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Relationship Goals You Need to Achieve

Asian Date | Relationship Goals You Need to Achieve

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TV and social media always show you these pictures of how a perfect relationship should be. Let’s be honest, though; most of what we see on TV or Facebook are imaginative relationships or relationship goals that are simply unachievable. Despite this, sad to say, we still end up reaching for the unreachable anyway because that’s how influential the media is today. What we really need to be doing is getting our heads out of the clouds and setting better and more realistic relationship goals.

Realistic Relationship Goals for Couples

The main thing that a couple needs to remember when setting goals in a relationship is that both need to work together in reaching the goals. It won’t work if only one person is working towards achieving a better relationship. Now, let’s go to examples of realistic relationship goals that every couple needs to list down:

Let Me Upgrade You

Do you know that Beyonce song “Upgrade U”? Well, the Queen B has the idea because one of the goals of a relationship should be to upgrade each other. You’d want a partner who brings out the best in you and brings out the best in what you do. At the same time, you should also be a partner who wants to upgrade the person you’re with. Think of it as growing as a couple.

Work on Being Empathetic

Empathy is the ability to share and understand the feelings of a person other than yourself. Empathy is essential for a relationship to go the distance. In a new relationship, being empathetic is not a problem, but as time passes a couple tends to become too familiar with one another. Instead of being empathetic, the couple becomes complacent with the fact that the other person’s going to stick around no matter what the situation. This is not the way to go if a lasting and healthy relationship is one of your ultimate goals.

Intimacy Beyond the Physical

This item is perhaps one of the most important relationship rules for couples that you need to work on work: find the intimacy that’s beyond the physical. It’s natural for a couple to be physically intimate. Being physically close, however, will not ensure that you will have a lasting relationship. You need to find a connection that’s beyond this so when consistent physical intimacy is off the table (and it will be after 30 years of being together), you have a deeper connection to hold on to.

These relationship goals examples are the real deal. You can also call them long term relationship goals because they are aiming to give a relationship longevity. Do you agree with this list? For more helpful goals for working relationships as well as posts about dating Asian women, check out other posts on our blog.




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