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Why Halloween Is A Day For Couples

Asian Date | Why Halloween Is A Day For Couples

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Have you ever wondered why most guys’ ideas for dates is to see a horror movie? Well, maybe it’s because those movies are dark, and when your girlfriend gets scared, she can hold your hand to feel safe. That’s a pretty good move. Science, however, has a better explanation. According to what research says, we may have to move the Day of Love from Valentines to Halloween, and here’s why.

Why Halloween Is The Real Day For Love

Enough scientific studies are showing that being afraid triggers the same kind of sensations as being physically excited. This is called affective arousal. It’s not just fear too because affective arousal springs forth when we’re feeling other intense emotions such as joy or anger. In the context of fear or being scared, the senses are heightened which increases someone’s attractiveness.

Let’s Talk Hormones

Two hormones are triggered when we feel scared: estrogen and oxytocin. Both of these hormones play a major role in a person’s reproductive functions. They are the same hormones that are also released when a person’s fight-or-flight (when they feel fear) response is activated.

Physical Changes

Because the said hormones are released when we feel physically excited and afraid, our body’s responses to these hormones are similar. Our heart rate and blood pressure go up, and we have trouble focusing on anything that’s not the stimuli. Our pupils also dilate in the process.

Dating Tips For Future Reference

Now that you know the same thing goes inside our bodies when we feel aroused and scared, you might get the wrong idea when planning out your dates. It doesn’t mean that you have to make every day like Halloween. It, however, gives you a hint that any date activity that can raise your heart rate is a good idea. For example, riding a zipline, bungee jumping, swimming with sharks, and, of course, the classic, watching a horror movie.

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