Thursday, 29 December 2016

There Are Actually Holographic Asian Women Online Now

If you could date holographic Asian women online, would you try it? This is not a hypothetical science fiction question because a Japanese company called Vinclu Inc is already taking pre-orders for their holographic assistant, The Sun UK reports.

Holographic Asian Women Online Can Be Wife Replacements

A few weeks ago, Vinclu Inc introduced Elfin Azuma Hikari through their website. Elfin Azuma Hikari is the holographic Asian woman you will get to interact with when you purchase the Gatebox device.

She can serve as an alarm clock, a chat bot, or a weather app. She can also control the lights in your apartment.

Here’s an introduction video of what this holographic female can do:

In the video, Elfin Azuma Hikari refers to her owner as her “darling”. She wakes him up in the morning and prompts him to go to work. She suggests that he should take an umbrella before going out because it might rain.

While her owner is at work, they interact by texting back and forth. As her owner goes home from work, she gets the apartment ready – she turns on the lights and the air conditioner. They, then, watch a bit of TV and then head off to bed.

Her owner then tells her how thankful he is that she is waiting for him when he gets home – something a wife or girlfriend should be doing.

Meant To Be Assistant Technology

She was meant as an assistant, but many consider her to be one solution to the dating phenomenon that’s currently happening in Japan.

The younger Japanese generation has found it more convenient to either marry their friends or find love through other means, like Elfin Azuma Hikari. She may not be a solution to the dangerously low birthrates Japan is experiencing, but she is one option for companionship.

Do you think you would like a hologram of an Asian female living with you? You can purchase the units for 2600USD.

Do you need more exciting Asian dating updates? Check out other posts on our blog. If it’s real Asian women online you want to meet, you can head to and sign up.

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Monday, 26 December 2016

Asian Date App Update: Trends We Should Look Forward To

Here’s a general Asian Date App Trivia: did you know that online dating has been in existence for about 20 years? Yes, it’s been 20 years but new dating technologies, like swipe apps, have just entered the scene. This tells us two things:

  • Online dating is going to be here for a longer time because there are so many developments that are happening today.
  • There will still be more updates and more ways for online dating to be improved.

Asian Date App Update: What We Can Expect From Online Dating in 2017

With that said, what do you think is going to happen with online dating in 2017? Here’s an Asian Date app update that contains predictions of the trends that will take place with online dating next year or in the coming years:

1. Different Generations Giving Online Dating A Try

What generation do you think is online dating the most? According to PewResearch, the majority of today’s online daters are composed of Millenials (individuals from the age of 18 to 24).

In the next year, it’s likely that we are going to be seeing other generations hoping in on the online dating trend. There will be more people from the Generation X, Centennials, and Baby Boomer generations to try online dating for the first time. Don’t be surprised if your grandpa suddenly tells you that he has met someone through a dating site.

2. More Apps For Marriage

One main reason why people sign up to online dating sites or download online dating apps is that they want a serious relationship which will eventually end up in marriage.

Dawn Michael, certified clinical sexologist, AASECT certified sexuality counsellor, sex educator, public speaker and author, says that she foresees marriage apps beeing developed in the next few years. These apps will solely be for meeting people who may be your future wife or husband. Will these apps start popping up in 2017? We will have to see.

3. Going Old-School

A lot of blogs talk about the swipe apps destroying the romance in relationships because most connections formed through the apps are short-term. Things might, however, turn the other way because online daters today are more likely to take things slow. Courting may be back in style again as online daters make the time and effort to get to know someone over several coffee or dinner dates.

Which Asian Date app update do you agree with? Don’t forget to share this post to your fellow online daters. If you want to read more posts, we have loads on our blog. Also, don’t forget to visit

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Thursday, 22 December 2016

Things You Do That Scare Off Asian Beauties

Do you know why you don’t have an Asian lady as a date or girlfriend yet? One reason is your dating profile. Most experts say that the main reason why most guys don’t have Asian beauties as dates yet is that their dating profiles were not composed correctly. But, we’ve already talked about this topic on this blog a few times.

What You Do That Asian Beauties Online Do Not Like

We have to admit that it’s not just one thing that makes Asian beauties run for the hills when they see you online. It’s a combination of factors, and we’re going to touch on a few of them in today’s article.

