon ladies for nothing, it’s just that centuries of a certain mindset will always have its hold on a culture.


Another stark distinction with Asian girls is the need to be accepted and seen by society as a respectable woman. Nothing freaks them out more than being labeled as a whore or someone who sleeps around a lot. Again, do not be misled. They are into doing it as much as you, it’s just that the Asian culture still isn’t as open to sex as the west is. Just make it as though the idea of doing the deed was your idea completely and that you sort of “manipulated” her into it. This way, she will not be the one who initiated thus saving face.


In Asian dating, “boy-next-door” works better than “mysterious”. In the west, women tend to prefer the bad-boy-you-know-next-to-nothing-about images. There is just something about trying to pry the guy’s secrets from him that makes the girls go gaga. But when in the orient, a clean, fun and friendly approach is more accepted. Asians have this thing about saving face where they go to such lengths to make sure embarrassment is avoided at all costs. This is why being friendly is an easier way to get to an Asian girl’s heart as being the bad boy might take a wrong turn and the moment you embarrass the girl, it’s bye bye for you.


One more thing you might find different with Asian dating is how the traditional courtship dynamics are in play. Here, women need to be wooed. In the west, women tend to go for what they want, here, it is more typical for women to play hard to get. Have patience. As mentioned above, Asian girls respond to perseverance and patience. It will not be as easy to hook up with an Asian girlfriend as it would be with a western girl, but the benefits definitely outweigh the cons. These women will be most loyal to you and will be the sweetest girl in the world once you get her to say yes. And when we say yes, this means yes to being your official girlfriend. It is customary in Asia for you to be a couple before you get the benefits. This is all within the traditional view of relationships. There will always be exceptions, but mostly, this is the way most Asian girls think.


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Tuesday, 10 May 2016

Justine Mae will take care of you

AsianDate JustineMae

Justine Mae has the biggest heart. She is loving and caring, although she is only 19 years old, she already wants to find a respectful man who will let her to love him. Could you love her like that?

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Edlyn Nallos is ready to find her passionate man

AsianDate EdlynNallos

Edlyn is full of life, looking forward to exploring the world. She is often fascinated, as a result of her shiny and bright personality because of which she always sees positive side of everything. Do you think she could brighten your day?

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Kaye Esperanza looks for a man who will inspire her

AsianDate KayeEsperanza

Although she is only 18 Kaye already knows what she wants in life and isn’t afraid to search for it. She is also very eclectic person, or you could say – she is the whole package. Do you think you can be man enough for her?

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Thursday, 5 May 2016

Rose Marie will write your book of love

AsianDate Rose Marie

Rose Marie loves to read, but she also sometimes write. Right now she is looking for someone who could help her write her own love story and then live it all through. Do you think you can be that man for her?

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Theda Mits Was Born To Live An Adventure

AsianDate ThedaMits

Theda Mits is unusual woman who loves adventure. Her other love is, as you would expect, traveling, so she often combines her two passions. Could you be her third love and passion?

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Martet Espinosa is looking for a long-lasting romance

AsianDate Martet Espinosa

Martet has a sweet smile and a loving heart, just waiting to find her man. Therefore she is searching for someone who will always be there for her and make her smile. Do you fit the description?

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