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Asian Date Reminder: Ultimate Lessons We Learn in Love

Asian Date: Ultimate Lessons in love and Relationships

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When it comes to love, dating or being in a relationship, we pick up a lot of lessons. Despite this fact, it is unfortunate that many of us do not recognize these lessons because we are not mature enough to understand them, or we refuse to see the lesson in the first place. Today, Asian Date gives you this ultimate list.

Asian Date: Ultimate Love and Relationship Lessons We All Need to Remember

Don’t worry if you, honestly, have not encountered the items you will see on this list. It does take time, an inward and outward perspective, and experience. As you grow in self-development, it becomes easier. The following are profound lessons in love and relationships we should never forget.

1. Mr. and Ms. Perfect

We are always on the lookout for the elusive Mr. and Ms. Perfect. What we fail to see if we are Mr. and Ms. Perfect for someone out there. Do you get the picture? We don’t just need to find someone who will be the right fit for us. We also must work on ourselves so we can be the perfect fit for someone someday.

2. Avoid Complaining to Friends and Family

Complaining to friends and family has become a norm in most of our relationships. We feel that we are unloading our hurts when we do this. And, it will make us feel better. What we do not realize, however, is that we may eventually forgive our partner, but our friends and family whom we complained to will have a hard time adjusting how they see our partner.

3. Remember that Love is an Action Word

#3 is the best reminder that Asian Date will give you today. Love is not just a feeling. Love is also a verb. The person we’re in love with needs to see and feel that we love them. Words are not enough, and we shouldn’t show that we love a person when it is convenient.

More Lessons in Love and Relationships

You will get this list 100% if you’re at a good maturity level. If not, don’t worry, you will get there. There are more lessons and advice on Asian Date you can read on this blog so don’t hesitate to visit it daily.


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Thursday, 29 September 2016

5 Things You Need to Know about Dating AsianWomen

What you Need to Know When Dating AsianWomen

Source: AsianDate

Here’s what most men do: they jump into excitement as soon as they’ve completed their profile an Asian Date and are ready to start dating AsianWomen. They, then, meet Asian women because they think that it is the next step. It does sound logical, but the better way to start Asian dating would be to do research.

Things You Need to Know About Dating AsianWomen

Before dating AsianWomen, it is important to do research especially if you have absolutely no clue as to how the Asian dating culture is. Ask yourself this: how can you impress a woman from Asia if you don’t even know how she views dating or courtship? To get you started, here are five things you need to know:

1. The concept of casual dating is non-existent.

AsianWomen do not date casually. Instead of casual dating, they have blind dates or meetings that their friends, family, and colleagues have set up for them. When the date goes well, it means that the Asian lady and the gentleman she’s always meeting is a couple.

2. Texting and calling are important.

In Western culture, so many rules revolve around when to call or when to text. When dating AsianWomen, there are no rules. The sooner you text or call, the more interested you seem.

3. Activity dates are additional points.

Did you know that ladies from Asia get tired easily? That’s why you have to keep them interested by doing different activities during dates. For example, if you’ve already eaten dinner this week, go for a hike up the mountain next week.

4. Anniversaries! Never forget them.

There’s probably no such thing as a month-sary or 100 days anniversary in other dating cultures. Well, you’ll find plenty of these practices in Asia. These kinds of couple practices differ from one Asian country to another, so you have to know the specific ones if you want to date AsianWomen.

5. Lastly, the family.

If things are getting serious, your Asian lady will introduce you to her parents. Don’t worry if an Asian woman’s parents seem critical of you at first. They will warm up eventually. When you meet the family, you should know basic Asian dining culture and etiquette, so it’s a chance for you to do some more research.

These are just five common items. There are a lot more to learn about dating AsianWomen which you can find on the blog.




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Wednesday, 28 September 2016

Asian One Good Sign That Tells You You’re In Love

Asian In Love

When you online date on websites like Asian, sorting through your feelings, sometimes becomes a challenge. There are so many people to meet. On top of that, signs and signals get mixed up, and you ask yourself: Am I in love? Is the Asian lady I’m chatting with on Asian in love with me?

