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7 Reasons Why Asian Women Make Great Mothers

Asian Women Make Great MothersMost Asian women don’t only make good wives. They can also be great moms! It’s their attention to detail, natural sense of motherhood and strong desire for family that makes them this way. It’s another reason why you should start dating one, don’t you think? If you didn’t know this before, you’ll find out today with our list of 7 reasons why Asian women make great mothers:

1. Keen on Doing Household Chores

In the Asian culture, Asian children have seen their parents (specifically their mothers) do most of the chores around the house. Daughters and sons, especially in families who are from the middle and lower class, are taught how to wash the dishes, sweep the floor, take out the trash and so on. When they grow up, they have no problems with doing household chores. Well, Asian men are less inclined to do them, but Asian women tend to develop an urge to tidy up and do other household chores.

2. Asian Women Pay Close Attention to their Children

If you ask your Asian friends about their moms, they’ll most likely say that their moms are over protective, sometimes hovering, they care too much or they always want the best for their children (even if their children don’t want the best). This is very characteristic of an Asian mother and this is because, again, it could be because of their own mothers treating them the same. So, it’s more of a cultural thing. It’s because of this that most Asian children grow up to be over achievers.

3. Cool with Gender Roles

Most Western women would cringe at the thought of accepting the idea that women belong in the house or in the kitchen. It is the opposite with Asian women (women who grew up in Asia and not Asian women who were born in other countries, let’s be clear). Gender roles are still very prominent in Asia. Even with millenials (people from the ages 18-30)! Though there are some exceptions, in Asia, the woman is expected to take care of the house and the family, while the husband is expected to bring home the bacon.

4. Puts Family First

Here’s another great reason why Asian women make great moms: they put family first most of the time. After an Asian woman’s prime, her focus is shifted from career or “having fun while still single” to marriage and family. When she finally has one, she does her best to keep the family intact, healthy and happy. Before she makes any type of decision, she thinks whether her choice will benefit her family or not.

5. Knows How to Handle Money

This does not apply to all Asian women, just to get things straight. Most, however, are pretty good with budgeting and putting money where it should be, especially if it is for the household. This is most probably because most Asian women grew up in the middle or lower class. Certain sacrifices growing up have made them resilient and smart with spending money wisely.

6. More Likely to Sacrifice Career

Now, let’s talk about Asian women and careers. So we’ve already talked about the natural sense of Asian women to take care of the family or the children. This will, most likely, make them put their careers on hold or quit their job entirely.

7. Healthy Cooking (Most of the Time)

Asian food is composed of mostly vegetables and some kind of meat and rice. These are staple food items with Asian cooking. You can expect to have delicious home-cooked meals that are full of veggies and meat. There’s the occasional junkfood here and there, but Asian moms will mostly make sure that what their family is eating is healthy.

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Saturday, 25 June 2016

Need to Know Basics Before Dating Asian Women

As you may have already known, Asian women are very different from the kind of women you’ve met before. If you want to seriously date one or if you want to explore the Dating Asian women scene a bit, you may need to know what the basic concepts that revolve around how Asian women date and how they view dating and relationships.

Shy & Coy

If you’re going to start dating Asian women, you shouldn’t be surprised if they won’t talk much during the first date. This is true if you date them offline. Online, however, is a different thing. They may not be too shy online, but they will still expect you to make the first move. Being shy and coy is a given with Asian women. They need a bit of warm up before you can actually see their true personality and behavior. So, now that you know, you have to be patient about trying to help an Asian woman come out of her shell.


Educational Attainments

If there’s one thing Asians are known for, it is that they place a huge importance on education. This is the main reason why most Asian ladies don’t really get into relationships until they are about 27 or 30. School comes first and their parents expect them to do well on top of that. If an Asian woman drops out from school, it is viewed as a major failure in the family and, so, don’t be surprised if she does school activities before dates. It will also be likely that Asian women will be attracted to someone who has done well in school or has a higher degree.