1. The Clothes You Wear On Your Dating Profile

Do you see anything wrong with the clothes you’re wearing on your online dating profile? If your answer is no, you should ask an expert for a second opinion. What you need to do is ask a female friend of yours this particular question: “Based on the clothes I’m wearing, would you date me?”

Your female friend will most likely have suggestions for you regarding your outfit choices. Does your outfit really matter to Asian beauties online? Of course, it does. Your outfit sends out a message to ladies who see your pictures. They are going to look at your outfit and then form a first impression about you based on what they initially see.

2. Your Negative Vibe

First off, read your dating profile. Next, read the messages that you send to Asian beauties. How do they sound? Do they sound positive? If your answer is yes, then great. But, if your answer is no, you better work on sounding confident when you chat, send messages, and when you build your online dating profile. Women, in general, like winners, and winners do not sound negative.

3. Your Drinking

Do you always tell Asian beauties that you like to party, drink and have fun? That sounds harmless, but when you’re doing too much of it, and you have the pictures on your online dating profile that proves you’ve been drinking and partying too hard, you have to consider that it is scaring off potential dates.

Asian ladies don’t like men who drink or party too much. Well, Asian girls who are not looking for a serious relationship may be into drinking and partying in excess, but not the ones who are serious and ready for marriage.

4. You’re Too Friendly

There’s a thin line between being very friendly and seeming like a stalker. While there’s nothing wrong with saying hi, asking about a lady’s day, or sending out emails or messages once in a while, what’s not ok is if you do all of these too often.

There’s also the other end of the story where you become too friendly to the point where Asian beauties view you as a buddy. Could you possibly end up in the friend zone when you act like an Asian lady’s best friend? DEFINITELY.

Now you know what’s scaring off your potential dates. So, what are you going to do about it? Make the changes that you need and then let us know whether the changes helped you get a date or two. For more dating tips and relationship advice, don’t forget to check our more of our posts on the blog. You can visit Asian Date to meet beautiful Asian women online.

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Wednesday, 21 December 2016

These Asian Ladies Just Spiced Up Your Christmas

Are you ready for the Christmas Eve or Christmas Day to come? These ladies sure are. As early as now, they’re already wearing the outfits they have ready for Christmas. See this list of Asian ladies in their head-turning outfits, and maybe you can let us know who wore it best.


This is Yafang, and she’s a 21-year old native of Beijing, China. She is a business owner with an intermediate English speaking skill. Despite her young age, Yafang describes herself as mature and optimistic. She’s currently busy since her business picked up because of the holidays but she does have some downtime on Christmas Day. Sadly, she’ll be spending it alone, but maybe you can keep her company.


Meet XiaoMeng. When you read her profile, you’ll be able to tell that she’s an independent woman who is ambitious. That’s why she’s focused on her own business currently. XiaoMeng is a hard worker. She works so hard that she probably won’t have enough time to visit her folks this Christmas. Instead, she plans to practice her cooking skills at home and watch a movie. Would you like to join her?


This lovely Asian lady called Nico, who works as an HR manager, also loves to stay fit, listen to music and meet new people. While she can do all three at her job and when she has some free time, she cannot do the one thing that she loves above all else – to travel the world. She’s also as busy as most of the Asian ladies on this week’s list. She might have a reason to go on vacation though if you make all the right moves.


Lan is wearing a vibrant red dress for Christmas. She says that the shade of red she chose signifies how passionate of a woman she is. She tells us that she’s passionate about life and about looking for someone to share everything with. If you can match how passionate Lan is, you should send her a message. You might also want to know that she likes classic romantic activities like having a candle-lit dinner in a classy restaurant.


Do you find Yangli attractive? It has to be her confidence. She’s honest in saying she views herself as a sexy diva. Despite that, she also has a traditional side to her, just like all the other Asian ladies on the list. She likes to cook and do some gardening. Which side do you prefer? Would you want to meet the sexy, diva Yangli or the traditional Yangli?

