Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Pretty Asian Girls Who Can Cook Their Way To Your Heart

Have you ever heard of the saying, “a way to man’s heart is through his stomach?” You probably have numerous times. The gorgeous Asian Girls on this week’s list may or may not believe in this saying, but each of them can surely whip up a nice meal.

Asian Girls With A Talent In The Kitchen

You don’t have to worry about eating out or cooking for any of these ladies because they’ve made a hobby out of cooking. They may even whip you up something new every week. If you’re a foodie, get ready to fall in love.



Are you craving for some Chinese food and some cupcakes? These are  Lishi’s specialty. She bakes cupcakes during her spare time but can cook delicious Chinese dishes any day of the week. Currently, she’s exploring Western cuisine. Would you like to share a few recipes with her?



This natural beauty describes herself as honest, independent and loving. She would love to meet a gentleman who is similar in personality and values as her. Take note that one of her hobbies is cooking. You need to bring your appetite when you’re visiting her.



Do you know the type of guy YinYin is looking for? She wants to meet a gentleman who she can share her passion with and who will enjoy her own version of romanticism. YinYin is more of a stay at home kind of girl. She likes to cook and watch TV. She aims for a simple kind of life with the man she loves.



Ruijin is fond of doing a lot of things. Her current hobbies include cooking, camping and doing yoga. So, when planning for your date, maybe you can combine everything she loves doing like camping, cooking campfire food and then doing yoga on the camping grounds.



We can’t end this list without including Xinyi. She describes herself as passionate, sexy and naughty. She’s probably the same in the kitchen when she’s cooking Chinese and Western food. Could her food be too spicy? You should ask her yourself.

Who do you think is the best or most beautiful cook among the Asian Date ladies on this list? Asian Date hopes that you’ve enjoyed this week’s list of top Asian girls! If you need more Asian girls list, you need to wait until next week. Check our other posts on our blog for the man time.


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Monday, 28 November 2016

What NOT To Compromise On In Your Relationship

For a relationship to work, the couple needs to compromise on certain things. A couple needs to come to some common ground with matters like how to spend their time, what they can change to better the relationship, or what color to paint the wall in the living room. But, there are other things that you should never compromise on in your relationship.

Major Things You Should Never Compromise On In Your Relationship

What you should never compromise on in your relationship are significant aspects about yourself. The following are just a few examples:

Your Values

Your values make you the person you are. Although, it is ok to be with someone who has slightly different values as you.  A healthy debate can always broaden someone’s perspective but the person with the opposing values should not impose whatever it is he or she believes in on the other person.

Your Family

If the individual you’re with asks you to spend less time with your family, that can be a bad sign. Your family is your primary support system, and anyone who is with you should embrace each and every family member you are close with. If your family has done everything that they can to make your significant other feel included, and he or she still feels negative, you have to rethink the relationship and not compromise.

Your Dreams Or Career Goals

Support regarding the pursuit of one’s career or dreams is a critical part of every relationship. If your partner is against you, the relationship will be rocky especially if one or both of you are ambitious. The relationship should work around your dreams and professional goals. Your relationship shouldn’t be the cause for you to stop pursuing your dreams and your career.

How You Feel About Yourself

If your current partner is destroying your self-confidence and your self-worth, you should consider that the relationship may not be worth it. Whoever you’re with should make you feel better about yourself and not the other way around.

Do you see any of these signs in the relationship you have now? If yes, it’s time to have a sit down with your partner. Whatever you discuss, make sure that the primary elements on this list are touched on. For more dating and relationship advice, check out more posts on our blog.

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Friday, 25 November 2016

Alluring Beauties: Reasons Why Kazakhstan Is Intriguing

This post is our top five weekly compilation of Asian Date ladies who have been hand-picked for their beauty, personality, and, most importantly, allure. This week, our five alluring beauties come from the country of Kazakhstan.

Would you ever think about travelling to this country? It’s likely that you would say no. But, what you and many others don’t know is that Kazakhstan could hold one of your greatest travel adventures with its green valleys, warm hospitality, and beautiful Kazakh women.

You might just give travelling to Kazakhstan a second thought when you see the Alluring Beauties we have on this week’s list.


3f15e752-b351-4bea-8e36-2413ec39ec22Raushan is a 24-year old economist from Almaty, Kazakhstan. She’s a music lover by heart although her job involves a lot of numbers. She describes herself as a citizen of the world because she likes travelling, visiting new places and learning about different cultures.


