Thursday, 14 September 2017

Asian Date: Most Loyal Women Are Under These Zodiac Signs

Those who believe in astrology believe that there is a connection between the stars and our behaviors. It’s interesting, isn’t it? Whether you believe in the accuracy of Astrology or not, it’s still a fun topic to talk about. Today, Asian Date focuses on the astrological signs that make loyal girlfriends.

Asian Date: Lasting Devotion With Zodiac Signs

Before we go to our list, a little bit of a disclaimer. Asian Date is not saying that woman under the signs that were not included in this list will definitely cheat on you. What this post does is mention the signs with the most loyal characteristics:

1. Scorpio

At the top of our list is Scorpio. Ladies under this astrological sign may not always be good with relationships, especially when their jealousy gets the best of them, but once a Scorpio makes a connection with you, you’re all set. Whether ladies under the Scorpio sign love you or hate you, they will be loyal to the end.

2. Cancer

Second in our list is the sign of Cancer which is more at ease when it a relationship. Cancers are less jealous than Scorpios, and they don’t have commitment issues. They may not make the perfect girlfriends because they tend to shy away from difficult conversations, but that doesn’t mean that they are less loyal.

3. Leo

Ladies under the Leo sign will make their partners an extension of themselves. Leos are very protective and, borderline, possessive, but the best thing about being with a Leo is that you’ll always have someone to rely on.

4. Libra

Libras are very devoted individuals. What could potentially get in the way of this devotion is their search for the right person. Once a Libra tags you as “the one”, they will be loyal to you from now until forever.

5. Gemini

Those under the sign of the Gemini are more balanced when it comes to being loyal or not. A Gemini will be loyal to you as long as you inspire them to do so. If you fuel their inspiration and be the best person for them, loyalty won’t ever be a question.

Are you dating someone who is under any of the signs that we mentioned? Share this Asian Date article to them, or better yet, share it with all of your friends on social media. We have more fun posts about astrological signs on our blog so make sure you check them out.

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Meet These Artists Who Will Make You Live A Life Of Passion

A life of passion is sometimes hard to attain. You can take several different paths to create more passion in your life. But, among all the pathways you can take, perhaps, one of the easiest routes that lead to the passion you seek is through dating. More specifically, dating an artist.

Artsy Ladies Who Want To Live A Life Of Passion

So, where and how can you meet artists to date? You can do so by visiting AsianDate, of course. We’ve compiled a list of some of the most beautiful artists in our database:


YanYan | Asian Date Lady

YanYan is actually a business owner. She may not be working as an artist, but she does paint during her free time. She loves to paint at the beach, just before the sun sets. She absolutely loves the colors and tries to translate it into her canvas.


YuanYuan | Asian Date Lady

If there’s one word to describe YuanYuan, it’s deep. She says that she doesn’t talk much, sometimes, because she’s always inside her head. She conceptualizes what to paint next when she’s zoning out. It’s her personal creative process.


Si | Asian Date LadySi’s English name is Ada. Ada is the kind of artist that dabbles more on photographs. She loves to be photographed, but, most of the time, prefers to take pictures herself to capture the beauty she sees through her lens.


Xia | Asian Date Lady

Xia tells us that she grew up in a farm. This is the main reason why she loves to capture landscapes and animals. She says that she became an artist to capture the beauty of the world and that’s how she lives her life of passion.


Lei | Asian Date Lady

Lei is more of a recording artist than an artist who does paintings or photographs. Nonetheless, her life is still a passionate one because she pursues her singing with so much vigor.

Can you imagine what it would be like to date any one of the artists on our list? Remember that you can find out more about them by clicking on their name and reading their dating profile. For more lists, do visit our blog here.


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Monday, 11 September 2017

Asian Date: The Rule of 50 Is Best For Your Relationship

Not everyone is familiar with the Rule of 50. In fact, you might have heard of it here first on Asian Date. But, to tell you the truth, the Rule of 50 has been in existence for, probably, hundreds of years. But, not a lot of us in relationships follow it.

Asian Date: What You Need To Know About The Rule of 50

The Rule of 50 is not about dating when you’re 50 years old, nor does it have something to do with the 50 Shades of Grey franchise. The Rule of 50 is simple. It states that you need to do 50% in your relationship while your partner does the rest of the 50%.

This Is Not Something New

“That’s nothing new!” you say. You’re right! As mentioned earlier, this is not a dating tip that’s fresh out the box, but we saw the need to reiterate the importance of the Rule of 50 in today’s post because it seems that most couple nowadays are in relationship limbo because they either forgot this rule or ignore it.

Are You Following The Rule of 50?

Now it’s time to do some relationship assessment for you to know if your following the Rule of 50 or not. Answer the following questions honestly:

  1. Do you spend more time on your phone than talking to your partner?
  2. Do you often watch TV at home while your partner does all of the chores?
  3. Do you find that your partner is the one who is always apologizing after fights or arguments?
  4. Have you noticed yourself using the pronoun “I” in most of your statements?
  5. Was it ages ago when you can last remember the time you did something nice for your significant other?

If your answer is yes to all of these questions, you might be doing just the bare minimum in your relationship. Things need to change, in this case.

How You Can Turn Things Around

Hopefully, after reading this article, you’ve realized that you may have neglected your relationship. The great thing about this is that you have the chance to turn things around. The easiest way for you to do that is to pay attention – put your phone down, turn off the TV and talk to your significant other for both of you to be reconnected.

The Rule of 50 is essential in any relationship. Don’t forget it as the weeks go by, and don’t forget to share this post if you found it helpful. Our blog has more posts like this, check it here.

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Thursday, 7 September 2017

What To Do If Your Date Lied On Her Dating Profile

White lies here, white lies there. We are all fond of telling white lies because they don’t really seem like they can do us harm. But, what about if someone you like told a white lie? What if someone you met online misrepresented herself on her dating profile?

How To Handle A Dating Profile Liar

When you find out that your online date actually lied on her dating profile, there are a couple of approaches you can take. The first one is NOT to get ahead of yourself. Keep calm and proceed with the following steps:

Weigh How Heavy the Lie is To You

Once you’ve stopped yourself from getting ahead, you, now, need to determine how you feel about the lie. Has it impacted you in a major way? Or, can you let it slip? Knowing the answer to this will help you on your next step.

Confront Your Online Date

Confrontations can be messy if you do it wrong so make sure you do this step with finesse. You’ll, likely, address the elephant in the room sooner or later anyway so it’s best to do it early. Think about it as ripping off a band-aid – say it flat out, but say it in a way that’s not offensive.

Move Forward or Say Goodbye

The last measure that you should take is to either move forward or say goodbye. If the lie your online date made on her dating profile is more than you can take, it’s best to end things while the relationship is still young or budding.  But, if the lie made is not too grievous for you, it’s best you give your date another shot.

What Does AsianDate Say?

As much as possible, always give your date a benefit of a doubt. She may have lied on her dating profile because of a specific reason. We suggest giving it a try as long as the lie wasn’t too heavy for you to handle. For example, if your date lied about her age, interests, where she has traveled to and so on, it can be forgivable. Have an open mind especially if you’ve already hit it off with the person you’re talking to online. Check out more online dating tips on our blog, click here.

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Wednesday, 6 September 2017

Dating An Asian Girl Who Is Aquarian Is All You Need

Aquarian Asian ladies are an exciting lot. If you’re dating an Asian girl whose astrological sign is Aquarius, or if you’re planning to date one in the near future, you’re going to be in for an exhilarating experience, and that’s because those under the sign of the water bearer are naturally affectionate, charismatic and fun-loving.

