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Why Are Asian Beauties Dunking Their Faces In Water?

Have you seen the video where an Asian woman dunks her face in water? It’s a new beauty trend that’s sweeping the world. And like every other popular beauty trend – the bb cream, cushion foundation, and brow tint – it started in Korea. And now you can find Asian beauties, left and right, going along with the new trend.

The Jamsu Trend

The trend is called “Jamsu”. In Korea, it means “diving” or “submerging”. And, it is exactly what you do. You dunk your face into a basin of water after applying your usual skin care products – primer, moisturizer, powder, etc. It is said to be useful in giving the skin a silky smooth, natural looking appearance, perfect for Asian beauties who want to look extra special on a date.

Specific Steps To Jamsu

As mentioned earlier, doing the Jamsu is pretty straight-forward. Girls start with a clean face. Next, they have to apply moisturizer and primer to protect the skin and make foundation last longer. Next is concealer. They conceal all the imperfections on their face. Now, the second to the last step is to set everything with baby powder. They sprinkle a good amount of it on their hands, pat it on their face and get ready to dunk.

They fill sinks with cold water and then dunk powdered faces into it and let it submerge for a few seconds. After they get their faces out of the water, they pat it dry with a towel. And, that’s it.

Standards Of Beauty In Asia

But, what do you do with this trend, right? Well, this beauty trend tells you a few things about how Asian beauties’ minds work:

  • An Asian woman wants to look like a natural beauty.
  • Asian women value youth.

Here’s how you use this knowledge when dating women from Asia. First, don’t forget to compliment her on how she looks. You can also mention something like,”You’re a natural beauty”, even though she has makeup on.

Second, do something fun together so you both can feel your youthfulness. Try going on a date in a local arcade. Maybe, paintball could be a fun activity you can do together? Whatever it is, it needs to be fun-filled.

Do you think this beauty trend will catch on? For more Asian dating tips, don’t hesitate to check out our other posts on our blog.

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