What do you think about this week’s Asian beauties? Don’t they look beautiful with their Christmas outfits? Remember that you can visit each of the ladies profiles by clicking on their name or their picture. You can check out more pretty Asian woman in their Christmas outfits when you visit Asian Date.


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Monday, 19 December 2016

She Won’t Be Able To Resist: How To Compliment A Woman

How many times have you been shut down by a woman because you gave her the wrong compliment? Here’s a little secret, women love compliments, but you were probably shut down because of two reasons:

  1. You didn’t say the right compliment.
  2. The way you delivered your compliment needs work.

Don’t worry because a lot of men need practice in this department, and we’re going to talk about that today.

How To Compliment A Woman The Right Way

If you want to know how to compliment women in a way that they cannot resist, follow the tips listed here:

Tip #1: Compliment A Woman On Her Sense Of Style

Here’s the first tip you should remember. Instead of telling a woman that she’s beautiful, why not focus more on the way she dresses or on her sense of style. It sounds unconventional, but women love it when men pay attention to small details. You noticing that her skirt is the same color as her eyes will be a plus point.

Tip #2: Compliment Women On Their Wittiness

A woman is more than her beautiful face. You have to see past that and take your cues from the way she talks, her choice of words, and her intelligent humor. Zero in on that. You don’t even have to say something. A chuckle or two can be compliment enough.

Tip #3: Don’t Forget Her Character

Let’s not forget to compliment a woman based on her character. It’s more flattering for a woman to hear that she is admired because of her independence, ambition, generosity, kindness and so on, rather than telling her that she has nice eyes or a cute smile (even though you can mention those too).

Delivering Your Compliments

Now, we can move on to how you can say your compliments the right way. When you say it, it has to be embedded within a conversation at the right time. The right moment can be after laughing at a joke, after having an intellectually stimulating conversation, or when you see her for the first time. You don’t have to follow these, but it’s easier if you make this your rule of thumb: compliment a woman right after she does something that catches your attention. It’s pretty basic, but it’s easy to remember even if you are nervous.

Do you think you can master giving out compliments to women now? Practice makes perfect so start with the women in your life – your friends, your mom, or your sister. For more dating tips, don’t hesitate to check out our blog. Visit AsianDate to meet pretty Asian ladies with who you can practice giving compliments.

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Friday, 16 December 2016

How To Handle Asian Singles Who Are Unsure About Commitment

Answer this question: how many Asian singles have you met who say that they want long-term relationships? That should be easy to answer because most of the singles you know may want to have long-term relationships. Here’s another question for you to answer: how many of those singles who want a long-term relationship are unsure about marriage? It’s not easy now, is it?

Dealing With Asian Singles Who Have Commitment Issues

It’s ironic to think that there are people out there who want to have long-term relationships but are not sure whether those relationships will end up in marriage.

There is absolutely no problem with Asian singles who only want companionship or short-lived affairs as long as they express what they want to the person they’re with and that the other person’s relationship goal is the same.

The big dilemma with those who have commitment issues is that they do want a relationship to last long, but they don’t know whether they can reach the point where they can be with this one person forever.

Why Are People Scared Of Commitment?

So, why are some people so scared of commitment? Most of the time, individuals who are afraid of commitment had plenty of relationships that ended badly. They might also have lived a life where unresolved issues are abundant. It’s that uncertainty that they are afraid of. If they get married, and their partner ends up cheating on them, or if the relationship doesn’t work out, it’ll be easier for them to walk away.

The Best Tip In Handling People With Commitment Issues

There’s no easy way out. You have to talk to your partner who is afraid of commitment. The dynamics of the relationship may change, but being with someone who is not sure of what he or she wants in the future is not healthy, in the first place. There will be friction in the relationship, especially when you’re at a point in your life when you’re ready to settle down.

Talk it out with your partner. Do not force it. Instead, find a way to move forward if the both of you are willing to do so.

For more relationship tips, check out the blog for other posts. Also, don’t forget to head over to the AsianDate website to meet Asian singles who are looking for commitment.

