Thursday, 13 October 2016

Future of Dating: What Can We Expect in 50 Years?

Take a look at the dating scene now and compare that to the dating scene 20 years ago. So much has changed, especially when talking about the technologies involved that allow people from faraway places to connect quickly. Dating has been easier in terms of connection today, but will it be much easier, let’s say, 50 years from now?

Taking a Look at a Futuristic Dating Culture

Technology will definitely play a significant role in all of this. It’s helping shape the way we date today, and it will continue to do so 50 years from now. There are tons of possibilities for dating and online dating in the future; let’s take a look at three:

Robot Boyfriend or Girlfriend

50 years from now, we might not feel the need for human companionship. The future might just have an alternative – a robot boyfriend or girlfriend. Being in a relationship with a robot could be interesting. In retrospect, you can program it to be your ideal partner who is perfect, right?

Mood Projector

Another possibility is something that might be called a mood projector. Currently, we have to keep the lines of communication open to know what our partner is feeling or thinking. It’s possible that we don’t have to do that in the future. With the help of a mood projector, you’ll know what the person’s need is without asking. This beats mind reading any day!

Hologram Chat

Everybody knows video chat is one of the essentials in online dating. Well, the future has something better in store. Imagine the person being in the same room, talking with you face to face, but through a hologram representation. The “touch” factor will still be missing, but who knows what other types of advanced technologies people of the future come up with.

Virtual Reality Honeymoon

Have you ever seen the Matrix movie where people are plugged into a machine and the reality that the machine creates is their truth? This is a possibility for dating 50 years from now.

Let’s say your partner and you want to go to Maldives. Easy! All you have to do is plug yourselves into a machine and let the machine create the virtual reality for you.

There are so many things to look forward to in the future in terms of dating. The scenarios listed here are merely possibilities, and the inventions and developments in the future can surely exceed what’s been written here. What do you think the future of dating will be? Share your comments below and don’t forget to check our other love and dating posts on our blog!







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