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Asian Date: Is Sensory Speed Dating The Newest Way To Date?

70 speed dating participants of all ages and races have recently gathered in a dance hall in Brooklyn, New York to experience sensory speed dating for the first time. What is it and how is it done? Is it the newest way to meet and connect with people? Asian Date finds out.

Asian Date: The Sensory Speed Dating Event

From the name of the event, you can tell that sensory speed dating is speed dating with the use of your senses – smell, hear, taste, touch, and see. It’s an unusual event that determines whether we can leave our inhibitions while meeting other people.

Will You Find A Match After The Speed Dating Event?

Of course, the goal of speed dating is to find a match while casting a semi-wide net. Surprisingly, this is not the case with sensory speed dating. Instead of focusing on finding a match, the main goal is to explore how your attraction is affected when your individual senses are stimulated. The dating factor comes from other people who are participating in the social experiment in this case. But, just because meeting someone is not the main goal, it doesn’t mean that you cannot find someone attractive while sensory dating.

How Is Sensory Speed Dating Done?

The sense of sight comes in the last part of the event because participants are blindfolded at the beginning. Two coordinators guide participants through six rounds of sensory tests.

Each round tests out each sense. If it’s the sense of taste, participants would have to feed each other some type of food. If it’s the sense of touch, participants would have to feel their date’s facial features. By the end of the sensory tests, the participants take off their blindfolds and share their experiences. The entire event lasts for two hours.

As mentioned, there’s no guarantee that you’ll find “the one” at the end of the event, but it’s an experience that you’ll probably never forget. Asian Date hopes that you found this interesting. There are other exciting dating news on our blog, make sure to check it out. And don’t forget to visit Asian Date for a smooth online dating experience with Asian ladies.

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