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Asian Date App Update: Trends We Should Look Forward To

Here’s a general Asian Date App Trivia: did you know that online dating has been in existence for about 20 years? Yes, it’s been 20 years but new dating technologies, like swipe apps, have just entered the scene. This tells us two things:

  • Online dating is going to be here for a longer time because there are so many developments that are happening today.
  • There will still be more updates and more ways for online dating to be improved.

Asian Date App Update: What We Can Expect From Online Dating in 2017

With that said, what do you think is going to happen with online dating in 2017? Here’s an Asian Date app update that contains predictions of the trends that will take place with online dating next year or in the coming years:

1. Different Generations Giving Online Dating A Try

What generation do you think is online dating the most? According to PewResearch, the majority of today’s online daters are composed of Millenials (individuals from the age of 18 to 24).

In the next year, it’s likely that we are going to be seeing other generations hoping in on the online dating trend. There will be more people from the Generation X, Centennials, and Baby Boomer generations to try online dating for the first time. Don’t be surprised if your grandpa suddenly tells you that he has met someone through a dating site.

2. More Apps For Marriage

One main reason why people sign up to online dating sites or download online dating apps is that they want a serious relationship which will eventually end up in marriage.

Dawn Michael, certified clinical sexologist, AASECT certified sexuality counsellor, sex educator, public speaker and author, says that she foresees marriage apps beeing developed in the next few years. These apps will solely be for meeting people who may be your future wife or husband. Will these apps start popping up in 2017? We will have to see.

3. Going Old-School

A lot of blogs talk about the swipe apps destroying the romance in relationships because most connections formed through the apps are short-term. Things might, however, turn the other way because online daters today are more likely to take things slow. Courting may be back in style again as online daters make the time and effort to get to know someone over several coffee or dinner dates.

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