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The Foreign Man’s Guide to Marrying a Korean Lady

How to Marry a Korean Lady
After all the highs and lows, the endless threads of emails and chat logs, international phone calls and the short visits that never seem to be enough, finally, your Korean lady said yes to your “Will you marry me?”. Planning a wedding is challenge enough on its own, and now, you need to plan a wedding halfway around the world, in Korea. Fear not! Here is a simple step by step guide to getting married in Korea.


Step 1: Father’s Approval/Blessing

You may have met your beloved’s family once or twice in one of your many visits to Korea. They may know who you are and that you are dating their daughter. At this point, you should have an idea on how conservative your Korean lady’s family is and this should be your clue as to how to approach her father. Just remember to do your research on how to seek her father’s approval traditionally and plan the meeting with your soon-to-be wife on the best way to do this.


Step 2: Engagement Announcement

Once future father-in-law has given his consent and/or blessing to the both of you, time to tell you’re your families. If possible, arrange for a meeting (if budget permits), or set up a skype call to allow your parents and hers to meet, even informally, prior to the wedding.


Step 3: Decide the Wedding type, the Date and Venue

Since your bride will be coming from a whole different culture, a decision must be made whether you will go with the traditional Korean wedding or the Western type wedding. If you both want to experience both cultural weddings, a suggestion would be to have the traditional Korean wedding in Korea, and once she moves home with you to your home country, have your western type wedding then. Best of both worlds. But as for the Korean wedding, be aware that you will have to choose a venue and a date that will be convenient for the majority. Be flexible with the date since some of her family might need special considerations. Remember, everyone’s schedules should be considered so as to ensure that her family feels accommodated thus starting the marriage right.



Step 4: Arrange for Flights and Accommodations

If your immediate family wishes to attend your first wedding in Korea, then flights and accommodations should be arranged. Check with your Korean lady and her family for the best and the most affordable places near the venue and, for convenience, relatively near their home as well. This would make the meetings easier for both families and would encourage a good friendship between families for a start.


Step 5: Plan the Wedding details

Like a western bride, your Korean lady, the bride-to-be, will be the best go to person for the planning. This is where the details come in like the dress and/or hanbok (depending on the wedding type decided), the invites, the rings, booking of the venue, catering and all the usual things a wedding requires. This you will need to discuss with your Korean lady if she would prefer planning with her friends or if she would like you to be her planning buddy. Volunteer to plan with her though, this makes it easier to learn the wedding culture and will impress her family on how involved you are.


Step 6: Acquiring Necessary Legal Documents

In any country, proof of eligibility for marriage is always a requirement to secure a marriage license. What is that though? It’s a legal document proving that you are not married yet, or if you formerly were, that you are free of obligation from your previous marriage that was either dissolved or divorced. This is secured from your home country’s embassy in Korea which you will have to have notarized and translated and submitted for registration at a local office. Each country will have a different process of obtaining this from your respective embassies, so it will be best to research or to visit your nation’s embassy website for particulars and requirements. Once you have the “Affidavit of Eligibility for Marriage” document, you, your girlfriend and two witnesses will have to visit an administrative office for your district to file for the “Report of Marriage” or the Korean marriage license.


Step 7: The Formal Meeting of Families

Once your family has flown in from your home country, you and your lady should arrange for a meeting prior to the wedding. This allows for both families to be comfortable with each other and to get to know each other as well. This allows for the wedding proper to go smoothly as questions and possible compromises can be made.


Step 8: Get Married

With all the hoops and loops, you and your bride can now finally tie the knot.

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Attitudes to Curb if You want to Date Korean Girls

Date Korean Girls Online NOWWhen you date Korean girls, you should know that they are known for their flawless complexions and long legs. It also escapes no one how meticulously they maintain their figures and how perfectly sexy they are. These fair oriental beauties are among the most sought after in Asia and this should come as no surprise to anyone. But to be fortunate enough to have one of these ladies to be your beloved paramour and eventually your blushing bride, there are some attitudes that a man, especially one who comes from an entirely different world, should curb and eventually eliminate.


Never compare and try to change her values and customs.

The Eastern culture is like night as the Western culture is like day. The similarities of the east and west are like that of oil and water. Some customs may seem weird to a Westerner but will be positively normal for an Easterner.