Dating an Asian Girl With Aquarian Traits

On our list, this week, we feature Asian ladies under the mentioned astrological sign. Dating any one of them will prove that Aquarian women make great girlfriends:


AsianDate - Ran - Aquarius

Ran’s English name is Lily, just like the follower. She is a business owner from China who loves to experience everything good in life. She describes herself as being passionate, especially when it comes to love. On your date, take her to somewhere exciting as she loves to be surprised.


AsianDate - Menghan - Aquarius

Cherry is this beautiful Asian woman’s English name. She always seems to have cherry red lips and that’s probably because she thinks it fashionable. She loves to go shopping because, to her, looking good is as important as being good in the inside.


AsianDate - ChunHua - Aquarius

Meet ChunHua, the teacher from Chongqing, China. She loves to be active. During her spare time, she swims and she jogs to maintain her health and fitness. She also enjoys staying in from time to time so she can enjoy the latest cinema flicks.


AsianDate - XinYu - Aquarius

Xinyu is the doctor of our list. She practices in Kunming, China. She likes to think of herself as being open-minded and kind. From her eyes to her smile, many seem to agree with this description. Her friends say that she is indeed friendly, willing to get to know new people she meets at her clinic.


AsianDate - Yaqin - Aquarius

Last, but definitely not the least, on our list is this lovely girl with chestnut-colored hair. You can call her Yaqin and she is from Shanghai. She is always full of energy and seems to light up every room she steps in. She loves to run during her free time.

The Aquarian Asian ladies on our list have probably gotten you to think of astrological signs and dating, haven’t they? We have more lists for you to check here. The great news is we will have another new list for you to check out next time so visit our blog again soon.




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Monday, 4 September 2017

Easy Ways To Test Your Compatibility With Your Date

Commonly, when two people who are dating instantly “click”, we say that they have good chemistry or that they are compatible with each other. However, because chemistry, or whatever you want to call it, is not a numbers game, it can be hard to test your compatibility and tell if someone is truly in sync with a person they have just started to date.

Three Unexpected Ways to Test Your Compatibility with Your Date

Although chemistry cannot be quantified, there are ways around knowing if you truly click with the person you’re dating. Here’s a list of unexpected yet simple ways you can test your compatibility with your date:

1. Your words and writing match.

Based on a study published in Psychological Science, a couple who speaks and writes in similar ways are more compatible with each other. Those who conducted the study found that 80% of the couples in their control group who have similar writing styles are still together after three (3) months.

As for speaking, the study had pairs of college students in their test group. Through speed-dating, the students were able to chat using a given set of questions. The pair whose language style were in sync were four times more likely to want to have future contact.

2. Life goals match.

When in a relationship, it’s important that life goals align. More specifically, it’s best that the couple is on the same page in their life. Life goals, priorities, drive, ambition, the desire to have the same outcome should all align.

3. The levels of support you have for each other match.

As the marriage vow goes, “for better or for worse”. You’re not exactly going to get married (yet) but the vow tells you a concrete requisite for being in a committed relationship. The couple has to stick together in good times as well as the bad. If this aspect of the relationship is out of sync, ex. one only seems to appear when things are going great but disappears when things are not so magnificent, maybe it’s time to further test your compatibility.

Being head over heels with someone instantly makes you feel that you are compatible but, for the relationship to have a higher chance of success, it’s essential to test your compatibility with the person you’re dating. Please visit our blog for more helpful advice on dating and relationships.

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Monday, 28 August 2017

To Be More Attractive, Science Says You Should Do These Things

Who wouldn’t want to be more attractive? Even people with great confidence would certainly not mind becoming even more irresistible to those around them. If you think attractiveness and sex appeal are only things you’re born with and that it’s impossible to be more attractive, science begs to differ.

Simple Things We Can All Do To Be More Attractive

According to science, there are some very simple and absolutely feasible things we can all do to boost our appeal to others and feel better. And no, we promise plastic surgery is not included.

#1. Smile More

It’s true, showing your pearly whites is a sure-fire way to be more attractive. It has been found that a genuine grin can compensate even for one’s less charming features by transmitting positive vibes and making those around us feel our friendly energy. Visit your dentist regularly, don’t forget to floss, and smile with your whole heart.

#2. Get A Dog

While we’re not suggesting that you get one solely for the purpose of being more attractive, if you already have one or if you’re considering getting one, you should know that owning a dog is regarded as a sign you’re loving, caring, responsible, and nurturing. Take Max for as many walks as his heart desires, and make effortless conversation with ladies who will either have their own best four-legged friend with them, or who’ll simply admire your dedication. A survey from the University of Nevada actually found that 50% of the women participants judged a date based on how he treated his pet, and 35% of them said they were more attracted to a man who owned one. Interestingly enough, 22% percent of men said they had used their pet to attract a mate.

#3. Make Meaningful Conversation

Even though the general rule is to not get into terribly deep conversation from the first moment you meet someone who tickles your fancy, there is a line to how much small talk you should make. If your approach only focuses on trivial matters, there is the risk of boring your object of desire and making her think you’re shallow. Instead, you should throw some deeper questions into the mix, as a way to connect with her better. Don’t overdo it though, or you might overwhelm her. (Read here about how you should talk to a woman).

#4. Be Less Stressed Out

The fourth thing a guy can do to appear more attractive is to chill out a little. According to a study titled ’Low stress levels increase male attractiveness to women’, conducted by the  University of Abertay Dundee, Scotland and published in Proceedings of the Royal Society B journal, men with low stress levels are more attractive to women than stressed-out guys. Dr. Fhionna Moore, a psychology lecturer at Abertay University who led the study, told The Indian Express: “ The most interesting finding was that women preferred the faces of men with cues to low stress, but didn’t express preferences for cues to testosterone. This is contrary to previous research and shows that stress may play an important role in female mate choice”.

#5. Be Funny

There is no doubt that having a good sense of humor serves someone on many levels in life. As turns out, it has been scientifically proven that being funny is also a weapon of attraction, as people tend to see those with a sense of humor as better companions, more able to face important issues in a positive way, and as anthropologist Gil Greengross points out on Psychology Today : “”The effect of a great sense of humor on women’s attractions might be partially explained by the fact that funny people are considered to be more social and more intelligent, things that women seek in a mate.”

#6. Hang Out With Friends

Another great hack to make yourself appear more attractive is to surround yourself with friends. Research carried out by the University of California showed people rating pictures of people in a group as more attractive than people who were alone. Why does this happen,m though? Evidently, we tend to “average out” faces in a group, thus making even those who are less attractive gain attraction points.

If you’re wondering why it’s good to have an ‘average’ face, science also has an answer.  “Average faces are more attractive, likely due to the averaging out of unattractive idiosyncrasies,” psychological scientist Drew Walker of California University, San Diego explains. “Perhaps it’s like Tolstoy’s families: Beautiful people are all alike, but every unattractive person is unattractive in their own way.”

All in all, if you want to be more attractive you should chill and smile more, make sure you’re surrounded with friends who you will joke and take your dog for a walk with, and don’t make too much small talk when you meet the girl of your dreams.

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Thursday, 24 August 2017

These Texting Habits Can Make You Miserable

In a world that moves so fast and relies so much on technology, it is only natural that we have become dependent on our phones for the greatest part of our communication with others – even our partners. However, the great advantages that our mobile phones provide us with go hand in hand with new habits and perceptions that might even be the root of arguments. Is it possible that your texting habits are cause for misunderstandings with your partner?

