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Famous and Hot Korean Girls Who Look Way Younger than Their Age

Many say that Asians age like wine. In fact, they don’t even seem to age at all. Women have little wrinkles and it’s the same with the men. Is there some kind of secret? Is the fountain of youth located in Asia? Or is it because of their diet and strict skin care regimen? You can bet your money on the last reason.

Hot Korean Girls Dont Age

This is especially true with hot Korean girls. They get their slim figures from eating mostly vegetables. As for how their skin looks, three reasons are behind that:

  • Good genes
  • Quality skincare products
  • Following a skin care regimen consistently

It sounds too good to be true, but, the fact is, Korea is obsessed with youth. Even their pop stars and celebrities look way younger than they really are which is proof enough. Here’s an interesting and surprising list of famous & hot Korean girls to give you an idea of how hot Korean girls may look like.

Famous & Hot Korean Girls

1. Park So-Jin

Park So-Jin from Girls Day Kpop Girl Group

She looks adorable, doesn’t she? Just by judging the picture, she looks like she could be in her early 20s. The truth is, she’s actually 30 years old. She’s a Korean idol singer and leader of the group Girl’s Day. Her birthday is May 21, 1986. Can you believe that she’s turning 31 next year?

2. Min Hyo-Rin

Min Hyo-Rin Korean actress

This is singer and actress Min Hyo-Rin. Other hot Korean girls envy her because she looks sophisticated. She’s been in the Korean entertainment industry since 2006. She’s currently 30 years old, believe it or not. Her birthday is February 5, 1986.

3. Lee Hyori

Lee Hyori Korean Actress

Lee Hyori is one of the hot Korean girls on this list that looks sexy. Other girls may look cute, but not Lee Hyori. She’s a Korean singer, actress, record producer, activist, and television presenter. She also looks nothing like her age! Would you believe that she is 37 years old? Yes! Her birthday is May 10, 1979.

4. Ku Hye-Sun

Ku Hye-Sun - Korean Celeb Looking Younger

If you’re a K-drama fan, you already know who this lovely lady is. Her name is Ku Hye-Sun and she is an actress know for her roles in Pure in Heart, Boys Over Flowers, Angel Eyes and Blood. She hasn’t had her birthday yet but she will be 31 years old on November 9 of this year.

5. Sandara Park

Hot Korean Girls - Sandara Park

She was formerly an actress from the Philippines. She is Korean, though. After her return to her country, she became part of the famous girl group 2ne1. She sings and she dances rather well! Because of her fresh face, many don’t know that she is turning 31 years old this year. Her birthday is November 12, 1984.

6. Han Ga-In

Han Ga-In Beautiful Korean Celebrity

On this hot Korean girls list,  Han Gi-In has the youngest looking face. It may be the shape of her face and her petiteness. During the early stages of her career, she appeared in the Yellow Handkerchief and Terms of Endearment. Today, she’s well known as the face of a number of Korean brands. She turned 34 years old on February 2.

7. Ha Ji-Won

Ha Ji-Won 2016

There are plenty of hot Korean girls on this list but none may have appeared in as many romantic comedy movies as Ha Ji-Won. Her real name is Jeon Hae-Rim. She’s known amongst international viewers for historical drama Hwang Jini, romantic comedy Secret Garden, and historical drama Empress Ki. She’s 38 years old and was born on June 28, 1978.

More Hot Korean Girls

So, now you know that most ladies from Korea look younger than they really are. If you start dating Korean ladies, you’ll always have young and hot Korean girls by your side ( no matter how old you become).

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