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Men Make These Mistakes With Their Online Dating Photos

You may be the most interesting guy in the world, you may have spent a considerable amount of time writing your online dating profile info to make it super fun and engaging, but if you have made the following mistakes with your online dating photos, ladies will almost certainly not read what you have to say about yourself.

The Most Common Online Dating Photos Mistakes

Could it be you have also made one of the following, very common, errors with your online dating photograph?

Mistake #1. The Cropped Photo. Photographs we take with other people standing next to us that we “cut” from the picture are not the best idea. That’s because most of the times those who look at them can tell what we’ve done and it gives the sense we had no better photo to use, making us look somewhat pathetic.

Mistake #2. The Drunk Photo. Photographs we take at bars and clubs after we’ve had a drink or two (or three) may make great memories, but they are usually not a good option for our online dating profiles. We want out prospective partners to know we are fun, but it’s best to look sober and calm the first time they see us, rather than sweaty and red-eyed.

Mistake #3. The Half-Naked Photo. Even if you look like a model with the chiseled body of a Greek god, it is not a good idea to use a shirtless photo on your online dating profile. That’s because it is too forward and it’s like you want to show off a little too much. You may want to save your half-naked surprise for a little later.

Mistake #4. The Too-Distant Photo. Contrary to the previous mistake, where you share too much, this is the kind of mistake made by guys who are too afraid to show themselves clearly. A photograph where you’re part of the background and not the protagonist gives the impression you are hiding because you’re too insecure to show yourself. Women will not spend time trying to make out what your face looks like in a pic where you’re the size of an ant.

Mistake #5. The Blurry Photo. Blurry photos may be artistic and interesting sometimes, but they are absolutely wrong as online dating photos. Don’t forget that the objective of this particular photograph is to show your potential partners what you look like. Similar to the too-distant photo, the blurry photo gives the impression you are hiding.

Mistake #6. The Too-Many-People Photo. Even though the people we love are those we like taking photographs with, they don’t make the best material when it comes to our online dating photos. It’s best to use one in which you’re alone, as more than one people in a photograph can be the cause of confusion (which one is you, what is your type of relationship with the other people in the photo, etc.).

If you have made one (or more) of the previous mistakes with your online dating photos, you’re definitely not the only one. However, it’s a good idea to fix it as soon as possible. You will most probably find that more ladies will notice you once you do.

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