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How To Avoid Online Dating Stress

Asian Date | How To Avoid Online Dating Stress

Source: AsianDate

Whatever the dating platform – offline or internet online dating – there’s always that pressure from our peers for us to meet someone. Once we’ve reached a certain age, as well, we put a bit of pressure on ourselves because we feel like a relationship or marriage is the next logical step. Once we shift into that thinking, we put unnecessary stress on ourselves which affects how we approach dating.

Ways To Chill Out When Online Dating

This kind of thinking can throw anyone off – big time! Added pressure could make you check your online dating messages 24-7, and feel obsessed with meeting people. The result is not very good because you’ll most likely make moves that can come off as desperate. So how do you avoid this? Take a look at the following suggestions:

1. It’s time to change your perspective.

Chill out, first of all. It’s time for you to change your perspective because dating is not all about pressure. There are different ways on how you can do this:

  • Stop listening to the people around you.
  • Find a confidence within yourself to make your own decisions.
  • The key is not to care about what other people think.

2. Focus on making yourself better.

It’s always a plus point for your self-esteem if you focus on bettering yourself instead of focusing on your weaknesses. It’ll give you the boost you need. It can also give you that added confidence to approach people naturally, whether online or offline.

3. Unplug every once in a while.

Life has too many pressures already! Detach yourself sometimes because it can be good for you. “Detach” here would mean get some rest, relax, go out, and so on. Don’t forget that life isn’t all about dating or meeting someone special so don’t let it consume you. Live your life the way you want to live it.

There are so many things you can do, but the bottom line of all of this is to approach dating as being the best version of yourself. Chill out is the best advice that we can give, so we really hope that you do. Dating, whether online or offline, is not about pressure and stress. It’s about having fun and meeting your match. Do you agree? For more online dating tips don’t forget to check out the rest of our posts on our blog.


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Friday, 28 October 2016

How Long Can Your Online Relationship Last?

Asian Date | How Long Can Your Online Relationship Last?

Source: Daikynguyenvn

When you’re in an online relationship, there’s always that fundamental question of how long it will last. The people around you will think it to themselves, and you’ll most likely ask yourself the same question. But there’s a problem involving that and it may be not what you think. Asking how long an online relationship will last is irrelevant because, just like in “real life”, no one can take that guess.  You won’t be able to tell.

Make Your Online Relationship Work With These Tips

The better question to ask yourself would be for how long can two people in an online relationship MAKE it work. Relationships are less about guessing and more about making an effort to be together, don’t you think? That’s why, today, we give you the following tips on how to make your online dating relationship work:

#1 Tip: Accept That You’re Different

With relationships, in general, there’s always that pressure of liking the same things, wanting the same things, and reaching for the same things in life. Well, if you want to make your online relationship work, you have to drop this kind of pressure and just accept that you and your partner are different individuals. Recognizing this fact will allow you to give each other space and understand each other better.

#2 Tip: Both Of You Are Not Perfect

When you’re in a relationship, you have to accept that nothing’s going to be perfect. You and your partner will make mistakes along the way. For your online relationship to work, you have to acknowledge that things will go wrong eventually and that it is up to both of you to figure out how you can move forward.

#3 Tip: Talk About The Whys

The lines of communication have to be open. Also, you have to be honest with each other while you’re communicating. As much as possible talk about the things that annoy you about the other person. Answer as many questions as you both can. Being honest with each other can help you build a better foundation to keep your relationship strong.

#4 Tip: Physical Intimacy Patterns

Because the both of you are in an online relationship, you cannot be physically intimate all the time. You have to talk about this so both of you can come up with creative ways on how to have that physical connection. This is an important subject because this is one of the things that online relationships limit.

Share this post if you agree with our tips. Don’t forget to check out the rest of our blog for more helpful posts on love and online relationships.


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Thursday, 27 October 2016

Why Halloween Is A Day For Couples

Asian Date | Why Halloween Is A Day For Couples

Source: Deviant Art

Have you ever wondered why most guys’ ideas for dates is to see a horror movie? Well, maybe it’s because those movies are dark, and when your girlfriend gets scared, she can hold your hand to feel safe. That’s a pretty good move. Science, however, has a better explanation. According to what research says, we may have to move the Day of Love from Valentines to Halloween, and here’s why.

Why Halloween Is The Real Day For Love

Enough scientific studies are showing that being afraid triggers the same kind of sensations as being physically excited. This is called affective arousal. It’s not just fear too because affective arousal springs forth when we’re feeling other intense emotions such as joy or anger. In the context of fear or being scared, the senses are heightened which increases someone’s attractiveness.

Let’s Talk Hormones

Two hormones are triggered when we feel scared: estrogen and oxytocin. Both of these hormones play a major role in a person’s reproductive functions. They are the same hormones that are also released when a person’s fight-or-flight (when they feel fear) response is activated.

Physical Changes

Because the said hormones are released when we feel physically excited and afraid, our body’s responses to these hormones are similar. Our heart rate and blood pressure go up, and we have trouble focusing on anything that’s not the stimuli. Our pupils also dilate in the process.

Dating Tips For Future Reference

Now that you know the same thing goes inside our bodies when we feel aroused and scared, you might get the wrong idea when planning out your dates. It doesn’t mean that you have to make every day like Halloween. It, however, gives you a hint that any date activity that can raise your heart rate is a good idea. For example, riding a zipline, bungee jumping, swimming with sharks, and, of course, the classic, watching a horror movie.

Did you find this dating tip helpful? There’s so much more you can read on our blog. Make sure you visit it so you can check out the rest of our posts.


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Wednesday, 26 October 2016

How To Smile When You’re Single

Asian Date | How to Smile When You're Single

Source: AsianDate

What is so precious in a smile? If we see people smiling, it evokes a feeling of warmth and positivity within us. When we’re happy, our natural response is to smile. With all the good things that come with smiling, is it possible to smile our way into finding a relationship online?