How Some Texting Habits Can Become The Root Of Problems

At school, our teachers used the fun example of “Let’s eat, Grandma” versus “Let’s eat Grandma” to illustrate how a missing comma could turn us into cannibals. This goes to show how written speech can be riddled with causes for misunderstanding.  Punctuation, however, is just one of our bad texting habits; there is worse.

Ignoring Your Partner’s Texts

Is your partner sending you texts you are too bored to reply to? Are you too busy having fun with your mates to tell your girlfriend that you love her too? If she’s texting you non-stop when you’re out, perhaps you should let her know it’s bothering you. But ignoring a person’s texts is rude and nasty.

Giving One-Word Replies

Unless you’re answering to one-word questions, one-word replies can be viewed as your way to end a conversation, or as a sign that you’re annoyed by something. If you genuinely want to have a nice conversation with your partner, don’t kill things off with curt replies.

Thinking All Your Jokes Are Getting Across

For regular text message users, it is a given that a message conversation has its limitations. You may think that your sarcasm comes across to your partner, but the fact he/she can’t see your smiling face as you crack that joke may make it far less obvious. Thank God for emojis and “lols”. Use them wisely.


The reason for many a late-night argument, drinking and texting are a super dangerous combination. Make sure you limit your drunken confessions and argument-picking. Even better, keep your mobile in your pocket when you’re on the booze.

Having Serious Conversations Via Text

Even though texting is convenient and efficient up to a point, it is wrong – even cowardly – to resort to texting if there are important issues to discuss. Yes, you can arrange a meeting via text, but no, you can’t tell your partner that you want to have a baby if you’re not face-to-face.

To cut a long story short, although text messages are a great way to keep in touch with people throughout the day, there is a certain Savoir Vivre about them that we all need to follow when it comes to our texting habits.

If you found this article interesting, you can read more on dating and relationships here. For the chance to meet amazing Asian ladies, visit AsianDate today. You can also download our date and chat app to make your experience even better.

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Funny Girls You’ll Never Get Bored With

Monday, 21 August 2017

Mysterious Transference: The Unconscious Process That Affects Our Relationships

How do we judge people? What affects our response to certain behaviors coming from our partners? Are we always aware of the decisions we make and the things underlying our feelings towards certain people and their personalities? Oftentimes, our reactions and feelings are affected by a phenomenon that modern psychology calls transference.

What Is Transference?

First described by the father of psychoanalysis, Sigmund Freud, transference is psychological a phenomenon in which there is an unconscious redirection of feelings from one person to another.  In other words, childhood memories – both negative and positive – may have a huge impact on how we deal with current situations in ways we may be oblivious to.

The Impact Transference Has On Our Personal Lives

Because it is very frequently a subconscious phenomenon, transference can basically underlie all our decisions and reactions even when we don’t realize it. For instance, if our parents rarely praised us for anything, we may react badly to a partner’s lack of praise for some accomplishment we consider to be very important, like a job promotion or a shirt we ironed very well. Our reaction may seem out of proportion, and our partner may think we are being paranoid for feeling mad at them for neglecting to congratulate us on it, but in our minds they are failing us just like our parents did decades ago.

How Can We Improve Things?

In a recent School Of Life video, a guy feels hurt and annoyed at his girlfriend for reasons seemingly inexplicable, but in reality, his reaction is triggered by a childhood experience of rejection. As the video goes on to an end, the girl lovingly approaches her boyfriend and tries to patiently elicit the real reason for his reaction. He, on the other hand, honestly explains how he was hurt by a similar situation in the past. Together, they find a way to overcome the misunderstanding and be happy.

Finishing off the video, famous philosopher and School of Life founder Alain De Botton concludes, “We don’t need people to be normal: we just need them to be able to explain their abnormalities in good time, with kindness and humility”. Therefore, communication is once again the key to overcoming psychological phenomena so common yet hurtful as transference.

The School Of Life video on Transference: 

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Thursday, 17 August 2017

AsianDate: This Is What People Want From A Partner In 2017.

When we think about the kind of person we’d like to date, a number of traits come to mind. We want them to be attractive enough to make our heart race, we want them to have a good sense of humor so as to guarantee a happy life, we want them to have a good job that will offer our future home financial stability, we want them to be faithful, honest, open-minded, tender… but what if you had to choose just one single characteristic? A new survey asked this exact question, and AsianDate brings you the answer.

AsianDate Describes The One Thing Most People Want From Their Dating Partner

A brand new survey, presented in a Business Insider article, asked no less than 400,000 singles about the thing they consider to be the most important trait for a long-term partner. The results were indisputable.

A staggering 82% of women and a 70% of men rated kindness as their number one desirable trait when looking for a long-term partner, leaving behind characteristics that might have been expected to win, such as sexual attraction, emotional connection, even moral values.

Of course, kindness was not the only desirable trait. Next on the list for men were sexual compatibility and emotional connection, while ladies placed emotional connection and moral values after kindness – perhaps appearing to be more emotional than men.

Kind Is Good For The Heart In More Than One Ways

And if you need even more proof that kindness is the key to happiness, the Random Acts of Kindness Foundation can provide some: “Acts of kindness create emotional warmth, which releases a hormone known as oxytocin. Oxytocin causes the release of a chemical called nitric oxide, which dilates the blood vessels. This reduces blood pressure and, therefore, oxytocin is known as a ‘cardioprotective’ hormone. It protects the heart by lowering blood pressure.” There you have it. Being nice is also good for your health.

To put it in a nutshell, our advice at AsianDate is that whether you want to keep your heart in good shape or you want to steal your ideal partner’s heart for the long haul, the best way to go about life is to practice acts of love and kindness. As it turns out, it’s the one thing that can make you irresistible above all else.

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Monday, 14 August 2017

Easiest Tips For Learning How To Talk To A Woman

“Well begun is half done”, says an old proverb, and it is really the case with dating too. Very frequently, the hardest step to make is to approach the object of our desire, for fear of being rejected, or even worse, looking like a fool. If you’re not quite sure how to talk to a woman, read on.

How You Should Talk To A Woman

As with every daunting task, when you want to approach a lady it is best to have a plan. And we mean that in the coolest, least creepy way possible, of course. To be most successful, your plan should include a before, during, and after course of action.

Before You Talk To A Woman

The most important thing to do before you actually go up to a girl is to not fill yourself with expectations and not to blow the whole thing out of proportion. If your realistic expectation is to have a nice, fun chat, how bad can it be? Get in the right frame of mind, where you don’t make a big fuss out of a nice chat, and you will be a lot more relaxed. A good idea to exercise talking to a girl you like is to practice talking to people you don’t know before. For example, you can ask the time from a stranger, or pay some random person a compliment without expecting to get anything out of it. Just to get in the zone, like athletes do before a game. Just to see that talking to strangers is no biggie.

Making Interesting Conversation

One of the cleverest things to do is to make the conversation as natural as possible. This is why you a) approach her in a way that’s not threatening, and b) adjust what you say to the current situation. You can’t say the same thing to a lady you meet at the gym and a lady you meet at the bar. Here are some examples.

If you’re both walking your dogs at the park, approach her and let your dogs play with each other before you say something like “My dog seems to like you.” Keep things positive and ask her about her dog too. Ladies love a guy with a pet, so it’s a good start when she meets you with yours. Focus on that. You may end up arranging a joint walk the next day.