15a8b56c-009a-44a9-b3a8-9dc71f8639f0Have you ever seen a teacher as beautiful as Aisamal? Teaching is her passion, and she believes that teachers have to be competent examples to their students. Aside from teaching, another one of her passions is playing the piano, which she says she’s quite good at.


3c3ab277-0364-48ca-96b6-89568bdce242Dinara is possibly one of the best examples of “beauty and brains.” She’s a journalist but loves sports and fitness. She’s also interested in reading psychology books, visiting museums and talking about political issues.


72b820c6-96bd-4e81-a59f-a403cc9cd21fAre you wondering what Kazakhstan dishes taste like? Ask Janar because cooking is what she loves to do. She says that she likes to make people happy so if you tell that you’re interested in tasting the different flavors of Kazakhstan, she’ll be glad to oblige.


7317acab-b42d-4fdd-a411-0c19c5ea71bdAction speaks louder than words according to Aliya. That’s why her secret passion is to give small gifts to people she loves so they know that she appreciates them. She’s looking for a man who has strength in his character, confidence, and is responsible and reliable.

We hope you appreciated the beauties on our list. Watch out for next list of alluring beauties next week! Don’t forget to check out more of our blog posts about dating tips and relationship advice here.


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Monday, 21 November 2016

AsianDate: Crazy Facts You Need To Know About Your Attraction

Have you ever thought about how your mind works when it’s analyzing if you’re attracted to a person you’ve seen for the first time? It doesn’t take long for it to analyze which makes the process seem straight-forward, but it isn’t.

AsianDate: What You Don’t Know About Attraction

Most people would think that you’re attracted to a person because you already have programmed preferences that were the results of your upbringing, familial connection, and the culture you grew up in, but you’ll be surprised at the number of factors that could influence our attraction to other people. Here’s a fun list that contains facts AsianDate found about the human attraction:

Beauty In Facial Symmetry

It is natural for our faces to be uneven on each side. Our eyebrows, for example, are differently shaped even though they look similar. But, research has found that the more symmetrical your face is, the more attractive you will be because facial symmetry is a sign of good health and good genes. Our body naturally detects that.

Voice Pitch In Women

Here’s a good sign to look out for if you’re wondering if a woman is attracted to your or not. Watch out for any changes in the pitch of her voice. Research has discovered that a female’s voice pitch becomes higher when talking to the man she likes. It was also found that men were more attracted to women with higher pitched voices. Could there be a connection?

Hungry Men Prefer Bigger Women

If you have a big appetite, chances are you’ll also have a big appetite for love and life. Studies show that men who are always hungry are more attracted to women who are curvier. Even if appetite was not put into the equation, several studies have found that our choice of partners are affected if we skip a meal or feel hungry at the moment of choosing.

Smells Also Affect Attraction

Here’s an interesting post by Cosmo Magazine. The combination of lavender and pumpkin scents stimulate men more, making females who have this scent on more attractive. As for males, you can increase your attractiveness by spritzing cologne or perfume that has a musk, peppermint or jasmine scent, according to Ask Men.

What other factors do you think affects our attraction towards other people? Be sure to leave a comment below and check out more AsianDate posts on our blog.

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Wednesday, 16 November 2016

Why Are Asian Beauties Dunking Their Faces In Water?

Have you seen the video where an Asian woman dunks her face in water? It’s a new beauty trend that’s sweeping the world. And like every other popular beauty trend – the bb cream, cushion foundation, and brow tint – it started in Korea. And now you can find Asian beauties, left and right, going along with the new trend.

The Jamsu Trend

The trend is called “Jamsu”. In Korea, it means “diving” or “submerging”. And, it is exactly what you do. You dunk your face into a basin of water after applying your usual skin care products – primer, moisturizer, powder, etc. It is said to be useful in giving the skin a silky smooth, natural looking appearance, perfect for Asian beauties who want to look extra special on a date.

Specific Steps To Jamsu

As mentioned earlier, doing the Jamsu is pretty straight-forward. Girls start with a clean face. Next, they have to apply moisturizer and primer to protect the skin and make foundation last longer. Next is concealer. They conceal all the imperfections on their face. Now, the second to the last step is to set everything with baby powder. They sprinkle a good amount of it on their hands, pat it on their face and get ready to dunk.