A man from the west grew up to a culture where gender roles are not stringently in place where it will be perfectly normal for a man to be the homemaker and the woman to be the bread winner. Not so in Korea. When you date Korean girls, a wife’s role in the household still remains particularly rigid where the man works and the woman stays home to care for the children. In lieu with this, women tend to expect for the man to take the lead in everything.


Not being open enough to learning about the Korean culture.

The western world is fortunate enough to be known worldwide for their culture, or even the lack of it sometimes. She knows more about your culture than you do hers. Wouldn’t it be fair for you to attempt to learn more about her culture? Besides, if you plan to eventually marry your Korean girlfriend, you would need to start to learn a little bit of the language and their specific family custom to ensure you don’t get a veto from her parents.


Never assume that she is easy. Nor should you assume any Korean girl is.

In fact, South Korea is one of the Asian nations who isn’t that open to marrying, even dating foreigners. It’s simply because most Korean parents are still very traditional. In addition to that, western culture is well identified with a very open sex culture. Sex, although not taboo, is still a reserved topic and even public displays of affection are frowned upon. It may seem that these women are highly sexualized in their pop culture, these women are some of the more conservative ones in Asia. When you date Korean girls, make sure to treat them like the ladies they are.


Do not underestimate her intelligence just because she is pretty.

Korea is a culture that thinks very highly of education and intelligence. This is evident with the time and effort they put in to learning a lot of things. Korean parents are even very encouraging by enrolling their children in English fluency courses, at least 2 to 3 musical instruments, sports, art and painting, and a lot of other things. These women are well exposed and well-travelled so never, ever correlate that since she is outstandingly beautiful, that she is shallow and a bit daft. In this culture, intelligence is chic.


So, that’s it for attitudes that you need to curb when you date Korean girls. These are just a few of the habits foreign men usually extend to these ladies, and if you intend to get serious with one, you better learn to eliminate or minimize these attitudes.

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Why Having a Japanese Girlfriend won’t Help with Learning Japanese

Japanese Girlfriend OnlineJapan is a very interesting nation with an amazing culture. It is also known the world over for its toys and technology, and of course, the super cute Japanese girls. Now for a person who plans on immersing themselves in the culture by coming to Japan for a long term job assignment, or maybe for a change of pace, or even coming to Japan for an adventure, learning the language is very important. And there is a notion that having a Japanese girlfriend helps in this area. Well, it’s a yes and a no.


Men and women speak differently.

In Japan, there is a distinct difference with how men communicate from women. There some terms that are exclusively used by the male populace and vice versa. It’s like two different subsets of the same language. So being with your Japanese girlfriend may indeed improve your speaking skills although please make it a point to ask her how to say it like a man. Or else you’d end up being made fun of by people given that you will most definitely have an accent (initially), and you speak like a girl. But no worries, Japanese women are very devoted and they will make sure that you are not embarrassed in public with your wrong grammar.


Men tend to rely too much on their girlfriend.

Having a Japanese girlfriend would most probably mean having your own personal translator with built in reader. She will translate what the signs in the train station mean, or what the man in the fish market was yelling about and she will even do the ordering in a local restaurant describing the menu to you in full detail in her cute English. With this, the tendency is dependence on your Japanese girlfriend for your language needs. But seriously, shouldn’t you, as the man, exert effort to learn her language and culture?


Japanese girls want to learn to speak English too.

Since you and your beloved will be spending much time talking to each other, she will also want to learn how to speak proper English. And with this, she will most likely try to practice with you. So, you two end up conversing in English so as for her to hone her skills in the English language. This is all well and good since you should be able to communicate better using your own native tongue, but then again it will be a tad bit detrimental to your learning curve for the Japanese language.


You will end up speaking in mixed Japanese and English.

The best way to practice a language is to speak it straight without mixing it with other languages. But, for the sake of convenience, you and your Japanese girlfriend will most probably mix the two languages in a confusing hotpot of conversation. Remember, the Japanese language grammatical structure is nearly the exact opposite of the grammatical structure of the English language. So this becomes one crazy little sublanguage you and your girlfriend develop especially for just the two of you. One point for relationship goals, minus one for Japanese language proficiency.