If you see a fit lady working out at the same gym as you, make sure to finish your workout at the same time as her, and then smile at her from wherever you are. Find a good chance to stand close to her. If she’s a regular, you can say “I see you work out here a lot. Are you an athlete?” or, if she’s a first-timer “Hey, are you new here? I don’t believe I’ve seen you before”. You can strike up a conversation about her favorite kind of workout or her fav trainer – you can jump at the chance to ask her to grab a coffee together after your next workout if she seems into you.

In the event you meet at some social gathering (like a wedding or some friend’s party), it is possible she’ll be part of a larger company. Don’t be intimidated – this may be to your advantage, as it will be simpler to get into the conversation. Introduce yourself to everyone and ask who they know from the party/ wedding. Pay extra attention to her, and grab the chance to stand close to her and continue the conversation more privately.

If you meet at a coffee shop or library, you can ask her what she is listening to or reading, or if you know something about what she’s reading (or listening to), you may start a conversation about it.

If you meet online, it’s a good idea to study her profile a little before you talk to her – not just look at her photos. Find the most interesting thing about her, from her job to one of her hobbies or her place of origin, and comment on it after you briefly introduce yourself.

After You Talk To A Woman

So, now you have exchanged a few words, do you still think she’s dating material? If you don’t think she’s interesting, just say “it was nice meeting you” and make an exit. But if you still think she’s someone you want to date and get to know better, go for it. Tell her how you enjoyed talking to her and that you’d like to see her again. You can write your phone number on a piece of paper and hand it to her, thus dropping the ball at her court, or you can directly ask for her phone number so you can “grab a coffee soon”.

You should not expect to be successful with everyone you meet, but as you learn how to talk to a woman, it will seem easier every time. The main things to remember are to be as natural as possible, to be relevant to the place and time of your acquaintance, to be polite and not pushy, and to have fun with it.

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Thursday, 10 August 2017

These Are Probably The Funniest And Worst Online Dating Icebreakers Ever

Let’s agree that breaking the ice when you want to chat a lady you meet online for the first time is not the easiest thing. You need to be quick, inventive, clever, respectful, funny and seductive, all at once. Sometimes inspiration hits you and you come up with the most successful online dating icebreakers. Other times, you come up with lines like the ones we feature in this article.

These Online Dating Icebreakers Will Make You Cringe And Laugh                                                 

Fun site tickld recently featured some super-fun icebreakers, and they made us laugh so hard that we just had to share them with you. Enjoy – and maybe even learn something from them.

Kudos to this guy for his inventiveness. Can’t believe the girl didn’t see it coming, though.

Online dating icebreakers need to be inventive.


This guy needs to re-think his chat-up line. It doesn’t seem to be going according to plan.

For the prospective boyfriends who are feeling adventurous, this girl puts them through their paces.

Some online dating icebreakers are not for the faint-hearted.

Sometimes a simple game of Connect4 may be one of the most effective online dating icebreakers one can think of.

Connect4 may be one of the best online dating icebreakers.

Kind of hard to believe, but this weird truth or dare game actually worked for these two.

One of the worst online dating icebreakers that actually worked.

This girl wanted to be light and breezy, but little did she know she’d come across a case of a true comedian, or an over-sharing dude.

Is this one of the funny online dating icebreakers?

A case of pun very much intended. We’ll never find out if it was met with success, unfortunately (but we can make a guess).

Some online dating icebreakers are based on a pun.

And this funny pun-lover is either the same guy as before or his soulmate that’s somewhere out there. They really should meet.

Some online dating icebreakers are based on funny puns.

On the exact opposite side of the spectrum, we find the guy who is a little too matter-of-facty for online flirting.When being too matter-of-fact isn't helping with online dating icebreakers.Last but not least, a guy who used his inventiveness, humor, and ability to make puns altogether, to trick a lady into a naughty chat. It could go either way, but she laughed.

One of the most daring online dating icebreakers.

Most of these daring, inventive, funny, or just pure shocking online dating icebreakers are lines we’d never advise you to use. Some were met with laughter. others with disgust. This just goes to show that with flirting and love it’s all a matter of the right moment and the right person. And it’s exactly why one shouldn’t lose faith -there’s someone out there who will appreciate our bad jokes and awkward lines.

If you want to try your own online dating icebreakers, visit AsianDate today and meet some of the most amazing Asian ladies out there. To make your flirting easier, download our date and chat app from Google Play.



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Monday, 7 August 2017

There Is A Perfect Time To Date Online, Find Out When And Why

Even though there is no right or wrong period to flirt, and the chance to meet your S.O should never go to waste, it seems that when it comes to online dating, there is literally no time like the present. So, if you are looking to date online, waste no time. Here’s why.

August Is The Perfect Time To Date Online

According to a survey carried out by AskMen, women are more likely to respond to online flirt at the end of summer. Yep, you got that right. The best time to date online is now.

The survey that was carried on a sample of 40 million users revealed that July and August are the most popular times of the year to meet women on online dating sites, second only to October – the so-called “cuffing season”.

The Facts You Need To Know

To be more precise, the survey found that online users are an impressive 21% more active during July and August than they are in May and June. Of course, the more active your fellow users are, the more possible it is for you to find that certain someone among them.

Another interesting finding is that many of the users who have taken a break from online dating decide to make a comeback in July and August. The only busiest time for those returning to the online dating scene is January, what with all the New Year’s resolutions. It is also the peak month for those trying out online dating for the first time, with a 13% rise in July and a 6% rise in August compared to June.

And it’s not only the fact they sign up more during these late summer months; women are also a lot more flirty and responsive then. In fact, it was found that you are in with 10% more chances to get a response from women in August.

So, you are 18% more like to get a wink from the girl of your dreams, 17% more likely to be chatted up by her, and 21% more likely to receive a message from her.

If you are tired of being a singleton and are suddenly feeling the urge to get all coupled up in order to end the summer on a high, it seems that you really aren’t the only one. Don’t lose the chance to date online ASAP –  the time is exactly right.

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Thursday, 3 August 2017

Most Important Advice For Older Men Who Are Dating Online

Some people have been fortunate enough to meet their better half early on in their lives, to make a family and grow old and gray together. Others, however, may not have been so lucky in life, or they may have chosen not to compromise with a partner that wasn’t right for them. This is why so many people are turning to online dating today. This advice for older men looking for love online will make their search more efficient.

What Older Men Using Online Dating Platforms Should Know

Are you thinking about using an online dating platform but aren’t sure how to do it right? Are you hesitant, fearing it will be a fruitless effort that will disappoint you? Do you think you may be too old for this sort of thing? Have no fear; these dating tips will help you overcome your worries and doubts.

#1. Study her profile

Yes, you like her photograph, but looks aren’t the only thing that matters, as you know. You need to have something to talk about. Plus, women like to feel your attention. So, find 1-2 things you may consider interesting or that you have in common – like a hobby you enjoy or would like to try – and mention it when you talk to her.

#2. Don’t just say “hi” on your first message

Instead, introduce yourself properly. Tell your prospective partner who you are (no details needed to begin with), but a few things about you –your name, where you are from and something you want to know about her. Like, “Hello, my name is X, I’m from Y. I noticed how beautiful you are and also that you also love the theatre. I am a big theatre fan too. What was the last play you saw?” Asking a lady a question she can easily answer, that isn’t too personal, is a good conversation starter.

#3. Make her feel safe

Safety is very important to women, and the fact you are sitting behind a computer could make her doubt that you are being honest about your intentions and who you really are. The best way to make her feel safe is to share a little detail about your life, your job, where you live or if you’ve been married before, for example. You don’t need to give a full bio, but some detail acts as reassurance.