Asian One Good Sign that tells you you’ve Fallen

Leave aside the signs and signals you’ve read on dating blogs for the moment. You only have to focus on one, which makes everything a lot less complication. Watch out for perceptual downgrading.

What is “Perceptual Downgrading?”

Perceptual downgrading is a commitment mechanism that New York psychologists discovered. When you’re in a happy relationship or in love, this mechanism is activated. The couple overestimates each other’s appeal. To put it simply, there is not one more attractive to a pair than each other.

According to the study, perceptual downgrading happens with physical characteristics as well as personality. When you’re in love or are in a happy relationship with a female from Asian, you feel like she’s the most beautiful and exciting person in the world. If she’s into you too, she’ll feel the same way as you.

Signs that your Perceptually Downgrading

Now, let’s talk about more specific signs that you are in love and are perceptually downgrading on Asian First off, you ignore the chat invites you keep getting from other Asian ladies. Second, you do not browse through the dozens of profiles of beautiful Asian women on the site. Third, you look forward to the time when you’re going to correspond again with the Asian lady you’ve fallen for.

Do you have it bad for someone?

All of these signs point to one thing. You, my friend, have fallen for a lady. The next move is up to you. You can visit her, or continue corresponding with her.  Just make sure that she also feels the same way as you, falling in love. For more love advice, Asian dating tips, and online dating tips, feel free to visit the blog.

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Tuesday, 27 September 2016

Virtual Reality: Beautiful Asian Women Just A Click Away

Meet Beautiful Asian Women Through Virtual Reality
Source: Wikimedia
In case you didn’t know, VR means virtual reality. It is a technology that hasn’t been fully refined yet, but nonetheless, it’s showing potential in terms of connecting people through a whole new social experience. Tech experts also say that virtual reality can be a new platform to a modern way of dating online.

Meet Beautiful Asian Women through Virtual Reality

Asians are big on VR technology and messenger apps. If you want to meet beautiful Asian women, you have to be open to the thought of meeting in a virtual realm. If you’re skeptical how VR can improve your experience in meeting beautiful Asian women online, read this:

VR uses avatars that give you a better social connection.

When you chat with a person through messenger apps, you’ll only see the person’s main picture. That’s a start, but what if you can see a person’s avatar? Wouldn’t that be better? An avatar is a figure that represents a person in virtual reality. Think of it as an upgrade to a flat picture. vTime, for example, is a software that allows people to be in a virtual world in their avatars. The setting is pretty much similar to how it is in real life – you sit around a campfire, talk in a cafĂ© and so on. With a better representation of a person’s physical form through an avatar, interactions become more meaningful.

It is the closest to physical presence.

One of the main problems with online dating is that it might take a while before you meet the beautiful Asian women you chat with online. It could take years because you have to plan a trip to Asia or the ladies come to you. You don’t have to do that with virtual reality because, as mentioned, the virtual setting emulates real life and you’re virtually present giving you a first person point of view.

VR can help break the ice better.

There’s always that awkward feeling with two people finally meet for the first time. VR can help with that because the two people have already met online, with their avatars, in an environment that emulates real life. To put it simply, it lightens the feeling of awkwardness because the interaction in VR is very similar to interacting in real life.

Is VR the future for online dating and meeting beautiful Asian women?

VR could be the future for online dating. Developers and programmers are coming up with better versions of virtual reality every year so it won’t be long before virtual realms become as real as life. Share your thoughts in the comment section below about your experience with virtual reality and beautiful Asian women and don’t forget to visit the blog for more dating updates.






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Monday, 26 September 2016

AsianDate Reveals: Bet you didn’t know loneliness can do THIS to you

Asiandate Update: Loneliness can kill you know.

AsianDate found studies about the effect of loneliness on our body. Surprisingly, the feeling of being alone usually makes us vulnerable to sickness. Loneliness may be a mental condition or state of mind, but it has long been established that how we think and how we feel can have an effect on our physical functions.

What did AsianDate Find out about Loneliness?