But of course, the good will always outweigh the bad. Having a Japanese girlfriend means having a study buddy and a quick reference to the language. But be considerate if she herself would like to improve her English speaking skills. Yes it can be bad for your Japanese language proficiency, but as with all good things, working for it makes the victory all the more sweeter.

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Thursday, 21 July 2016

How NOT to Creep Out Asian Women Online

Dating Asian Women OnlineAlthough there are plenty of Asian women online who are open to the idea of meeting and dating foreign men, there’s still a certain stigma with men they meet online. This is because most foreign men don’t actually know how to conduct themselves while chatting with an Asian woman online. Their actions, questions and way of talking (or chatting) come off as, for the lack of a better term, creepy.

If you want to be successful in dating Asian women online, you have to lower down your creepiness factor. And, here are ways on how you can do it:

Chinese Greetings

“Ni Hao” this is a Chinese phrase for “Hello”. Most men who have been dating Asian women for a while know this phrase very well. This, however, doesn’t mean that you get to abuse this phrase whenever you meet a nice looking Asian woman online. Don’t send her this phrase as your very first greeting!

  • She may not be Chinese.
  • You’re assuming that she is which might be a big turn off.
  • Why not get to know her first and just say “Hi” to start things off?


Random Asian Friends


Telling an Asian woman online that you have an Asian friend who was also born in the same country as she was is a dead end. If it actually adds value to the conversation, then go ahead and mention your Asian friend, but you need to remember that not all Asians know each other. What’s the Asian woman online suppose to do with that? It’s upping the creep factor up. Don’t do it.


Random Asian Facts


While it is absolutely acceptable to talk about Asian things to the Asian women you meet online, it is not acceptable to blurt out random Asian facts just to have something to talk about. Again, if it is relevant to the conversation, by all means, insert whatever Asian fact you learn from your travels int the conversation. But, if you think that it’ll be too awkward to insert, pass and move on to your next topic of conversation.


Buying Into Stereotypes

How many stereotypes of Asian women have you come across? Not all of them are true, you know. For you to presume that an Asian woman is this and that before even getting to know her is just downright creepy. She may not be too keen on family, she may be more independent than you and she may very well be highly educated.


Smothering Her Space

Another thing Asian women find as creepy is when foreign men become too attached, too expressive, too lovey-dovey, too soon. Women from Asian countries understand that it takes a while for a man to truly get to know a woman and fall in love with her. Being too showy too soon might make her think that you’re only dating her for her “Asian-ness” and that’s you’ve developed feelings rather quickly.


Low Key Advances

The ultimate creepy thing that you can do is to pass her some low key advances that make her uncomfortable. For example: “You are the sexiest lady I’ve seen all day.” While this sounds harmless and playful to some, you have to remember that there are Asian ladies who are a bit on the conservative side so maybe you should gauge the waters a little bit before making a remark on her figure, the way she dresses and so on.


Do you see a pattern here? The main thing is for you, the foreign man, to actually get to know the Asian woman before passing judgement or acting like a total creep.

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A Foreign Guy’s Guide to Proposing to a Japanese Girl

Proposing to a Japanese GirlFinally, after all the twists, turns, ups, downs and the occasional cartwheels you and your Japanese girlfriend’s relationship has been through, you have reached the point of no return. You have finally realized that life will no longer be complete without her by your side and you want to cement the relationship with tying the knot. Proposing to a western girl can prove challenging already, what more when proposing to the girl of your dreams who just happens to be a pearl of the orient? Here is a simple guide for you to plan out the grand overture that is your wedding proposal to the Japanese girl you want to spend forever with.


Parental Consent

No matter if your Japanese girl is 21 or 30, it is mandatory to seek parental consent first prior to the actual proposal. Well okay, it might not be mandatory, but if you want to get on the good side of your future in-laws, (and to avoid having your wedding called off mid planning), it is best to seek blessing/permission from her parents. Not only will your Japanese girl respect and love you for it, her parents will also see that you are a deserving man to give their daughter over to. Although it will be best to propose to your girl first, so she can arrange for you meeting her parents.


Stay in Japan or Bring her Home

In line with the first item on the list, you better be prepared with the question of where you and your future wife will be living. This should be something that you and your girlfriend has discussed even to you planning to propose to her. This is because Japanese grandparents are very, VERY, fond of their grandchildren and if it happens to be that your future wife is an only child, then, be prepared for some serious bargaining on where you and your future family will be living.