How To Attract More People To Your Dating Profile With A Smile

A lot of experts have been saying lately that online dating is moving towards the swiping culture. This means that single people today are keener on physical appearance than interests, hobbies, or plans for the future. Do you know what this means? Most of us, basically, want someone good-looking in our lives. Herein lies the problem because we weren’t all born in the same gene pool as Brazillian supermodels. A flattering photo of you smiling might just fix this, though.

What Science Says

Beauty in a smile: the role of medial orbitofrontal cortex in facial attractiveness, is a study done in 2003. The group of scientists studied how smiling influenced a person’s choice of his or hers mate. The results were fascinating. A type of MRI device was used during the study to see which brain regions lit up when a picture of a person donning a happy expression was showed. The medial orbitofrontal cortex (OFC) was stimulated. This is the same area of the brain that represents something’s reward value. This region lit up even more when pictures of people who were smiling were showed.

How To Pose In Pictures

Now that science is telling us that we must learn to smile more to attract dates, we need to know how to look better in pictures with specific poses (on top of our smile, of course). Let’s move on to another study. Take a look at the following statistics, and maybe you’ll be eager in learning how to smile:

Percentage of women’s pictures that had more likes:

  • 71% smile while tilting their head to the side
  • 58% show their pearly whites when they smile
  • 24% have a closed mouth grin
  • 17% don’t smile in their profile photo

Percentage of men’s pictures that had more likes: 

  • 26% smile while tilting their head to the side
  • 79% show their pearly whites when they smile
  • 5% have a closed mouth grin
  • 16% don’t smile in their profile photo

That settles it. For you to attract more online daters with your smile, make sure you’re tilting your head to the side while smiling (women) and showing off your teeth (men). For more fun and science-based dating tips, don’t hesitate to check more of our posts on our blog.


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Tuesday, 25 October 2016

Babes In Costumes: How About Some Dress Up This Halloween?

AsianDateLadies Halloween

Halloween has been taking over the world for some time now. So it is safe to say that it’s no longer just an American holiday. And it’s no miracle that’s the way thing turned out, because, who doesn’t like to dress up in costumes and be somebody (or something) else for one (extra) night of the year? We know who surely does like it, though – these AsianDate’s babes, one prettier than the other.

And if you’ve been our regular follower (thank you!) you must know by now that this is our weekly Top 5, which means we will be presenting best girls AsianDate has to offer, all of who have one thing in common. This week it’s, you’ve guessed it, we decided to single out the ones that love to have fun with dressing up in different costumes, which means they love Halloween.

And that, in conclusion, means that there’s no better time to contact them since they will surely be full of ideas and fun stories related to the scariest day of the year. Do you already have an idea what would you like to be this year? If you do, share it with one of the girls by clicking on her name which will lead you to her profile on AsianDate. And if you don’t, you can always ask her for some advice. It’s a good conversation starter.


AsianDate Xiangjun Halloween

Xiangjun likes wine, and although young, already collects various wines in her wine cellar. She also adores playing cosplay and costume parties, which is perfect for this time of year. But if that sounds exhausting to you, you should know that she also likes lying in bed and reading novels.


AsianDate Junyao Halloween

Junyao, or Sophie, if you prefer to call her by her Western name, love to wear special kind of Chinese dresses that hug the body. Also, she enjoys dressing up, which is more than visible on her profile, full of completely different looks. Take a look, find out do you already have a favorite and then let her know.


AsianDate Bing

Bing is a rare bird. And, as you can see, she loves to wear feathers, but you can also find her in her casual attire often.  She also loves to sing, travel all around the world, cook all kinds of Chinese food and enjoy beauty and art. She loves the challenge of something she’s never done before and is interested in western culture. If there is someone who can show more of it to her, she swears she will be a good listener.


AsianDate Xin

Xin is beautiful, outgoing, generous, gentle and never gives up easily. She thinks her lover is the most important person in the world, but would never ignore family and friends for him because her perfect man would never ask her to do something like that. She enrolled to AsianDate on Halloween, so maybe you can help her celebrate her anniversary? You can check more of her many faces on her profile.


AsianDate Julia

Julia is 28 and if she repeated this maid costume again this year, doubtfully anyone would complain.She wants to find a man with a sunshine smile, confident, mature, reliable, affectionate and passionate about life. He will always treat her well with respect, understanding, and consideration in future life. She will do the same in return for him.

So who’s your perfect fit for Halloween?







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Signs That She’s Really Not That Into You

Asian Date | Online Dating Signs: Your Date's Not Really That Into You


Do you know what’s complicated with dating Asian women online? You can never tell if your online date is serious about wanting a relationship. This is because it’s easy to say anything on online dating profiles, act like you’re attracted to someone, and sweet-talk a person, so he falls hard, and fast. It’s one dilemma of meeting people online, but we have to draw the line somewhere.

Early Dating Warning Signs That Tell You She Doesn’t Want A Relationship

The line can always start with you. You know, it’s great to be hopeful and to be open to falling in love, but we need to accept the fact that dating red flags warning signs, or whatever you call it, may be present in the “special” connection that we have now with an Asian lady. Aside from the usual red flags, like asking for money, you need to look out for the following signs:

Topics Like Career, Family, And Friends Are Avoided

Your career, family, and friends are some of the most important aspects of your life. If an Asian lady is interested to know you, she has to ask questions about the things that are important to you. If all you talk about are superficial topics after months of corresponding with each other, you might need to think about where the connection is going.

Future Talks Have Different Tones

When you, finally, get to online chat about the future, the Asian lady’s plans are entirely different from yours. If you’re a hopeless romantic, you’re going to tell yourself that her plans might change, but let’s be honest here, are you really willing to wait for a change of plans? How long will that take? This is a sign that you might be at different wavelengths and points in your lives.

