Monday, 26 September 2016

AsianDate Reveals: Bet you didn’t know loneliness can do THIS to you

Asiandate Update: Loneliness can kill you know.

AsianDate found studies about the effect of loneliness on our body. Surprisingly, the feeling of being alone usually makes us vulnerable to sickness. Loneliness may be a mental condition or state of mind, but it has long been established that how we think and how we feel can have an effect on our physical functions.

What did AsianDate Find out about Loneliness?

AsianDate discovered that there had been numerous studies on how loneliness affects the elderly. There have been other studies. However, that suggest that the negative effects of loneliness also affect people from different age groups, even children. But, how does loneliness affect us and our body?

1. Physical Pain

If we feel pain, there are specific processes that our brain does for the body to react and counteract the pain we’re feeling. The same processes are applied to our body when we feel lonely. This is how our brain interprets loneliness. The level of the stress hormone cortisol shoots up abnormally high in the morning and is never at normal levels all through the day.

Cortisol is involved in regulating blood sugar level, fat, and protein and carbohydrate metabolism to maintain blood glucose immune responses.

2. Increased Risk for Dementia

On a mental level, AsianDate also found out that loneliness also messes with our brain’s functions. It’s not only dementia. In general, the chronic feeling of loneliness makes us all susceptible to neurodegenerative disorders. Dementia is just one neurodegenerative disorder. There’s also Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, and Huntington’s.

3. Increased Risk for Heart Disease

Because mental and physical functions are out of order, you may also experience inflammation and damage to the tissues and blood vessels of the heart. The result of this is an increased risk of heart attack, stroke, and other cardiovascular diseases.

4. Immune System Compromise

Loneliness can have an effect on your immune system too. Studies suggest that you are more susceptible to diseases because the ability of your immune system to fight bacteria and viruses is decreased.

Remedy Loneliness with Online Dating

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