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Wednesday, 14 December 2016

Asian Beauties That Will Make You Want To Visit Shanghai

Have you ever wanted to visit Shanghai? If you haven’t thought about it, you need to know that there’s a lot to do and see in the city. There are plenty of architectural landmarks, beautiful gardens, bustling markets, and ancient temples to see when you visit Shanghai. But, that just may not be enough to visit the city. What may convince you, however, is the chance to meet the lovely ladies that we have on our weekly list of Asian beauties. Let’s meet the ladies:


Asian Beauties That Will Make You Want To Visit Shanghai - FengJiao

FengJiao is a young business owner from Shanghai, China. She has a Master’s Degree in business and can speak Japanese. You can tell that she’s a smart young woman because of her accomplishments. But, what she wants in life is someone older she can share all of her success with. She’s looking for someone more mature to treat her like a princess.


Asian Beauties That Will Make You Want To Visit Shanghai - Xinpeng

XinPeng is another successful business owner from Shanghai. Her company is involved in the international and domestic trade that focuses on clothing, red wine, as well as gold and silver ornaments. When she’s not overseeing operations, she loves to drive around the country side in her Range Rover. With all that she has achieved, she has reached the point in her life where she wants to settle down.


Asian Beauties That Will Make You Want To Visit Shanghai - Ying

This beautiful Chinese lady has a twin. She says that she does share some common interests with her, but she has her own personality and secrets. She’s into cooking, singing and doing charity work. Indeed, Ying is one of the many AsianDate ladies with a big heart. She aims to improve herself too, by reading as many books she can. Are you impressed yet?


Asian Beauties That Will Make You Want To Visit Shanghai - Yanling

From the looks of it, Yanling has two sides to her. One side would be her tough exterior, but the other would be her soft side. If you take a look at her pictures on her profile, you’ll know what we mean. Yanling has so many hobbies and activities she’s interested in. They include cooking, reading, the NBA, and football. Her personality is unique just like her pictures because she comes off sweet and girly, but she also has a sporty, boyish charm.


Asian Beauties That Will Make You Want To Visit Shanghai - Fujing

Fujing says that she is mixed – her mother is Chinese and her father is a Westerner. So, she’s like the best of both worlds. She does plan to live somewhere else when she finds her Mr. Right. She loves to travel so she may not settle in living in one place for a long time. She enjoys sunrises and sunsets too. She’s quite the romantic woman, and her one aim is to find the guy who can treat her as an equal and not a trophy wife.

If you need more information about when it is best to visit Shanghai, ask any one of the alluring locals on this list. You can check out their profile by clicking on their picture. Don’t forget to check out our other lists of Asian beauties on our blog.

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Monday, 12 December 2016

Romantic Gifts For Christmas Asian Women Will Love

Do you smell the peppermint candy canes in the air? Do you hear Christmas carols on your radio? Yes, it’s definitely the Christmas spirit that you’re feeling, and with its arrival came the spirit of giving. As you’re getting your Christmas gifts list in order, don’t forget to include romantic gifts that Asian women you’re dating online will love.

What Gifts Should You Give Asian Women You’re Dating Online?

Listing down the names of the women you’re going to give gifts to will be easy, but figuring out what to give will be the hard part. We’ve got you covered though with this list of romantic gift suggestions Asian women will love:

Matching Couple’s Shirt

Anything matching may be a little too much for you, but to Asian women, it is very romantic. Here’s the explanation: in Asia, the cuter it is, the more attractive it will be. For example, an adorable panda plushie will melt any Asian lady’s heart like an ice cream melting in the desert. When you are giving matching couple’s shirts, you should hang on to one and send the other, so she’ll have something tangible from you.


Online dating shouldn’t stop you from making memories of your own. Even if you’re not physically with the person you’re interested in, you can always document the memories or milestone you’ve had while you were online dating. For example, you can take a screenshot of the first message you ever sent to each other and then paste it in a scrapbook. Gather all the memories you’ve had, the screenshots, the messages, etc., and compile them in one scrapbook. An excellent idea would be to photoshop your photos to make them look like you’re together doing something romantic. That will be your future inspiration for dates. DIY gifts are always a plus to Asian women.