The Person Is Chat Dating With Other People

So, here’s the thing; if you just met online, it is okay to meet people in live chat rooms or other dating sites. What’s suspicious is for a lady to keep doing it after months of corresponding with you. It’s even more suspicious if the lady tells you outright that she’s chatting with other people.

With these warning signs, you have to consider if the connection is worth keeping or not. If you see any of these signs, the person you’re chatting with may not be interested in a serious relationship with you. Or, the lady might just be stringing you along, for some reason. The next move is up to you, but remember that there’s someone better out there who deserves your time. Do you want more helpful posts about love and online dating? There’s more on our blog.






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Monday, 24 October 2016

Love Lessons From A Foreign Dating Coach

Love Lessons from a Foreign Dating Coach Kane Vast

Source: AsianDate

If we want to learn something, we research about it or enroll in a class that can teach us how to do whatever it is we want to learn. The same should be applied to foreign dating. That sounds like a logical step, but most of us can’t seem to do this when we want to find out how to date and meet people. There appears to be a stigma in doing so because, according to popular belief, finding a date (or a mate) should come naturally and be innate. We’re supposed to know what we’re doing but, we are all aware that this is not the case, and should be aware that we sometimes need love lessons also.

Foreign Dating Coaches Will Teach You How to Impress Asian Women

The above situation is also true in the case of men who want to find an Asian love online. Not all men require help, of course, but those who are in dire need have the following lessons to learn from foreign dating coaches:

Western Tactics Work with Asian Women

Coaches from have found that Western dating tactics work well with Asian women. In fact, that’s how love coach Kane Vast started his dating service and website. He was at a mall talking to a Chinese woman when a Chinese man approached him and asked how he does it; he tells The rest was history.

It’s Not Just About Female Psychology

We mostly perceive that having a mastery of female psychology will immensely help in meeting women. That’s just half true according to the foreign dating coach Vast. Other than understanding how women think, it’s important to believe in yourself and practice the skill of presenting the best parts of your personality.

Personal Value VS Material Value

Most Asian men work on material value because they lack the social skills that can get them the relationship they want. Instead of going out there and meeting Asian women, they prefer to concentrate on other things like work to save face. Well, love lessons from Kane Vast focus on working emotional expressiveness which most Chinese men have trouble doing.

He also points out that working on material value works, but it only works with short-term relationships – not for you if you want to date an Asian woman seriously.

Summing it Up

To sum it all up, the key dating coach Vast teaches is that men need to be confident, emotionally expressive and be themselves. For more dating tips and love lessons, make sure to check out the rest of our blog.






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Friday, 21 October 2016

Relationship Goals You Need to Achieve

Asian Date | Relationship Goals You Need to Achieve

Source: AkureFeed

TV and social media always show you these pictures of how a perfect relationship should be. Let’s be honest, though; most of what we see on TV or Facebook are imaginative relationships or relationship goals that are simply unachievable. Despite this, sad to say, we still end up reaching for the unreachable anyway because that’s how influential the media is today. What we really need to be doing is getting our heads out of the clouds and setting better and more realistic relationship goals.

Realistic Relationship Goals for Couples

The main thing that a couple needs to remember when setting goals in a relationship is that both need to work together in reaching the goals. It won’t work if only one person is working towards achieving a better relationship. Now, let’s go to examples of realistic relationship goals that every couple needs to list down:

Let Me Upgrade You

Do you know that Beyonce song “Upgrade U”? Well, the Queen B has the idea because one of the goals of a relationship should be to upgrade each other. You’d want a partner who brings out the best in you and brings out the best in what you do. At the same time, you should also be a partner who wants to upgrade the person you’re with. Think of it as growing as a couple.

Work on Being Empathetic

Empathy is the ability to share and understand the feelings of a person other than yourself. Empathy is essential for a relationship to go the distance. In a new relationship, being empathetic is not a problem, but as time passes a couple tends to become too familiar with one another. Instead of being empathetic, the couple becomes complacent with the fact that the other person’s going to stick around no matter what the situation. This is not the way to go if a lasting and healthy relationship is one of your ultimate goals.

Intimacy Beyond the Physical

This item is perhaps one of the most important relationship rules for couples that you need to work on work: find the intimacy that’s beyond the physical. It’s natural for a couple to be physically intimate. Being physically close, however, will not ensure that you will have a lasting relationship. You need to find a connection that’s beyond this so when consistent physical intimacy is off the table (and it will be after 30 years of being together), you have a deeper connection to hold on to.

These relationship goals examples are the real deal. You can also call them long term relationship goals because they are aiming to give a relationship longevity. Do you agree with this list? For more helpful goals for working relationships as well as posts about dating Asian women, check out other posts on our blog.




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Thursday, 20 October 2016

Should You Stay Friends OR Reveal Your Affection?

Asian Date | International Dating Advice: Should You Stay Friends?

Source: Sabay

There’s definitely a thin line between being just great friends and being romantically linked. When you’re so in sync with another person, the desire to blur that thin line out bubbles up inside of you until it reaches a point where you can no longer contain it. This happens to a lot of us; we either act on what we feel or we simply ignore it, deliberately. What should you do in situations like this?

Advice on Confessing Your Affection to a Friend

To go straight to the point, what you’re going to do next is really up to you. If you stay friends, nothing changes. Everything will be as it is except how you feel inside. You can confess your romantic feelings, but there’s always that risk of the other person not being willing to move forward romantically. This is such a dilemma, but here are pieces of advice that could help you decide what to do:

1. Are you really in love?

We’ve probably all gone through moments where we think we like a person. It turns out; it was just an infatuation that faded after two weeks. Before making your decision, you have to make sure that what you’re feeling is more than an infatuation.