AsianDate discovered that there had been numerous studies on how loneliness affects the elderly. There have been other studies. However, that suggest that the negative effects of loneliness also affect people from different age groups, even children. But, how does loneliness affect us and our body?

1. Physical Pain

If we feel pain, there are specific processes that our brain does for the body to react and counteract the pain we’re feeling. The same processes are applied to our body when we feel lonely. This is how our brain interprets loneliness. The level of the stress hormone cortisol shoots up abnormally high in the morning and is never at normal levels all through the day.

Cortisol is involved in regulating blood sugar level, fat, and protein and carbohydrate metabolism to maintain blood glucose immune responses.

2. Increased Risk for Dementia

On a mental level, AsianDate also found out that loneliness also messes with our brain’s functions. It’s not only dementia. In general, the chronic feeling of loneliness makes us all susceptible to neurodegenerative disorders. Dementia is just one neurodegenerative disorder. There’s also Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, and Huntington’s.

3. Increased Risk for Heart Disease

Because mental and physical functions are out of order, you may also experience inflammation and damage to the tissues and blood vessels of the heart. The result of this is an increased risk of heart attack, stroke, and other cardiovascular diseases.

4. Immune System Compromise

Loneliness can have an effect on your immune system too. Studies suggest that you are more susceptible to diseases because the ability of your immune system to fight bacteria and viruses is decreased.

Remedy Loneliness with Online Dating

Now that we all know that loneliness is a silent killer, we should do everything we can to avoid feeling it. Commonly loneliness arises from the lack of communication and meaningful connections. Thankfully, online dating can be one remedy to this, don’t you think? For more helpful dating tips and love advice, visit the blog often, and to beat loneliness go to the best dating site there is, AsianDate.






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Asian Date Girls Who Will Make Your Life Prettier

AsianDate designers

It is that time of the week once more, time for presenting our weekly selection of Asian Date girls.

This week we decided you should meet some of the finest designers on our site, girls who will make your whole life look better, and in more than just one way. These ladies are all very good at what they do, and they design, all sorts of things.

So, if you are into creative girls, you are in the right place.


Asian Date Li

If take just one look at Li, you will see that she is a very fashionable girl. Also, you will not be able to look away, but that’s a whole another subject. She likes to design fashionable rings and necklaces which are really popular with young people. Would you like to see them? Click on her name and find out more.


AsianDate XinYi

Xinyi is only 23 but already has her priorities straight. She runs her own design room and like all things beautiful. She says she is independent, and aside from designing invests in real estate, so expect for everything to move in high pace when you are with her.


Asian Date Ting

Ting didn’t specify in what kind of design she specializes, you are going to have to ask her yourself. But she did reveal she likes swimming, surfing, reading, cooking, exercising and watching horror movies. Do any of those interests match yours?


Asian Date Huijing

Huijing is 22 and is studying to be a web designer. She thinks communciation and trust are the most important things in any relationship. Closeness is important too, she says, adding that the right balance of giving and recieving is also on her list of priorities when it comes to relationships.


Asian Date Xiaofang

Xiofang is 25 anf has many interests. She likes swimming in her pool, reading beside her french window, playing golf with her family. Also, she is currently waiting for her Prince to create a bright future with her and wants to know are you the one for her?

How do you like these creative girls? Surely you can find at least one who you like, but you might have problem choosing, we feel your pain. You’ll never know until you try.





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Thursday, 22 September 2016

These Secrets to a Good Marriage Will Surprise You

Good Marriage AsianDate

Couples who are about to get married always ask themselves or their friends and family: what’s the secret to a good marriage? The usual answers include love, mutual respect, passion, and patience. But, recent studies have actually revealed a few other interesting factors that make a good marriage.

Surprising Factors

What are these factors exactly and why are they so interesting? For one, the factors included in this list are things that you wouldn’t have thought of in a million years.

1. A Heavier Husband

Everybody knows that a couple packs on a few pounds after marriage. Usually, it’s the female that gains weight first. Instead of exercising day and night to lose weight or stay thin, all that a female needs to make sure of is that she is thinner than her husband. This dynamic makes a good marriage. It’s unbelievable but Daily Mail wrote about it in an article.

