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Love and Dating: Worst Lies You Can Hear (Or Say)

Worst Lies in Love and Dating

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When it comes to love and dating, it’s important always to be honest about your feelings. Many may agree with this statement, but (let’s be honest) we don’t always practice it. A lot of us have probably heard it all. Those who are still dating have heard a million and one excuses why there was no call or text the day after. The case is no different for those who got dumped.

Worst Lies in Love and Dating You Can Relate to

If this sounds like you and if you’re reading this now, you can probably relate to one, two or even all of the worst lies in love and dating:

1. I was busy. I am busy. I’ll be busy.

Here are some love and relationship advice that you can use: a person who cares will find time for you. It’s understandable to be busy because we all have our lives to live, but if a person is always busy, you have to consider that, maybe, you are not this person’s priority.

Worst Lies in Love and Dating You Can Tell an Asian Woman2. She or he is just a friend.

This excuse or lie is pretty common when in love and dating. Let’s be clear here, ladies and gentlemen. There are people who date around. To them, they may not be doing anything wrong, but for the person they’re dating, they’re already two-timing. If you’re dating Asian women or European women, for example, exclusive dating is a must.

3. I’m fine.

How is “I’m fine” a lie when in love and dating? Well, in most some cases, it really is the truth but many people say this to escape arguments or avoid confrontation. On top of not being honest, “I’m fine” puts a period on a sentence that’s not supposed to end yet. “I’m fine” is an escape. The better route would be to have a mature discussion after an argument or misunderstanding.

4. It’s not you, it’s me.

This line is common in movies. If you noticed, the types of relationships that end with this line are:

  • Not very serious
  • Not very healthy

The woman can be too clingy or the man can be emotionally unavailable. The person is not telling the truth in order to avoid the awkward feeling of having to tell the other person their faults or shortcomings. As a result, the person who gets dumped ends up repeating the mistake in another relationship.

Which love and dating lie have you fallen for?

Let this be a reminder to us all that honesty is an important factor in a lasting relationship. Even if it is awkward, telling the person you care for the truth will always be better. If you need more relationship or love and dating advice, don’t hesitate to visit the blog.





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