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Reasons Why Filipinas Like Foreign Men

There’s a good number of Filipina women who sign up to dating sites every year. Of course, the aim is to meet foreign men, but have you ever wondered why Filipinas like foreign men so much? There are a couple of reasons for this and we’re going to take a look at a couple of them.

Filipinas Like Foreign Men Because:

They’re something different

Filipinas who have had their heart broken a couple of times by Filipino men have this thinking that maybe they can try their luck with foreign men. Based on interracial couples they’ve seen as well as movies, foreign men could be their answer to a happily ever after. Basically, think about it this way: every woman wants a man who can treat her well. A lot of Filipinas just view foreign men as more caring, more loving, more tender compared to the men in their own country.


They’re culturally interesting

Because of several years of being colonized, the people of the Philippines have a mixed culture. There’s a little bit of western, Japanese, Chinese and the biggest would be Spanish. It is because of this that the people of the Philippines are interested to learn about the culture of people from other countries. It simply safe to say that men who come from different cultures become interesting because of this aspect.


They’re financially secure

Let’s not jump to conclusions yet. Here’s the thing. Financial security is what most Filipinos lack. Investment is something that’s unfamiliar to most and savings, well it’s a hit or miss concept. There are foreign men who are like this too, but you many Filipinas view it differently. Women from the Philippines view foreign men as being financially responsible and that’s a plus with any woman on this green earth, don’t you think?


They express emotion more

Being slightly stoic is something that Asian men are good at. Being like this is ok in some cases, but there are times when showing off how you feel, is essential. This is one of the major reasons why Filipinas like foreign men – being romantic, exhibiting great gestures of love and so on. It could be the movies that Filipinas see, but it could be because of the men around them who are not so expressive most of the time.


They’re more cultured

Being different or being interested in the finer things in life, most men from the Philippines don’t have this desire. Conformity and being safe in between, that’s what most men are about. There are a couple, of course, but only a handful of men are this interesting.


Filipinas Like Foreign Men Because of These

There are a lot more reasons why Filipinas like foreign me, but the bottomline is that foreign men are more attractive in many aspects – physically, mentally, financially and emotionally. It’s not because of money, but it’s more of tickling a Filipinas fancy.

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