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5 Acts That Make Asian Women Happy in Relationships

It’s no surprise that most Asian women become unhappy in relationships with Asian men. A number of factors contribute to this, but it essentially boils down to the lack of effort from most Asian men. This is probably why a good number of Asian ladies move their search for a life partner online; the goal is to meet foreign men who they can care for and who can love them unconditionally.


What do Asian Women Want When in a Relationship?

The truth is, Asian woman don’t really ask a lot to be happy when in a relationship. What Asian women want is what most women of the world want: to be loved and appreciated. Here are some general tips for all you men who are reading this now. Do the following to make your Asian girl (or even non-Asian girl) feel important and happy:


1. Listen

Listen to what exactly? Listen to whatever it is that she is saying. And, please remember this because it is very important: you don’t just listen with your ears. You also must listen with your heart. This means that you consider whatever it is that she is saying because, more often than not, she telling you exactly what she wants you to do. You just have to listen with your ears and with your heart to really understand your Asian lady.


2. Communicate

The next thing that you need to do is to communicate. Communicate what? Everything, basically. Tell your Asian woman how you feel like if you love her, don’t miss a chance to tell her that you do. Another way that you can communicate is by telling her how you can improve you relationship. For example: “We should go out every Friday night. Let’s make it date night.” or “I am sorry that I am always late.” or “I know you’re mad but let’s calm down first and then talk about it.” When you initiate the communication, it also shows Asian women your level of maturity and that you are taking the lead.


3. Don’t be Lazy

Asian women absolutely hate it when you expect them to do everything, especially around the house. If you’re in a relationship and if you already have a life together, you always need to remind yourself that house chores is both your responsibilities and not just hers. Just because she’s female, it doesn’t mean that she must do the cooking and cleaning. Oh and, get your own cup of coffee!


4. Compliments


What kind of life would you have if you didn’t have your Asian lady with you? It’s a simple question that requires a simple answer. Ask yourself this and, maybe, you can see how much your girlfriend does for you. You know what she would appreciate? You know what would make her happy? A sincere compliment. Tell her that her hair looks nice or that her cooking is fantastic. Whatever it is, it has to be heartfelt. Don’t even think about passing empty compliments because women know when your just putting compliments out there to blow up their heads.


5. Only Woman for You

Nobody likes a two-timer. To add to that, no girlfriend likes when her man gawks at another girl for a long period of time. Yes, she is jealous, but, on the other hand, you may not be doing enough to make her feel that she’s wanted. Make no mistake, women know that it is ok for you to glance at someone who is attractive, but glance is totally different from gawk. Make sure your Asian lady knows that she’s important, wanted and appreciated.

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