2. Focusing on the Positive

Focusing on the positive is a given in a good marriage. The saying, “there’s always a silver lining on every dark cloud” can be applied to this situation. Instead of focusing on negative things, like forgotten anniversaries or not putting the toilet seat down after a hundred and one reminders, focus on what’s good about bad situations.

3. The Husband helps out with Chores

Let’s face it; even if we’re already in the 21st century, females still do most of the housework. Let’s give credit to the husbands who don’t mind washing the dishes and taking out the trash every now and then. But, females seem to have the instinctual urge to clean and tidy up.

Things have to change if a couple wants to have a good marriage. Studies show that wives find their husbands more attractive if they help around the house. The more attractive the husband, the more exciting it will be in the bedroom, the more exciting it is in the bedroom, the happier the husband is. The cycle then repeats.

It Doesn’t Take a Lot for a Good Marriage

Surprisingly, it doesn’t take a lot to have a good marriage. There are a lot more factors to make a marriage last, but the majority of the factors listed here are very doable. All that’s needed is a little bit of effort from both sides. Share this post if you find it interesting! For more posts like this, visit the blog.


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Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Love and Dating: Worst Lies You Can Hear (Or Say)

Worst Lies in Love and Dating

Source: Tristan Schmurr on Flickr

When it comes to love and dating, it’s important always to be honest about your feelings. Many may agree with this statement, but (let’s be honest) we don’t always practice it. A lot of us have probably heard it all. Those who are still dating have heard a million and one excuses why there was no call or text the day after. The case is no different for those who got dumped.

Worst Lies in Love and Dating You Can Relate to

If this sounds like you and if you’re reading this now, you can probably relate to one, two or even all of the worst lies in love and dating:

1. I was busy. I am busy. I’ll be busy.

Here are some love and relationship advice that you can use: a person who cares will find time for you. It’s understandable to be busy because we all have our lives to live, but if a person is always busy, you have to consider that, maybe, you are not this person’s priority.

Worst Lies in Love and Dating You Can Tell an Asian Woman2. She or he is just a friend.

This excuse or lie is pretty common when in love and dating. Let’s be clear here, ladies and gentlemen. There are people who date around. To them, they may not be doing anything wrong, but for the person they’re dating, they’re already two-timing. If you’re dating Asian women or European women, for example, exclusive dating is a must.

3. I’m fine.

How is “I’m fine” a lie when in love and dating? Well, in most some cases, it really is the truth but many people say this to escape arguments or avoid confrontation. On top of not being honest, “I’m fine” puts a period on a sentence that’s not supposed to end yet. “I’m fine” is an escape. The better route would be to have a mature discussion after an argument or misunderstanding.

4. It’s not you, it’s me.

This line is common in movies. If you noticed, the types of relationships that end with this line are:

  • Not very serious
  • Not very healthy

The woman can be too clingy or the man can be emotionally unavailable. The person is not telling the truth in order to avoid the awkward feeling of having to tell the other person their faults or shortcomings. As a result, the person who gets dumped ends up repeating the mistake in another relationship.

Which love and dating lie have you fallen for?

Let this be a reminder to us all that honesty is an important factor in a lasting relationship. Even if it is awkward, telling the person you care for the truth will always be better. If you need more relationship or love and dating advice, don’t hesitate to visit the blog.





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Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Virtual Love Just Became Reality, Take A Look

Virtual Love Summer Lesson

Last Thursday, September 15, 2016, virtual love was on display at Chiba, Japan during the 2016 Tokyo Game Show. The event happens every year and it aims to shed light to various online games and video games. This year, the virtual reality and mobile-based games dominated the field with one game taking center stage.

PlayStationVR: Virtual Love with Summer Lesson

PlayStationVR (PSVR) is a much-awaited head-mount device which will debut next month. It garnered a lot of attention during the show. Visitors and gamers were treated to virtual experiences through the PSVR. Some of the software enable its user to explore a castle, fly like a bird and, play virtual love games with virtual females. The game is called Summer Lesson and here’s a demo to give you a better idea of the software.