2. The Right Time, The Right Circumstance

Another thing that you should think about before deciding is whether it is the right time and if the circumstances are right or not. If you really want the relationship to last, you have to be ready for it; you have to be at a certain level of your maturity. You also need to assess if the circumstances allow for a possible relationship to develop. For example, it is a bad idea to decide to tell your friend that you have fallen for him or her when he or she is in a relationship.

3. How to Say that You Want to be MORE than Friends

If you’ve already considered the first two, you can move on to #3 which is telling your friend that you have affection for him or her. Don’t just blurt it out, first of all, because that would be awkward. Do it at the right place at the right time. Slowly build up to what you want to say but remember NOT to use the word “love” since it is too strong for the moment. Start with “like” and see what your friend’s response is.

Have you Tried Professing Your Love to a Friend?

Do share with us if you’ve been in this situation already. What did you do and how did you move forward? Leave your answers in comments below and don’t forget to share this post with friends. For more helpful love and online dating advice, visit our blog and check out our other posts.


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Wednesday, 19 October 2016

Why Are The Japanese Wearing Masks While Speed-dating?

Asian Date | Wearing Surgical Masks While Dating in Japan

Source: Favim

Wearing surgical masks is not something new in Japan, or in other Asian countries like China and Korea. People wear these masks to keep diseases away, to catch droplets from the mouth and the nose, and to hide the face when a person isn’t wearing any makeup. But, who would ever have thought that this protective mask can be a useful tool for dating.

Why Surgical Masks Make Great Speed-dating Tools

Other than surgical masks, you should know that dating services that arrange speed-dating events as well as suggest couple matches are also pretty standard in Japan. Somehow, one dating agency thought that it would be a good idea to combine the two common elements found in Japanese society. But, why wear surgical masks while you’re speed-dating?

Looks Do Not Matter

When you wear a surgical mask, your face is apparently covered up. So, imagine that men and women are facing together not really knowing what their date looks like as the speed-dating commences. What this does is shift a person’s attention to something beyond physical appearance – personalities are highlighted and focused on.

Confidence Improves

Let’s take online dating as an example of a confidence booster. Have you ever met someone face to face, and you think to yourself that the person is entirely different from when you talked on a dating website? Because there is that shield through virtual space (or a mask, in this case), a person doesn’t have to be insecure about what he or she looks like. When a shield is up, the person can be themselves which improves their confidence.

Japanese people are naturally shy because there’s still a hint of taboo with relationships with the opposite gender. Most often, the only way to meet someone is through dating service events like this one. The idea of using a surgical mask during dating may sound like a silly idea, but participants have given it a two-thumbs up as it has helped them be themselves and find out what a person’s inner beauty is.


As for you, you may want to give your date a heads up before you wear a mask when offline or online dating, especially when you are not in Japan. But, the idea of helping two people overcome barriers to find their right match is something motivating. Do you want to read more interesting posts like this one? There’s more on our blog so make sure to visit it regularly.



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Would You Like To Date An Asian Date Model? Now’s Your Chance


At one point or another in their lives, all guys fantasize about dating a model.

Sure there is a certain stigma attached to it, but just like all stereotypes, in the end, they are only that – stereotypes. And these five girls we decided to present to you today will help you break that stereotypes. All of them are in modeling business, be it just on the side or as a full-time job. So they are obviously beautiful, but also not lacking in many other qualities.

But you will have to find out more about them for yourself, which you can do by clicking on their names and getting in touch with one of them through Asian Date.


AsianDate Model1

Shuxiang is 20 years old beauty from China. She would like you to know that she is an independent girl. She has her own business, owning a chain of restaurants across. But she also loves to do some modeling since she’s into fashion and loves to attend fashion shows and work on her own designs.


AsianDate Model2

Na is 26 and a designer and a model as well. She loves her job and spending time with her friends but is now starting to feel lonely because all of her friends have boyfriends and husbands, and they live very happily with their families. So she realized she also needs someone to take care of her. Are you her Mr. Right?



Ge is only 19 but describes herself as mature. She also says she is an easy-going woman with many qualities: honest, sincere, kind, respectful, reliable, calm and loyal. She’s humorous and likes to laugh and make others laugh too. As her friends say, she has a very special kind of humor.


AsianDate Model 4

Jiayan is originally from China but is in London university right now, with her major in designing. She is also still a model and already has her own clothing design office. She usually spends her summer on a private island in the Bahamas. Sounds pretty unreal, doesn’t it?


AsianDate Model 5

Han desires to be loved. She is family oriented, but also an independent thinker. She would like to find her man to be a supportive wife. She expects of you to have a good heart and integrity, be honest and show tolerance. She would like to feel the passion and share all good things in life.




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Tuesday, 18 October 2016

Reasons Why Modern Dating is Hard Work, But Worth It

Asian Date | Reasons Why Modern Dating is Hard Work

Source: AsianDate

If there were ever a renaissance period for dating, it would be now. There have been so many changes in the past years that the simple boy-meets-girl and girl-falls-in-love scenario doesn’t apply anymore. Whether we see it as necessary or not, there have been a few extra steps that were added to the scenario, like girl-gets-heart-broken, girl tries online dating or something like that. We’ve made it complicated, and that’s why dating is hard work nowadays.

How Dating Feels Like in the 21st Century

This is modern dating advice for women and men with metaphors. There are so many metaphors people associate with how dating is today. Most of which give us a clearer understanding of how and why dating has become something of a chore despite the modern technology that has been awarded to society.


The advent of dating apps that let you swipe left or swipe right makes online dating feel like a beauty pageant. Personality will weigh in, of course, but not before choosing a match based on physical appearance – eye color, hair color, face shape, lip shape and so on.