Ring or No Ring

To a man who has been born and raised into a western culture (US/Europe), then proposing marriage to a woman will definitely mean a ring with a sparkly gem on it. But what of the orient cultures? Rejoice! For it has been long ingrained in the history and culture of Japan that rings be exchanged upon engagement. Also, modern Japan is slowly adapting to westernization thus more and more Japanese women are expecting the diamond engagement ring when the guy proposes. But, don’t be too upset if she doesn’t wear the ring all the time. It is still quite normal for engaged/married women not to wear rings.


The Engagement Party

Better known as the Engagement ceremony. In Japan, you are not officially engaged until the engagement ceremony is done. Not like in the west that the moment the girl says yes, then you are officially engaged.  A traditional Japanese engagement ceremony can be very expensive and is only usually practiced now by the affluent families. But for the average folks like the most of us, a fancy dinner arranged for both families (if you can get your family to fly in to Japan for this special event) to talk about the up-coming nuptials. But if you would like to impress and if you are willing to shell out upwards of 10,000 USD, then a lot of resources are available online regarding this.

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Sunday, 17 July 2016

How open are Korean Ladies with Dating Foreign Men?

Korean girls are especially known for their cute faces, long legs and amazing physiques. Also, with the trend of learning English amongst Koreans, these girls tend to be well travelled and are more adept at surviving in a whole different culture than the one they were raised in to. Sounds good right? But, how open are these Korean ladies when it comes to dating men outside their culture? Even in the west, the US or in Europe, these women tend to marry someone from their home country despite the fact that they are residing elsewhere. So here is an insight as to their degree of openness to dating foreign men thus allowing you to gauge your chances in actually catching a Korean girl to be your loving partner.


Korean ladies are not used to being approached by strangers and asked for phone numbers.

In the Korean dating culture, men and women usually meet through a network of common friends. Unlike in the west where it is common place to simply approach a lady you find attractive, say, in a coffee shop and ask for her phone number. So most of the time, Koreans meet their significant other through a friend or an acquaintance and pick it up from there. This can prove a bit of a challenge for a foreign man to meet potential dates as majority of the girls in Korea would not even talk to you unless introduced by a common friend.


Korean parents are a bit apprehensive with their children dating foreign men.

Believe it or not, arranged marriages are still existent in Korea. Especially with the affluent families who tend to arrange their children to marry the children of their business partner. That being said, most Korean parents are still not open to interracial dating or marriages. But you might be in luck if the Korean lady you happen to be dating is one that has been sent to different countries to study English. This is simply because Korean parents who allow their children to go abroad for studies are usually more open to a western man dating their daughter than those who don’t.


Language will always be a key factor.

It is true that the Koreans have given priority to learning English since the economic rise and since they realized that the key to globalization is the grasp of the English language. Given that English is already integrated to its basic education curriculum, as well as the number of hours spent by both students and parents in after school supplemental programs, English, will always be a second language to these Korean ladies. And with this, there will always be something lost in translation that can lead to certain misunderstandings and would most likely add tension to the relationship. As a foreign man, you will still need to learn the Korean language even if your partner is fluent and well adept with the English language due to the fact that the older generations may not be inclined to learn English. Besides, you are the one who should adjust to the parents since you are the one who wishes to marry their daughter.


So these are just some of the factors that usually determine if a certain Korean lady is open to interracial relationships or not. There will always be those ladies who are more open than most but these things should help you gauge if the lady you are eyeing will be accommodating to a foreign guy like you or if you should just throw in the towel and move on to the next opportunity.

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Saturday, 16 July 2016

The Japanese Girl’s Perspective of Dating a Foreign Guy

Japanese Girl DatingJapan is a country of customs and culture. One particular trait the Japanese have is their clannish and nationalistic character where they usually keep to themselves and to their own. Although not widely practiced, the idea of a Japanese girl dating a foreign man is not unknown.  But with all the cultural differences and barriers, a lot of mixed couples seemed to have overcome the hurdles with love. It’s not easy, but it is doable.