Summer Lesson is realistic. What’s even more interesting is the experience you have within the virtual environment. With the virtual female giving the impression that it is actually “there”, some have said that playing Summer Lesson is like living the life of one of their favorite anime characters.

Why Play Virtual Reality Love Games

People question why a game like this is played by many when there is a reality to be experienced. Most people, however, believe that virtual dating can have several benefits, some of which are listed below:

1. It can improved interaction skills.

Gamers are usually the types that don’t have a lot of experience when it comes to talking to the ladies. Playing this virtual love game can change that. Because there is an interaction between the player (male) and the virtual female, it’s possible that the gamer can become comfortable with women in real life.

2. It can be good practice.

Virtual love games have a lot of flirting involved. Virtual flirting could be training that can prepare a user for online dating or real life dating. Yes, the setting is virtual, but flirting is flirting no matter what the circumstance, so it’s good practice.

3. It is loads of fun.

Gamers go for virtual love games because it is enjoyable. It’s a new experience that everyone wishes they could have. It’s now possible with different head-mount devices designed for that very purpose.

What do you think of virtual love?

So what do you think? Do you think that you’d want to experience what this virtual love is all about? Or, would you rather stick to real-life dating? For more dating app and software updates, visit the blog.




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Monday, 19 September 2016

Asian Date’s Dancers You Won’t Be Able To Resist

AsianDate Dancers Front

If you’ve been with us lately, you know we’ve begun to choose girls from Asian Date on a weekly basis according to their preferences, to ease your way into online dating.

That means we bring you selection of five girls who all have something in common, and if you are interested in that one thing, all you have to do is choose which one you like best. And then contact her and hope for the best of course! Last week we introduced you to some of the teachers on our site, and this week it’s time for some sporty girls, or more specifically, those who love to dance.

Here they are, just try not to like them (hint: you won’t be able).


AsianDate Dancers Laurence

Laurence is 29 and lives in China. She works in an office but just loves outdoor activities. She also loves to read and watch a good movie, but her all-time favorite would have to be music since she really loves to dance. Maybe you two could slow dance together?


AsianDate Dancers Shuang

Shuang is 23 years old and actually works as a dancer. She is looking for someone who is open-minded and can share common interest and topic with her. The guy who would win her heart would have to be humorous, passionate and able to make her happy.


Asian Date Fen

Fen is 23 and easy to get along with. She has a wide variety of interests which include outdoor activities (she loves mountains), dancing and swimming. She loves to take care of her body and keep it in shape so she could always do all those things that make her happy. Wouldn’t you wish to join her healthy lifestyle?


Asian Date Na

Na is 26 and she works as a designer. She owns clothes shop with her friends and also works part-time as a model for some magazines. Like you could’ve guessed, one of her favorite activities is dancing, she loves to go to parties and dance through the night. Would you be up for that?


AsianDate Caiyun

Caiyun is 29 and would like to be a dancing teacher because she is fond of dancing and watching movies. She is also good at singing, especially pop songs. She hopes she can travel around the world with her friend or maybe even her loved one. Contact her through the link on her name and find out if you two could hit it off.

What’s your verdict? Could you see yourself with one of these dancers?






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Sunday, 18 September 2016

5 Signs to Tell if you’re Sorta-Dating or Seriously Dating



Have you had that phase in your life where you think you’re dating someone, but you’re not sure? This happens more often than many of us think. We’ve always thought it was only happening to us, but a lot of people are going through this phase or have gone through it. So, the major question is: how do you know if you’re just hanging out or dating seriously?

Internet Dating Advice on Sorta-Dating and Dating Seriously

We’re currently in the grey area with this one. So, for all of us to know, we need to differentiate white from black. Here’s how we can do that:

1. Define Dating

Whether it’s online dating or seeing each other face to face, we need to establish what “dating” is. This word could mean different things to different people. But, we need to look at the basics. Why do people go on dates in the first place? Dates let two people know if they have a spark or if they can potentially have a romantic link. The keyword is: romantic. Let’s remember that as we go through the steps.