A job interview

During job interviews, you put your best foot forward. You do the same when you date, in general. Despite how well you answer questions or how you conduct yourself, you can’t really predict what the result is until you get that rejection call or email. Or, in dating’s case, the lack of a call or even an email.


Yes, dating can feel like fishing, sometimes, because there’s mostly the element of waiting. You could be waiting not knowing if there’s still bait on your hook or not. Or, you could be getting a bite, but you just couldn’t feel the tugging on the line.

These metaphors all sound terrible but, don’t get your hopes down just yet. What if you could win the pageant? What if you actually got the job? And, what if you caught the biggest fish in the pond? Dating is what it is today, but, like with everything else in our lives, if we work on it and follow dating tips for men and women, the rewards will be worth the effort.

Don’t give up on dating just yet no matter how the dating rules may change. Besides, there are plenty of tips on our blog to make things feel like less of a chore. We hope this has helped you find your motivation. We have more posts on our blog for you to check out.


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Monday, 17 October 2016

Marriage Material: Are You Cut Out for Commitment?

Asian Date | Marriage Material: Are You Cut Out for Marriage?

Source:Wiki Media

Have you ever wondered if you’re ready for marriage? More importantly, have you ever wondered if married life is right for you or not? To be honest, no one really knows if they are ready to be married despite the numerous online dates and relationships. There are no secrets to a happy marriage. But determining the answer to the latter question will really help you understand if you’re going to adjust well to married life.

10 Questions that Determine Whether you’re Marriage Material

You can be open to the idea of marriage, but that does not guarantee that you’ll be a happily married person in the near future. With anybody, there’s a slight chance of not being able to adjust to married life. To know, answer these ten questions (do not cheat because explanations will come after the ten questions):

  1. Do you always daydream about the future?
  2. Do you see yourself married?
  3. Do you see yourself as someone who can sincerely love another person?
  4. Do you like mutual support in a relationship?
  5. Are you comfortable with sharing intimate thoughts with someone you trust?
  6. Do you like the idea of depending on someone else? Not, entirely, of course.
  7. During conflicts, are you willing to compromise if the person is that important to you?
  8. Are your relationships with other people important to you?
  9. When you think about marriage, does it make you feel anxious or excited?
  10. Are you comfortable with sharing a living space with a loved one or do you prefer your personal space?

The Result

If your answers are YES to almost all questions, it’s likely that you are emotionally and mentally ready to settle down. Most of your answers indicate that you are ready and willing to share your life with someone and that you’re ready to compromise. This is what marriage is all about. How did you score? Marriage can be a scary thing but it can also be something beautiful as long as you are open to the idea of it. For more posts about love and relationships, check out other posts from our blog.


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White love or Asian love? Disney has decided for Mulan

Asian Date | White love or Asian love? Disney has decided for Mulan

Source: Disney

Are you a big fan of Disney movies? If your answer is a BIG YES, you’ve probably already noticed the steady releases of favorite Disney animated films being redone into live-action versions. Well, next in line is the 1998 Disney movie, about this brave girl who saved China. Yes, it’s Mulan.

There was a bit of a controversy, however, because rumor has it that the studio is planning for Mulan to have a white leading man instead of an Asian love interest. As you can imagine, fans and every Asian who read the news were outraged.

#MakeMulanRight: An Open Letter for an Asian Love Interest

The disapproval was voiced out by an angry Asian man who took to his blog to express how he felt about reading the supposedly leaked script. According to this Angry Asian man: “The man is a 30-something European trader who initially cares only for the pleasure of women and money.” He decides to help China because he set his eyes on Mulan. He even continues by saying that the only reason this white man is helping China’s Imperial Army is that he has “yellow fever”.

Far from the original legend and the movie, it is understandable why fans are displeased with the news. The Mulan everyone knows does not need a white love or an Asian love to save her. She is the ultimate Disney princess who represents #girlpower, so why would studio change that?

Disney Has Chosen

Reports say that Disney has hired new writers, Rick Jaffa and Amanda Silver, to work on “Mulan”. Fans can also rest assured because Disney mentions the live-action version of “Mulan” is sticking to an Asian love interest. Whew! At least some things have been made right in the world.

The live-action version is said to be released on 2018 so let’s just wait and see how everything translates on the bigger screen. How did you feel about the news on Mulan’s supposed non-Asian love interest? Leave your opinions below. For more Asian dating updates, see more posts from our blog.



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Thursday, 13 October 2016

Future of Dating: What Can We Expect in 50 Years?

Take a look at the dating scene now and compare that to the dating scene 20 years ago. So much has changed, especially when talking about the technologies involved that allow people from faraway places to connect quickly. Dating has been easier in terms of connection today, but will it be much easier, let’s say, 50 years from now?

Taking a Look at a Futuristic Dating Culture

Technology will definitely play a significant role in all of this. It’s helping shape the way we date today, and it will continue to do so 50 years from now. There are tons of possibilities for dating and online dating in the future; let’s take a look at three:

Robot Boyfriend or Girlfriend

50 years from now, we might not feel the need for human companionship. The future might just have an alternative – a robot boyfriend or girlfriend. Being in a relationship with a robot could be interesting. In retrospect, you can program it to be your ideal partner who is perfect, right?

Mood Projector

Another possibility is something that might be called a mood projector. Currently, we have to keep the lines of communication open to know what our partner is feeling or thinking. It’s possible that we don’t have to do that in the future. With the help of a mood projector, you’ll know what the person’s need is without asking. This beats mind reading any day!

Hologram Chat

Everybody knows video chat is one of the essentials in online dating. Well, the future has something better in store. Imagine the person being in the same room, talking with you face to face, but through a hologram representation. The “touch” factor will still be missing, but who knows what other types of advanced technologies people of the future come up with.

Virtual Reality Honeymoon

Have you ever seen the Matrix movie where people are plugged into a machine and the reality that the machine creates is their truth? This is a possibility for dating 50 years from now.

