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Signs She Could Be A Spoilt Girlfriend And What To Do About It

When we meet someone, there is a chance we will not be coming from the exact same background. People are different and that’s largely because they have different experiences, and oftentimes this is also what makes a relationship interesting. That said, recognizing that you have a spoilt girlfriend who has never heard a ‘no’ in her life can be tough when you are a person who’s had to struggle to get anything in life. Dealing with this issue can be even tougher, but it needs to be done if you see any future with her.

Recognizing A Spoilt Girlfriend

Everyone likes to be pampered, so to say a girl is spoilt just because she likes your gifts and your attention would be a little over the top. However, it’s a whole different story if you realize that she is used to being given everything on a silver platter and demands that you keep up the same pattern she’s learned at home.

Things To Consider

If you’re still unsure, these are some things to consider. Has she ever worked a day in her life? Does she still live with her parents? Does she drop hints about what things she wants you to buy her? Does she get stroppy when you don’t buy her something she wants? Does she forget about everything after an argument when you offer her material things? Does she ever compromise when you are planning to do something you like more than she does?

Just one of these signs may not be enough to tell that she is indeed spoilt, but a combination is probably a sure-fire sign.

Ways Of Dealing With A Spoilt Girlfriend

Check Her Reactions

A good idea is to tell her you’re in a bit of a tough spot financially (even if you really aren’t), just to gauge her reaction. Will she be understanding and ask you about your supposed problem or will she simply sulk and look disappointed?

Take things a little further and ask her to go Dutch next time you are out. See how she responds to that. If she throws a tantrum, it’s very bad news. If she doesn’t love the idea but accepts, perhaps you can salvage things.

Confront Her

Try to open a conversation about earning things. Explain that it takes an effort to win over someone and that a relationship is all about balance and both sides giving. If you feel used, don’t be afraid to nicely explain to her how you feel it’s unfair that you’ve been the one making an extra effort in the relationship.

Be prepared to give her examples of how she’s been expecting too much from you and what you would love her to practically do to make you feel like you are equals in the relationship.

If all else fails and your spoilt girlfriend is not willing to work on herself and your relationship, maybe you should consider ending things. Being in a relationship where you feel used will only cause you aggravation and pain down the line, even if it’s something you think you can handle now.

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