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A Primer for Dating Japanese Women

Dating Japanese WomenJapan, land of the rising sun, home to geishas, samurais and sushi. A country once isolated from the world with a culture so unique, it never fails to amaze. And from a culture as rich as the Japanese, hail the Japanese women who seem to captivate the western men with their long, black and silky hair, the fairness and smoothness of their skin and their feminine demeanor. But beyond the beauty of these eastern pearls, who and what are these women? Here’s a quick primer on Japanese women to consider prior to dating.

Demure and Polite.

The Japanese culture is known for the people’s politeness and the way they treat everybody with courtesy. This is evident in both men and women but more so in women. This is because women are raised to be polite and demure. They act feminine and childlike when happy and content and this can be very endearing. These women also respect the role of men in society and relationships. Most are submissive to the male partner as they have been raised in a society that expects this from them. But in case you do end up with a Japanese girl, try to be fair and give her a say in decisions especially when it comes to the relationship.


They treat you with respect and are disciplined.

Japanese women are a product of the Japanese culture where discipline is a way of life. This is why their cities and streets are clean and this is also why their trains are always on time. The Japanese way of life includes conforming to rules and regulations and thus these women exhibit an air of discipline. And secondary to this disciplined way of life, Japanese women are also very respectful. They will treat you with respect and it is only fair that they be treated the same way. These women come from a very strict and rigid society. It may do well though to let her know it’s okay to let her hair down once in a while and they would probably love you for it.



With everything comes balance. Since these women can be overly polite, demure and disciplined when dealing with the public and with society, they ought to blow off steam somewhere. And with these lovely Japanese women, they seem to balance it out in the bedroom. True that an average Japanese girl wouldn’t want intimacy as frequently as a western girl but she is more likely to be kinkier and more open to trying things and experimenting in the bedroom. They can be a bit wild in the bedroom as well since all that discipline builds pressure that needs releasing at the end of the day. It is advised that you let her know of your preferences and be considerate of her needs as well. Now, since Japan still considers intimacy a taboo topic in public, you might want to bring these things up while cuddling after a steamy session so that you both are relaxed and more receptive. And, don’t forget to respect her boundaries. Respect begets respect.

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