Public Displays of Affection to a Japanese Girl

Now, a western girl would most probably melt into mush if you appeared in the middle of a crowd with a musical instrument (ranging from guitars, violins, to boom boxes) in a romantic gesture of serenade. But this would prove horrific to a Japanese girl. She will find it embarrassing and might not even be pleased with the effort it took to learn that awesome ballad for your grand romantic gesture. If you’re thinking of a grand, public square overture, just don’t. You might end up losing your chance.


The Japanese are very smart. Of course they know, from books, media and the internet, that western culture and their own differ like night and day, she would most definitely appreciate efforts to help her understand why some gestures are supposed to be accepted as amazing and an effort as well to understand why she may think it’s absurd.


Cultural Perceptions

A Japanese girl will also have some wrong perceptions and understanding of the western culture. You have to understand, get their info from magazines, media and the net, and as we all have learned, one does not simply believe everything on the internet. But alas, most of her first-hand knowledge comes from these (most especially in movies).  Though one ought to be thankful, at least she won’t be surprised if you tried a little PDA (public display of affection) on her, just keep it to a minimum, again, she might get embarrassed.


Gender Norms

In Japan, it is still customary for the males to be served first. It’s not really an issue of gender equality, it’s just a norm that has evolved from centuries of gender inequality. Confused yet?  Reason behind this is that the Japanese are very routine-ary. They usually stick to routines and customs, thus, men get served first. But she is aware that you are used to letting the lady go first. For this, all you need is a happy compromise wherein both parties can be comfortable.


Time and Punctuality

Time and punctuality is very important to a Japanese girl. These girls have been raised in a society that highly values time and really takes the saying “time is gold” to a whole new level. Did you know that the shinkansen (bullet train) is actually punctual to the last second. So if you don’t want to have your Japanese girlfriend bailing on you like ice cream on a summer pavement, be sure to be always on time, and if not on-the-dot on time> at least you get to learn a lot for my change,


But not to worry, every relationship has its starting bumps. Once you get over the highest hill on the land, then any problem thrown at you will be a cake walk.

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The Best Ways to Meet Filipinas

Meeting Filipinas Online and OfflineLadies from the Philippines poses unique characteristics that make foreign men want to meet Filipinas. Most have attractive physical features, they’re family oriented, they commonly have a smaller stature, but have a feisty personality, and most are definitely open to the idea of having an interracial relationship or interracial marriage. But, how does one meet Filipinas? How do you do it so you meet the most ladies from the Philippines, and not waste anytime with ones that are not into dating foreign men?

1. Asian Dating Sites Online

This is the first place you need to visit to meet Filipinas. There are plenty of Asian Dating sites that have a good database of Filipina ladies. What’s great with going this route is that:

  • Dating sites usually confirm the identity of their members so there’s a lesser chance of a lady misrepresenting herself.
  • Dating sites are more secure because they have a safety policy in place and they do have frequent security checks daily to monitor suspicious activities.
  • You don’t have to trouble yourself with finding matches since most Asian dating sites do this for you automatically.


2. Visit the Philippines

Is going to the Philippines really worth it just to meet Filipinas? Well, yes. The country is beautiful – it’s green, it has great beaches, the fruit is amazing and so are the people who live in it. There are places that are exceptions to this, but, if you really want to meet local women, beautiful tourists spots are places that you’d want to go to. These places are already used to having tourists around so you’ll most definitely have a good time.

Here are some suggestions:

  • Palawan
  • Boracay
  • Cebu
  • Vigan
  • Manila


3. Find Filipinas in Your Neighborhood

Filipinos are everywhere these days. There are ones who have grown up from where you are right now, and there are some who are “fresh off the boat”. Whatever the case, you can still meet Filipinas who are just in your neighborhood by:

  • Attending cultural events
  • Having co-workers set you up on a date with one

So those are 3 suggestions that you can absolutely go for. Just remember though that you can’t just fling yourself unto a beautiful Filipina because that strategy won’t work. When approaching one, do remember the following:

  • Try to go for the “asking directions” approach. It works and it gives you a chance to talk and interact.
  • The women you might meet in bars might not be the marrying types.
  • Get creative when meeting women in the Philippines. Go to libraries, restaurants, pubs and the like. Use local knowledge to your advantage.
  • Sometimes, an insider that can “get you in” can be the key. If your friends already have Filipina friends online, maybe their friends can meet up with you.
  • Meet girls online before even going to the Philippines. That’ll give you a good idea on which place or city to visit. Plus, you already know someone by the time you go that all you have to be ready for is a good time.