Small Inexpensive Trinkets

Small, inexpensive trinkets are another romantic gift idea you can take note of. You might think that trinkets that are small and inexpensive may be nothing special, but it makes an impact on Asian women, trust us. Just remember to choose a trinket that has a meaningful back story. For example, you chose an inexpensive flower trinket for her phone because it reminded you of her beauty. You’re probably thinking that there’s no way that Asian ladies will find these gifts romantic. But, think again. Asian ladies have a different view of what’s romantic because of the cultural difference. Send any one of these to your lady and ask her yourself how romantic the gesture is, you’ll see what she’ll say.

For more dating tips, don’t forget to check out our blog for more posts. Feel free to visit the Asian Date website too.

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Friday, 9 December 2016

Fit Girls Of Asian Date: Catch Them If You Can

This week, we focus the spotlight on Asian Date beauties who just love playing sports. If you were in a game with any of them, you probably wouldn’t be able to concentrate because you’ll be mesmerised by their beauty the entire time. As much as possible, these girls make sure that playing sports is a part of their lifestyle. Let’s meet them one by one.

Asian Date Presents Girls Who Would Be Perfect Workout Buddies


Asian Date Lady Named Yue
Yue is a 23-year old Asian Date lady who likes to play sports to keep fit. She works as a manager but often goes to the gym when she cannot play her favourite sport right after work. No wonder she has a fit physique. Yue doesn’t just have the desire to improve herself physically. She also has the desire to learn about new things and explore the world with a man who is passionate and funny.


Asian Date Lady Jian NanJian Nan is a little shy in describing herself. This Asian Date lady says that she’s simply a woman with short hair and a strong personality. Most men don’t like women who are strong and have short hair, but she says that you might just be in for a surprise because women who have short hair can be sexy too. She likes to play sports during her free time as well as go to the gym to workout. Would you like to meet this short-haired beauty?


Asian Date Lady AngelCan you tell that Angel is a nurse? Well, she is. She describes herself as someone who is sweet, caring, happy and confident. From the sound of it, Angel might have the perfect personality to take care of people. Aside from caring for others, she loves playing sports to pass her time. She also likes to go on road trips, driving her car herself.


You can call Pei Pei Princess; that’s her nickname. Princess has a somewhat muscular build because she dances and plays basketball. She knows a lot of dances like jazz, traditional Chinese and even ballet. On the court, she might be able to dribble the basketball better than you can. Do you want to bet who will win in a one-on-one game?


Asian Date Lady Model ChenThis Asian Date Guangzhou native works as a model. When she’s not modelling, Chen is swimming, camping, hiking, mountain climbing and skiing. Can you tell that she loves the outdoors? She has a happy disposition in life, and that probably comes from her connection to nature. But don’t forget that she is a model, so she also likes girly stuff like cosmetics and clothes.

What do you thin of this week’s list? We’ll have more for you next week. Don’t forget to check out more of the blog for other interesting lists like this one.



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Wednesday, 7 December 2016

AsianDate Reviews How You Can Avoid Dating The Wrong People

How many times have you told yourself that you should stop dating wrong people? You start out each potential relationship feeling hopeful, but you eventually realize the people you’ve been dating are not the ones for you. The connection doesn’t last long, or, it doesn’t work out the way you wanted. Is there something wrong with you? Are you cursed or is there a way for you to break your bad habit of dating wrong people? AsianDate reviews how you can do this.

AsianDate Reviews How To Break Your Habit

Habits are hard to break, but you have to try your best to break this one because you don’t want to end up with a dozen heartbreaks or more. If you spot a pattern in the people you’re dating, you better list these tips down:

1. Do not ignore what your gut is telling you.

How many times have you ever had that fishy feeling that tells you something not right is going on? Your gut may be spotting red flags you’re ignoring. As soon as you get this feeling, observe what’s happening so you can spot the red flags with your own two eyes.

2. STOP dating the same kind of people.

Be honest, do you keep on dating the same kind of people? For example, if you’re a man, do you keep dating beautiful girls who just want to have fun and never commit? You should divert from this pattern if all they ever lead to are failed relationships.

3. Do not make it your mission to change someone.

Do you always go with people who are broken because you feel like you can be their savior? Well, it’s clearly not going to happen. If the people you date have excess baggage, you cannot unload the baggage yourself. You cannot heal their wounds.