#4. Pay attention to her

Be curious, but not nosy. Ask her about herself but be careful not to make her feel uncomfortable. The best way for her to open up is if you share something about you first. For example, you could say “I have a son who’s 18 years old. Do you have any children?” If you feel a topic is making her feel bad, change the subject immediately and apologize if you inadvertently cause offense.

#5. Arrange your first date

Don’t let the chat drag on and on for too long. If you have great online communication, make an IRL date somewhere safe and interesting. A coffee date is a popular choice because it is casual and fuss-free, but it may seem a little drab. You can make it a walk in the park, a bookstore if you both love books, or the theatre, a museum, a gallery – anything you both enjoy.

Who says older men can’t flirt online? Flirting, love, and companionship are ageless. The basic thing to remember as you go about finding love on an online dating platform is to be yourself, leave your date some space, and be genuinely interested.

If you’re looking to meet fascinating Asian ladies, visit AsianDate today. You can also download our date and chat app to facilitate your communication.

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Monday, 31 July 2017

These Are The Ways You Should Connect With Your Date

Have you ever experienced the feeling that you just “click” with someone you just met?  Conversely, have you ever sat across the table from someone who was perfect on paper, but you just failed to form some type of connection with her? Contrary to what some might say, if you’re not sure how to connect with your date, there are some things you can do about it.

If You Want To Connect With Your Date, Do These Things

As you meet someone for the first time, the one thing that ultimately matters is for both of you to feel the motivation to see each other again. Is it all in fate’s hands? Not really. There are certain things that you can do to help this special connection happen.

To begin with, it is important to develop self-awareness and confidence ahead of the date. Whether you like it or not, how you feel about yourself will also affect the way your date will see you. Therefore, it is crucial that you know yourself well, that you believe in your strengths and that you are able to present yourself in the best light possible if you’re looking to make a good first impression.

Secondly, you need to get rid of the past and the emotional baggage that might possibly keep you from genuinely wanting to connect with your date. If you’re unsure that you’re ready to move on, it will most probably show. If you’re too hesitant to meet a new potential partner and be vulnerable around them, you might inadvertently sabotage yourself by passing judgment too easily and fail to make a real connection.

The third thing to do to help you establish a connection with your date is to be a good listener. Most people worry too much about the things they need to say on a date, and how to best present themselves, often forgetting to really listen to what the other person is saying. Being a good listener means wanting to communicate with someone, showing interest and respect. All these things will make you more attractive than you may imagine.

Another important state of mind to be in if you want to connect with your date is to live in the moment. Don’t worry too much about tomorrow, or your next date. Be present on your actual date, enjoy the things you’re doing, make the most of the chance you have to be with that person, be spontaneous and, above all, have fun.

Last but not least, you shouldn’t neglect the importance of the non-verbal aspects of your communication with your date. An open and friendly body language, eye contact that doesn’t freak out your dating partner but shows you are being genuine and interested, nodding your head in agreement, smiling, and maybe even some light, casual touching should complement what you are saying and make your connection more intense.

All in all, you cannot expect to make a connection with every date you go out on. However, by employing these tactics and by being in the right frame of mind, you are certain to connect with your date when the time is right and the right kind of girl is sitting opposite you.

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Thursday, 27 July 2017

Is Leaving Your Relationship The Right Thing To Do?

With most of the traditional reasons that kept couples from separating in the past – like society, religion, and the belief that staying together was the right thing to do for a couple’s children – becoming largely insignificant, it seems that people today are less hesitant than ever to break up. Is leaving your relationship the right thing for you, though?

Consider These Things Before Leaving Your Relationship

The School Of Life, a global organization dedicated to developing emotional intelligence through psychology, philosophy, and culture, recently released a truly inspirational video addressing the question of whether one should leave a relationship or not.

Of course, there is no passe-partout that will work for every relationship, but the questions posed by The School Of Life are useful keys that might unlock our true desires and help us make a rational decision that we won’t regret. So, before we step out of our relationship, we need to ask ourselves these questions and answer them in the most sincere way possible.

The Questions To Ask Yourself Before Leaving Your Relationship

  1. How much of our unhappiness can be tightly attributed to this particular partner – and how much might it, as we risk discovering 5 years and multiple upheavals later, turn out to be simply an inherent feature of any attempt to live in close proximity to another human?
  2. Though it is, of course, always essentially their fault; what tiny proportion of the difficulties might we nevertheless be contributing to the discord? In what modest way might we be a little hard to be around?
  3. Consider the annoying traits in all previous partners we’ve had and people we’ve known that our current partners happen not to have. What do we manage not to fight about?
  4. Probe at new infatuations and crushes: by getting to know them better.
  5. Observe closely how many sexually available and intelligent people the single types around us, especially those hooked up to new dating apps, manage to encounter day-to-day.
  6. Try to have another conversation with your partner in which you do not accuse them of mendacity and instead simply explain, calmly, how you actually feel and how sad you are about quite a few things.
  7. Reflect on how you would really feel as a child if, henceforth, you were going to have two tiny bedrooms, two new step-parents and possibly a few more new half siblings? Compare with the scratchy reality of the current set-up.
  8. Question how normal it is for any couple to have great sex after 22 months together.
  9. Are you ready to face the risk of perhaps achieving no more than exchanging a familiar kind of unhappiness for a new and more complex variety? Do you really want to choose hope over experience?

Don’t rush into giving answers to these questions. Take your time, and be as brutally honest as you can. You don’t have to apologize to anyone, it is YOUR life and it should be YOUR decision to leave or stay. If things can be salvaged, give yourself and your partner the benefit of the doubt and another chance. If, however, all the answers to the aforementioned questions are pointing to the exit, maybe leaving your relationships is the only thing left to do.

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Monday, 24 July 2017

Facts About Kissing You Must Know

You do it every day and there are few things more enjoyable than sharing it with the woman of your dreams. But there are some facts about kissing that you may not be aware of, so read on.

Fun Facts About Kissing You Didn’t Know

How much do you know about the origins of this intimate act we consider absolutely natural today? Do you know what effects locking lips has on your health? What about the first film in history? Caught your attention? Good. Because we have all the answers to the questions you didn’t even know you wanted to ask.

Where Does Kissing Come From?

Behavior analyst and author Jaqueline Moreno describes French kissing as “passionate, deep, amorous kissing that involves lovers touching their tongues to each other’s lips and inside their mouths.” The phrase “French kiss” was first used by British and American soldiers returning home from Europe after World War I, who “kissed their women and girlfriends in the amorous way they saw the French kiss their women,” Moreno told AskMen. But how did kissing even start? According to Sheril Kirshenbaum, author of ‘The Science of Kissing’ and popular public speaker, the act of kissing evolved from sniffing. Like many animals do, so people centuries ago used smell to “determine a person’s mood, their health, and their social status,” the expert told the Huffington Post. “There were a lot of sniff greetings; they would brush the nose across the face because there are scent glands on our faces, and over time the brush of the face became a brush of the lips, and the social greeting was born that way”.

The First Time A Kiss Made The Silver Screen

Today, there is hardly a film that doesn’t show at least one passionate kiss, and it’s seen as completely natural. But one of the most interesting facts about kissing is that in 1896, when stage actors May Irwin and John Rice re-enacted a scene from their Broadway comedy ‘The Widow Jones’ at Thomas Edison’s Black Maria studio in New Jersey, a cinematic kiss caused a big scandal. ‘The Kiss’, a mere 23-second clip, was banned from public viewing in many places, with the Catholic Church asking for its ban and calling for “moral reform.”