2. Define the Purpose of Hanging Out

Next, ask yourself why you hang out with your friends. Some of the reasons could be because you want to have a good time, a good laugh, or just to enjoy the presence of your buddies. Let’s keep this in mind too.

3. Compare Both Notes

Now let’s compare both. The first thing we needed to remember was the keyword “romantic”. When you say romantic, a few things come to mind – wine, candle light dinners, flirty gestures. Now, when you think of people hanging out, you think of eating pizza, maybe playing video games, or doing something fun. You don’t really think romantic thoughts because the goal is to enjoy time with friends.

4. Define Your Sorta-Dates

This time, think about the meetings you’ve had. Have there been romantic gestures, or is it all about having fun and just spending time together? Don’t get this wrong because there can be romantic gestures while you’re having fun. The main difference is when you’re just hanging out, zero flirts have been thrown your way.

5. Decide: Go with Your Gut or Just Ask

At this point, you can, either, go with your gut and follow what it tells you, or plainly ask. Just remember, your gut won’t be right all the time. It can be reliable, but when you add butterfly feelings to the equation, your gut might get confused too.

Know Before Dating

It’s a little bit weird to ask, but asking is the best way you’ll know. If he or she is not interested, you can move on because you haven’t invested feelings yet. But, if the person says that you are dating seriously, wouldn’t that bring you to cloud 9?

If you thought that was helpful, don’t forget to check out more tips on But, if it’s ladies’ profiles you’re looking for, visit

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Monday, 12 September 2016

AsianDate’s Teachers: Dreamy Girls Ready To Share Knowledge

If you’ve ever visited AsianDate you know how the number of beautiful girls is overwhelming. (If you haven’t, well, what are you waiting for, you should do it now.)

We are well aware of that also and we decided we should try and make your life easier by weekly pickings of five ladies which all have something in common, and with that help you ease your way into the world of online dating. We shall start with something simple: their choice of career. And since next month we will celebrate World Teachers’ Day, we will choose top 5 teachers in preparation.

Although these girls all have that one thing in common, they are otherwise completely unique so it’s up to you to find out which one of them would be a good match for you. You can access their profiles by clicking on their names.

So here we go, our top 5 teachers:


AsianDate's Teachers Yidan

Yidan is 20 years old and lives in China. She is easygoing, sometimes passionate, sometimes old fashioned, sometimes very happy and always enjoying her job. She teaches preschool children and would someday like to have her own family since she is very caring and would make a great mother.


AsianDates Teachers Yajing

Yajing is also 20 years old and likes to go shopping, hiking and to the gym, but also to read nice books, watch movies and hang out with friends. She teaches foreigners Chinese so you could have more than one benefit if you decide to date her – maybe you could also learn a new language.


AsianDate's Teachers Maggie

Maggie is 21 and is a teacher in a special school, teaching special kids. Some of them can’t see, some of them can’t hear, some of them can’t stand up. But Maggie says she is proud of her job and of these angels. It would be nice to get to know such a noble person little better, don’t you think?


AsianDate's Teachers Aixia

Aixia is 25 and she is a pretty special lady, she is a music teacher. So if you like music and are interested in knowing more, she would be the right choice for you. Also, you can expect her to sing for you as she sings for children she teaches. Be prepared to wake up listening all sorts of lovely songs.


AsianDate's Teachers Xiaxue

Xiaoxue is 24 and honest, romantic and caring. She loves to teach, but is also eager to learn, especially your language. She is currently improving on her English and is getting better each day. Maybe you could test her and then let her test you on some other subject?

Which one of these AsianDate’s teachers do you like the best?











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Can You Still Date a Hot Asian Lady at Your Age?

In Asian dating, age isn’t always an obstacle for finding love. But, what most foreign men doubt is if they can still date a hot Asian lady at their age. You have to admit that once you reach  a certain age, you have doubts whether a young woman’s motives in dating you is sincere or otherwise. You worry about the age gap and you worry about if the relationship is going to last. Well, this is for you.

Can you still date a hot Asian lady?

Tips to Asian Dating Younger Ladies

If you’re too worried to date Chinese women or any other Asian woman for that matter, these tips will help. Read through each one and see if these can help your confidence, even just a little bit.