Financial Security

Hold up. So let’s be clear about this. What’s true is that Asian women view financial security as an integral part of a solid relationship. Their view of financial security, however, does not equal to being a gold-digger or scammer. That’s what most people do not understand. Gold-digging and scamming foreign men out of their money is different from being smart with how you spend money, which is a good trait that most Asian women poses.


Topics that are OK and Open

To you, there may be topics that are not OK to talk about openly. These may include your salary, age, religious affiliation and health. To Asians, the topics mentioned are normal everyday topics. It’s important for you to remember this when in a conversation while dating Asian women to avoid being put off or offended. It’s merely a cultural thing and it is nothing personal.


Not Everyone Will Speak English Well

In Asia, the Philippines is a good example of a country with people that can speak English well. The rest of the Asian countries however are hits or misses. Just be ready for some translating or for some reading between the lines. If the Asian lady you’re talking to knows how to speak English well, it most likely means that she is well educated.


Dating Asian Women Means Accepting All of This

Accepting their different views is definitely a part of dating Asian women. The cultural differences might need a bit of time to get used to but when you do, but when you do, you’ll find life long partners in most Asian women you meet.


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Reasons Why Filipinas Like Foreign Men

There’s a good number of Filipina women who sign up to dating sites every year. Of course, the aim is to meet foreign men, but have you ever wondered why Filipinas like foreign men so much? There are a couple of reasons for this and we’re going to take a look at a couple of them.

Filipinas Like Foreign Men Because:

They’re something different

Filipinas who have had their heart broken a couple of times by Filipino men have this thinking that maybe they can try their luck with foreign men. Based on interracial couples they’ve seen as well as movies, foreign men could be their answer to a happily ever after. Basically, think about it this way: every woman wants a man who can treat her well. A lot of Filipinas just view foreign men as more caring, more loving, more tender compared to the men in their own country.


They’re culturally interesting

Because of several years of being colonized, the people of the Philippines have a mixed culture. There’s a little bit of western, Japanese, Chinese and the biggest would be Spanish. It is because of this that the people of the Philippines are interested to learn about the culture of people from other countries. It simply safe to say that men who come from different cultures become interesting because of this aspect.


They’re financially secure

Let’s not jump to conclusions yet. Here’s the thing. Financial security is what most Filipinos lack. Investment is something that’s unfamiliar to most and savings, well it’s a hit or miss concept. There are foreign men who are like this too, but you many Filipinas view it differently. Women from the Philippines view foreign men as being financially responsible and that’s a plus with any woman on this green earth, don’t you think?


They express emotion more

Being slightly stoic is something that Asian men are good at. Being like this is ok in some cases, but there are times when showing off how you feel, is essential. This is one of the major reasons why Filipinas like foreign men – being romantic, exhibiting great gestures of love and so on. It could be the movies that Filipinas see, but it could be because of the men around them who are not so expressive most of the time.


They’re more cultured

Being different or being interested in the finer things in life, most men from the Philippines don’t have this desire. Conformity and being safe in between, that’s what most men are about. There are a couple, of course, but only a handful of men are this interesting.


Filipinas Like Foreign Men Because of These

There are a lot more reasons why Filipinas like foreign me, but the bottomline is that foreign men are more attractive in many aspects – physically, mentally, financially and emotionally. It’s not because of money, but it’s more of tickling a Filipinas fancy.

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Thursday, 23 June 2016

Wenjuan wants to make unforgettable memories with you

AsianDate Wenjuan

Wenjuan is a gentle lady with a kind heart, capable of giving you lots of love. She is also searching for someone with who she could make some unforgettable memories with. Are you that man?

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Give Yaqiong a chance to win you over

AsianDate Yaquiong

Yaquiong is a very complex girl. She is into a lot of stuff, and also has many sides of her character. She is submissive, but also very intelligent, so don’t even think about her if you can’t hold a conversation. Do you think you could?