It might seem hard to believe in our “Fifty Shades of Grey” and sexual music videos era, but at the time a single kiss was a real act of revolution.

The Health Benefits Of Kissing

According to kissing expert and author of ‘Kissing: Everything You Ever Wanted to Know about One of Life’s Sweetest Pleasures’, Andréa Demirjian, “kissing passionately gets your heartbeat revved in a healthy way that helps lower your blood pressure.” The expert told CNN that “(Kissing) dilates your blood vessels. Blood is flowing in a good, solid fashion and getting to all your vital organs.” It has also been found that kissing reduces cortisol, the hormone that’s linked to weight gain, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol. In terms of psychological health, researchers from the Arizona State University conducted a study titled ‘Kissing in Marital and Cohabiting Relationships: Effects on Blood Lipids, Stress, and Relationship Satisfaction’ in which half of 52 participants — who were either married or cohabitating — were asked to “kiss each other more often and for longer periods of time than you typically do right now.” The other half of the participants weren’t given any instructions at all. Six weeks later, the results showed that those who kissed their partners more had lower stress, less cholesterol, and higher relationship satisfaction. Therefore, next time you feel stress taking over you, it may be a good idea to engage in some kissing action. You could say it’s what the doctor prescribed.

Where Can A Kiss Get You Arrested?

Strange as it may seem, some kisses are forbidden in parts of the world, like the USA. For instance, in Iowa men with mustaches can never kiss a woman in public, while in Hartford, Connecticut, men are not allowed to kiss their wives on Sundays. In Colorado, it seems that the fairytale of the Sleeping Beauty is not very popular since one is not allowed to kiss a sleeping lady.

The Guinness World Record For Kissing

If you think your long make-out sessions are impressive, think again. The Guinness World Record for the longest continuous kiss, which was set during a 2013 competition in Thailand, is held by a couple who lasted a (quite literal) breathtaking 58 hours, 35 minutes, and 58 seconds.  Ekkachai and Laksana Tiranarat are the record holders, who won over $9,000 in cash and prizes to compensate for their sore lips and jaws. Hope you found our article interesting. But the best thing about these fun facts about kissing? You can use them to impress your girl next time you meet. Who knows, they may even earn you a hot kiss too.

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Thursday, 20 July 2017

The Types Of Women You’ll Never Be Happy With

Happy relationships are not those made up of perfect partners. Let’s be clear: there is no such thing as a perfect partner, as there is no such thing as a perfect person. When you set out to look for the right partner for you, though, there are certain types of women, with certain personality traits, that are guaranteed to make you miserable.

These Are The Types Of Women You Shouldn’t Date

If we are ever to form a blissful relationship, we need to, first and foremost, work on ourselves and correct the flaws that might keep us from being the best version of ourselves. Once we have done that, we can start looking for the right partner for us. A good way to start is to know exactly what types of women we don’t want to be involved with.

#1. The Mrs. Know-It-All

With every day that goes by we become wiser and better. Unless we already think we know everything and are immune to any sort of knowledge life and other people may offer us. This is the case of Mrs. Know-It-All, the kind of woman who will find joy in correcting you every chance she gets and who you will never see evolve. Because there’s nothing more that she can learn, right? Wrong.

#2. The Emotional Pirate

This kind of woman will never pay you the attention you deserve. You will slowly and without realizing it (at first, at least) make your relationship and your life all about her. Like a true pirate, she will rob you of your self-esteem and make you believe her well-being is more important than yours. Don’t let her steal your emotional treasure.

#3. The Gold-Digger

The clever kind of gold-digger will take some figuring out, as she will know how to subtly give you the signs she deserves all the special (i.e. expensive) treatment she can get. But a true life partner will be happy with one single rose you cut from your garden and a picnic under the stars; she won’t ask for the moon and the stars to be happy around you.

#4. The Drama Queen

You’ll think it’s time for 911 when she breaks a nail, she’ll make you regret your night out with your mates because she felt “abandoned” and she will cry and protest about every little thing that bothers her (there will always be something bothering her). Unless you are the masochist kind of person who gets his kicks out of feeling at fault constantly, you need to avoid this type of woman at all costs.

#5. The Bimbo

She may be hot and sweet-natured, but your conversations can never go beyond the last episode of ‘The Bachelor’. You are kind of embarrassed when she opens her mouth in front of your friends and family, and sort of bored after a while. Sooner or later you’ll need to have an honest conversation with yourself: is the sex enough to keep your relationship going?

#6. The Pessimist

A characteristic of a toxic girlfriend is being the sort of person who sees only darkness. When you try to make plans for the future, she’ll come up with a million problems and things that may go wrong. She may seem like a down-to-earth, realist at first, but you’ll soon be dragged down and lost your smile and will to move on with things. This girl is baggage; let her go.

#7. The Daydreamer

On the other end of the spectrum, there is the daydreamer. She is the kind of person you’ll be excited about at first, as she is full of life and optimism. However, down the line you’ll realize that you can’t hold a serious and realistic conversation with her, as she has no grasp of reality. After your (numerous) fruitless attempts to reason with her, you’ll finally give up and make peace with the fact she’s living in her own world and you can’t live with her. And you will leave.

These are some of the types of women who are bound to make your relationship unsustainable and unhappy. Some of them you will be able to spot a mile off, while others may take some time to see clearly, but all of them will never be right for you.

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Monday, 17 July 2017

Looking To Impress An Indian Girl? This Is How It’s Done

There is no doubt that Indian women are among the most beautiful in the world. Their perfect skin tone, lush hair, bright smiles, interesting personalities and dedication to their partner and family values make them truly irresistible. If you want to impress an Indian girl, this is how you should go about it.

Impress An Indian Girl By Doing These Things

You are definitely not the only one out there interested in winning the heart of a pretty Indian lady. But if you read these great tips, you will surely have the edge on all the other guys who will attempt to win her heart.

The number one thing to know about Indian girls is that it takes some patience to win them over. An Indian girl will not surrender to you easily, but she will make your effort worthwhile when she eventually does.

Indian ladies are quite traditional in the way they like men to behave. They like a man who exudes confidence and strength, so you should not be afraid to take initiatives and you should make a subtle but persistent effort to inspire their admiration for your strong character and your determination.

Another thing you should do to impress an Indian girl is to set yourself apart from other guys by being a true gentleman who has amazing dating manners and doesn’t rush into things. Respect her and make sure she sees your chivalrous side. Making your Indian girl feel special is a sure-fire way to winning her heart.

As we said, Indian girls may be modern in many ways, but they still value the opinion of their family and want their man to have their approval too. Therefore, if you are after an Indian lady and you happen to meet her close circle of friends and family, it is crucial that you impress them too.

Last but not least, a thing that Indian ladies pay extra attention to is a guy’s intellectual side. Indian women are especially attracted to men who are well-versed, cultivated and wise. Don’t hide your more sensitive and clever side to them, but be careful not to appear too cocky as you try to make a good impression on her.

All in all, Indian women are a special mix of things and characteristics, so if you want to impress as Indian girl you’d better bring your A-game, be strong, versatile and clever. You won’t regret it.

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Thursday, 13 July 2017

The Times When Divorce Is Better Than Staying In An Unhappy Marriage

When people enter a marriage, they are full of hope and dreams and the certainty their bond is unbreakable. Unfortunately, this is not always the way things go. For those of us who haven’t been blessed with marital bliss, it’s not all doom and gloom, though. Leaving an unhappy marriage may be the best decision we can make for ourselves.

