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Tips on Getting Girls to Reply to Messages

If you’ve been online dating for a while, you’ll know that getting girls to reply to your messages can, sometimes, be a difficult task. They may reply at first, but they may not be consistent in chatting with you because:

  • What you’re saying is boring.
  • The way you talk sounds like you’re a run of the mill kind of guy.
  • You did not ask open-ended questions.
  • She lost interest.

It all boils down to maintaining a lady’s interest, don’t you think? If you’re still not too sure, here are a few tips that you can follow so getting girls to reply to your online messages becomes easier:

Getting Girls to Reply Tip 1: Make Reading a Habit

Maybe you should actually get into the habit of finishing a lady’s profile from start to finish. You’ll get plenty of info from her profile so you’ll have lots to talk about when she does reply to your initial message. See what you have in common, talk about your likes and dislikes, talk about funny and silly stuff.


Getting Girls to Reply Tip 2: Don’t Always go by the Profile

Yeah, we just told you to check what her profile says, BUT you shouldn’t always base all of your talking points on that. Say what comes naturally and always welcome random questions that genuinely interests you. Examples are: “What’s you favorite food to eat on the weekends”, “There’s a new movie that came out, have you watched it?” and the like. There’s plenty more in your imagination; unlock it to keep getting girls to reply!


Getting Girls to Reply Tip 3: Try Playfully Negging Them

Wikipedia defines negging as “a rhetorical strategy whereby a person makes a deliberate backhanded compliment or otherwise insulting remark to another person”. Stop right there for a second. You may be formulating Negging statements in your head right now, but you should remember a couple of things before using this strategy. There’s an emphasis on “playful” so this means that you need to “neg” in a light way. Don’t over do it for obvious reasons.


Getting Girls to Reply Tip 4: Uncommon Open-Ended Questions

Let’s differentiate, first. Here’s an example of a common open-ended question: What’s your favorite food? That’s common and, by today’s dating standards, boring. Here’s an example of an uncommon open-ended question: (if she’s into science and astronomy) How long do you think will it take to get to mars on a flying taxi? Yes it sounds silly, but try it. Here’s another example: (if she’s into travelling) What country would you like to visit the most? It’s uncommon open-ended questions that make you think, right? So if it were you, which question is more interesting?


Getting Girls to Reply Tip 5: Don’t be Shy to be Funny and Silly


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