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Romantic Gifts For Christmas Asian Women Will Love

Do you smell the peppermint candy canes in the air? Do you hear Christmas carols on your radio? Yes, it’s definitely the Christmas spirit that you’re feeling, and with its arrival came the spirit of giving. As you’re getting your Christmas gifts list in order, don’t forget to include romantic gifts that Asian women you’re dating online will love.

What Gifts Should You Give Asian Women You’re Dating Online?

Listing down the names of the women you’re going to give gifts to will be easy, but figuring out what to give will be the hard part. We’ve got you covered though with this list of romantic gift suggestions Asian women will love:

Matching Couple’s Shirt

Anything matching may be a little too much for you, but to Asian women, it is very romantic. Here’s the explanation: in Asia, the cuter it is, the more attractive it will be. For example, an adorable panda plushie will melt any Asian lady’s heart like an ice cream melting in the desert. When you are giving matching couple’s shirts, you should hang on to one and send the other, so she’ll have something tangible from you.


Online dating shouldn’t stop you from making memories of your own. Even if you’re not physically with the person you’re interested in, you can always document the memories or milestone you’ve had while you were online dating. For example, you can take a screenshot of the first message you ever sent to each other and then paste it in a scrapbook. Gather all the memories you’ve had, the screenshots, the messages, etc., and compile them in one scrapbook. An excellent idea would be to photoshop your photos to make them look like you’re together doing something romantic. That will be your future inspiration for dates. DIY gifts are always a plus to Asian women.

Small Inexpensive Trinkets

Small, inexpensive trinkets are another romantic gift idea you can take note of. You might think that trinkets that are small and inexpensive may be nothing special, but it makes an impact on Asian women, trust us. Just remember to choose a trinket that has a meaningful back story. For example, you chose an inexpensive flower trinket for her phone because it reminded you of her beauty. You’re probably thinking that there’s no way that Asian ladies will find these gifts romantic. But, think again. Asian ladies have a different view of what’s romantic because of the cultural difference. Send any one of these to your lady and ask her yourself how romantic the gesture is, you’ll see what she’ll say.

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