Sometimes The End Of An Unhappy Marriage Is A Blessing In Disguise

Even though it may not be clear from the start, there are, indeed, times when the only way forward is to take a step back and finish a marriage that’s no longer satisfying. These are some of these cases.

You Can Finally Focus On Yourself

By definition, relationships demand a lot from us to work. But some marriages are so consuming that the spouses end up forgetting who they are and what makes them special. Instead, spending too much time with another person and trying to please them takes the focus away from us and we become who our partners want us to be, or an amalgam of what we used to be and what they are. The end of a marriage can bring the focus back on you, though. It’s a time to appreciate yourself again, rediscover the attributes that make you lovable and go after the things that bring you happiness.

You Become A Better Parent Than You Were In the Marriage

Many people persistently stay in an unhappy marriage for the sake of their children, thinking that their offspring would be devastated if they decided to get a divorce. However, what these parents forget is how painful it is for a child to be in an environment where there’s constant arguing, sulking, bitterness and cold stares. Children are, in fact, happy when their parents are happy too. In terms of time, you may not be able to see your child as much as you did when you lived under the same roof, but you should bear in mind that it’s not the quantity that matters, but the quality of the time spent together.

A Divorce Is Your Key Out Of A Bad Contract

It is quite often that people liken being in a marriage to running a company. When that company doesn’t do well despite his efforts to save it, a wise entrepreneur will decide to dissolve the company, just as a spouse will have to dissolve an unhappy marriage that cannot be salvaged.

A Divorce May Be A New Lease On Life, Not The End Of It

As we are going through the ugly steps that are required to end a marriage, and experience the painful stages of a breakup, we may convince ourselves that there is no one out there for us, that we have had our chance to find happiness and failed miserably, even that we don’t deserve to be loved and admired again. This is all very natural because there’s still a gaping wound that makes us feel this way. However, if we look around us there are so many people who actually managed to move on and found love the second time around.

Even if it takes some time, we will soon realize that the end of an unhappy marriage is not the end of the world. In reality, it can be the only right thing to do for ourselves, our former spouse and our children.

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Thursday, 6 July 2017

The Definite Signs That You Are A Sapiophile

You may never have heard of the words Sapiophile and Sapiosexual, as they are both neologisms (words that were only recently coined), but that doesn’t mean you may not be one. These new adjectives that are becoming more and more widely used thanks to social networking sites describe the kind of person who finds brains equally – if not more – attractive as looks.

The Characteristics Of A Sapiophile

Are you the kind of person who would not go on a second date with a girl who doesn’t know a thing about Marcel Proust even if she were the hottest woman on earth? Do you find few things more stimulating than a conversation with an intelligent lady? These are just some of the traits of a Sapiophile. Find out about the rest.

#1. You are a clever person yourself.

The say “opposites attract”, but in the case of clever people it is more “birds of a feather flock together” that’s at play. Super clever people find the company of less intelligent ones boring and uninspiring. The minds of intelligent people work in ways that are more complex than those of the average person; that’s why the way Sapiosexuals socialize and the choices they make are also different to those of average-brained folks.

#2. Her bookshelf is far more interesting for you than her wardrobe.

Sapiophiles are very much attracted by a wide reader. They can tell a lot about a lady by scrutinizing her bookcase. A sapiophile would more likely find vampire literature or “50 Shades of Grey” as big a turnoff as a regular person would find a kitsch outfit or the wrong pair of shoes on a date.

#3. You prefer girls who have their own fashion sense and style.

A sapiophile is very rarely a follower of trends. Thus, they can also appreciate personal style and tastes, meaning that they wouldn’t mind dating a woman who is not bang on trend, preferring instead someone who has developed her own individual taste in fashion, music, and ideas.

#4. Your dates are intellectually stimulating.

If you are a sapiophile, a perfect date would probably be somewhere like an independent film festival, a museum or art gallery, a book presentation, a poetry event, the planetarium or any other place that combines pleasure with knowledge. A sapiosexual would be happy to spend time in a café, as long as it’s situated in a museum or it has been frequented by great thinkers (Café de Flore anyone?).

#5. You find questions interesting, not annoying.

When average-brained people go on dates, they often find a torrent of questions to be tiring and boring, but not sapiophiles. For a sapiophile, questions are opportunities to take a conversation further, to think, to dig deeper into their own selves and to improve. The more their date asks them, the better.

#6. Words are the sexiest thing for you.

You appreciate good looks, a pretty face and a nice figure, of course. However, better than her wearing a tight-fitting dress, you like it when she tells you things that you find intellectually stimulating. A woman who can express herself well is a woman you feel deserves to be by your side, and this knowledge is a big turn on for you.

If you recognize these characteristics in yourself, be proud of who you are: a proper Sapiophile. Every person is different, and everyone has the right to have their own tastes and preferences. Knowing what kind of person floats our boat is a great start in our quest to find true love.

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Monday, 3 July 2017

How To Rekindle An Old Flame After A Breakup

Sometimes people decide to part ways, and subsequently stick to their decision. But some other times, after spending some time apart they realize that their life was happier before, so they decide to get back together. But how do you rekindle an old flame, and can you make your relationship better the second time around?

Can You Rekindle An Old Flame And Make Your Old Relationship Good As New?

According to statistics, 50% of failed relationships are given a second chance, but how do you manage to do that, and – perhaps most importantly – how do you make it last this time?

Genuine Emotions

The first thing you need to establish is whether both you and your partner are genuinely interested in getting back together. If so, it is because you are missing each other and feel like you’ve lost a person you truly love or just because it feels more comfortable and less scary being together than having to face life as singletons? Once you make sure it’s the former, you are halfway there.

Making Contact

If you’re the one who takes the initiative to make contact, you should make it in a way that is honest and clear. Tell her you have been thinking about her and that your life with her was much better than without her. Tell her that you recognize your own faults and deficiencies in your relationship and that you’re willing to work on them if she is too.

Addressing The Past

When you decide to give your relationship a new lease on life, you shouldn’t do it by hiding your past mistakes but rather by addressing them. If you want to avoid making them again, you should be ready to talk about them, own them, and make some serious changes to how you used to function.

Think of your relationship as a company that went bankrupt. Would you run your company the same way as before if you took over again? Of course not. Find the more beneficial things about your relationship and reinforce them. Then, find the wrong policies, the communication errors and the ways you misunderstood each other that led to your breakup. And make sure you don’t make them again.

Planning For The Future

Set new goals, if your old ones didn’t feel right. If you just slid into decisions instead of consciously making them, don’t be afraid to open up; voice your concerns and your objections. Don’t fall into the trap of avoiding the issues that you think will cause arguments – the more you avoid them, the worse they will come back to haunt you.

Making a new beginning by deciding to rekindle an old flame is not an easy thing. You will have to rebuild a house that’s previously fallen apart and, in many ways, this can prove harder than building from scratch. However, sometimes our past is worth salvaging, so make sure the second time is worth your while.

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Friday, 30 June 2017

Having A Jealous Partner Says A Lot About You

So much has been said about jealousy over the years, that many people nowadays think that the green-eyed monster is somewhat synonymous with romantic love. Is a jealous partner justified, though? And can jealousy ever have a positive effect on your relationship?

Understanding A Jealous Partner

Jealous people are generally seen as weak and as more invested in the relationship than the partner who is cooler and more confident. There are times, however, when a jealous partner is justified to feel the way he/ she does.

In the cases where a partner is neglected or put down, he or she is perfectly justified in feeling insecure and jealous. If your partner appears to be jealous for no apparent reason, the best policy is to openly ask them what it is that’s troubling them about your behavior.