Let’s say your partner and you want to go to Maldives. Easy! All you have to do is plug yourselves into a machine and let the machine create the virtual reality for you.

There are so many things to look forward to in the future in terms of dating. The scenarios listed here are merely possibilities, and the inventions and developments in the future can surely exceed what’s been written here. What do you think the future of dating will be? Share your comments below and don’t forget to check our other love and dating posts on our blog!







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Wednesday, 12 October 2016

The Craziest Thing Ever: Japan Presents Dating A Horse Prince

Asian Date | This Horse Dating Game App is the Weirdest

Source: Chic-Pixel

The Japanese are notorious for being creative with their games. Take the Hole on the Wall as an example. The TV game show was hilarious! Japanese dating games in a form of an app are no different. Although Japanese game developers get more and more creative every year, it seems that their creativity has reached the level of the strange and the bizarre with this newly released game called “Uma no Purinsu-sama” which is the newest dating game Japan has come up with.

How to Play the Uma no Purinsu-sama Dating Game

“Uma no Purinsu-sama” literally means Mr. Horse Prince. The dating game requires you to take care of a horse that has a face of a handsome anime man. But, why a horse with a handsome man’s face? Maybe, the better question is why not? Each type of Japanese dating game has its own variety, and it was probably time to check off “date a horse” on the list.

Despite the Horse Prince looking downright creepy, with its long, thin neck, the dating game is not half bad. The story opens up with a conversation between the farm keeper and yourself. You’ll be the Japanese lady who’s looking to check out some horses on a farm.

So What’s The Goal Of This Game?

The goal is simple: you have to win the affection of the Horse Prince by taking care of him (or it), and getting every answer he asks correctly. The game doesn’t need a lot of instructions because it’s mostly a tap and react kind of game. Feed your Horse Prince with carrots and answer all of his questions correctly to fill the love meter up to 100%.

Whether the game ends in the Horse Prince turning into an actual prince as soon as the love meter is full is a mystery. You’d have to find that out for yourself. The great news is that this dating game is free for both iOS and Android users.

Play the dating game and see what happens when the meter is full. So if you’ve always wondered how it is to date a Horse Prince, here’s your chance. For more different dating app and dating game updates, visit our blog regularly.


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Tuesday, 11 October 2016

Fast Pace of Online Dating: How To Know You’ve Found THE ONE

Fast Pace of Online Dating: How To Know You've Found THE ONE

Source: Tumblr

There are around 7.1 billion people in the world. The majority of these people have moved their search for the one through online chat. If we do the math, that’s approximately more than a thousand potentially romantic interactions through online dating sites on a daily basis. That’s a big number! You have to ask yourself, how many of these interactions end up with a couple actually finding who they were looking for through online dating?

Serious Signs That You Are In an Online Dating Relationship

There’s always that saying that love is indescribable, you just feel it, and it happens when it happens. This saying may be true, but at some point in your life, you stop buying into the expressions because you want to settle down. If this sounds like you, here’s how you can tell a relationship is getting serious and that you may have found THE ONE:

Awkward silences are non-existent.

You’ve been chat dating for a while, but you don’t seem to run out of things to talk about. There are no silent moments that are awkward and unbearable. You seem just to want to share everything with this person, and the person appears to feel the same way too.

The tiny details matter.

Every online date you’ve had with this person is unforgettable. You remember even the smallest of details like the colour of the shirt the person is wearing during your video chat on a particular day of the week.

You think of the person first.

During the day, anything you do will somehow remind you of your loved one. This person randomly just pops up your mind without you even trying. When you have good or bad news, the one online is the first person you’d want to tell.

You apologise even though you’re right.

It takes a lot to admit that you’re wrong. It takes a lot more to apologise even though you know that you did not do anything wrong. That’s a sign that you’re willing to sacrifice for the person you love.

You say “I miss you” and you mean it.

We throw around “I miss you” like it’s basketball. But, if you’ve found the one online, you say “I miss you” and mean it. When you’re not chatting or doing a video call, it seems like something is missing within you.

Do you see any of the signs in the romantic online interactions that you’ve had lately? It takes more than these signs of course, but if you combine the characteristics or signs mentioned with the “when you know, you know” expression, you may have found who the one online. For more posts about love and online dating, make sure to visit the rest of our blog.


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Prettiest Asian Actresses to Follow on Instagram

Monday, 10 October 2016

Let Her Take Care Of You: Prettiest Nurses On Asian Date

AsianDate Nurses

If you are tired of selfish girls who think only of themselves and show no compassion for others, you’ve come to the right place. Because this week we introduce you to some of Asian Date’s prettiest nurses.

The thing that all of these women have in common is their profession which, stereotypical or not, suggests that they decided to dedicate their lives to helping others. And if they are ready to help a complete stranger, how do you think they are going to treat a love of their life?

It’s time you find that out, and you can start by clicking on their name and talking to them. Here are this weeks’ top 5.


AsianDate Nurse Jingyi

Jignyi is very active, sunny and independent girl. She is thoughtful, feminine and faithful, open, frank, straight to the point, caring, loving, passionate, responsible and hard working. Doesn’t that sound too god to be true? Well, if you don’t believe, the best way to solve that mystery is to click on her name and check for yourself.


AsianDate Nurses Yan

Yan is 20 years old, but already very specific when searching for the man of her life. She wants him to be caring, humble, gentle, honest, love his family, know what he wants (just like her), and isn’t afraid to work hard for his making his dreams a reality. It goes without saying that he should respect her. Is that you?


Yuting AsianDate Nurse

If you are looking for someone with who you will never be bored, you’ve found her. Her name is Yuting, she is 22 years old and lives in China. She is a very cheerful person, who has no problem making connections with new people and enjoys helping others more than anything. Also, if you like cuddling, you will be on the top of her list right away.