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Jieling will sing her way into your heart

AsianDate Jieling

Jieling loves to sing and she sings beautifully. She sings whenever she gets the chance, so you can expect her to wake you up with her song. Can you imagine a better way to start a day?

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Wednesday, 22 June 2016

Different Kinds of Asian Women Online

Did you know that there are actually different kinds of Asian women online? Some you’ll want to meet, some you’ll want to avoid. Either way, it’s a good idea to know the different kinds so you can spot them easily. Let’s start!

The Opportunistic Asian Woman

Avoid her. Obviously, from the title, you know that you need to avoid this one because she’s not really looking for love. She’s looking for a way to improve her status in life and, most probably, a ticket out of the country. She’s probably going to:

  • Be easy. She’s going to agree with everything you say and she’ll be too focused on trying to make you fall for her. You’ll know because she’ll show signs that she’s trying too hard.
  • Fall hard and fast (according to her). If you hear her say, “I love you,” only after 3 days of meeting, you should be very careful.


The Gold Digging Asian Woman

Avoid her. Of course you’d want to avoid her! She’s only after scamming money from you. She could also be opportunistic. The difference, however, is that once she gets money from you, she’ll disappear in thin air. Remember the red flags that you should be looking out for:

  • She tells you a sob story. You’re the only one that can help.
  • She wants you to send money as help.

NEVER do what the gold digger says like send money. Keep yourself safe an protected while looking for other kinds of Asian women online.


The Long-Term Relationship Asian Woman

Long-Term Relationship Kinds of Asian Women Online

Meet her. This kind of Asian woman you’ll meet online is actually looking for a serious relationship. It may be hard to spot her because you have to get to know her first. She’s also on guard for scammers and predators who only want to take advantage of her. But, she may do the following things or show the following signs:

  • She doesn’t fall easily. You have to win her over before she shows interest. That is, if she is interested at all.
  • She wants to get to know you. She doesn’t jump to conclusions at the blink of an eye and she verifies and tests out the person she’s communicating with.
  • She’ll most likely start with friendship. She’ll want to be your friend first.

This is the type of Asian woman you can bring home to mama. She’s serious about being in a relationship. She just wants to find the right guy first.


The Short-Term Relationship Asian Woman

Meet her. Asian women in some Asian countries have been so influenced by the ways of thinking of other cultures that they have developed an open mind to short-term relationships and the Western form of dating. If you meet this Asian woman online, go ahead and chat with her. She’ll most likely be:

  • Interesting
  • Exciting
  • Fun

She, however, might not be looking for anything serious so it’s important for you to know what she’s into at the onset of your conversation. Be careful if you’re more of the serious type.

Which kind of Asian women online have you met?

This list is obviously based on an Asian woman’s intention. If you’ve been on the Asian dating scene for a while, which kind have you encountered? Don’t forget to share this post and comment your experiences below to start a fun discussion!

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Monday, 20 June 2016

How are Asian Girlfriends Different?

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to have Asian girlfriends? If you’re in to Asian dating online, you probably have a couple of times. Most blogs would say that having Asian girlfriends is like having the girl of your dreams – she’ll be willing to do anything and be at your beck and call. That’s how different Asian women are as girlfriends, according to most blogs you’ll read. Is it really true, though?

It’s true THAT Asian girlfriends are different, but what’s not true is that they’re willing to be at your beck and call. It might just be quite the opposite, actually. So, the truth, how different is it to have an Asian girlfriend? Good you asked:

Dates & Going Dutch

On the internet, you’ll find Asian girlfriends who say that they are independent and can earn their own money because they have their own business. That may be true, but when it comes to dates, most Asian women are still pretty traditional about the chivalry that comes with the man having to pay for everything during dates. If a man expects the woman to pay, he will be considered as rude and impolite.