If you are tired of your partner feeling jealous, imagine how you’d feel is he/she never felt this way. Could it be that you are secretly drawing satisfaction from your partner’s reaction and subconsciously trying to provoke it?

How Much Jealousy Is OK?

According to renowned biological anthropologist and author of “Why We Love”, Helen Fisher Ph.D., “a little bit of jealousy in a healthy relationship is fine. It’s going to wake you up. When you’re reminded that your mate is attractive and that you’re lucky, it can stimulate you to be nicer and friendlier.”

Indeed, sometimes we tend to feel overly secure in our relationships and to take our partners for granted, so a gentle reminder that they are appreciated and admired by others too is a good thing. However, when the green-eyed monster becomes a chronic visitor to your relationship, then it becomes a problem and a sign of deeper issues.

All In All

So, in a nutshell, even though a jealous partner may not realize it, he/she may be in fact strengthening the relationship by actively showing his/her interest and passion. However, there is always the fear of exceeding limits and overstepping on the relationship’s boundaries. So, as with everything, moderation is key.

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Monday, 26 June 2017 What To Do When Your Partner Is Phubbing You

You have taken your girlfriend out to a posh restaurant trying to romance her as you wine and dine and you can hardly keep her your eyes on hers because she just needs to check out her Instagram feed every 10 minutes. Or you are supposed to enjoy some R ’n R at home and watch her favorite rom-com but all she does is comment on her friends’ Facebook posts. Does this scenario sound too familiar? If so, you have been phubbed. tells you what to do about it. This Is How To Deal With Phubbing

A recent study conducted by Deloitte showed that Americans check their phones an average of 46 times a day, which means that mobile phones have become something of a fixation for everyone. It is this exact fixation that has led to a new relationship term: phubbing, to describe this bad habit of preferring to channel our energy into our soulless devices than our significant others. This is how to deal with being phubbed.

Step 1 – Check Your Own Habits

Before you start laying blame, take the time to take an honest look into your own habits and behavior. A good idea is to try and stay away from your phone for a week in favor of engaging in quality time with your partner. Leave your mobile in another room or turn it off completely when you are supposed to spend time with her.

This will give you a clear idea of how much she is ignoring you for her phone, while it should show her you are willing to give social media a rest when you are together. Another thing it will help you realize is whether you are, indeed, OK with not checking out your own mobile phone in her presence, or if you are also too hooked to give it up.

Step 2 – Confront Your Partner

Once you know for sure that she is phubbing you and that you are OK with not doing the same, you should go on and have the talk with her. As with all serious discussions with your partner, the best way to go about it is by explaining how her behavior makes you feel.

Stress how underappreciated you feel when you are trying to discuss something with her and she seems to preoccupied to look you in the eyes and also point out that you have first check yourself and made sure you won’t slip into a similar behavior in future too.

You should mean every word you say, though. Unless you are certain you will keep your word, it’s best to avoid the conversation altogether.

Step 3 – Set Some Ground Rules

The optimal solution to make sure you won’t both slip into the same bad habit of phubbing is to establish some house rules for phone use, such as phone-free zones and certain activities where the use of a mobile phone is strictly forbidden, like when you watch a film or have lunch. Make sure you stick to these rules and only make exceptions when there is a real reason.

It may not seem like a big deal, but the very thing that is supposed to help us bond and keep in touch with our loved ones can be what is causing us pain and tearing us apart by being a constant distraction. At we are sure than once you make this small change, you will be surprised by the improvement in the quality of your relationship and the satisfaction you derive from it.

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Thursday, 22 June 2017

The Lessons You Need To Have Learnt After A Toxic Relationship

Even though people who have been involved in a toxic relationship are largely viewed as weak, in reality it takes a great deal of strength to endure one and even greater will to come out of it. All the pain and suffering will have gone to waste, though, if you they don’t make you a better person.

A Toxic Relationship As A Precious Life Lesson

As Nelson Mandela famously said, we don’t lose, we either win or we learn. So, even though as you come out of a toxic relationship you may see the whole thing as a total waste of time and precious energy, in reality it’s a great life lesson; an opportunity to improve. Here are some of the most serious life lessons leaving a toxic relationship gives us.

Lesson #1. You Ought To Take Care Of Yourself.

It might sound selfish and narrow-minded, but there is nothing wrong in setting your personal happiness as your number one priority. In toxic relationships, we often leave our wants and needs in the backseat either because we lose sight of them or because we don’t think we are worthy of them. Loving and respecting ourselves before anything else is the only way to a real blissful relationship.

Lesson #2. Setting Boundaries Is Important.

Take the time to count the times you could have protected yourself by setting your own boundaries. Take the time to think long and hard of the things you really can’t stand in your life, the behaviors that simply don’t go down well. Now, make sure you never forget these things. Next time around, you will build your own fortress and let your next partner know of the places they can’t enter.

Lesson #3. You Should Always Be Ready For Change.

Most of us are afraid of change, and one of the most common reasons why people stay in unhealthy relationships is that they are too reluctant to leave their (dis)comfort zone, believing that they won’t find someone better and that it’s “better the Devil you know”. Once you leave a toxic relationship, though, you learn that change is not always a bad thing; it’s necessary for improvement.

Lesson #4. Learn To Trust Your Inner Voice.

Most of the people who have left a toxic relationship say that deep inside they knew all along it was not right for them. However, they chose to silence that inner voice telling them that they were not genuinely happy because they simply didn’t trust their instincts. No matter how right a relationship might seem on paper or to the outside world, our inner voice should always be heard loud and clear.

Coming out of a toxic relationship is a hard thing to do. There will be moments when you will question yourself and your decisions, you will feel lonely and abandoned and you will miss the good moments you shared together. But you should always remember that on our life journey some people are here to stay and make us happy and others are passers-by whose role is to teach us how to improve.

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Monday, 19 June 2017

This Will Teach You How To Pic A Perfect Gift For Your Girl

Giving gifts is a habit practiced by people since forever. Sometimes offering a beautiful present to someone we love fills us with such satisfaction that it’s better than receiving one ourselves. But how do you choose the perfect gift?

This Is How You Pick The Perfect Gift

Picking an ideal gift for some special occasion, like birthdays, Valentine’s Day or an anniversary, or just because you feel like making someone happy by showing your love for them can be a tricky business. Luckily, we are here to help.

First of all, you need to take into account the kind of person you are giving the gift to. If for example, it’s an adventurous partner who likes surprises, giving her the chance to engage in an extreme activity is the perfect idea. But if it’s someone who’s more low-key and romantic, flowers and a piece of jewelry may be a safer bet.

Secondly, you should consider the status of your relationship. If you’re picking a present for a lady you have just met, giving her sexy lingerie as a present could be cause for offense. In the case of a person you met online, a virtual gift is an amazing idea, as it suits the situation ideally, especially if you live far from one another.

A third factor you should take into consideration is the receiver’s taste. If for instance, you want to buy your girl a piece of clothing, you should think in terms of her taste, not yours. If she loves pink and you’re not crazy about it, you should respect her taste and go for it anyway. If you like jazz music and she’s into rock, you should take her to a rock concert and make the effort to show her a good time. Remember that your goal when you give her a gift is, above all, to satisfy her, not yourself.

The Most Important Thing

Finally, you should remember that a gift is a token of your love and appreciation, but it cannot take the place of your actions. The way you offer someone their gift can be as important as the gift itself and how you treat them in general is what matters the most. Show the gift receiver your love through actions and words before all else – not even the perfect gift can substitute that.

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