They fill sinks with cold water and then dunk powdered faces into it and let it submerge for a few seconds. After they get their faces out of the water, they pat it dry with a towel. And, that’s it.

Standards Of Beauty In Asia

But, what do you do with this trend, right? Well, this beauty trend tells you a few things about how Asian beauties’ minds work:

  • An Asian woman wants to look like a natural beauty.
  • Asian women value youth.

Here’s how you use this knowledge when dating women from Asia. First, don’t forget to compliment her on how she looks. You can also mention something like,”You’re a natural beauty”, even though she has makeup on.

Second, do something fun together so you both can feel your youthfulness. Try going on a date in a local arcade. Maybe, paintball could be a fun activity you can do together? Whatever it is, it needs to be fun-filled.

Do you think this beauty trend will catch on? For more Asian dating tips, don’t hesitate to check out our other posts on our blog.

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Tuesday, 15 November 2016

AsianDate Com: Get A Date With Your Story-Telling Skills

If you would like to find a girl who will stay with you through thick and thin, AsianDate Com suggests that you improve your story-telling skills. It sounds far-fetched, isn’t it? We’ve all had the experience of our parents telling us bedtime stories, but who would’ve thought that this simple skill can attract a girl for a serious relationship?

The Study Shows Your Story-Telling Skills Will Attract Women

A study was published last March 2016 in the Personal Relationships Journal by the  International Association for Relationship Research.

There were three studies made to test out the effects of good story-telling on a person’s attraction meter. In Study 1, information about a potential partner’s story-telling skills was provided. In Study 2, participants read a story that was written by a potential partner. The journal did not specify how Study 3three was done, but here are the results of all of these studies in summary:

  • Women’s attractiveness to men who are good story-tellers increases.
  • Men’s ratings of women who are good story-tellers were no different from those lacking that skill.
  • Perceived status might be the cause of increased attractiveness towards male participants.

AsianDate Com: Where To Apply Your Story-Telling Skills

Now that you know what the results of the study are, where could you use your story-telling skills to get yourself a date? AsianDate Com has a few suggestions:

1. Your Dating Profile

Your dating profile’s going to be the first thing that a lady sees. If you apply your story-telling skills to your profile by whipping up an interesting “About Me,” it can easily catch a girl’s attention online.

2. Chat Or Email Messages To Ladies

You can also apply your story-telling ability to how you compose your chat or email messages. Sending these out is almost like talking to a lady in person so the more story-telling you do, the more interested she will be to read whatever you write down.

3. Voice Call To Ladies

Here’s where your story-telling abilities are put to the ultimate test. Composing a chat or email message is one thing. When it comes to actually telling a story with your voice, it can be an entirely different experience. If you pull it off, you’re golden.

Do you think you’ve got what it takes to attract a girl with your story-telling skills? Don’t be discouraged if you’re not confident in speaking yet. There’s always practice! For more interesting dating tips, check out more posts on our blog.

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Friday, 11 November 2016

Can Math Tell You When You Should Settle Down?

If you had a formula that will tell you exactly when you’re going to settle down, would you apply it to your life? Probably most of us reading this don’t think that it is even possible for love to be calculated. Well, it can be, according to Martin Gardner, a celebrated mathematician and science writer.

How To Settle Down Using A Mathematical Formula

Martin Gardner wrote a book during the 1960s entitled “Scientific American”. Based on what he wrote, we can better our chances of finding the one by following a theory called optimal stopping. It’s very mathematical and it involves choosing a time to take action on something to maximize a reward or lessen a cost.

So according to Gardner, you first have to determine the total number of partners you’ll have in your lifetime. That seems like a pretty impossible mission when you put it that way, but you can make an estimate if you are, for example, living in a small town, with a limited number of people you could date, or just find some other criteria to come up with your potential personal number.

You’d, then, have to reject the first 37% of your total number of partners and then marry the first one who is better in every aspect than the first 37% you rejected.

An Example

Let’s say that Bob determines that he will have 13 partners in his lifetime. If we apply the formula to Bob’s case, 37% of 13 is 4.81. This means that he has to reject the first 4 or 5 women he’s with. The next woman that comes his way that’s better than the first 4 or 5 women he rejected is the one.