Taking the Lead & Taking a Step Back

Most women from the West like to feel that they are in charge or play a major role when in a relationship. It’s different with Asian girlfriends because they want you to take the lead. What does this mean? If you tell her that you’re going to the movies today or eating at a particular restaurant, she won’t mind. She might get you to buy her food from time to time, and you have to be smart and sensitive as to when you need to give her a say in things, but, more often, an Asian girlfriend won’t mind you making the decisions most of the time.


Couple Things & Anniversaries



Let’s recall your past relationships. Have you ever celebrated the 100th day you’ve been together? Or maybe the 1st month of your relationship? Well, to an Asian girlfriend, this kind of thing is important. It may seem childish to you, but in the Asian dating culture, it’s something natural and traditional. Though you’re a foreign man, she’ll still expect you to know do “couple” thins with her and celebrate small anniversaries.


Surprise Presents

Having an Asian girlfriend sometimes means that you get surprised with presents or food. Doing this shows her care for you. If you find this corny, you should probably date a non-Asian, because it is these small surprises that will make an Asian girlfriend happy. But, wait, the present is for you so why should it make her happy and not you? Good question. That’s because if you do the opposite, it will break her heart into so many pieces. But, if you act like you like whatever she surprised you with (even though you totally dislike it), she’ll be the happiest!



Never get intimate with an Asian girl unless you really want a serious relationship with her. Most likely, an Asian girlfriend’s perspective about this is as traditional as a man paying for dates. Get the drift? So, if something does happen, you have to be ready to face the consequences if you’re not ready to be serious.


Asian Girlfriends are Different

Overall, it has something to do with the kind of culture she grew up in and was raised with. Don’t expect for your beliefs to be similar to hers (although some may not be so different). Just remember to let her be herself and don’t try to change anything.

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Friday, 17 June 2016

Hailey is looking for passion and fun

AsianDate Hailey

Hailey is not your typical quiet Asian girl. She loves a good sense of humor and she loves to explore her passion. She is willing to try new things. Are you willing to show her?

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If you like mature and independent ladies, you’ll like Jiamei

AsianDate Jiamei

Jiamei is a lady you will like to have in your company. She is mature and independent, and, of course, very sexy. She hopes to find someone who can handle her sensuality. Could you be that man?

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Pingping can’t wait to have fun with you

AsianDate Pingping

Pingping is lively and energetic lady who likes to take care of her inner and outer beauty. Also, she loves to have fun and promises she will be very easy to be around. Would you like to meet her?

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Wednesday, 15 June 2016

Topics to Avoid Talking to an Asian Woman About

How to Talk to an Asian WomanTalking to an Asian woman is fun, but there are certain topics that you must avoid to prevent putting her off. Remember that women who were born in Asia grew up in a conservative culture so there may be topics that they consider to be too personal or still taboo. The list of these topics can be comprehensive, but just to give you an idea, here are a few of them:


Asia is a melting pot of different religious beliefs. If you’re not open to a lady being in a religion other than yours, it’s best to stay away from the topic even if you’re curious about her religion’s practices. If you, however, do have an open mind, go ahead and ask about general information on her religion. Just make sure to avoid arguing and challenging ideas of the religion because it’ll be counterproductive for you.


Intimacy and Past Relationships

“Have you been intimate with a gentleman before? And, “how many boyfriends have you met online?” are just some of the questions that you DO NOT NEED TO ASK (all caps for emphasis). These are just downright rude even if your intention was innocent. It’ll make an Asian woman think that you’re shaming her or that you’re intentionally making her feel bad. Unfortunately, that’s how being conservative is. Topics of intimacy and past relationships are something that are secret and taboo to discuss out in the open.

She may be comfortable sharing this info with her girlfriends, but not to a complete stranger who she has just met online. Common, you know better than asking these questions.


Blowing Your Own Horn to an Asian Woman


Did you know that foreign men have a reputation for being arrogant? At first, an Asian woman will assume that you are so. You do not want to confirm her beliefs, rather you want to show her that you’re the opposite. Convincing her that you’re the one and that you’re so great is not going to help you either. Asian women do not like a man who is too full of himself.


