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Asian Dating Online: Does She Have Feelings For You?

Asian Date | Asian Dating Online Does She Have Feelings For You?

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With Asian dating online it’s hard to tell if your Asian date is into you or not because of how easy it is to date on the internet these days. All that’s needed is a swipe of a finger on a screen or a click of a mouse; and, voila, you’re already online dating! Amidst all of the convenience of Asian dating online, is there any way to tell if your date is really into you or just pulling your leg?

Asian Dating Online: 5 Signs She Has Fallen For You

Yes, there is, and the signs are surprisingly easy to spot when you’re online dating an Asian woman. It’s not that Asian women are predictable, but a majority of Asian females wear their hearts on their sleeve. You’ll definitely know when she likes you because she’ll do any of the following:

Showing Up Online On Time

If your Asian date shows up online during the hours that you usually log on, it means that she’s interested. Most Asians dedicated a good amount of their time to their job or career. So, she could be doing other things like working or studying, but instead, she pops up online to chat with you.

Sharing Details About Her Life

If she feels comfortable with you, she’ll share a lot of details about her personal life – where she works, how she is with her family, how her day went, and so on. She’s opening up to you, and that’s a great sign, not only of trust but, of affection.

Hinting About You On Facebook

You have to understand something. Facebook is big in Asia (especially in the Philippines)! So, you’ll know that she’s into you when she talks about you on her Facebook. Even if your name wasn’t mentioned, you’d know that she’s talking about you by the way she describes your chats and your mannerisms. In fact, she may be secretly hoping that you see her status update.

Your Opinion Matters

If your opinion is asked and considered before your online date decides on something, it’s a good sign! That means that you’re important enough to weigh in on whatever decision she has to make.

She’s Telling You About Her Family

Probably, the most significant people in your date’s life are people in her family. If she shares details with you about her loved ones, that means that she may be planning to introduce you to them soon!

All of these are sure signs that’ll tell you if your Asian date is truly interested in you. If you know that she’s doing 3 out of the 5 signs (or more), it’s time you make a move. Make it official between you two. We hope you found these Asian dating online tips helpful! For more tips, check out other posts on our blog.


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