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The Different Looks of Filipinas

Have you ever noticed that Filipinas don’t have similar characteristics? It’s like this. Many would tell you that Filipinas mostly have a wider face and nose, lower nose bridge, wavy or curly hair, short stature, dark brown eyes and jetblack hair. This is actually what pure blooded Filipinas would look like but with centuries of interracial marriages, you’ll less likely to find one that looks exactly like how Filipinos did way before. Let’s take a look at the different physical and facial characteristics the Filipinas of today have:

Lighter Skin Tone

Old Filipinos had brown skin which is called “balat kayumanggi”(kayumanggi – brown; balat – skin). These days, you’ll find a lot of Filipinos with lighter skin complexions. Most Pinoys have gotten this physical attribute from their parents or grandparents who have a bit of Chinese, American or Spanish in their blood. There are those, however, who acquire lighter skin using artificial methods. You see, in the Philippines, having lighter skin is a form of beauty status: the whiter your skin is, the more beautiful you are. You will still see some who have the “balat kayumanggi” but the majority of the population, as you may have noticed, have, not porcelain white but, lighter skin tones.

Different Eye Shapes (and Colors)

Have you ever noticed a Filipina’s eyes?Some are round, some are narrower, some are small and some are big. Again, this is all because of interracial marrying. Some Filipinas have mono lids just like Koreans, Japanes and Chinese, but there are some have very rounded eye shapes just like Caucasians. It’s similar with eye color. Although the majority of the population have dark brown eye colors, there are some who have hazel or lighter brown eye colors and they are called “metizo” for men and “mestiza” for women. They’re believed to have predominantly Spanish blood.


Jose Rizal, one of the Philippines National Heroes, was very short, standing at only 4 feet 11 inches. This physical trait is very Filipino. You’ll see that a majority of the Filipino population still have a short stature. Most won’t be as short as Jose Rizal, of course, but only about a handful can reach 6 feet in height. Filipinas are generally within the range of 5 feet to 5 feet 5 inches on average.

A Higher Nose Bridge

This is another physical trait that’s considered beautiful in the Philippines. If your nose is more triangular and lifted, you’re also considered “mestizo” or “mestiza”. Some of the population have gotten their higher nose bridges from their American and Spanish heritage.

These are just some of the physical traits most Filipinas have. From hair color to body types, Filipinas come in all shapes and sizes to say the least so don’t be surprised if your chatting with a Filipina who looks more Chinese or Spanish or Japanese. It’s years of interracial marriages from her forefathers! You have to understand, however, the Filipinos do not use physical traits to determine if one is Filipino or not. It’s more by blood than by anything. Even if a person is quarter Filipino, he or she is still considered and treated is one of full-blood.

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