Divorce Details

So remember when it was mentioned that intimacy and past relationships don’t need to be discussed? That goes for you too. If you’ve been divorced, make sure that you do not discuss the details (as well as the ugly details) of our divorce to an Asian woman. What for? Right? It’s just not something that you discuss to avoid making the other party uncomfortable.


Negative Experiences with Online Dating

Here’s another no-no that you should be keeping to yourself. Venting out bad experiences with online dating is a good way to let some steam off, but if you share your bad experiences with an Asian woman who is a potential date, it is a BIG TURN OFF. Why? For the sole reason that it is negative. Save this story for when you have therapy. You’re online dating to find someone who’s a good match for you. You’re not online dating to unload your frustrations. Remember that.


Topics, Topics, Topics

There are a lot more topics that you should avoid. Basically, the key is to remember that the questions you ask need to be focused on getting to know a person. These issues should not pry into their personal life, but they are meant to know the person better.

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Monday, 13 June 2016

Tips in Choosing the Right Asian Dating Website

Choosing the Right Asian Dating WebsiteChoosing the right Asian dating website will ensure that you have a wonderful online dating experience. For most, what site to sign up to and use doesn’t really matter, but it’s actually a good idea to be picky about the sites you give your information to because:

  1. You could be required to enter your credit card details, and so the site needs to be legitimate.
  2. You’re finding someone who you can be with romantically. You don’t want to waste your time engaging in correspondence with fake profiles and scammers.

So, as you can tell, safety is your number one priority when choosing the right Asian dating website. This brings us to this question: How do you know if the website is good, safe and reliable? Here are tips that you can follow:

Check the Asian Dating Website’s Security Policy

Because safety is your number one priority, you check on this first. What you need to look out for are specific policies. What will the site do if you end up corresponding with a fake profile or fake person? Will they reimburse the amount of money you spent on corresponding with the faker? And, most importantly, you have to watch out for security measures that they are doing on the site. The security policy will definitely contain all of these info.


Online Reviews


Thanks to internet citizens who have been wronged by scam websites, you’ll find a whole slew of information on the internet about their stories. All you have to do is search for specific key words or phrases on Google and you’re all set. Online reviews are important because you would need to check the site’s credibility. This measure is also part of your safety, so to speak.


Healthy Database

Let’s say you’ve Googled reviews about dating sites that you’re interested in signing up to. You’ll most likely come across information about which Asian dating website has the most members. If not, a simple Google search will give you the answer. Of course, you’d want to sign up to a dating site that already has a healthy database of Asian women. If it’s not too popular, it means that not a lot of people may be using it which, then, lessens your chances of finding an Asian date online.


Specific Preferences

In your search for the perfect Asian dating website, you also need to consider your preferences. Specifically, you have to check if the site has features that will allow you to filter through search results. This can really cut the time of finding a match in half. All the better when the dating site automatically suggests matches for you. There are dating sites like that where they send matches to your email every week. That’s a good feature to have on a dating site!


Awesome Features


Last, but not the least, is for you to check out the site’s features. Other than refining the search results you get, a good online dating website will be able to address your wants in communication or in other ways of contacting a lady. For example:

  • Check if the site has a dating tour service so you can meet ladies and have a vacation, at the same time.
  • Check if the site’s communication tools are effective and user-friendly.
  • See if the site allows you to call ladies via phone.

It’s features like these that will make your online dating experience easier.

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Sunday, 12 June 2016

Nobody can resist Wanying’s charm

AsianDate Wanying

Rarely people have a quality Wanying has. All of her friends say she has a unique charm that attracts a lot of people, and is very hard to resist. Are you brave enough to check for yourself?

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Carlene Singson can hardly contain her desire

AsianDate Carlene Singson

If you are looking for a passionate girl, Carlene is definitely the one for you. She says she is fool of desire and the only thing left for you to do is to reach out to her and check what that means exactly. Are you ready for that?

