Wednesday, 21 December 2016

These Asian Ladies Just Spiced Up Your Christmas

Are you ready for the Christmas Eve or Christmas Day to come? These ladies sure are. As early as now, they’re already wearing the outfits they have ready for Christmas. See this list of Asian ladies in their head-turning outfits, and maybe you can let us know who wore it best.


This is Yafang, and she’s a 21-year old native of Beijing, China. She is a business owner with an intermediate English speaking skill. Despite her young age, Yafang describes herself as mature and optimistic. She’s currently busy since her business picked up because of the holidays but she does have some downtime on Christmas Day. Sadly, she’ll be spending it alone, but maybe you can keep her company.


Meet XiaoMeng. When you read her profile, you’ll be able to tell that she’s an independent woman who is ambitious. That’s why she’s focused on her own business currently. XiaoMeng is a hard worker. She works so hard that she probably won’t have enough time to visit her folks this Christmas. Instead, she plans to practice her cooking skills at home and watch a movie. Would you like to join her?


This lovely Asian lady called Nico, who works as an HR manager, also loves to stay fit, listen to music and meet new people. While she can do all three at her job and when she has some free time, she cannot do the one thing that she loves above all else – to travel the world. She’s also as busy as most of the Asian ladies on this week’s list. She might have a reason to go on vacation though if you make all the right moves.


Lan is wearing a vibrant red dress for Christmas. She says that the shade of red she chose signifies how passionate of a woman she is. She tells us that she’s passionate about life and about looking for someone to share everything with. If you can match how passionate Lan is, you should send her a message. You might also want to know that she likes classic romantic activities like having a candle-lit dinner in a classy restaurant.


Do you find Yangli attractive? It has to be her confidence. She’s honest in saying she views herself as a sexy diva. Despite that, she also has a traditional side to her, just like all the other Asian ladies on the list. She likes to cook and do some gardening. Which side do you prefer? Would you want to meet the sexy, diva Yangli or the traditional Yangli?

What do you think about this week’s Asian beauties? Don’t they look beautiful with their Christmas outfits? Remember that you can visit each of the ladies profiles by clicking on their name or their picture. You can check out more pretty Asian woman in their Christmas outfits when you visit Asian Date.


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