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We Date The Wrong People Because Of This Reason

Don’t worry if you’re always asking yourself the reason why you seem to fall for the wrong person every time. It happens to every person who has submerged their entire self into the dating pool instead of just dipping their feet. You are not alone because a lot more people also feel that they always date the wrong people.

Why Do We Always Fall For Or Date The Wrong Person?

Obviously, we do not fall for every person that comes our way. This is because we already have set traits and characters in our heads for people that we will give our hearts to. When you think about these traits, you would probably think of the usual ones like being kind, having great hair, being intelligent, and so on. We may not be conscious of it, but most of our lists are actually far from what we imagine.

We Unconsciously Fall For The Bad Apples

It would be wonderful to fall for someone who has all the positive traits in the world but, somehow, we consider them as boring or we only see people with positive traits as friends. So, why on earth can’t we fall for the good ones?

According to psychology, we’re not exactly looking for our prince or princess charming. We’re looking for people who are familiar to us. What does this mean? It, primarily, has something to do with our idea of love. We don’t learn about love from school. We learn it from home. We get our perception of how to love someone from our parents.

If our parents had a rocky relationship while we were growing up, we might pattern the same kind of relationship as we become adults. But, why would we want to pattern something that was not healthy? It is because the love factor was present in our parents’ relationship despite it being toxic. Our parents’ situation could have been far from ideal, but the same situation can give us a comforting feeling.

What To Do If You Date The Wrong People

When you’ve identified that you date the wrong people, you have to stop and think about who you want to end up with. Being conscious and aware of the characteristics you would like in a person, will help guide you. It’ll be easier said than done, but if you persist, you will sooner see an improvement in your dating life.

Hopefully, this post shed some light and answered your question. We have more informative posts so make sure to read more of them on the blog.

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