Wednesday, 9 November 2016

Does Race Matter To Your Asian Date?

Have you ever wondered whether race matters to your Asian date or not? A lot of online daters have the same question as you have. It’ll be interesting to know whether your Asian date prefers a particular race or not, won’t it? Let’s try to find answers today with some statistics.

What Studies Tell You About Your Asian Date’s Race Preference

A few years back, a popular dating website and Facebook did a little bit of digging to determine online daters racial preferences. Here are the key takeaways from the results:

Men’s Results

  • Asian men still want to meet Asian women.
  • Black men preferred meeting Latino women.
  • Latino men wanted an Asian date of their own.
  • White men wanted to meet Asian women.

Women’s Results

  • Asian women wanted to meet White males.
  • Black women wanted to meet Black men.
  • Latino women gravitated towards Latino men.
  • White women wanted to meet White men.

What the results tell you is that your Asian date will most likely be attracted to you if you are white. But, this study forgot to consider different factors into the equation. A major factor that was not taken into account is how much Asian woman have been exposed to Caucasian men.

Think About This

Let’s step back from the study for a bit and think about how many Caucasian expats are in Asia? Even if there was no exact number of expats, locals from Asia will tell you that they always see “white guys” around.

Should You Be Worried If You’re Not Caucasian?

That’s a great question, and the answer is no. You must understand that your Asian date won’t be looking at your skin color. She’s going to look at your behavior, the way you speak to her, and the way you treat her. She does have preferences but, on top of racial preferences, she wants a gentleman. For more Asian dating tips, check out more posts on our blog.

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