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Secrets You Should Keep From Your Asian Date

Asian Date | Secrets You Should Keep From Your Asian Date

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When you’re in love, it is easy to free-fall and let your guard down. You, unknowingly, do things you’re not supposed to, like sending someone money over the internet and breaking rules just to impress your Asian date. You can also say things you’re not meant to say. Don’t get this wrong because being honest is always a good thing. But being too honest when your Asian date asks questions that are too personal might not be a good idea.

Do Not Tell These to Your Asian Date

It’s important to build a foundation of trust in every relationship, but you need to understand that honest answers to questions that are too personal can be deal breakers – this is a good advice whether you are Asian Dating or not. To give you a clearer idea, the following are examples of things that you should just keep to yourself:

1. How much you have saved up.

To start with, asking a question like: “So, how much do you have in your bank?” is inappropriate, and quite frankly, strange. Why would anyone want to know how much a person has saved up? Even if things are getting a little serious between you and your Asian date, you still don’t need to share this with him or her unless you are already married.

2. How many intimate partners you’ve had.

Asking a question like this is pointless, don’t you think? The answer can satisfy one’s curiosity. If a person was raised in a culture that had traditional values (like your Asian date’s culture), the answer could be off-putting. It is just plain rude and distasteful even to ask this type of question.

3. Big quarrels with friends and family.

If you’re going through something, it can be tempting just to blurt it all out. Small arguments with friends and relatives are alright. But, major quarrels with friends and family should be something that you keep on the down-low.

So, when is it the right time to talk about these things?

That’s a good question. When you’ve formed a deeper bond with someone, you can. A deeper relationship would mean that the person will not judge you or take advantage of you because he or she cares deeply. If you agree with the items on this list, share this post with your friends! You can also check the rest our blog for more advice on Asian date, love, and the Asian culture.




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