DongFang AsianDate Nurse

Dongfang is a kind-hearted, optimistic girl who always helps people in need, and loves kids and animals. It’s pretty relevant information that she wouldn’t have a problem relocating from China in case she falls in love because she thinks love is the most important thing in life worth all the sacrifice.


Yuyue nurse AsianDate

Yuyue is a typical nice girl, good old softie. She is open-minded, sweet and caring and would really like to talk to you since she thinks communication is easier when you can hear someone’s voice. She cherishes Chinese traditional values and is convinced she could win you over, you just have to let her.

Are you ready to be pampered by these ladies? Choose between these nurses and you will finally be able to say you’ve found the love of your life.









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Friday, 7 October 2016

How to Make an Asian Lady Fall for Your Charms

Asian Date | How to Make Your Asian Lady Fall for Your Charms

Source: AsianDate

How Asian ladies think can be hard to figure out. There may be plenty of blogs that tell you how an Asian lady’s mind works but, sometimes, it can be more complicated than a simple step 1, step 2, guide. The cultural dynamics that influence their way of thinking – this is what you need to learn to get a glimpse into an Asians psyche. If you don’t, you can end up offending an Asian lady instead of impressing one. Despite this, you can apply a hack to impress any Asian lady you meet offline or online.

Things that Impress the Heck Out of Every Asian Lady

The following items on the list are easy-to-do acts to impress any Asian lady and make them fall your charms.

Speak a Few Sentences in Her Language

Learn a few sentences in an Asian lady’s native tongue and see her eye flutter as you say these words. Don’t just stick to saying “hello” too. Try phrases that may be flattering. For example, try translating “you are beautiful.”
You don’t have to speak these sentences fluently too. All you need is to show that you are confident in delivering every sentence.

Travel Diaries

Asian women love to travel. Most Asian women dream of traveling all over the world! Only a few accomplish this task, however, because life gets busy most of the time with career priorities. So, any travel story you have will be appreciated. It doesn’t have to be grand; it just needs to be interesting.

Make the First Move

Most Asian females are shy, especially when it comes to talking to foreign men. You have to initiate the hello, and you have to do your best to make the Asian lady feel comfortable so she can open up. The Asian lady will find it charming that you’re doing your best to make her talk. Don’t overdo it, though.

Do you need more Asian dating tips? If you do the basic tips stated above, your Asian lady will fall for you easier. Check out the rest of the posts on our blog for other interesting advice on dating Asian females.


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Thursday, 6 October 2016

Four Basic Principles of Happy Dating Online

Asian Date | Four Basic Principles of Happy Dating Online

Source: Taringa

Today, when you’re dating online, it’s so easy to get confused. You have all these dating apps, blogs, guides and whatnot that tell you what to do and how to act when dating online. To be honest, everything can be simplified.

The Simplest Happy Dating Online Rules You’ll Ever Learn

In fact, you can date your way and be successful at dating online. As mentioned, everything can be simplified. All you have to do is to follow these four simple rules to be happy and fruitful when online dating:

1. Stick to who you want.

Before you even thought of dating online, you probably already have specific things that you want in a partner. Stick to those preferences because that’s why you’re dating, right? To find someone that you like and someone who is your perfect match is your goal.

2. Be honest.

Don’t lie from the get-go. Embellishing your profile and your life is tempting, but what if a simple hello ended up being serious? You do not want your future partner to think that you lied to date her.

3. Keep your guard up slightly.

This is the tricky part with online dating: you have to be open and be guarded at the same time. There are people out there that might take advantage of you and your emotions, so it’s always a good idea to listen to safety measure dating blogs suggest.

4. Every experience has a lesson.

Every experience you encounter when you date online has a lesson. You’ll eventually uncover what this lesson is. Learn from it and apply it to your life in a positive way. Rejection, for example, is something that you may come across often when dating online. Learn from it and move forward.

Just follow these four simple rules, and you will do more than fine. Get creative with how you approach ladies. Put some of your personality into your online dating technique and see where it gets you. For more tips and advice for dating online, see more of our blog.



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Wednesday, 5 October 2016

Secrets You Should Keep From Your Asian Date

Asian Date | Secrets You Should Keep From Your Asian Date

Source: Flickr

When you’re in love, it is easy to free-fall and let your guard down. You, unknowingly, do things you’re not supposed to, like sending someone money over the internet and breaking rules just to impress your Asian date. You can also say things you’re not meant to say. Don’t get this wrong because being honest is always a good thing. But being too honest when your Asian date asks questions that are too personal might not be a good idea.

Do Not Tell These to Your Asian Date

It’s important to build a foundation of trust in every relationship, but you need to understand that honest answers to questions that are too personal can be deal breakers – this is a good advice whether you are Asian Dating or not. To give you a clearer idea, the following are examples of things that you should just keep to yourself:

1. How much you have saved up.

To start with, asking a question like: “So, how much do you have in your bank?” is inappropriate, and quite frankly, strange. Why would anyone want to know how much a person has saved up? Even if things are getting a little serious between you and your Asian date, you still don’t need to share this with him or her unless you are already married.

2. How many intimate partners you’ve had.

Asking a question like this is pointless, don’t you think? The answer can satisfy one’s curiosity. If a person was raised in a culture that had traditional values (like your Asian date’s culture), the answer could be off-putting. It is just plain rude and distasteful even to ask this type of question.

3. Big quarrels with friends and family.

If you’re going through something, it can be tempting just to blurt it all out. Small arguments with friends and relatives are alright. But, major quarrels with friends and family should be something that you keep on the down-low.

So, when is it the right time to talk about these things?

That’s a good question. When you’ve formed a deeper bond with someone, you can. A deeper relationship would mean that the person will not judge you or take advantage of you because he or she cares deeply. If you agree with the items on this list, share this post with your friends! You can also check the rest our blog for more advice on Asian date, love, and the Asian culture.