The Formula Can Be Applied Differently

Can you believe that? Many call this rule “the secretary problem,” “the fussy suitor problem,” or “the sultan’s dowry problem”. It can also be applied to other aspects of life and not just in knowing when to settle down. It can be applied to when you pick cars, apartments or even jobs! The 37% rule gives us a higher chance of getting something better, basically.

Has The Rule Been Tested?

Hannah Fry, a mathematician, mentioned that this formula does not have a 100% success rate on her interesting Ted Talk about the Mathematics of Love. For all of us who are hopeful, this means that although we are improving our chances of finding our best match, we still have that risk of missing the mark.

Maybe love is as random as we imagine it to be. We may be bettering our odds with numbers, but ultimately it’s the heart that knows when it’s going to settle down. Besides, x+y=z doesn’t sound very romantic at all. For more exciting tips, check out more of our posts on our blog!

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Wednesday, 9 November 2016

Does Race Matter To Your Asian Date?

Have you ever wondered whether race matters to your Asian date or not? A lot of online daters have the same question as you have. It’ll be interesting to know whether your Asian date prefers a particular race or not, won’t it? Let’s try to find answers today with some statistics.

What Studies Tell You About Your Asian Date’s Race Preference

A few years back, a popular dating website and Facebook did a little bit of digging to determine online daters racial preferences. Here are the key takeaways from the results:

Men’s Results

  • Asian men still want to meet Asian women.
  • Black men preferred meeting Latino women.
  • Latino men wanted an Asian date of their own.
  • White men wanted to meet Asian women.

Women’s Results

  • Asian women wanted to meet White males.
  • Black women wanted to meet Black men.
  • Latino women gravitated towards Latino men.
  • White women wanted to meet White men.

What the results tell you is that your Asian date will most likely be attracted to you if you are white. But, this study forgot to consider different factors into the equation. A major factor that was not taken into account is how much Asian woman have been exposed to Caucasian men.

Think About This

Let’s step back from the study for a bit and think about how many Caucasian expats are in Asia? Even if there was no exact number of expats, locals from Asia will tell you that they always see “white guys” around.

Should You Be Worried If You’re Not Caucasian?

That’s a great question, and the answer is no. You must understand that your Asian date won’t be looking at your skin color. She’s going to look at your behavior, the way you speak to her, and the way you treat her. She does have preferences but, on top of racial preferences, she wants a gentleman. For more Asian dating tips, check out more posts on our blog.

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Tuesday, 8 November 2016

Dating Game Rules For Men In Their 50s

Age is just a number, and that couldn’t be truer for the likes of Brad Pitt (50 years old), Johnny Depp (51 years old), and George Clooney (53 years old). These fellas seem to be aging like wine which means that they most certainly don’t have lady problems that us “normal” people have, but they too probably have a well crafted dating game.

Dating Game Rules For The Mature Men

Even though you’re no George Clooney, you can still have a love life through online dating. Yes, it’s possible! All you have to do is take note of the following online dating essentials before you get started:

Do Not Worry About Your Age

The first thing that you need to do is to stop worrying about your age. If you feel old, you’re going to act old. You don’t want that to happen! Find it within yourself to accept the age that you have, and learn to embrace it. Do you think Brad Pitt’s complaining that he’s 50?

Determine Who You Want To Meet

Now, let’s go to the women you want to meet. There are going to be a lot of Asian women online who will be younger than you. Before going on a dating spree, you have to determine why you’re online dating, and what type of women you want to meet online. Think of this as defining your guidelines.

Be The Perfect Gentleman

Next is your conduct. At all times, you have to behave in a way that’s gentlemanly, no matter how strong the temptation is. You do not want to be the “dirty old man” an Asian woman meets online. No, you’re the dashing mature gentleman everyone wants to meet!

Put Some Effort Into It

Online dating is harder than it looks. You can do it, but the technology aspect of it might take a while to learn. Websites like Asian Date are straightforward and very user-friendly. If you need more time, go ahead. Put some effort into it!

You also need to put some effort into your dating profile description and pictures. Remember, Asian ladies are going to see this first, so your profile’s going to be the basis for a woman’s first impression of you.

Always Start With Coffee

You’re dating skills may be a little rusty, but here’s a safe way to feel comfortable during a date. Always ask her out for coffee, and then take her to your favorite coffee spot. You cannot miss because you’ll be in your element, in your favorite spot.

Be Ready For Rejection

In the end, the sooner you accept that not everybody is going to be into you, the better.  Rejection is not permanent, though, it only means you haven’t found your match yet.