Keep an Open Mind

There is a hot Asian lady for you out there. You’ll be surprised to know that a lot of Asian women are actually open to dating an older, foreign gentleman. This might be because they are looking for security, are fed up with younger gents who are not serious, or it may just be their preference. So, keep an open mind everytime you approach a lady online and offline.

Encourage Yourself Despite the Rejection


The fact is, younger gents face rejection as much as older gents do in Asian dating. It’s nothing personal. If there are girls out there that are for you, there are also ones who will not give you the light of day. If a hot Asian lady is not that into you, is not replying to your emails and so on, then just move on.

Stick to Your Standards

Older males tend to get desparate quicker. If this sounds like you and you are in a hurry, the tendency is for you to lower your standards. That is not good. You’re stelling for less if you do this. Have some patience and give the proess time.

Try Something New

If you’re in a hurry, instead of contacting every lady’s Asiandate profile, why not go on a Dating Tour instead? What’s going to happen in this kind of tour is you’re going to meet Asian women in their own country or city. You’ll have better chances of meeting a nice Asian lady for marriage this way.

Don’t Get Lazy

Just because you have an online dating profile, it doesn’t mean that you’re going to get a lot of messages from one hot Asian lady after another. No! You have to do the work! If you just let your profile sit there, that’s all you’re going to do too – sit there. Get on your feet and look for your Asiandate actively.

Do Your ResearchYES YOU CAN still date a hot Asian Lady

Because you’re into the “Asian persuasion”, you have to do your best to understand the culture and the heritage of your potential lady. Doing this will let you understand Asian customs better, and know what the DOs and DONTs are. Doing your research is like putting in extra effort. It’ll pay off in the long run (trust us).

Answer to Whether You Can Date a Hot Asian Lady at Your Age

So now, let’s move on tho the straight forward answer. Can you date a hot Asian lady at your age? YES, YOU CAN. All that’s needed is for you to keep an open mind and believe in the possibility of you finindg love even at your age.

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Thursday, 8 September 2016

Taiwanese Women: The Truths VS Lies About their Behaviour

The Reality of how Taiwanese Women AreTaiwanese women have bad reps. Before foreign men can even meet Taiwan women, they’ve already formed their ideas of how women in Taiwan are. Mostly, people view Taiwanese women as materialistic, self-centered, insecure, uneducated and, insanely jealous and possessive.

What are Taiwanese Women Really Like?

The question is, are there any truths to the claims and why have Taiwanese women gotten such a nasty and negative reputation? Let’s find out with this list that talks about realities VS lies about meeting women in Taiwan.

Educated VS Uneducated

As mentioned, people view Taiwanese women as uneducated. On the contrary, a lot of Taiwanese ladies have gone to the University, can speak English well and can discuss any topic under the sun with anybody. According to Brookings, Taiwanese women’s educational attainments have increased. This is true in Taipei and the other main centers of commerce. This view of women from Taiwan being educated is a contrast to the first idea, but there are bad apples out there. While there are independent, well-spoken women, there are also those who are

This view of women from Taiwan being educated is a contrast to the first idea, but there are bad apples out there. While there are independent, well-spoken women, there are also those who are not so well-spoken.

Maybe foreign men mostly keep in touch with the not so well-spoken ones which is where the bad rep might originate.

Open-Minded Families VS Strict Families

Taiwanese parents are as strict as any other Asian mother. However, parents of Taiwanese girls are more open to the idea of their daughter dating a foreigner. You probably do not believe that. There might be apprehensions at first but, eventually, they will come to terms quicker compared to parents from other Asian countries.

Shy VS Out-Spoken

Most Taiwanese girls are viewed as loud and overly confident. This idea is false as they are shy in public. It is also true when meeting foreign men. So, if you meet one for the first, don’t expect her to initiate a conversation.

But, once you date Taiwanese women and gain their trust, you can be sure that a lady will warm up to you and show how she behaves. The more you spend time with her, the more connected you are to her the more likely that she’s going to open herself up to you.