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Tuesday, 4 October 2016

These AsianDate Ladies Will Show You Who’s The Boss

Don’t you think these girls look cute? Some of them even fragile? But don’t let their looks fool you, these AsianDate ladies are all business owners, and will, therefore, show you who’s the boss.

So, if you don’t like confident, determined women who know what they want and know how to take care of themselves, this post isn’t for you. But show us one man who is intimidated by a beautiful woman who will never be boring and hang off his neck, and we will show you a coward.

And as for you other brave men, here are our weekly top 5 beautiful women from AsianDate, who are all, as stated before, successful and unstoppable business owners.


AsianDate Business Owner Wei18

Wei is only 18, but as her occupation, she states “private owner”. Who knows what could that mean, but it was part of the reason we’ve put her on this list since it sounds intriguing. And who better to find out what that means exactly than you? Let us now. Unless you are too busy falling in love, in that case, you are forgiven.


AsianDate Business Owner Youe

Just look at Youe. Doesn’t she look like a boss? But somehow manages to do it gracefully and seductively. And you have to admit that alone is a skill by itself.  And for her other skills, she states photography, cycling, gardening, and cooking, but is also mysterious when it comes to answering what kind of business does she exactly own. Click on her name and ask, she’s waiting.


AsianDate Jiaxin

Jiaxin is 20 years old and lives in China. She looks all romantic and dreamy, but she is also though. As well as in business, she knows what she wants in her love life too, and proudly states that she would like to find a man who knows what is love, and who will be mature, romantic and passionate.


AsianDate Janoi

Yanqi is 25 and mature enough to run her own business. She values trust, honesty, and integrity so much that you couldn’t be interesting to her if you are not a proud owner of these. But, she is also very easy to talk to and is a good listener, so maybe you two could work something out anyway.


AsianDate Xiaoqiong

And we’ve saved the best for last. Well, we only say that because we are sure nobody could resist this beauty. Her name is Xiaoqiong but you can call her Fabee, she is 20 years old and lives in China. She has many interests and is very noble: she helps children from a local orphanage as much as she can. Also, she is very business oriented and would, therefore, like to find a man who will support her and her business in the future.

Have you already made your choice? If you are in doubt, we suggest you make up your mind quickly, since the ladies we choose every week usually find love very soon. So if you wait, you might miss your boss lady, and those aren’t easy to find.




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What Lessons Asian Women Dating Teaches You

What Lessons Asian Women Dating Teaches You

Source: AsianDate

Among all the posts published on Asian Date blogs, 80% will tell you that Asian women dating will be an entirely different experience. You have to deal with or worry about several things when you’re Asian women dating. You’ll have to worry about the language barrier, the cultural difference, and the strict Asian family, to name a few. Despite this, there are several lessons Asian women dating can teach you.

Asian Women Dating Will Teach You the Following

Believe it or not, Asian women dating can teach you several lessons that can help you become a better person. See if you agree with any of the following on this list:

1. Patience

With Asian women dating, you’re more likely to develop your patience. This is because you have to put in extra effort to explain topics because of the language barrier. You’ll also need patience if you decide to learn an Asian woman’s language. Even more, patience is required for you to understand the Asian mind and the Asian culture fully.

2. First-hand Culture Information

When you learn about different cultures, you broaden your knowledge as well as your perspective. It is good for a person’s emotional and mental well-being to learn about new things. We usually do our learning through books and articles on the internet. But in the case of Asian women dating, you’ll get first-hand information which is more reliable.

3. Appreciation for Individuality

At some point, you will realize just how different Asian women are from the women in your country. If you do Asian women dating long enough, you’ll also recognize that each Asian female you meet has her unique qualities. Because of your open mind, you’ll most likely appreciate these differences instead of looking at them negatively. Your positive appreciation is necessary if you want to date women from Asia successfully.

So what do you think of this short list? There are more lessons that Asian women dating can teach you. If you have an experience to share, do it in the comments section. Come back and visit our blog again for more dating tips and insights in the Asian dating culture.


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Monday, 3 October 2016

Asian Has Tips for Age Gaps

Asian Advice on Age Gaps

Source: Asiandate

On Asian, there are Asian girls who want to meet foreign men who are the same age as them. But, there are also plenty of ladies on Asian who want to meet more mature gentlemen. A lot of members who are advanced in years worry that they may not be attractive enough for beautiful Asian ladies, but you’ll be surprised at the responses they get when on the site.

What Asian Recommends with Age Gaps

Despite the positive responses, there are a few things that men need to know with age gaps. The following are Asian’s tips when wanting to date a younger Asian woman:

1. Relationship Goals

If you’re a man looking for an Asian lady to marry, you might want to double check what the relationship goals of the Asian woman are. We have to admit the majority of the younger generation doesn’t want to settle down just yet. The female you’re interested in might not be ready for something serious.

2. Activity

If you think that your physical well-being doesn’t play a role in the harmony of your future relationship, think again. You have to think of this aspect because if you’re with someone who is younger, her activity level will most likely surpass yours. So how can you do things like a hike up a mountain, travel long distances or jog every morning when you’re energy level and body is not up for it?

3. Maturity Level

You also must consider your level of maturity before going for a younger lady. You can expect that the younger an Asian female is, the more she will be moody. Being the party that’s more mature, you have to know how to pacify situations. You have to have the patience for this.

The Bottom Line with Age Gaps

There’s nothing wrong with being attracted to someone who is younger than you. But, if the age gap is too far apart, it’s highly likely that the relationship won’t work. So, how young is too young? Here’s a formula: your age / 2 + 7 = do not date girls this age.

For more interesting tips on dating Asian ladies, feel free to visit our blog daily or visit Asian for girls’ profiles.




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