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Sunday, 10 July 2016

Tips on Getting Girls to Reply to Messages

If you’ve been online dating for a while, you’ll know that getting girls to reply to your messages can, sometimes, be a difficult task. They may reply at first, but they may not be consistent in chatting with you because:

  • What you’re saying is boring.
  • The way you talk sounds like you’re a run of the mill kind of guy.
  • You did not ask open-ended questions.
  • She lost interest.

It all boils down to maintaining a lady’s interest, don’t you think? If you’re still not too sure, here are a few tips that you can follow so getting girls to reply to your online messages becomes easier:

Getting Girls to Reply Tip 1: Make Reading a Habit

Maybe you should actually get into the habit of finishing a lady’s profile from start to finish. You’ll get plenty of info from her profile so you’ll have lots to talk about when she does reply to your initial message. See what you have in common, talk about your likes and dislikes, talk about funny and silly stuff.


Getting Girls to Reply Tip 2: Don’t Always go by the Profile

Yeah, we just told you to check what her profile says, BUT you shouldn’t always base all of your talking points on that. Say what comes naturally and always welcome random questions that genuinely interests you. Examples are: “What’s you favorite food to eat on the weekends”, “There’s a new movie that came out, have you watched it?” and the like. There’s plenty more in your imagination; unlock it to keep getting girls to reply!


Getting Girls to Reply Tip 3: Try Playfully Negging Them

Wikipedia defines negging as “a rhetorical strategy whereby a person makes a deliberate backhanded compliment or otherwise insulting remark to another person”. Stop right there for a second. You may be formulating Negging statements in your head right now, but you should remember a couple of things before using this strategy. There’s an emphasis on “playful” so this means that you need to “neg” in a light way. Don’t over do it for obvious reasons.


Getting Girls to Reply Tip 4: Uncommon Open-Ended Questions

Let’s differentiate, first. Here’s an example of a common open-ended question: What’s your favorite food? That’s common and, by today’s dating standards, boring. Here’s an example of an uncommon open-ended question: (if she’s into science and astronomy) How long do you think will it take to get to mars on a flying taxi? Yes it sounds silly, but try it. Here’s another example: (if she’s into travelling) What country would you like to visit the most? It’s uncommon open-ended questions that make you think, right? So if it were you, which question is more interesting?


Getting Girls to Reply Tip 5: Don’t be Shy to be Funny and Silly


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Are Asian Ladies Online OK with Single Parents?

Are Asian Ladies Online OK with Dating Single Parents?Being a single parent is hard enough. If you’re looking to get up on the horse again and start dating Asian ladies online, you have to know the answer to the fundamental question of whether single parenthood is acceptable to an Asian lady or not. See these different angles, and maybe you can decide for yourself whether Asian ladies online are OK with dating single parents:

Asian Ladies who are ONLY After FUN

You’ll definitely meet different kinds of Asian ladies online. On type of Asian woman you’ll come across is the type that only wants to have fun. She’s not really online dating because she wants to settle down. She’s online dating because she wants to find someone she can have fun with – go on vacations, go out drinking with, go to clubs with and so on.

This type of Asian lady may like children, but, most likely, she’ll want you to spend more time with her. As a single parent, time with your kids is important. If you date this type of Asian woman online, your priorities might get mixed up.

How to spot this Asian lady online:

  • She’s fun and exciting. Her profile will give you that message.
  • Marriage is part of her future plan. By future she means about 20 years from now.
  • She says that she likes kids but is not sure of having one of her own just yet.

As you may have known, you get this info by talking or chatting with ladies or by thoroughly reading their online dating profile.


The Asian Lady that’s the Serious Type

This lady, you’ll also meet when dating online. She’s more into meeting foreign men to see if they have the potential to be great husbands. It won’t matter to her if you have kids or not or if you’re divorced or not. She’s more focused on knowing if you are husband material.

Here’s how you can spot her:

  • She says she loves kids and wants a long-term relationship.
  • It says in her profile that she’s online dating with the prospect of marriage.
  • She likes to have fun, but she doesn’t let fun get into living life responsibly.

