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How are Asian Girlfriends Different?

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to have Asian girlfriends? If you’re in to Asian dating online, you probably have a couple of times. Most blogs would say that having Asian girlfriends is like having the girl of your dreams – she’ll be willing to do anything and be at your beck and call. That’s how different Asian women are as girlfriends, according to most blogs you’ll read. Is it really true, though?

It’s true THAT Asian girlfriends are different, but what’s not true is that they’re willing to be at your beck and call. It might just be quite the opposite, actually. So, the truth, how different is it to have an Asian girlfriend? Good you asked:

Dates & Going Dutch

On the internet, you’ll find Asian girlfriends who say that they are independent and can earn their own money because they have their own business. That may be true, but when it comes to dates, most Asian women are still pretty traditional about the chivalry that comes with the man having to pay for everything during dates. If a man expects the woman to pay, he will be considered as rude and impolite.


Taking the Lead & Taking a Step Back

Most women from the West like to feel that they are in charge or play a major role when in a relationship. It’s different with Asian girlfriends because they want you to take the lead. What does this mean? If you tell her that you’re going to the movies today or eating at a particular restaurant, she won’t mind. She might get you to buy her food from time to time, and you have to be smart and sensitive as to when you need to give her a say in things, but, more often, an Asian girlfriend won’t mind you making the decisions most of the time.


Couple Things & Anniversaries



Let’s recall your past relationships. Have you ever celebrated the 100th day you’ve been together? Or maybe the 1st month of your relationship? Well, to an Asian girlfriend, this kind of thing is important. It may seem childish to you, but in the Asian dating culture, it’s something natural and traditional. Though you’re a foreign man, she’ll still expect you to know do “couple” thins with her and celebrate small anniversaries.


Surprise Presents

Having an Asian girlfriend sometimes means that you get surprised with presents or food. Doing this shows her care for you. If you find this corny, you should probably date a non-Asian, because it is these small surprises that will make an Asian girlfriend happy. But, wait, the present is for you so why should it make her happy and not you? Good question. That’s because if you do the opposite, it will break her heart into so many pieces. But, if you act like you like whatever she surprised you with (even though you totally dislike it), she’ll be the happiest!



Never get intimate with an Asian girl unless you really want a serious relationship with her. Most likely, an Asian girlfriend’s perspective about this is as traditional as a man paying for dates. Get the drift? So, if something does happen, you have to be ready to face the consequences if you’re not ready to be serious.


Asian Girlfriends are Different

Overall, it has something to do with the kind of culture she grew up in and was raised with. Don’t expect for your beliefs to be similar to hers (although some may not be so different). Just remember to let her be herself and don’t try to change anything.

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