Love has no boundaries on Asian Date, and that means you shouldn’t make your age a barrier to finding love online, instead just up your dating game. For more online dating tips, check out more of posts on our blog.

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She’ll Lift Your Spirits: Find A Prettiest Smile On AsianDate

Is there anything that can make your day better faster and more efficient than a pretty girls’ smile? We certainly doubt it, and that is the exact reason why we decided to introduce you to five girls with prettiest smiles on AsianDate.

And yes, you’ve guessed correctly, it’s this weeks theme for the weekly Top 5, a segment in which we present five beauties that all have something in common. You can contact each one of them by clicking on their names which will lead you to their profiles on AsianDate. That is, of course, if any of them peaked your interest enough to contact her, but it’s hard to believe otherwise.

Introduce yourself before someone else beats you to it, and you are left dreaming about prettiest smile you’ve ever seen but didn’t do anything about it.


AsianDate Youdan

Youdan is a gentle, kind, lovely and positive oriental young lady. Her friends always like her jokes, and they say she has the sunniest smile! What do you think?


Liuxing Smile

Liuxing says she is a sunshine lady who is full of passion and energy. If you stay with her, she would be very happy if you could teach her new things. In addition, she is a brave and independent lady who likes to accept different challenges and learn new things every day.


Miaomiao smile

Miaomiao is a gorgeous, positive, confident and caring lady. She loves laughing very much, are you attracted by her big smile on her sweet face? Many people say that her laughter is full of sunshine and makes people feel good. She loves romance, humor, gentleness and passion.


Yiaji Smile

Jiayi is a beautiful Chinese lady, who is like a chameleon, which you’ll see if you visit her profile. Her dad is Vietnamese, and her mother Chinese. Their international relationship has taught her what is love, what is happiness, a what is respect, so she thinks that her love maybe lives very far away from her.


Jiayuan AsianDate

This is Jiayuan, who is living alone in Xiamen, and you can call her by her Chinese nickname: Jiajia. She is a very happy girl and she believes that if you look at her for just three seconds, you will already feel better.  She enjoys making other people feel good when they communicate with her.

Did you like any of these beautiful happy girls? If you’d like to meet more of them you can always check our other Top 5 posts.






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Thursday, 3 November 2016

Asian Dating Online: Does She Have Feelings For You?

Asian Date | Asian Dating Online Does She Have Feelings For You?

Source: AsianDate

With Asian dating online it’s hard to tell if your Asian date is into you or not because of how easy it is to date on the internet these days. All that’s needed is a swipe of a finger on a screen or a click of a mouse; and, voila, you’re already online dating! Amidst all of the convenience of Asian dating online, is there any way to tell if your date is really into you or just pulling your leg?

Asian Dating Online: 5 Signs She Has Fallen For You

Yes, there is, and the signs are surprisingly easy to spot when you’re online dating an Asian woman. It’s not that Asian women are predictable, but a majority of Asian females wear their hearts on their sleeve. You’ll definitely know when she likes you because she’ll do any of the following:

Showing Up Online On Time

If your Asian date shows up online during the hours that you usually log on, it means that she’s interested. Most Asians dedicated a good amount of their time to their job or career. So, she could be doing other things like working or studying, but instead, she pops up online to chat with you.

Sharing Details About Her Life

If she feels comfortable with you, she’ll share a lot of details about her personal life – where she works, how she is with her family, how her day went, and so on. She’s opening up to you, and that’s a great sign, not only of trust but, of affection.

Hinting About You On Facebook

You have to understand something. Facebook is big in Asia (especially in the Philippines)! So, you’ll know that she’s into you when she talks about you on her Facebook. Even if your name wasn’t mentioned, you’d know that she’s talking about you by the way she describes your chats and your mannerisms. In fact, she may be secretly hoping that you see her status update.

Your Opinion Matters

If your opinion is asked and considered before your online date decides on something, it’s a good sign! That means that you’re important enough to weigh in on whatever decision she has to make.

She’s Telling You About Her Family

Probably, the most significant people in your date’s life are people in her family. If she shares details with you about her loved ones, that means that she may be planning to introduce you to them soon!

All of these are sure signs that’ll tell you if your Asian date is truly interested in you. If you know that she’s doing 3 out of the 5 signs (or more), it’s time you make a move. Make it official between you two. We hope you found these Asian dating online tips helpful! For more tips, check out other posts on our blog.