She sounds great, doesn’t she? Yes, but you still have to be careful because these can just be words. This is the reason why you need to spend time to get to know someone before dating them or marring them.


The Best Tips for Single Parents


So were you able to formulate your own answer based on the angles you read on this post? We hope so. Just as a follow up, though, a single parent should consider the following tips:

  • Don’t be shy to mention your kids. If she’s truly interested in you, she won’t mind.
  • Be very clear with your intentions. Maybe you’re a single parent and you just want to date Asian girls for fun. That’s ok, but you have to be very clear about this on your profile so there’s no misunderstanding.
  • When chatting with Asian ladies online, go ahead and ask questions like:
    • Do you see yourself as a parent?
    • How do you feel about adoption?
    • How many kids would you like to have?
  • Of course, you DO NOT ask this if you haven’t gotten to know each other well yet, because that would be plain weird. You should warm up to those questions so they feel natural.

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Wednesday, 6 July 2016

American VS Filipino Dating Culture

What's the Filipino Dating Culture All About?The Filipino dating culture is actually pretty simple to decipher. Those that don’t have any idea as to how Filipinos date dive in heard first, starting from dating online. Actually, when compared with the Western way of dating, the process is simpler, and it’s less complicated. Here are a couple of comparisons and insights to give you an idea:

The Kind of “Game”

Most blogs would tell men to be an alpha when dating Western girls. As a result, men tend to over do it. As for the effectiveness of this method, well, it could go either way with Western girls because there are girls who like the boastful type of man and there are Western girls who get turned off by it. If you apply this to girls from the Philippines, it will not work. This is because the Filipino dating culture is more of being romantic rather than being pretentious. Well, at least Filipino girls who are sincere about finding a relationship will feel this way.


Going on Dates

Most of the time, a Filipina will only go on a date with you when:

  • You’re courting or wooing her. (Yes, there’s still a courtship phase)
  • You’re her boyfriend.

It’s not very common for a Filipina to go on, what Westerners consider, a date. There are some girls who go on casual dates, but you wont see it often. Again, this can be attributed to the seemingly conservative Filipino dating culture.


The Man is In-charge

First off, let’s just clear this up. Filipinas are NOT extremely submissive, but they like to submit to their boyfriends or husbands every now and then. Women from the Philippines like a man who can take charge, take the lead and be a charming gentleman. This means that the man pays for most things, the man makes the decisions most of the time and the man is the one who they can rely on when things get rocky or rough.

Compare this to Western girls who are very familiar with the concept of feminism. Not all Western girls are this way, but, most of the time, these girls have trouble submitting to the men in their lives.


For Long-Term


Did you know that most relationships that Filipinas get into are for long-term? Not all, of course, as there are exceptions, but Filipinas see to it that the relationship lasts longer. Does this mean that all Western girls aim for short-term relationships? Not at all. There are girls from the Wesy who seek serious relationships, but what we mean to say is that the Filipino dating culture is more inclined to being serious rather than just having fun.



As you can see, the Filipino dating culture is still more conservative. It’s not as liberated as that of the West, but (secretly) more Filipinas have been observed to adapt the Western style of dating. It’s more of a mix, in short, but the items on this list will most likely remain in the culture for a long time.

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Sunday, 3 July 2016

Should you Visit Thailand to Meet Girls?

Thailand is a beautiful country located in South East Asia. It’s known for its beautiful beaches, beautiful scenery, exciting nightlife and attractive girls. It sounds like a fun place to visit! So, if you’re planning a holiday and considering to visit Thailand to meet girls and have some fun, this might be the place. But, don’t jump on the first flight just yet. Well, not until you consider the following things and then, maybe, you can decide for yourself if it is worth the visit.


Islands in Thailand are definitely beautiful. They might be packed during peak seasons so for you to enjoy the islands, it might be a good idea to go during the off-peak season. Even if there are less people, there are still plenty of boat men travelling from one island to another.

Should you visit Thailand to Meet Girls?

Local knowledge might also be of great help! Locals have the inside scoop about where the best island is where you can have some privacy. However, you shouldn’t wait until you arrive before asking a local. For safety reasons, consult locals through the internet – go on blogs, forums, travel sites to get inside info.