Materialistic VS Practical

Last but not the least is the question of being materialistic. There are both sides to this. Some Taiwanese girls are greedy. These are the girls who believe that by marrying a foreign man, they will gain a higher social status.

And, there are also girls who are not like this at all. There are plenty of Taiwanese women who look for serious relationships. If you’re the serious type, these are the women you should be meeting.

Two Sides of a Coin

While most of the stories can have been debunked in this post, some stories are true. Which brings us to a conclusion: there are different kinds of Taiwanese women. You want to meet the right ones and stay away from the bad ones who are most likely responsible for Taiwanese women’s bad rep.

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Monday, 5 September 2016

Famous and Hot Korean Girls Who Look Way Younger than Their Age

Many say that Asians age like wine. In fact, they don’t even seem to age at all. Women have little wrinkles and it’s the same with the men. Is there some kind of secret? Is the fountain of youth located in Asia? Or is it because of their diet and strict skin care regimen? You can bet your money on the last reason.

Hot Korean Girls Dont Age

This is especially true with hot Korean girls. They get their slim figures from eating mostly vegetables. As for how their skin looks, three reasons are behind that:

  • Good genes
  • Quality skincare products
  • Following a skin care regimen consistently

It sounds too good to be true, but, the fact is, Korea is obsessed with youth. Even their pop stars and celebrities look way younger than they really are which is proof enough. Here’s an interesting and surprising list of famous & hot Korean girls to give you an idea of how hot Korean girls may look like.

Famous & Hot Korean Girls

1. Park So-Jin

Park So-Jin from Girls Day Kpop Girl Group

She looks adorable, doesn’t she? Just by judging the picture, she looks like she could be in her early 20s. The truth is, she’s actually 30 years old. She’s a Korean idol singer and leader of the group Girl’s Day. Her birthday is May 21, 1986. Can you believe that she’s turning 31 next year?

2. Min Hyo-Rin

Min Hyo-Rin Korean actress

This is singer and actress Min Hyo-Rin. Other hot Korean girls envy her because she looks sophisticated. She’s been in the Korean entertainment industry since 2006. She’s currently 30 years old, believe it or not. Her birthday is February 5, 1986.

3. Lee Hyori

Lee Hyori Korean Actress

Lee Hyori is one of the hot Korean girls on this list that looks sexy. Other girls may look cute, but not Lee Hyori. She’s a Korean singer, actress, record producer, activist, and television presenter. She also looks nothing like her age! Would you believe that she is 37 years old? Yes! Her birthday is May 10, 1979.

4. Ku Hye-Sun

Ku Hye-Sun - Korean Celeb Looking Younger

If you’re a K-drama fan, you already know who this lovely lady is. Her name is Ku Hye-Sun and she is an actress know for her roles in Pure in Heart, Boys Over Flowers, Angel Eyes and Blood. She hasn’t had her birthday yet but she will be 31 years old on November 9 of this year.

5. Sandara Park

Hot Korean Girls - Sandara Park

She was formerly an actress from the Philippines. She is Korean, though. After her return to her country, she became part of the famous girl group 2ne1. She sings and she dances rather well! Because of her fresh face, many don’t know that she is turning 31 years old this year. Her birthday is November 12, 1984.

6. Han Ga-In

Han Ga-In Beautiful Korean Celebrity

On this hot Korean girls list,  Han Gi-In has the youngest looking face. It may be the shape of her face and her petiteness. During the early stages of her career, she appeared in the Yellow Handkerchief and Terms of Endearment. Today, she’s well known as the face of a number of Korean brands. She turned 34 years old on February 2.

7. Ha Ji-Won

Ha Ji-Won 2016

There are plenty of hot Korean girls on this list but none may have appeared in as many romantic comedy movies as Ha Ji-Won. Her real name is Jeon Hae-Rim. She’s known amongst international viewers for historical drama Hwang Jini, romantic comedy Secret Garden, and historical drama Empress Ki. She’s 38 years old and was born on June 28, 1978.

More Hot Korean Girls

So, now you know that most ladies from Korea look younger than they really are. If you start dating Korean ladies, you’ll always have young and hot Korean girls by your side ( no matter how old you become).

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