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Yuanxinyu is looking for the same thing as you

AsianDate Yuanxinyu

Even though her name sounds complicated, you don’t have to worry because you can call this wonderful lady Anni if that is more convenient for you. In return she will make her happy and expect the same from you. Do you want to be happy with her?

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Friday, 10 June 2016

A Primer for Dating Japanese Women

Dating Japanese WomenJapan, land of the rising sun, home to geishas, samurais and sushi. A country once isolated from the world with a culture so unique, it never fails to amaze. And from a culture as rich as the Japanese, hail the Japanese women who seem to captivate the western men with their long, black and silky hair, the fairness and smoothness of their skin and their feminine demeanor. But beyond the beauty of these eastern pearls, who and what are these women? Here’s a quick primer on Japanese women to consider prior to dating.

Demure and Polite.

The Japanese culture is known for the people’s politeness and the way they treat everybody with courtesy. This is evident in both men and women but more so in women. This is because women are raised to be polite and demure. They act feminine and childlike when happy and content and this can be very endearing. These women also respect the role of men in society and relationships. Most are submissive to the male partner as they have been raised in a society that expects this from them. But in case you do end up with a Japanese girl, try to be fair and give her a say in decisions especially when it comes to the relationship.


They treat you with respect and are disciplined.

Japanese women are a product of the Japanese culture where discipline is a way of life. This is why their cities and streets are clean and this is also why their trains are always on time. The Japanese way of life includes conforming to rules and regulations and thus these women exhibit an air of discipline. And secondary to this disciplined way of life, Japanese women are also very respectful. They will treat you with respect and it is only fair that they be treated the same way. These women come from a very strict and rigid society. It may do well though to let her know it’s okay to let her hair down once in a while and they would probably love you for it.



With everything comes balance. Since these women can be overly polite, demure and disciplined when dealing with the public and with society, they ought to blow off steam somewhere. And with these lovely Japanese women, they seem to balance it out in the bedroom. True that an average Japanese girl wouldn’t want intimacy as frequently as a western girl but she is more likely to be kinkier and more open to trying things and experimenting in the bedroom. They can be a bit wild in the bedroom as well since all that discipline builds pressure that needs releasing at the end of the day. It is advised that you let her know of your preferences and be considerate of her needs as well. Now, since Japan still considers intimacy a taboo topic in public, you might want to bring these things up while cuddling after a steamy session so that you both are relaxed and more receptive. And, don’t forget to respect her boundaries. Respect begets respect.

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Monday, 6 June 2016

Huan searches for her prince charming

AsianDate Huan

Huan is truly like a princess, not just because she is really pretty, but because she has a very kind heart, like every princess should have. Could you be her prince charming and live happily ever after with her?

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Qijun would like to broaden her horizons with you

AsianDate Qijun

Qijun is a mature lady who looks for a mature man. She would like to find someone who will love her with all his heart, but also someone who will broaden her horizons. Is that you?

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Lulu maybe looks shy, but she is very passionate

AsianDate LuluLulu is a young girl, but don’t let her appearance fool you. She is very passionate, in fact she is so passionate that one could call that a main feature in her character, so it is not strange that she looks for the same in her man. Do you think you are passionate enough for her?

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Saturday, 4 June 2016

Breaking the Korean Girl Enigma

Dating a Korean girl may not be as easy as one might think. With the ever increasing numbers of Asian women being open to marrying western men, for some reason, it does not automatically follow with Koreans. There is some information available online that Korean girls are amazing and that every guy should try dating a Korean girl. But as said earlier, it is no walk in the park. Here is a short guide on how to possibly figure out the enigma Korean girls seem to put men through and with luck, breaking the code should get you to where you would like to be with this Korean girl.


Korean girls like eye candy.

This sounds a bit shallow but with a society that is semi bent on social rankings and all, any good looking guy would be at an advantage than a regular Joe. These girls are often up to date with fashion and trends and are so caught up with beautifying themselves that they expect to haul a guy whom her friends would envy. Thus, the first thing that you either got going or against you would be the Korean girl’s desire to have an eye-candy type of guy.\



Status matters.