Cost of Everything


Most things are pretty affordable which is why there are a lot of tourists that visit Thailand. There are plenty of budget hotels or inns, depending on what city you visit. Generally, however, if you go to a city that’s a popular destination, like Bangkok, you’ll have no problems with spending less on accommodation. It also goes the same for food. You’ll find a good amount of variety with the food in Thailand. There are local places to eat at, there are plenty of restaurants as well as convenient stores (7-11) and fast food chains (good old McDonald’s). So it’s safe to say that eating won’t be a problem.

As for transportation, foreigners should be very careful because there are plenty of cab drivers who take advantage of tourists. To avoid over priced rides, choose a cab that your inn or hotel suggests.


The Nightlife


Is the nightlife all that it claims to be? Why yes! And, even during the off-peak season. There’s plenty of “action” happening even in the small islands so go ahead and pick a spot  to party until dawn at. You may also meet other foreign individuals who are also on vacation. Because their vaca-mode in on, they might want to have a bit more fun than usual (probably the same as you). So this spells potentially new friends and a banging good time!


Visit Thailand for the Girls

Now on to the main subject matter. So here’s the truth about planning to visit Thailand for the girls:

  1. If you’re into Asian ladies, you’ll find most Thai girls attractive.
  2. If you’re into free spirited girls, you’ll find most of them in touristy places in Thailand.
  3. If you’re into ladies who just want to have fun, there are plenty in Thailand.

You see, there are different kinds of Thai girls. There are girls who you’d want to bring home to your mom. Usually, you won’t see them out every night. And, there are girls who like to party and have fun all the time. It depends on who you want to meet, really. So that’s Thailand in a nutshell. Do you still want to visit it?

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Things You Should Know About a Filipina

Things to Know About a FilipinaThere are a couple of things you need to know about a Filipina before dating one. If you’ve been Asian dating for a while, you probably know a few common facts about these women:

  • They’re cool with gender roles
  • They’re family oriented
  • Most of them are great cooks
  • They’ll be like tigers guarding their cubs when they become moms

Those are all fantastic things to know about a Filipina, but, if you seriously want to date one, you have to go beyond what many commonly know.

What You Should Know About a Filipina


“Pinay”s, as most Filipinos would say, are feisty. Feisty could mean a lot of things: opinionated, independent, strong, gets what she wants (most of the time). This may be surprising to most because a lot of Asian dating blogs have portrayed Filipinas as meek, shy and coy. They might be during the start of the relationship, but wait until a couple of years go by.


Willing to Reciprocate


It’s a simple fact that you need to know about a Filipina. What does this even mean? Whatever you give, a Filipina will give to you times two. For example, if you give her love and support, she’ll give the same things back to you times two. If you give her heartache and disappointment, well, you do the math on this one.


Appreciation for Nice Things

Most blogs will tell you that Pinays are simple and they’re good with budgeting money. What blogs don’t tell you about a Filipina is that she also appreciates the finer things in life. When there’s a need for it, she sucks it in and budgets the heck out of her money. But, if she finds room for a new bag or a new phone, hey, why not? Don’t be alarmed though, because she prioritizes everything. Filipinas aren’t the kind who go on spending sprees.



So here’s the deal. There are plenty of Pinays who are particular about how they look and there are those that aren’t. Usually, before getting married, most Pinays are all for high-heels, makeup, dressing up and so on. After marriage, the priority shifts from “looking good” to “feeling comfortable”. She’ll be willing to give up her heels and trade them in for comfy sandals so it’ll be easier to motherly tasks.


Eat She Will

Filipinas are actually secret foodies – well, not all but, most. If you take her to a restaurant she’s never been before and surprise her with food she has never tasted before, she’ll appreciate it very much. Filipinas enjoy eating! The great thing about this is she’ll appreciate a restaurant at the side of the street so long as it has good food. She’s not just into the fancy Italian cooking. She’s adventurous enough to try street food as long as it tastes like heaven!




Let’s get into this subject so everyone knows whats what. A Filipina, when in a relationship, gets tired of intimacy quickly. To you, the one who’s planning to date (and potentially marry) one, need to woo her continuously. This sounds like work, but it’s not because all you have to do is give her attention from time to time. Don’t neglect her, respect her, fall in love with her, keep the passion burning. Remember, what you give to her she’ll give back to you times two.

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