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Famous and Hot Korean Girls Who Look way Younger than Their Age

When you visit Korea, you’ll see plenty of hot Korean girls on the streets and on the movie screens. This is most likely because of the Korean beauty standard. To be beautiful, you have to have great skin, bouncy hair, a tiny face and a sexy body.

Hot Korean Girls Who are Known for Looking Younger

As a result, more Korean females are making it a point to go above and beyond their beauty regimen. This is especially true to female Korean celebrities. Here’s a list of hot Korean Girls in Movies or Dramas that look way younger than their actual age.

1. Sandara Park

Sandara Park is part of the famous girl group 2ne1. She goes by the nickname Dara. Many don’t realize this, but Dara is turning 31 this year. She was born in November 12, 1984. Her real age doesn’t show as she looks like she could easily be 23 years old.

2. Ku Hye-Sun

If you’re a Boys Over Flowers fan, you’ll know who this Korean actress is. Aside from acting, she also is a singer -songwriter and director. Hot Korean girls seem to be born on the same month. She was also born on November. She’s turning 31 this year as well.


3. Lee Hyori

Here’s another sexy Korean actress who is best known for being in a girl group Fin.K.L and for starring in Family Outing which is a Korena variety show. Get ready because you’ll never believe that she’s 37 years old! She was born in May 10, 1979.


4. Park So-Jin



Hot Korean girls are really born on similar birth months! Here comes Park So-Jin who was born on May 21, 1986. Yes, she’s 30 years old. Just like the rest of the hot Korean girls on this list, she looks like she’s in her 20s. She ‘s commonly known as Sojin and she is the leader of the popular girl group Gir’s Day.


5. Min Hyo-Rin

Next up on this Hot Korean Girls list is Min Hyo-Rin who is an actress and model. Her real name is Jun Eun-Ra and she was born on February 5, 1986. She’s currently 30 years old, believe it or not. Her youthful appearance could be because of her petit stature, and her small face.


6. Han Ga-In

Han Ga-In is a Korean actress. Her real name is Kim Hyun-Joo. Her career started with TV series Yellow Handerchief and Terms of Endearment. She then became a popular Korean model. She married Yeon Jung-Hoon and their new baby just came out this year. She’s 34 years old now.


6. Ha Ji-Won


If you’re an avid watcher of old K-movies, you’ll recognize this familiar face. Her name is Ha Ji-Won. It’s hard to believe that she’s turned 38 years old this year. Because of her beauty and talent, she is still ind emand as she was when she first became successful.


Asian Women Don’t Seem to Age

When checking this list of hot Korean Girls, you’ll probably think that Asian women don’t age badly at all. That could be one reason why many foreign men date Asian women. So maybe you should start asing Asina owmen online their true age, just kiddding.


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