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Why Korean Girls, date Korean Guys

Korean Girls Like Korean Guys Because of These ReasonsWith the Korean invasion going on almost everywhere in the world, especially in mostly English speaking countries, it is hard not to notice how amazingly pretty and goddess-like these girls are. From their flawless skin, to their unique (sometimes bordering on the extreme) fashion sense and their ultra-feminine demeanors, one could simply and easily fall for these amazing Asian lovelies. But for some reason, no matter what you do, they still seem to prefer Korean guys over you. Here is an insight into why that is, and doubling as a cheat sheet to ease your way into a Korean girl’s heart.

Korean guys rarely go dutch.

In the western world, men often shell it out for the first two or three dates and go dutch moving forward. This isn’t exactly the fault of men or for lack of trying. It is simply because women in the west tend to want to be more independent and one way of showing independence is being able to pay for her own meal. In the Korean dating culture, on the other hand, men still pick up the tab, 80-90% of the time, regardless of it being the 2nd or the 22nd date. When things are a bit more serious and stable, a Korean guy might let the lady pay, but it never is 50-50, he will always pay more than she is. So if you want to land yourself a Korean date, you better be prepared to pay for meals.

Korean guys are all in with the couple stuff.

Okay, it may sound kind of cheesy that you and your Korean girlfriend are always twinning in public. Your outfits are always coordinated, if not matching with each other. You have matching phones, with complementing keychains and basically you look like fraternal twins going out for a Sunday service. Yes, Korean girls LOVE the couple stuff. Couple rings, couple shirts, couple mugs, and basically anything and everything you guys can have matching. So take a page out of a Korean boyfriend’s book and start loving the couple stuff. If you truly want to be with a Korean girl.


Korean guys act like the cool senior looking out for his junior.

Korean girls like being baby-fied. They like being treated like your junior where in you are concerned wholeheartedly with their wellbeing as well as if they have eaten lunch on time. Korean girls love this and Korean guys have this down to an art. They act more mature than their girlfriends despite them being of the same age. They offer their own coats if she feels cold, he opens doors for her, and he rarely lets her carry anything remotely heavy. Korean girls are used to this kind of treatment so you better step up your game to get her to notice you.


Korean guys know the couple calendar.

The what? Okay, in Korea, couples live in a semi exclusive world where they have their own holidays and celebrations. They even have special places in restaurants and entertainment hubs exclusively. So since these couples have their own special class, they have their own calendar of special days. And Korean guys are well versed on this calendar. Try to do a little research on what couples celebrate in the Korean culture so that your Korean girlfriend will not resent the fact that she is missing out by being with a western guy. Take note, couples have a special ce

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