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AsianDate Tip: Why You Should Date Chinese Women In Their 30s

Asian Date | AsianDate Tip: Why You Should Date Chinese Women In Their 30s

Source: Asian Date

What type of relationship are you looking for on AsianDate? Is it a short-term relationship with Chinese women? Or are you looking for a serious relationship that can potentially end up in marriage? If your answer is the latter, you may have better luck with dating Asian women who are at a certain age.

Reasons to Date Chinese Women In Their 30s On AsianDate

Yes, that’s right – if you want a serious relationship, date Chinese women who are 30 years old or above. Aside from the life wisdom that comes with age, there are plenty of other reasons why you should date Chinese women on AsianDate at this age bracket.

30-Year-Olds Know What They Want

“Woman” is the right word to describe her because she’s an adult, she knows herself well and knows what she wants in life. 30-somethings almost always have everything figured out. If marriage is in their future plans, they will aim for it, and make sure that the goal doesn’t end up in the back seat.

30-Year-Olds Know Who They Are

As a woman, when you reach a certain age, you no longer have to figure out who you are as a person because life has already taught you so much. You’re aware of your weaknesses and strengths. That’s exactly how most 30-year-old Chinese women on AsianDate are. What this means for their future man is that they are less likely to be indecisive about making life choices.

30-Year-Olds Are Established

Some younger women on AsianDate have flourishing careers and jobs. But, there are more women at the age of 30 or above that have stable jobs, high ranking jobs, or they own a small business. This doesn’t mean that you can leave all the spending to her, but you’ll be, more or less, at the same level when it comes to your financial stability.

The Truth About Chinese Women In Their 30s

In China, when you are over the age of 30, you are considered an old maid. That doesn’t sound too good, but you must understand that most women in China opt to continue with higher education or focus on their career more when they are younger. Most of the time, it is their personal choice not to marry at a younger age. Surprisingly, society frowns up this. But, for you who is interested in dating Chinese women over the internet, it means that you’ll have a lady who has a good head on her shoulders.

There are more AsianDate dating tips on our blog so make sure to visit it on the daily.


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Wednesday, 2 November 2016

Nobody’s More Fun Than Outdoorsy AsianDate Beauties

AsianDate Outdoors

You always think of women who search for love online as indoor-types, sitting on the computer, too shy to step into the outside world? Well, when it comes to ladies on AsianDate you couldn’t be more wrong.

And to prove it to you, we’ve decided to introduce you to some of the gorgeous women who absolutely adore outdoors, spending time in nature, enjoying all sorts of activities. So, if you are an active type who leads fulfilled life, these ladies, from this weeks’ Top5, are right up your alley.

All you have to do now is choose which one you like the best and start planning your future adventurous life with her. You can contact each one by clicking on their name which will lead you to their profile on AsianDate.


Meizi Outdoors

Meizi loves dancing, spending time outdoors, and doing sports to keep her shape and good health. She loves traveling too and has her passport ready. She wishes to travel to her lovers country when she finds him. Will you be that man for her?


Qi Outdoors

Her name is Qi and she is a loyal and sincere girl. She adores listening to classical music, but just when she is not engaging in her favorite activity – spending time outdoors. As you can see on pictures on her profile, she is also very romantic, so maybe you should arrange some kind of picnic as soon as you two meet on AsianDate?


Rui Outdoors

Rui may seem as very elegant lady to you, but don’t worry, she can be sporty and fun. It’s worth mentioning though that she likes to dress sexy and enjoy the companionship of her lover. She’s looking forward to exploring all the wonders in this word with you since she is curious to new things and willing to learn.


Junjuan Outdoors

Junjuan likes active and passive recreation, she says it brings her so much joy. Simple things make her happy. She is very serious about health, so she likes to cook healthy food and play all sorts of sports. Also, she’s close to her family and friends, with who she loves spending time outdoors. She doesn’t have one hobby, she’s passionate about life in general!


Rose Bandag Outdoors

Rose is a very easy going and nice girl, and if you decide to get to know her better, you’ll soon find out that her inner side is as pretty as what you see on the outside.  She is sweet and tender, loves to smile and to bring smiles to peoples’ faces. As you might have guessed it by now, she also loves outdoors, but in her cas that means playing badminton, table tennis, and volleyball, but also swimming and cycleing. Would you like to join her?

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