This can be considered the first point’s twin. Korean girls love status. If you are a high ranking official in a big company rolling around the city in a mustang, then getting a Korean girl to notice you would be a piece of cake. You’d even have them fawning over you without as much as lifting a pinky. But, let’s say you are an average dude travelling through Asia and getting by with English lessons, then chances are, these girls wouldn’t even give you a second look blaming it all in the traditional “I’m not supposed to talk to strangers.”



Saving face is a way of life.

In Korean society, image and status are very important. This is why the divorce rates are so high because most of the time a couple is forced to marry when the girl gets accidentally knocked up. In the same way, say you were trying to talk to this girl in a bar or a coffee shop, and she seems to like you and things are going along smoothly and she suddenly walks away. You glance behind you and there’s this guy who gave her and you the evil eye. She walked away because there is someone who is displeased with her action and thus to save face, she walks away.

Men marry virgins.

The reason why somehow, girls dislike being seen as “easy” by society, is because in their culture, men still opt to marry the pure ones. So if a girl is intent on marrying a good man who will take care of her, she will most probably hold back on having sex until you marry her. This is a bit hard for a western man to take since in the west, sex seems to be an integral part of any relationship. This is another stumbling block for any guy who would like to get a Korean girl.

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Wednesday, 1 June 2016

Common Misconceptions on Japanese Women

Whether it is the beautiful sideways glance by an actress in a traditional Kabuki play, or the sleek, long, jet black hair blowing in the wind, let us face it; Japanese women are indeed a sight to behold. Poking around the net regarding information on Japanese women, their personalities, how to date them and what particularly catches their fancy, and one would most likely read about the wonderful qualities these women have that put them above the rest. But then again, if something seems too good to be true, it probably is. Here is a quick no nonsense look into what Japanese women are really like.


She isn’t the angel you make her out to be.

One of the selling points, so to say, on Japanese women is their well-known submissiveness and their adherence to the traditional gender roles. There is truth in this somehow, but do not expect her to be the doe-eyed pushover you dream her to be. Always remember, she is still a woman in her very essence. She can be manipulative, annoying and will occasionally rebel from your grasp. Her traditional values indeed will make her more restrained and subtle in defying you, but like any other woman from any other part of the world; she still has a mind of her own. It would be best for your relationship with her that you treat her fairly as you would a western woman. This way, you earn her respect and your relationship will be more fulfilling.


She will, most probably, demand to be in control of the money.

In Japan, in case you are not familiar with the culture yet, the wife manages the finances. The husband works and come pay day, he surrenders all money to his wife and will get an allowance for his personal spending from her. Now, bear in mind that this is how she was raised. She knows that mom will be in charge of the household spending. If and when you decide to marry, your wife might demand that you surrender your finances over to her for management. Money, no matter where you’re from, is always a big factor in breaking down relationship when not given clear boundaries. If you are okay with this, well and good, but if you are not, it is best to discuss this prior to tying the knot. She will understand though if you explain, so you both should find a happy compromise where you and she will be comfortable.


She might not want to be intimate in the bedroom as often as you would like.

In some sites, it is said that Japanese ladies are hot and amazing behind closed doors. There is a glimmer of truth to that but it can be safely said that those amazing goddesses are the exception to the rules. Generally speaking, Japanese women are not really that eager for intimacy in the bedroom. There have been testimonials from some men that after the birth of their first child, their wives seem to stop “doing it” with them all together. Again, for this the key would be communication and proper setting of expectations. Before moving into a more serious note in a relationship, try to clarify first that you will need her to keep being intimate in the bedroom with you beyond having your first born and that it is a basic need to you. Again, she was raised in this type of culture and it will be up to you to inform her. As with any relationship, compromised will need to be made and if neither wants to give in, then it would save you a lot of heartache, and money, to simply avoid getting in too serious.

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