4. Accept that single life isn’t that bad.

The goal of dating is to find your match. You don’t date because you’re scared of being alone. Accepting the single life is a great step into breaking your bad habit so, starting today, see the good in doing things by yourself.

We hope that this has been helpful. If you want more AsianDate reviews, dating tips, and relationship advice, make sure to check out more posts on our blog. Do drop by Asian Date too. Who knows? You might just find the right one on the dating website.

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Monday, 5 December 2016

Asian Date: Is Sensory Speed Dating The Newest Way To Date?

70 speed dating participants of all ages and races have recently gathered in a dance hall in Brooklyn, New York to experience sensory speed dating for the first time. What is it and how is it done? Is it the newest way to meet and connect with people? Asian Date finds out.

Asian Date: The Sensory Speed Dating Event

From the name of the event, you can tell that sensory speed dating is speed dating with the use of your senses – smell, hear, taste, touch, and see. It’s an unusual event that determines whether we can leave our inhibitions while meeting other people.

Will You Find A Match After The Speed Dating Event?

Of course, the goal of speed dating is to find a match while casting a semi-wide net. Surprisingly, this is not the case with sensory speed dating. Instead of focusing on finding a match, the main goal is to explore how your attraction is affected when your individual senses are stimulated. The dating factor comes from other people who are participating in the social experiment in this case. But, just because meeting someone is not the main goal, it doesn’t mean that you cannot find someone attractive while sensory dating.

How Is Sensory Speed Dating Done?

The sense of sight comes in the last part of the event because participants are blindfolded at the beginning. Two coordinators guide participants through six rounds of sensory tests.

Each round tests out each sense. If it’s the sense of taste, participants would have to feed each other some type of food. If it’s the sense of touch, participants would have to feel their date’s facial features. By the end of the sensory tests, the participants take off their blindfolds and share their experiences. The entire event lasts for two hours.

As mentioned, there’s no guarantee that you’ll find “the one” at the end of the event, but it’s an experience that you’ll probably never forget. Asian Date hopes that you found this interesting. There are other exciting dating news on our blog, make sure to check it out. And don’t forget to visit Asian Date for a smooth online dating experience with Asian ladies.

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Thursday, 1 December 2016

AsianDate: Reasons Why Women Cheat

It’s a well-known fact that most women lose interest in being intimate when the relationship reaches a certain number of years. To all of you who are in relationships or are online dating on AsianDate, you need to realize that this is a normal physiological cycle because there are women whose drives become lower because of hormonal changes. However, it doesn’t necessarily mean that if a woman loses interest in spending time with you in the bedroom, she’s automatically cheating.

AsianDate: Possible Causes Of Cheating

So, what exactly causes ladies to cheat? AsianDate has a few ideas, although the reasons can be many and are usually individual. Let’s take a look at the following possible reasons:

Lackluster Relationship

One of the top causes women cheat is that the relationship is lackluster. It’s the same with men! If there hasn’t been any spark or excitement in a long time, a person tends to question if the relationship he or she is in will last. The question “Why are we together?” gets thrown around in the questioning person’s head frequently.

You might be thinking it’s impossible for a man and a woman to maintain the spark in the relationship every day. No, it’s not, because you don’t even have to do it every day. All it takes is a single day of the week for a couple to spend quality time together with no interruptions.

Emotional Needs Are Not Met

Women are usually more emotional than men. It means that women have a greater emotional need that has to be satisfied by whoever they are with. It is required for a woman to feel loved and supported. If this element is absent in the relationship, there’s a higher chance for a female to go astray.

Listen to the girl you’re with from time to time. Listen, pay attention and just have a real conversation.

She Is Not A Priority

If you make someone, or anyone for that matter, feel like they are not important, common sense will tell you that they will distance themselves from you. It’s the same when in a relationship. Don’t mistake this as being at someone’s beck and call. Making someone your priority simply means that the person’s opinion, presence, etc, is being considered.

Take your girl out on a date from time to time. Go out an hour early from work and then let her decide where to eat for a change. Don’t forget to include her in the plans you’re making unless it is a surprise.

AsianDate hopes that you have found this helpful. There are plenty more where this came from. Do check out more posts on our blog for other dating tips and relationship advice.

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