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Things You Do That Scare Off Asian Beauties

Do you know why you don’t have an Asian lady as a date or girlfriend yet? One reason is your dating profile. Most experts say that the main reason why most guys don’t have Asian beauties as dates yet is that their dating profiles were not composed correctly. But, we’ve already talked about this topic on this blog a few times.

What You Do That Asian Beauties Online Do Not Like

We have to admit that it’s not just one thing that makes Asian beauties run for the hills when they see you online. It’s a combination of factors, and we’re going to touch on a few of them in today’s article.

1. The Clothes You Wear On Your Dating Profile

Do you see anything wrong with the clothes you’re wearing on your online dating profile? If your answer is no, you should ask an expert for a second opinion. What you need to do is ask a female friend of yours this particular question: “Based on the clothes I’m wearing, would you date me?”

Your female friend will most likely have suggestions for you regarding your outfit choices. Does your outfit really matter to Asian beauties online? Of course, it does. Your outfit sends out a message to ladies who see your pictures. They are going to look at your outfit and then form a first impression about you based on what they initially see.

2. Your Negative Vibe

First off, read your dating profile. Next, read the messages that you send to Asian beauties. How do they sound? Do they sound positive? If your answer is yes, then great. But, if your answer is no, you better work on sounding confident when you chat, send messages, and when you build your online dating profile. Women, in general, like winners, and winners do not sound negative.

3. Your Drinking

Do you always tell Asian beauties that you like to party, drink and have fun? That sounds harmless, but when you’re doing too much of it, and you have the pictures on your online dating profile that proves you’ve been drinking and partying too hard, you have to consider that it is scaring off potential dates.

Asian ladies don’t like men who drink or party too much. Well, Asian girls who are not looking for a serious relationship may be into drinking and partying in excess, but not the ones who are serious and ready for marriage.

4. You’re Too Friendly

There’s a thin line between being very friendly and seeming like a stalker. While there’s nothing wrong with saying hi, asking about a lady’s day, or sending out emails or messages once in a while, what’s not ok is if you do all of these too often.

There’s also the other end of the story where you become too friendly to the point where Asian beauties view you as a buddy. Could you possibly end up in the friend zone when you act like an Asian lady’s best friend? DEFINITELY.

Now you know what’s scaring off your potential dates. So, what are you going to do about it? Make the changes that you need and then let us know whether the changes helped you get a date or two. For more dating tips and relationship advice, don’t forget to check our more of our posts on the blog. You can visit Asian Date to meet beautiful Asian women online.

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